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2023.05.30 00:28 9fletcher99 What careers/cities are good for someone getting a masters in museums/galleries/art/archaeology? Thanks!!

I have a degree from a great US university and am attending a respected UK university for my masters in museums and heritage studies. For everyone who thinks that’s a silly degree, I get it - but someone has to care for history/heritage, and it’s what speaks to me! I love it. I also am an artist trying to get my feet on the ground selling my oil paintings, so any advice there would be lovely! However, I’m also interested in seeing other career options - if there are any jobs or fields that don’t seem obvious for my background but could be possibly be interesting? Basically, I’m wondering if there are any careers I might not have considered before that would be looking for people like me? Some more background - I also have experience working at a big corporate company in buying/ some business knowledge. Thank you very much for any insights/advice/constructive criticism!
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2023.05.30 00:28 scottormston Was painting an environment study - then realised it looked like Ho-Oh’s tower and had to sprinkle in some extra details 🥲

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2023.05.30 00:25 bookgnome333 PSA: Cockpit guide on Camospecs

PSA: Cockpit guide on Camospecs
Just found Camospecs' cokpit painting guide, what a great resource! Screencap of the T-bolt by way of illustration and the location of the document on the site in the other stuff menu.
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2023.05.30 00:24 Technotoad64 Looking for a mod that increases team coloration

I have something of a sensory processing problem (not colorblind, but I fail most colorblind tests) and half the time I can't tell what team someone is on, especially if they're standing in the shade or next to some kind of colored light. Besides that there's paints (especially the almost-blue slate and the almost-red salmon) and the fact that some mercs mostly wear grey and brown with patches of team color (demo, sniper, engie and heavy) or are more team-tinted than team-colored (medic and spy) or are visually behind their weapons (heavy's miniguns and demo's shields). Is there a client-side mod out there that increases team coloration somehow? Maybe by putting team-colored paints/skins on cosmetics and weapons? Or by putting a glow outline on everyone, like when respawning?
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2023.05.30 00:24 Many_Angled_1 Giant Crocodile

Giant Crocodile
Printed and painted by me. Stl by Claymore Miniatures on My Mini Factory
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2023.05.30 00:24 kimchiadobo CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff to Launch NFT Collaboration with Market Price Features "Golden Triumph" and Ordinals Inscribed on the Bitcoin Blockchain

The crypto industry was taken aback when Peter Schiff, a well-known critic of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, announced the release of his own NFT art collection on the bitcoin blockchain.
Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and a fervent advocate of physical assets like gold, silver, and oil, has voiced his doubt about cryptocurrencies. His partnership with the artist Market Price for the "Golden Triumph" collection, which consists of real paintings, limited-edition prints, and one-of-a-kind digital reproductions stored as ordinal NFTs, however, shows a change in his viewpoint.
His supporters and the art world alike are curious and uncertain about this sudden move.

Read the full story here
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2023.05.30 00:23 eCHOingdude Zenith - Made by Nick and Painted by Me, this took way too long

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2023.05.30 00:22 erzastrawberry101 AI generated Dark Academia story (lol)

