Happy birthday message to my friend

Montage Parodies: Under Renovation

2012.05.18 06:22 renuf Montage Parodies: Under Renovation

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2018.12.30 05:52 derawin07 A celebration of our pets with bits missing or other special needs!

A celebration of our pets with bits missing or special needs! Share pictures or videos of your one-eyed, three-legged pets or those with invisible differences that make them extra special!

2014.11.19 03:48 $1 at a time

If a million people gave a dollar to someone, they could be a millionaire.

2023.05.29 23:34 Trick_Set_909 Prey Card Management and Lifestyle

"Wait. What do you mean you don't have your Prey set up for here?"
"Dude, you're level 340 and you don't use the Prey System? AT ALL!?"
"If you don't use the Prey System, I gotta ask... Do you know how Imbuements work?"
"Why? How? Dude, I'm stunned, Samurai."
The Goal: I have no idea how to properly use Prey Cards. I need to make a routine of using, maintaining, and optimizing them. Problem is? I don't know how to do so wisely or effectively. Hence, I turn to Tibia Reddit. You guys surely know a thing or two.
Before making this Post, I purchased the Additional Prey Slot Token yesterday. This is my commitment and desire to learn the Prey System and improve my Tibia Hunting Experience.
I was Playing with this a bit today and wasted a LOT of Cards, not realizing a card was lost each time the buff was re-rolled per creature. But I also learned that while the Buff changes, there's a "Rank" that determines its effectiveness, and that doesn't go down. It only goes up (maxing out at Rank 10), at worst staying the same rank. There's a certain excitement to be felt when I realized I could do 25% extra damage. That revelation blew my goddamn mind. Holy Shit. All this time, and I never knew, I just never bothered.
Currently, I have Medusa and Serpent Spawn at 25% Extra Damage, and Hydra at 40% more XP per kill, with the 1 Card Re-Roll Active. My understanding is that this keeps the Enemy locked in, but randomizes the Buff at the end of the Duration per Card. Might not be the one I want, but it's 4 cards cheaper. Do you have a better idea what creatures to use Prey on in Deeper Banuta? I'm just happy that I'm putting the Prey System to use, but I also want to optimize it properly.
So Tibia Reddit? How do you utilize the Prey Hunting System? Do you let your cards all gather to Max and then blow them in spectacular fashion like I did today? Do you reserve a day for Prey hunting so you can spend other days doing Bestiary or Quests? Do you buy TC to keep the Prey Cards stocked?
Do you know any other neat tips or insights that might save me a headache later on?
I'm wanting to learn as much as I can about this, given how I've been in the dark this entire time, so there's some urgency for me to learn this quickly.
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2023.05.29 23:34 bikeage23 Managing Mum's Pension (from the US)

My father unfortunately passed away right before COVID hit and left a sizeable pension with Aviva. The pension was a bit of a mess and we hired a Financial Advisor who was able to stop Aviva from forcing the pension to be paid out with a 55% lifetime allowance tax being applied. This was obviously a big win and since then the Financial Advisor, who we all like, has managed Mum's pension, which, as far as I am aware, means rebalancing the funds, setting up monthly payments to Mum and answering any questions she has.
When this was set up, it was a very overwhelming time but Dad's closest friend was very skeptical of us using an FA in an ongoing basis as he said it was a waste of money and no-one but my Mum and the children should have control over the pension.
I didn't have the mental capacity to take anything else on at that time and felt we owed the FA somewhat as he scored a big win by keeping the pension at Aviva with no tax. However, after a few years of managing my own pension over in the US, I'm wondering if my Dad's friend is right?
I pretty much subscribe to the boglehead method of investing, having all my money (both for pension and taxable accounts) in 3 low-cost index "tracker" funds, but Mum's portfolio is spread across a large amount of funds with a number of 1% cost funds in there. The market has not been great, but my 3 funds have outperformed his curated collection of funds over the last couple of years, without considering the fees.
I have been thinking, at the very least, of suggesting to the FA to simplify the portfolio a little, but potentially asking if we just use him at a flat rate for services as needed, rather than a percentage of Mum's assets under management.
However, while I think a simplified portfolio would be cheaper and easier to manage, I'm not sure if there are differences between the US and UK in terms of the pension itself and tax concerns that I need to be aware of. I have a few questions below:
Thanks everyone!
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2023.05.29 23:32 bluecoolsocks Any issues with CPS being a cannamom?

