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A place to discuss anything related to redeeming airline miles & hotel points.

2023.05.30 00:08 NixNoxKnight First year out of college, not sure what (if any) cards I should add

Current cards: (list cards, limits, opening date)
FICO Score: 769
Oldest account age: ~3 years
Chase 5/24 status: 2/24
Income: ~$180,000
Average monthly spend and categories: dining $600 (fluctuates, might be lower going forward but idk), groceries: $500 I've currently budgeted 10k for travel across the next year, but this is my first year out of college so I don't really know if any of these are long-term accurate estimates. Additionally, I'm also anticipating a decent bit of UbeLyft spending (maybe like 200/month) since I don't have a car in the new place and public transit isn't ideal for some things I want to do.
Open to Business Cards: No
What's the purpose of your next card? Travel or general savings (probably mostly domestic flying but potentially some international); I don't really care that much about luxury travel/business class seating on flights which I know is where most of the redemption value tends to be - trying to optimize for economy value, so I don't know if just a general cashback card is better for that.
Do you have any cards you've been looking at? - BILT (apartment complex is partnered), VentureX/Venture, CFU, Amazon Visa (spend a good bit on Amazon already)
Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card?
-Prefer general spending but if I can get high value out of a category card I'd use it.
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2023.05.29 23:07 footfetishnightmares Do I need my toenails removed? I model full time--very anxious, please help!

Pics linked below! 33F, 5'5", 108lbs, white; CC: painful, swollen, red, oozing big toes bilaterally (please see timeline below). No major medical issues, no meds, do not drink, smoke, or use recreational drugs. USA. Podiatrist recommending removal. Second opinion?
Background: Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am extremely anxious about the possibility of having both my big toenails removed. Some background info: I danced for two decades and played many sports, which caused problems with ingrowns on my big toenails all of my life. As an adult I am very active and love to wear high heels so they have continued to be a problem. In the last year I found a nail tech who I trust (cleanliness, gentleness, etc.) with my feet and only have pedicures done by her. Typically I leave with my big toes a little bit red, but more comfortable with continued improvement in the days following. In general I only occasionally have issues with the left big toe, but almost always have at least minor issues with the right. After my last pedicure I attended a music festival and was on my feet walking and dancing much more than usual. I did wear shoes I have worn before and not had any issues with. Unfortunately, my toes really took a beating and swelled up more than they ever have before, to the point where I made my first ever podiatry appt (5/26/23; please see details in timeline below). I was also already on antibiotics for a dental procedure, which made the level of inflammation especially concerning. The podiatrist recommended removal of the left toenail, citing that it was loose at the base and unlikely to improve on its own. He also diagnosed a granuloma on the right, and said a portion should be removed permanently.
To say I am freaking out is an understatement. Of course I want to do what is best for my health. I have always been self conscious of my toes, so the anxiety and distress this is causing me mentally is significant. More importantly, I model full time professionally, so having pretty feet is a requirement of the job and this will impact my ability to provide for myself. In addition, I will be traveling all of June (lots of walking, beach & pool time).
My Questions:
Timeline (detailed pics by date below; comparison summary pics here:
A few notes: toenail polish is gel, and removal will cause further trauma to the nails, hence why I have left it (vs. removing it to get a better view of the natural nails).
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2023.05.29 22:44 Alpha_King007 Do the Heat get good deals on court side Finals tickets?

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2023.05.29 22:35 Anonymous7670 Miami Heat has already booked a flight to Denver to fly out to after Game 7. Now that’s confidence 🔥

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2023.05.29 22:07 GreyJediBageutte7 CA-KY layover holidays question

I live in San Diego and my parents have recently moved to a small town in KY, with the nearest airport being Lexington “Blue Grass Airport” which is about 90 minutes away itself. Other nearby airports would be Knoxville, Louisville, Nashville and the furthest and dumbest choice being Cincinnati. The prices are only ever so slightly cheaper at the airports other than Lexington, sometimes as low as a $50 difference, yet adding a minimum of an hour of driving time. Therefore I wanna stick to flying into Lexington. There’s not a lot of selection for airlines. Southwest doesn’t go to blue grass at all, and the only “cheap” airline is Allegiant which would only have Vegas as a layover, and might not even fly on the same day. That leaves the big three to choose from. Delta almost doesn’t show up in the results, costs more and I don’t have good memories from when I’ve previously flown on them. United charges nearly double what American would in theory.
Now supposedly starting in September United Express will fly from Denver all the way to Lexington. I’m not sure if this will bring United’s prices down a bit, or do nothing and it would be a horrible flight in December on a tiny plane. Almost all the regular flights are either American (both full and Eagle) thru DFW, or Chicago, and United thru Chicago. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about O’hare, and being December I’m afraid of being canceled for weather reasons. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had a layover in DFW, and it was bad back then, but that was including customs coming back from London and having to recheck bags and such. I recently flew on both United and American and the service on American has improved dramatically, while United flight attendants are still as unfriendly as ever. The problem with the DFW option, is the layovers are all really short, 40 minutes each way. I pretty much know everyone will say that’s not nearly enough time especially around the holidays and almost certainly having to change terminals.
I know it’s not even quite June yet, but the prices are already high, my parents are desperate for a visit, and my budget isn’t the greatest, and I wanna avoid missing a connection and avoid weather delays as much as possible. There’s not many American options for Chicago, unless I pay a lot more, same for Charlotte I believe. Almost all options are tight connections in DFW, or United thru O’hare. Not sure which poison to pick.
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2023.05.29 22:01 TRANSEXUAL_FOR_EVER Where do you focus your credit card spend?