Title: "Obsidian Roses"
Chapter 1: Shadows of the Ivy
The air crackled with anticipation as Amelia Hawthorne stepped foot onto the hallowed grounds of St. Augustine's Academy, nestled amidst the fog-shrouded cliffs of Ravenhurst. A prodigious scholar, her deep, hazel eyes flickered with curiosity, taking in the towering gothic architecture, ivy-clad walls, and the mysterious whispers that seemed to echo through the corridors.
Amelia's heart quickened as she was welcomed into the secretive world of the Academy, a haven for the brightest minds and those who danced in the shadows. She soon found herself embroiled in the enigmatic lives of her fellow students, each bearing a secret, like dark threads woven into the tapestry of their existence.
Among them, a figure stood out, his presence ethereal yet commanding. His name was Lucien Sinclair, an enigmatic soul with raven-black hair and piercing blue eyes that seemed to hold centuries of secrets. Lucien's reputation preceded him, whispered tales of an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a brooding, tortured past that had molded him into a master of the arcane arts.
Amelia couldn't help but be drawn to Lucien, like a moth to a flame. They found solace in the hushed corners of the library, their fingers brushing against weathered pages of forbidden tomes. With each encounter, a spark ignited, fueled by their shared love for literature, art, and the pursuit of the esoteric.
Chapter 2: Midnight Revelations
As the nights grew longer and the moon hung low in the starless sky, Amelia delved deeper into Lucien's world. Whispers of secret societies and clandestine rituals swirled around her, painting a picture of a hidden realm where desire mingled with danger.
Together, they embarked on midnight adventures, their steps guided by moonlight and the call of ancient knowledge. In the dimly lit catacombs beneath the academy, they uncovered a hidden chamber adorned with forgotten relics and arcane symbols, breathing life into their thirst for the forbidden.
Their bond grew stronger with each shared secret, their hearts entwined in a dance of intrigue and passion. But the shadows that enveloped Lucien's past refused to release their grip, and Amelia found herself tangled in a web of dark forces that threatened to consume them both.
Chapter 3: A Dance with Destiny
Amelia's heart waged war between love and self-preservation. She yearned to unravel the mysteries that haunted Lucien's soul, to rescue him from the abyss that threatened to devour him. Yet, she feared the darkness that lurked within him, the potential for their love to be their ultimate undoing.
Whispers of an ancient prophecy reached Amelia's ears, hinting at a love forged in shadows, capable of shattering the chains of destiny. In a desperate bid to save Lucien, she embarked on a perilous journey, guided by cryptic riddles and ancient texts, each step bringing her closer to the truth.
As the night of the Blood Moon approached, Amelia faced her greatest challenge yet. A reckoning loomed on the horizon, demanding sacrifices and untangling the threads of their intertwined fates. Amidst the echoes of forgotten incantations and the scent of smoldering roses, Amelia and Lucien would discover if their love was powerful enough to defy the forces that sought to tear them apart.
"Obsidian Roses" is a tale of love entangled in the shadows, where academia and romance collide, and the pursuit of forbidden knowledge unravels destinies. Will Amelia and Lucien find solace in each other's arms, or will the darkness consume them both, leaving nothing but echoes in the corridors of St. Augustine
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2023.05.30 00:21 crvmbs Accepting the silence is very difficult

It has been over a week of rapidly escalating highs and low, i have been broken up with so many times over issues that arent even the relationship and told him I told feel like he doesn't want to be in this relationship anymore but for whatever reason he can't commit to ending it, maybe I'm fulfilling some needs or a routine. But this is not how you behave when you treasure someone and want a relationship to thrive. This is now how it was the first 2 years.
Our last arguement on friday night, he was discarding me and painting me black, then turned to sending me emails when I blocked his number, telling me how he is doing this for my sake and I'll thank him later.
I explained if this was all for my sake and future, he would work on being nicer and consistent in the relationship. So I'm not convinced at the messages he is sending me that keep twisting the narrative.
He then responded the first email(he is yellow) I responded second email (I am red). It's been radio silence ever since.
For over 7 years we have spoken every day, seen each other every chance we got (we don't live in the same town) and we have known each other 15 years. The silence is almost more gut wrenching than being verbally insulted ever other day when some thing upsets him lately.
I'm trying so hard not to reach out and question the dead air, is he just beating himself up and thinking he has ruined it all so no point in trying? Does he genuinely dislike me and want nothing to do with me? Has he already written off the entire relationship and moved on with life. I'm not a thought or memory. I know it's silly to let some one hold such power over your self worth but I geniunly feel so unlovable and unworthy.
I try and stay busy during the day but night is hard
7 years and I'm Heart broken I am not worth commiting to be nicer to.
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2023.05.30 00:21 slash-5 How to remove epoxy paint from bathtub...?

How to remove epoxy paint from bathtub...?
Bought the house and two weeks after move-in it starts to peel. In one bathroom, they never even cleaned the tub, so gross. Has rings around it. I've tried epoxy paint remover, sanding, etc. Suggestions?
I hate flippers.
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2023.05.30 00:20 Pyromans Joseph Henry Blackburne, our creator

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2023.05.30 00:19 AdeptChick1 Anyone need a baby?