12 weeks pregnant here. I stopped smoking at exactly 4.5 weeks when I first found out I am pregnant. I was honestly a take 4-5 hits nightly before bed type (not sure what level of usage this would be considered) I’ve been reading mixed reviews on smoking pot while pregnant and while I can push myself to completely stop, my “morning” sickness is awful and will last al damn day. I’ve gotten to a point I have lost weight, and friends/family have pointed out I looker skinner than I was before pregnancy. I take Unisom and it helps dial back the sickness than if I didn’t take it, but I still feel very quesy and can’t stand to eat ANYTHING. Anyways, I have read using a dry herb vape or smoking a joint “sparingly” is okay and won’t cause harm to the baby. I just wanted to know the experience of others before I make a decision that could affect the baby? Also, any issues with CPS when anyone has used cannabis? (side notes: my OBGYN is in Texas)
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2023.05.29 23:31 Hiphopahippityhop Is this weird? Advice needed

I’m never on discord and I just started using it regularly like three days ago. So Im on this server and I found this lit person who’s super nice and we have so much in common, which helped me a lot because I realized they suffer through a lot of things that I do too. They’re very mature so I thought at least they were 16 or 17. Im 19, turning 20 literally in two weeks and so I was curious to see how old they were. Turns out they lied, they said they were 14 then in reality, they’re 13, turning 14 in a week I think and I was like oh.
I’m not hitting on this person 💀 i literally have a boyfriend in which I talk about very often. We actually met in the server that talks about BL manwha (so I also felt weird that I recommended 18+ beforehand, I don’t think I should do that anymore lmfao) and we went on vc which was fun! I just feel weird, like I don’t wanna catch a case? Im not interested in them whatsoever, I see them literally only platonically. And I just felt happy that I can actually talk to someone about my feelings and not looked so weirdly. Only problem is, they’re 13 on 14, im 19 going on 20. Looks like we’re June babies.
Is this weird? They’re not interested in me either lol. Is it just weird that I’m friends w technically a 14 yr old?
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2023.05.29 23:31 salted_cara_mele NHS Dental/Orthodontic - Wrong advice/falling through the net led to so much wasted time, stress, and surgery! How can I hold someone accountable without adding to NHS stress?