How do you focus your credit card spend?
I currently have all Chase cards, and recently got the Citi AAdvantage card (that gives you admirals club access.)
I have a business that spends about 10,000 on credit cards monthly, and then also spends about 14,000 monthly on direct draft things that I think I can change to mailed checks via Plastiq.
I personally use credit cards a lot.
My question … how do you focus your spend? I was going to try to divert about $12,000/month to AAdvantage so that I can get miles and status. However the status with AA doesn’t seem amazing. After enough spend I can get free extra leg room seats if they exist and the occasional first class upgrade if it’s available. I never check bags, and if I ever did it’s so I frequent the $35 or whatever wouldn’t bother me.
Honestly the Citi AAdvantage credit card I got fixed my flying issues - Admirals club is great, and group 4 boarding at a minimum. That gets me on the plane and comfortable and storage for my carry on.
I know platinum, etc, gets me on the plane a little earlier which I value. And having miles to spend on trips is great. My booking of trips is always random and not based around holidays.
But I also want to focus on hotels, but have no currently loyalty at all. And sometimes the best hotels aren’t in a group. Like the Ludlow in NYC has these insane skybox rooms with like 270’ of floor to ceiling windows with ridiculous NYC views but I don’t think it’s part of any group.
Where I live is a small airport that has United and AA only, and both flights are about the same length and both flights goto one of their biggest hubs. So I only fly to one of those two hubs and then fly out from there.
I noticed anecdotally I tend to end up on American flights more than United. I think it’s because of earlier departures for American.
For hotels, I just considered not doing any spend there and just doing the Hilton card that gets you diamond status and be done with it.
My question - how do you figure out how to direct all your spend between credit card points, flights, and hotels?
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2023.05.29 21:58 MutedArugula4 Lounge options at CDG?

Flying Polaris ORD to FRA, then connect Lufthansa economy to CDG. My layover at Frankfurt is not long—thoughts on whether I can get into Star Alliance lounge at CDG when I land to shower? (My status is Platinum/Star Alliance Gold) Thanks!
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2023.05.29 21:38 HoagieTwoFace Actually the Heat did book a flight to Denver.

Actually the Heat did book a flight to Denver.
I like the balls of this.
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2023.05.29 21:36 doctor_mac12 Chemical Engineer & Mechanical Engineer, Arvin Ash, on Bob Lazar