I hope this is the right subreddit but please let me know if it's best suited to another...
This is a long story but I'll try give the gist of it. For context I'm 25 and in Scotland.
I've been messed about so much between different dentists and orthodontists starting with my family dentist. Asked for years for braces due to obvious over-crowding. Was always told 'we'll see next time.' Got an X-Ray when I was 15 because canine baby tooth was not budging. He saw the big tooth in the roof of my mouth but said it was fine. Next appointment (always 12 months apart) he forgot about the X-Ray, did it again and this time explained it was an impacted tooth. He said it could move but it's best to leave it. He retired shortly after. Next dentist said it should not have been left and referred me to an orthodontist. This was when I was 17. For the next few years I was sent different places, each orthodontist saying they can't do the treatment I need. In hindsight I believe that's because everyone knew I would need surgery but no one explained why they couldn't help me.
I went back to my initial dentist and she sent me to the local hospital's orthodontics department. This was 2019 and my initial doctor, Dr. T was great and recognised I'd fallen through the net. He said no matter where I'm living (by this point in another city), I should stick with them so there's no more miscommunication and he'd always see me. There was initially miscommunication around my treatment options with the doctor but what it came down to was either surgery to expose the tooth and slowly move the tooth down with elastic, before I got top train tracks which would also help move the impacted tooth into the right place, or surgery to remove the impacted tooth, remove the baby tooth, and implant the impacted tooth to where it needed to be, then top train tracks. I asked which option would be best and I was told exposing the tooth and having it slowly moved down would take longer, but would be less risky. So I consented to that. I had my surgery in early 2020 to expose the tooth and was give a plate for the roof of my mouth to correct my overbite. I felt confident about this because he was correcting the overbite whilst we waited for the impacted tooth to naturally move and expose itself more so there was more surface area for the elastic to be attached to.
A few months later I had my bottom train tracks put on. All was well until 2022, just had the elastic put on and the usual appointments for the bottom braces. Dr. T aways asked how I was feeling, aware that the appointment waiting times were quite long, but I always said I was just happy to finally get the treatment. Start of 2022 Dr. T retired and I was given Dr. A. This is when things kind of took a turn. Dr. A did not seem confident at all in my appointments with him. Straight away from our first appointment he had a look at my pictures and in my mouth and was 'hmm-ing' and 'uhhh-ing,' unsure of himself it felt like. I understand that I was a new patient to him and maybe my case it more complicated than others but I do feel like he lacked confidence and given how messed about I had been before, I was quite anxious. My appointments were straightforward with him- mainly changing my bottom wire and he changed my elastic for my impacted tooth. At one point he was unhappy with how the impacted tooth was moving, adjusting the elastic and reinforcing it when it snapped a couple times. I get this could happen anyway, but he just always seemed to struggle with me. I always felt anxious in my appointments and struggled to stay positive. He had students in now and again and let them change my wire/tighten them which was okay, but they weren't gentle and he had to take over. It just added to my anxiety and how uncomfortable I was but I know I should have spoken up at the time.
Anyway, Sept. 2022 I go to another appointment and Dr. A. isn't there. The dental nurse just tells me he had to leave and I'll now be seen by Dr. S. He's very nice, straightforward, and I felt confident with him. I've only had a few appointments with him but at the start of this year I got my bottom braces off and in the same appointment he told me my front two teeth have 'short roots' and asked if I felt they were loose. I told him that yes, I could move them slightly but asked my initial family dentist about this years ago and was told it was fine. Well Dr. S said it isn't fine and if I have top train tracks put on it might loosen them further so he doesn't think top braces are viable. Honestly, I just got so upset. I tried to keep it together but I did get very upset. He tried to reassure me that my teeth won't fall out, he'll come up with a plan for next appointment, and I've to enjoy not having my bottom braces.
Fast forward to literally today, I've had this next appointment and Dr. S told me this was our last appointment. I was obviously very confused given that I still have elastic and metal in the roof of my mouth. He then remembered off of my confusion and explained that ethically he can't give me top braces knowing the risks outweighing the benefits. This time he said I would certainly lose my teeth. I didn't know what to say, other than that I didn't understand how this has happened and that I didn't know what to do. What do I do about the impacted tooth? He said he doesn't know why I was advised to have the surgery and have the tooth moved. I don't know why no one else has pointed out my 'short roots' before despite multiple X-Rays and everyone I've seen having access to these photos. I've literally seen everyone look at my X-Rays. Dr. S. said he'll set up an appointment with me, him, and the surgeon so we can figure out what to do next. He said I could complain, or that I might want to complain after the next appointment. I don't know what this next appointment will accomplish, and I don't believe he's confident either.
I completely understand Dr. S is not to blame- he's the one who pointed out the main issue; but I don't know who is to blame, if anyone. Complain? To who? The NHS? That feels awful! And what would it even accomplish? I feel so upset and frustrated that the top work on my teeth has been for nothing. If anything the roof of my mouth is worse off. Due to the impacted tooth moving, more gum around my top teeth has receded. Understandable this would happen- but for nothing??
I appreciate this is a long post and I've tried to streamline the details but if anyone has advise I'd really appreciate. I can't explain how much this affected me. I don't trust the advice of people who are supposed to give me the right treatment. I feel like there was negligence at least with my initial dentist and that I've been gaslit, for lack of a better word, along the way here and there when I've spoken up about concerns. I only felt better once I started going to the hospital for appointments and I was just grateful to finally get treatment. I was fully prepared to deal with long waiting times and braces throughout my twenties. Have awful teeth and braces as I go to job interviews, for example, but today it's all been shattered.
I did consider biting the bullet and going private at one point but I was scared if I left the hospital i'd fall through the net again and end up worse off. I hope someone understand why I'm so upset and if anyone can advise me on next steps that would be amazing. I feel awful considering complaining to the NHS but you know it's bad when your own doctor suggests it. At the very least I just want someone to own responsibility rather than me just having to carry this.
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2023.05.29 23:30 Miserable-Policy-609 The fear of dying single

I'm an average or below average looking 18 year old who just completed his school and taking a break for entrance prep and some personal issues. I have never been into any relationship until now. I was having a crush on a cute girl since my 8th grade and it continued till 10th which I never expressed and that feeling started to fade after some days of my boards exams. The second time I fell for someone was when I was in 12th and that girl was my junior (11th). This time 'Njan mookkum kuthi veen' she was 'Ente sankalpangalile kutty'. But it didn't work out whenever I tried to start a conversation she was just avoiding or keeping a distance and after so many attempts finally I confessed but she didn't even replied. I just felt soo bad that even though we weren't in any relationship I felt like a 'Nirasha kaamukan'. And now when I recall all this and look into my friend circle I'm feared that will I ever get a chance to be in a relationship (enikk premich kettanam). And I'm planning to do my college in any other state, what do you guys think will I ever get someone? 😞 (Gethikedonda machane)
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2023.05.29 23:30 DarthiusFatticus I've never had someone in my life that I can call "My Friend"...

I just want a friend, someone I can talk to everyday, share my thoughts and feelings, everything about my life to someone that would remotely even show the slightest interest...
Someone i can feel close to and trust... Without feeling that I'm annoying or bothering them, without being afraid to open up and talk without being told "I talk too much"...
Years of bottling down everything, closing myself up and never expressing myself...
I just want a damn friend...
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2023.05.29 23:29 Erowid88 How to disable chat in solo shuffle?

I've had some bad experiences on my resto shaman I actually quit playing him despite it being my favourite class.
I'm not the best player nor the worst but some of the abuse from other players makes it hard to get better.
Is there a way to fully disable chat including /say that pops up on screen above the player? And also private messages as I've had someone message me that way.
It's sad but I think I could actually enjoy learning pvp in solo shuffle this way.
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2023.05.29 23:29 Nerdy_Drewette My love language is lorem ipsum

My love language is lorem ipsum
He's got the spirit
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2023.05.29 23:28 Puddies-Mom Chris Watts was the best student this teacher ever had!

This is an interesting article from one of Chris’ high school teachers:
Here is an incidental comment from Chris and Shannan’s boss at Longmont Ford:
And for those that missed it, here is a copy of a nauseating message from Frankie as he continues to take money from a senior citizen on social security:
I have already warned one of my friends in the group to be nice to me or I will post the video of Frank shaving body parts for cash but if you really tick me off, I will post Frankie’s ‘pump’ photo! 😂 I hope everyone has a nice rest of the day!
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2023.05.29 23:28 Newt-Cheap Anime Car wrap

Hello I am messaging in this forum because I am looking to get my car wrapped I am going to try and ask a local in my area to put sukuna from ju-jitsu kaisen (anime) on the hood but I can’t find any good references and anytime I look up anime wrap it just shows waifu characters, what would be a good site to get good references as I want that to be a centre piece to my car (also I am thinking a ruby red on the sides and back and a glossy black on top) any help on the colour scheme and anime idea would be great 😁
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2023.05.29 23:28 DayNightPanda 33M from Australia [friendship] let's talk about this and that and everything in between

Hey everybody!
I'm hoping to find some people to chat about the little things and the fun things. Little about me: I got 2 kids, a wife and 2 dogs who are more needy than the others with two legs. My music taste is a little bit of this and Miley Cyrus I'm always willing to try some different music. I'm a nerd when it comes to comics and Halo. I love cook, I've been baking cookies lately. I always like a chat and to learn something new. Message me and let's chat from there
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2023.05.29 23:27 ExaminationSmooth390 Homebrew Artificer Subclass

Mostly just for fun and practice, I have been working on a homebrewed artificer subclass for an automaton character (I'll post the race stats I'm working on in a comment, for those interested). I have been trying to keep it flexible, fun, and thematically satisfying without being overpowered or overshadowing other players. I am of the opinion that you win DnD when everyone involved is having a lot of fun, and that fun is most had when everything is well-balanced and everyone can do cool things and shares the spotlight. I am fully aware that everything is ultimately up to the DM I play with and that party balance is also an important factor. I have done my best to compare this to preexisting subclasses, spells, and features to keep this balanced, but I'd love outside input. As I said this is mostly a fun experiment that I don't really expect to ever get to play, but I enjoy the creative process.
Thanks for taking the time to offer opinions if you decide to do so. And feel free to use any part of this as inspiration for your own homebrewed stuff. Happy adventuring!