Chemical Engineer & Mechanical Engineer, Arvin Ash, on Bob Lazar
Pinned Comment by Arvin Ash:
Carl Sagan said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.". Mr. Lazar makes extraordinary claims with ZERO evidence. Out of respect for our intellect, we should demand at least some, if not extraordinary, evidence. But if you want more specifics of his falsehoods, here are some:
1) Objection to "wormhole" idea: Yes, he didn't say it, but I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt by looking at his ideas within the context of plausible physics. Otherwise, if you take what he says at face value, it would be complete non-scientific nonsense. You can replace everywhere I say "wormhole" with "warp drive" if you want, it wouldn't change much. BOTH involve folding space-time to get from point A to point B - that is the the way a faster than light warp drive would work. This would still require not only huge amounts of energy, but also NEGATIVE energy, which probably doesn't exist. You can't just point some kind of negative "gravity emitter" (as Mr. Lazar describes) in a direction of your choosing and start going faster than light. There is no such thing as "emitting gravity." You have to manipulate space-time. Negative gravity does NOT come from antimatter. 2) Element 115, while it may have been exotic in 1989, is certainly not exotic matter. It has been synthesized. It's just ordinary matter. There is nothing exotic about it, and its isotopes are not exotic either. There is no way you can get negative gravity from element 115, period. You also cannot get antimatter from 115. Whenever you create antimatter, you also create an equal amount of matter. That's the way physics works. You cannot extract energy from 115 or any element by simply extracting antimatter from it. This is fundamental physics. It is quite surprising to hear this mistaken notion from a self-proclaimed physicist, like Mr. Lazar.
Here is more from viewer Rombert Dillahuntsvalle, who has looked into this extensively: A) THE HAND SCANNER: - the hand-scanner: many of his fans point to the hand-scanner that Lazar talks about that, to them, "proves he worked at S4". This device was already publicly available knowledge by the early 1970s. It appears in electronics catalogs of the time, such as this July 1973 issue of Radio-Electronics: The device also appeared in the 1977 film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
B) LAZAR CLAIMS THAT "IT MAKES NO SENSE": - he himself, despite being a "physicist", says in the Jeremy Corbell film, "This makes NO sense" when referring to the alien ship's workability, but ensures us that "it does work." In other words, his claims can't be distinguished from nonsense, and we just have to take his word for it. As long as what he says "sounds scientific" to the scientifically uninitiated, many people will believe him. But he presents ZERO evidence to back up his extraordinary claims. If you don't know how it works, a scientist would still give us some data such as temperatures measured, equivalent thrust, forces measured, etc. Was Mr. Lazar hired to simply gawk at the machine? C) S4 DOESN'T EXIST: He talks about an "S4" facility at Papoose Dry Lake where "nine flying saucers were kept" - except that no such facility actually exists. Civilian overflights near the lake have reported no base "dug into the side of the mountain." D) DUBIOUS EDUCATION CLAIMS: - Lazar's credentials from prestigious institutions are oddly uncorroborated with ANY certificates, documents, papers, momentos, year book mentions, photos with colleagues, graduation gowns, letters of congratulations, colleagues vouching for him, or draft or final copies of his theses - documents that should be in his own possession. In addition, Mr. Lazar remembers none of his academic advisors, and no students remember him. No PhD physicist forgets the name of his advisor or his thesis. The govt. apparently not only wiped out his records, but also his memory and the memories of hundreds of students and staff!! E) NO DETAILS: Mr. Lazar can't provide any quantitative results from his "work" on the "craft"; no figures and numbers for anything relating to the physics of the object and its engine, except for some sketchy dimensions of the craft that anybody could invent. For the stuff that would really matter to a physicist: no numbers given for the "electrical load" needed to activate the engine; no numbers given for the weight of the craft; no numbers given for the ratio of materials in its hull; no numbers given for the temperature of the engine; no numbers given for the strength of the gravitational field it generated; no numbers given for the amount of energy it produced; no numbers given for the frequency and energy level of the radio waves used during the test flight; no details about how it was really controlled. Isn't he supposed to be a "physicist"? Was he just hired to gawk at the craft? F) NO DETAILS on the MAGICAL ISOTOPE of ELEMENT 115: Mr. Lazar can't tell us what the stable isotope of element 115 that he "worked on" at "S4" is. Isn't he supposed to be the one who "figured out" that it was element 115? Yet the isotope escapes him? Element 115 had been known and talked about since the 70's. Here's one from 1973 mentioning it multiple times: Seaborg, G. (1973). STATUS REPORT ON THE TRANSURANIUM ELEMENTS. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Permalink: G) PATTERN of BEHAVIOR: Mr. has a long association with UFO fanatics like John Lear, who introduced him to the Billy Meier mythos BEFORE he came out with his "S4" story. The Meier saucer is virtually identical to the "sport model saucer" that Lazar claims he was assigned to. Lazar himself says in an early interview that the sport model looks "strikingly similar" to the Meier saucer. So, in other words, we're supposed to believe that the "real" craft he JUST HAPPENED to be assigned to JUST HAPPENED to look virtually identical to one invented by the proven fraud and cult leader Meier who JUST HAPPENED to be defended and promoted by Lazar's buddy John Lear. H) NO SCIENTIFIC SCRUTINY ALLOWED: Mr. Lazar has never appeared in front of a single scientific committee to discuss his "knowledge", yet he claims that he "exposed" the "program" for the SAKE of the scientific community - but he DOES sell Area 51 sign posters and printed sketches of the "sport model" on his company's website. I) HE MADE NO MONEY? People claim that he's never made any money out of his story. But he has made money from the sale of the aforementioned "Lazar Tape" co-produced with Gene Huff; TV interviews with foreign networks; his consultation with the Testors Toy Model company and the model kit they produced for the "sport model saucer"; his current sale of Area 51 and "S4" related merchandise on his United Nuclear company's website, including signed prints of his "sport model" sketch: He now has an autobiography titled "Dream Land."
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2023.05.29 21:10 Loneranger1310 Denmark Visa in Canada