Artificial Artificer
Expanded Spells (Similar to Battlesmith)
3rd Level Feature
Choose 2 extra cantrips from the Artificer spell list. Starting at 3rd level, you always have certain spells prepared after you reach particular levels in this class, as shown in the Artificial Artificer Spells table. These spells count as artificer spells for you, but they don’t count against the number of artificer spells you prepare.

Artificer Level Spells
3rd Identify, Shield
5th Knock, Misty Step
9th Counterspell, Fireball
13th Greater Invisibility, Wall of Fire
17th Telekinesis, Teleportation Circle

Tool Proficiency (Similar to Battlesmith)
3rd Level Feature
When you adopt this specialization at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in one type of artisan's tools of your choice.
Create Familiar (Improved and reskinned version of Find Familiar)
3rd Level Feature
Crafting Time: 1 hour
Tools: Artisan’s, Smith’s, or Tinker’s tools
Components: S M (20 gp worth of a strong material such as metal or wood, glass, and precious gems)
Integrated Offense (Made this one from scratch, but kind of similar to Battle Ready)
3rd Level Feature
At 3rd level, you gain the ability to integrate your artificial body with offensive capabilities. You can integrate up to two simple or martial weapons into your body, one on each arm. While integrated, you are proficient with these weapons. When you attack with your integrated weapons, you use your Intelligence modifier instead of your Strength or Dexterity modifier for the attack and damage rolls.
These integrated weapons can be drawn or stowed as part of the same action you use to attack with them. If an integrated weapon is separated from your body, it becomes unusable unless you spend time and material resources reconstructing it.

Artificial Arcanum (Intent here is to provide options for a weaker version of Arcane Recovery or to choose one of two unique abilities. Not sure how much the flexibility might make this overpowered)
5th Level Feature
At 5th level, you have developed an internal magical energy storage system. Once per long rest, you can utilize this stored energy in one of the following ways:
Option 1: Spellcraft Charge
The advanced energy storage mechanisms within your automaton body allow you to store a reservoir of spellcasting power. You can store a number of spell levels equal to your proficiency bonus. Whenever you cast a spell, you can choose to expend stored spell levels instead of using your own spell slots. This feature provides you with an alternative means of casting spells, conserving your own magical resources.
Option 2: Ethereal Circuitry
Your energy storage system can be expended to alter the magiphysical vibrations of your physical form, allowing it to phase through solid objects. By expending your available energy storage, you can activate your ethereal circuitry. For the duration of this activation, you gain the ability to move through up to 5 feet of solid material, as if it were insubstantial. Alternatively, if an enemy successfully hits you with an attack, you can use your reaction to activate your ethereal circuitry, causing that hit to miss. This ability extends to subsequent attacks made by the same enemy on their turn.
Option 3: Momentum Burst
Harnessing the stored kinetic energy within your automaton body, you can unleash a powerful burst of speed and agility. Once per day, as a bonus action, you can activate your Momentum Burst. This grants you the ability to move up to 8 times your movement speed for the current turn. Additionally, your next attack roll made on the same turn has advantage, benefiting from the momentum and precision of your swift movement. However, if that attack misses, the next enemy to attack you before your next turn gains advantage on their attack roll, capitalizing on the momentary vulnerability caused by your aggressive maneuvering.

Enhanced Familiar (This level seems a common time to improve previously acquired class features)
9th Level Feature
At 9th level, your mastery over the art of artifice extends to the enhancement of your familiar, allowing it to excel in various aspects. When you craft your familiar, you can choose one of the following options: Combined Utility, Enhanced Offense, or Enhanced Defense. Crafting a familiar in this way requires 50GP worth of the relevant material components, rather than 20)
Combined Utility:
With this option, you can combine the non-combat capabilities of two creatures into one familiar, creating a versatile and adaptable companion. By melding the essence of these creatures together, your familiar gains a range of utility features and abilities. For example, you can combine the bat and octopus to create a mechanical familiar that can fly, has blindsight, and can swim and breathe underwater. The familiar crafted through this option utilizes the higher ability scores and skill values between the two creatures, providing a powerful tool for exploration and problem-solving.
Enhanced Offense:
If you choose the Enhanced Offense option, your familiar gains a potent attack ability to aid you in combat. It gains the Miniature Fireball attack, which deals 2d8 fire damage in a 5-foot radius, requiring a Dexterity saving throw for half damage. The number of uses of this ability is limited to your proficiency bonus, uses are regained during a long rest. You can also use your bonus action to command the familiar to self-destruct, causing 3d8 fire damage to anyone within a 30-foot radius. You must have at least one use remaining and using this effect drops your Familiar’s Hit Points to 0.
Enhanced Defense:
With the Enhanced Defense option, you bolster your familiar's resilience and endurance. Your familiar gains additional hit points equal to your spellcaster level, making it more durable in combat. Furthermore, it gains the Relentless Endurance feature, allowing it to endure the most devastating blows. When reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, your familiar can drop to 1 hit point instead. This ability can only be used once and is regained after a long rest.