Hello, I applied for Denmark Visa on May 3rd, 2023 at VFS Global in Ottawa, Canada. I was aware that the processing time for the visa is 15 days, However, on the day of my visa slot, the officer told me that it would take 3 weeks. 3 working weeks have passed and still I haven't gotten my passport. I have my Flight on June 10th, 2023. I tried contacting VFS but I think the IVR is glitched because it did not connect me to an agent and was just repeating the same options over and over again. I also tried sending them a mail, to which they replied after 1 week stating that "The status update has been extended". I really don't know what to do. Did anyone face the same issue? Please Helppp !!
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2023.05.29 20:28 michimoby Anyone done a status match to Krisflyer?

I'll be taking a handful of flights on SQ the second half of the year. I'd like to see whether they'd match my Oneworld Sapphire/Alaska MVP Gold status.
Anyone had luck with this/steps you'd recommend?
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2023.05.29 19:58 nvbhgfgh The impossible comeback: Can the Boston Celtics beat the Miami Heat and become the first team to crawl out of an 0-3 hole?

In the world of sport anything can happen: Tom Brady and the New England Patriots overcoming a 28-3 deficit against the Atlanta Falcons to win Super Bowl LI, Team USA beating Russia during the ‘Miracle on Ice’ or Buster Douglas knocking out the undefeated Mike Tyson.

Despite this, there is still one impossible task sport has yet to crack – a team overcoming an 0-3 deficit in a best-of-seven series in the NBA Playoffs.

In Game 7, the Boston Celtics have a chance to complete basketball’s mission impossible and become the first team to overcome the insurmountable deficit in 151 tries against the Miami Heat.

How to watch
The crucial Game 7 match-up will air on TNT with the game also available to streamed on the TNT app.

Tip-off is at 8:30 p.m. ET on Monday, May 29.

Mission impossible
The record for teams looking to climb out of an 0-3 series hole currently stands at 0-150.

Many teams have tried, a few teams have gotten close, but ultimately all have failed in trying to achieve the comeback of all comebacks.

This Boston squad marks the fourth team to ever force a Game 7 following a 0-3 start to a series: the New York Knicks forced a Game 7 in the 1951 NBA Finals against the Rochester Royals, the Denver Nuggets pushed it to the brink in the 1994 Western Conference semis against the Utah Jazz and the Portland Trail Blazers almost made history in the 2003 Western Conference first round against the Dallas Mavericks.

Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart were sure not to let the numbers dissuade the Celtics from their goal of winning a ring.

“I feel very good about tonight. Don’t let us get one,” Smart warned the Heat before Game 4.

Teammate Jaylen Brown issued a similar line, adding, “Don’t let us get one. Don’t let us get tonight.”

“We have got some guys that don’t quit. We got some guys that have had a long road to get to this point,” said Heat star Jimmy Butler after Game 6. “So why give up now, you know? This is the stage that we are on. The stage is set. This is when the lights are the brightest, and my guys are going to show up.”

How we got here
Miami had to come through the Play-In tournament as the No. 8 seed but has not let its underdog status have any bearing on its impressive playoff run so far.

Erik Spoelstra’s team took down Giannis Antetokounmpo and the No. 1-seeded Milwaukee Bucks in the first round, before winning a war of attrition against the Knicks in the Eastern Conference semis.

Despite Boston’s impressive regular season record, the No. 2 seed has struggled throughout the postseason. It took the Celtics six games to get past the Atlanta Hawks and another seven to get through the Philadelphia 76ers.

This brought the Heat and the Celtics together in the Eastern Conference Finals. The series has been an incredible display of drama and tension with the momentum ebbing and flowing throughout.

The Heat raced to a 3-0 lead in the series thanks to incredible performances by Butler and the Miami supporting cast.

Butler has been one of the stars of the NBA postseason and continued this form during the early games of the series against the Celtics.

Missing Tyler Herro through injury meant that head coach Erik Spoelstra had to seek other alternatives to support his star man. Up stepped Gabe Vincent and Caleb Martin – who have come up big in clutch time and throughout the series.
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2023.05.29 19:51 CivilizedPsycho [Spoiler: FFXIV] A comprehensive list of all Final Fantasy IV references in Endwalker, from 6.0 to 6.4!

Final Fantasy IV is my favorite game of all time, so when they announced some things in this expansion would be based on FFIV, I was starstruck. As I played through Endwalker, I tried to take note of any reference I could find. If I missed any, please let me know!

Tower of Zot:
Tower of Babil:
Mare Lamentorum:
Bestways Burrow:
Ultima Thule:
The Final Day (Trial):
The Stigma Dreamscape:
POST 6.0:
Patch 6.1:
Patch 6.2:
The Fell Court of Troia (Dungeon)
The Fell Court of Troia (Area)
Zero's Domain:
Nisroch/Storm's Crown:
Patch 6.3
Lapis Manalis:
Mount Ordeals:
Patch 6.4
The Aetherfont:
Another Moon:
Voidcast Dais:
Post Trial:
Post Quest:
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2023.05.29 18:49 5pike_z Airline not approvong refund

So guy i booked a flight from Go-first airline from Ahemdabad to Delhi for 7th may. On 4th may i recieve a message that airline has cancelled flight due to operational reasons.
I applied for a refund request on that same day through make my trip. After a few days i recieve a call from airline for approving refund and i told them to do it.
A week passed and there was no news of refund Then i checked MMT app ,they were saying airline hasnt approved you refund request. So, i called the airline and asked for refund status they said they havent approved it due to heavy influx of refund requests and told me to wait. I asked for a deadline or a complain no. And they didnt gave me anything.
Its already been a month. What should i do ?
TL:DR - Airline says due to large no. of requests they havent approved my request. And refuses to give any other details
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2023.05.29 18:31 elbandolero19 Heatjerkers with the script

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2023.05.29 18:21 TheOGFlemingo The sub is safe they leaked the script

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2023.05.29 18:15 LealFamily8009 Miami HEAT have flight scheduled to Denver after tonight’s game

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2023.05.29 18:14 a1mrbhelpuri Andy Slater on Twitter [The Heat have a flight scheduled to Denver, not Miami, after the game tonight, per FAA records.]

Andy Slater on Twitter [The Heat have a flight scheduled to Denver, not Miami, after the game tonight, per FAA records.] submitted by a1mrbhelpuri to bostonceltics [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:00 HatsOnTheBeach [Slater] The Heat have a flight scheduled to Denver, not Miami, after the game tonight, per FAA records.

Per Andy Slater, sounds like the Heat are thinking they're walking out of game seven in Boston with a W.
The Heat have a flight scheduled to Denver, not Miami, after the game tonight, per FAA records.
Source Here
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2023.05.29 17:40 bhargavikashyap Traveling with my dog to India from US for short term

Hello hello! Seeking advice and experience from folks who’ve traveled to India with their dog(s) for short term. I will likely be staying over a month and unfortunately leaving him behind is not an a option behind. I’m considering either Turkish airline or Lufthansa. Has anyone traveled with them, what has been your experience? How stringent are they with weight/carrier limits?
My dog is about 19 lbs and I’m hoping to take him in-cabin. I’m not comfortable with him in cargo for such a long journey. His weight is only 1 lb over the limit of both the airlines, with his carrier it goes over by 4 lbs. I have used the large Sherpa Carrier for domestic travel and he has done well in those flights.
Appreciate any advice/feedback! Thank you!
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2023.05.29 17:02 dylanabroad Exit row seat selection cost

I am flying Europe Traveller on an Avios booking with Blue Exec status. I am considering taking the exit row as I’m 6’3” and the 29” pitch looks tight for the 2.5h flight.
Is there usually any discount if I select this seat at check in rather than in advance? Currently it is 59 CAD, would it be that price at check in as well? I understand Blue status will not be able to select those for free at the 24h mark. 2 weeks out 3/4 of the exit row seats are still available.
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2023.05.29 16:15 International-Can440 Air Canada Operated Flight Booked on UA's website with Chase Card- Premier Gold Status. I need advice.

Hello everyone!
We're flying BCN-YYZ-DEN this summer. Flight was booked via UA's website using our Chase card. Tickets are basic economy. Only one person in the reservation has Premier Gold. The other 3 are flying in the same reservation but have no status (1 adult and 2 minors under 12). Flight had a 30 min schedule change and now we have a longer layover in YYZ. I contacted United about rescheduling my flight and I asked about the baggage policy. Chat went down so I couldn't do much so I figured I'd come to the experts! What would you suggest we do?
- Should we switch to a flight operated by UA, instead? UA states we'll have to pay for luggage despite having Premier Gold and Chase card.
- Should we keep our AC flight and do nothing?
- Something else? I understand we must take off/land from the same airports we booked originally. Just wondering if there are any advantages to switching to flight operated strictly by UA other than maybe a slightly shorter layover (such as free luggage, priority boarding, better seats...).
Thanks in advance for your help :)
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