Artifice Mastery (Again made this one up from scratch, but tried to keep it balanced with other 15th level features)
15th Level Feature
At 15th level, your mastery over magical manipulation reaches new heights. You gain the following benefits:
Masterful Construction: When you create a construct using your Create Familiar feature, you can craft your familiar with two of the three options specified in the Enhanced Familiar feature. Crafting a familiar in this way requires 100GP worth of the relevant material components, rather than 20. Your familiar’s blocking reaction also has an increased range of 10ft.
Nullification Shield: Once per long rest, you can use your reaction to erect an arcane shield to absorb damage from an attack that makes a successful hit against you. This shield absorbs up to 5d10 points of damage before dissipating, any remaining non-physical damage is taken by you as normal. You can also cast this through your familiar if it is used to block an attack: doing this uses both of your reactions.
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2023.05.29 23:27 ScholarNeonBot Roasting the over confident Titans fans is a fun thing for me and my GF, She sent me this picture after the match and she's ready to troll her 2 Titans guy friends who saw the match with her tonight in one of their home as they trolled her after 1st innings. Sorry Titan fans, better luck next time.

Roasting the over confident Titans fans is a fun thing for me and my GF, She sent me this picture after the match and she's ready to troll her 2 Titans guy friends who saw the match with her tonight in one of their home as they trolled her after 1st innings. Sorry Titan fans, better luck next time. submitted by ScholarNeonBot to IndiaOpen [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 23:27 fairyfuel_ so insane i had a dream he posted a pic of him and another girl kissing so i panicked and sent a ss to my friend and broke down😭😭never checked anyones story so fast when i woke up

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2023.05.29 23:26 flortan Row W Seat 28?

My uncle and I usually go to Quakecon together each year with some friends, and this is the 1st year he didn’t get his ticket on time for seat selection. I was wondering if the person in Row W Seat 28 would be willing to offer their seat for any of the remaining open seats.
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2023.05.29 23:26 Tortoise0042 M/31/USA - looking for a close friend!

Hello there! I’m 31/m living on the east coast of the United States, looking to make a close friend
I’m looking for a friend that can hold an actual conversation and that hopefully doesn’t ghost! I’d love to share travel pics and experiences, favorite recipes and meals that you still think about, beer recommendations, and songs that help you get through the day. I’d love to find a friend to share accomplishments and milestones with, exchange silly stories and good ideas, and the curveballs life can throw!
A bit about me: I love checking out breweries with my dogs, trying new food, Lego, pop punk, and going to concerts and live sports. Growing up I had pet frogs (like a lot of them). I love reading longform articles before bed. Hogwarts is home. Traveling is my favorite thing, and I love exploring new states and countries as often as I can! Up next for me: Montreal, Iceland, and Italy, recently visited: Puerto Rico, Belgium, Portugal, Spain.
My fun fact is that I don’t know how to ride a bike.
Bonus points if you play MTGA.
Can’t wait to get to know you!
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2023.05.29 23:25 Gugaguns_XD [Online][5e][Weekdays] Looking for more players and a dm!

My name is Gustavo (18M), my friend (20F) and I are looking to find players and a GM to start a new DnD 5e campaign. We're both players that enjoy RP, mystery and a good story (not discarding combat of course), campaign modules are also an option. We are totally beginner friendly so fell free to join us even if its your first time playing trpg!
Sessions would probably be weekly and on weekdays, we are available to play anytime between 14:00/21:00 GMT (16:00/23:00 CEST, 10am/5pm EST)
If you're interested please fill out this forms!
You can also comment below to see who answered, i will look everything later
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2023.05.29 23:25 Adventurous_Bee5271 F32 feels like lost oldest F friend to LTR. Looking for other perspectives?

Hello, I'm looking to get some understanding and maybe an alternative perspective. I have one friend who I have stayed in touch with since school. We've maintained fairly regular contact over the years but got really close when I moved out to New Zealand for a year and she came to join me for 6 weeks, travelling around in my campervan and where I encouraged, after not driving since passing her test 10 plus years ago. We got really close during that time, with only a few minor disagreements. When I came back, I moved to the same city and we got to see each other a bit more regularly and leaning on each other more and more for support. I was looking forward to spending more time together. Then covid hit and we weren't able to see each other for a couple of months. In that time she started dating and met someone and I talked her through those times where you're not sure what's happening in the relationship etc etc. When it was all official, I got to meet him, and thought I found him a bit difficult talk to, I was really happy and supportive for her, as long as she was happy. Then I started to notice things changing and I was seeing less and less of her. This is to be expected, but I'd met her new boyfriend a few times and I'd always got the sense that he didn't like me and so it felt like I was being phased out. (BTW, I don't think this has happened to any other friends so don't think this is an overcontrolling boyfriend). This one may sound petty, but she bought a campervan during the time, seemingly having been inspired by our NZ adventure and not once have I been invited though I know others have. When I suggested it, she said she was waiting to build her confidence back up, which seemed odd to me when I was the one who helped her build it up originally. This has stung a lot for me as I would have loved for the favour to be returned. I noticed that whenever I invited her to do things that she'd always suddenly invite her GBF along, and it felt like she didn't want to spend time with me on my own. She even did it for birthday drinks I'd organised and to which I invited her boyfriend to as well. She'd say she was worried about him being lonely, but didn't seem to want to be as supportive when I would say how lonely I was. She would often say to me 'Oh you're always busy', when in actual fact, I'm not and often have no plans for weeks at a time. I also noticed that she only seemed to text me when she needed something but never checked in about me about how I was. She recently moved to the suburbs, about an hour away, and I suggested that I would love to see her new house, as she had seen my new flat. I was told that her weekends were fully booked for the next couple of months, so I said, well I'm free in the evenings too and happy to travel, but she seemed to think it was too far (though she does it every day for work?!). Today she got in touch after not speaking to me for a few months to tell me she was engaged, and I wanted to be happy for her but I couldn't, and I'm dreading the prospect of being invited to her wedding (which she has previously told me is going to be over my birthday XD). I know having a partner means you have less time to prioritise your friendships, but I hadn't been expected to be dropped/phased out. I don't know why it is, is it because she doesn't like me as much, or perhaps her boyfriend doesn't and therefore she doesn't want to spend as much time with me? It just hurts a lot!
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2023.05.29 23:25 PaperDreams616 32 [M4F] UK Leeds looking for something genuine

Looking to make a genuine connection with someone in the UK whether that's just as friends or something more comes of it, my name is Danny, bearded alternative guy, I have 2 boys from a 12 year relationship that ended last year who I see every other weekend so I'm half expecting no interest at all, I don't expect anyone to be their mother I am kinda new to all this online stuff. I enjoy music and have been a guitar player for 15 years, enjoy hiking in my spare time, usually solo. I have lost 60 pounds since December and intend to keep going. Won't say any more but I have plenty of stories to tell, If you wanna chat or know more feel free to send me a message
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2023.05.29 23:25 Spirited_Abroad_7817 Is this turbo noise normal on my Evo

Is this turbo noise normal on my Evo
So i’ve had my evo x for about 2 years now and i love the car, when driving the car everything sounds fine from the inside you can hear the intake sucking air and the BOV doing its job. Turbo seems to be boosting fine as ive never felt a loss of power (dont have a boost gage). The other day I asked my friend to take a video from outside and i noticed this high pitch sound coming from the turbo (witch i can only hear in videos, you dont hear it high pitched like that from inside the car everything sounds normal). This isnt something new either it always sounded like that from outside.
I would like to hear your opinions, does it sound normal since i never heard a turbo sound so high pitched lol.
-ETS CAI -Spec D Tuning exhaust -Turbosmart BOV
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2023.05.29 23:23 BigGangis Who is this noisy fella?

Who is this noisy fella?
Was told to post this here. Found this fella on my fence yesterday around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Did some digging and I'm pretty sure it's a Masked Northern Bobwhite. The call this friend made sounded exactly the same as a Northern Bobwhite.
Just looking for someone with more experience to chime in.
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