Anyone need a baby?
Here’s the description:
💕Kiara is perfect newborn size baby ready to snuggle into your arms. Head, limbs and body all weighted to feel like holding a real baby. She is limited edition #558 of only 800 kits worldwide. She was sculpted by the talented artist (omitted). She has many layers of translucent reborn paint to give a lifelike appearance including veins, shading and blush in all the right places. Paint has been sealed. Only quality reborn paints and supplies used in creating this lifelike baby to be loved. Kiara has soft silky rooted angora mohair, and rooted eyelashes. She has a magnet for a magnetic pacifier. She will come home wrapped in a soft blanket, her COA, and a small box opening. See less
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2023.05.30 00:18 Darling_Grey 23 [F4R] Illinois/US/Online - Trying my luck again in making friends

I want to start off by saying that I'm mostly looking for female friends since a good amount of the guys I've gotten messages from before have made me pretty wary.'s a little about me!
- I love art and crafts. I occasionally like to paint or do little projects when I feel motivated or get a creative spark.
- I love to read. I enjoy a good fiction novel/series (especially fantasy/adventure). I also enjoy reading manga and webtoons.
- I love listening to music, especially pop, Kpop, and rock especially (Three Days Grace, Doja Cat, BTS, etc).
-I love Marvel (Captain America is my fav) and Fast and Furious (Fast X was pretty freaking awesome!), but I like a good action and/or comedy movie.
-I occasionally play games. I have a Switch and Xbox One with a few games. I enjoy playing Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Sims, but I've also played Halo, Saints Row, Skyrim, a little bit of Fallout 4, etc. I just started playing Hades on my Switch.
I tend to be pretty open-minded, sarcastic, a little flirty, and quiet at times, but I do enjoy getting to know people! Preferably, if you message me, I want to talk to someone 21-30 who will stick around longer than a few hours (might be fine with as low as 18 depending on if we click well enough). Let me know what kind of books/movies/games you enjoy, or we could even talk about the MCU (I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 yet though!). I look forward to talking to you!
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2023.05.30 00:18 buzzer22 Need "None" added to paint filters. Please. Many times it would be helpful to filter out all the painted stuff.

Adding the paint filters has been a godsend when fashionizing. Often I am looking for something I can't remember the name of and need this option. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 00:15 agirlwith2arms Do mushrooms cause you to hallucinate? First timer experience vs drug veterans.

Not really sure how to title this or explain this but I wanted some insight from a community of people who have had experiences with mushrooms.
My partner (24m) and I(26f) took mushrooms for the first time last year together. We both ate 3.5g of dried shrooms from a seemingly reputable source. For background, we are both weed smokers and that’s it. Drank in the past, no hard drugs ever. We don’t have a high tolerance for weed. 15-30mg is enough to get us seriously fucked up. When we took the shrooms, after about 30 mins to an hour we both started tripping hard. We were hallucinating weird images all over the place. I was seeing weird Aztec symbols and snakes as well as distortions of paintings in our place (for example, I have a tapestry of a smiling moon and sun and the smiles would get larger then start frowning). My partner was having a similar experience with severe visual hallucinations. I couldn’t look him in the eyes because when I did his entire eyes were black for me like the demons from supernatural. When I started to talk to him about the things that were scaring me he told me to not talk about it and focus on the positive so we wouldn’t have a bad trip. Saw a few scary things but overall we had a good trip that lasted from 8pm-2am. The craziest thing was some hallucinations I saw he saw too (we talked about this when sober). I told my family about our experiences as we are all pretty open about this kind of stuff. My dad who was a severe drug addict for most of his life (mostly painkillers but also cocaine, speed, acid, mushrooms, etc) told me that we were liars for saying we hallucinated because that doesn’t happen to people on mushrooms. “Mushrooms don’t make you see things, it’s more like an enhanced feeling”. My brother in law was in the room and was supporting everything my dad was saying. He also was a severe drug addict for most of his life and is a heavy weed user. I told them me and my partner were not lying about our experience and I felt like they were gaslighting us hard. They just laughed it off like we were idiots and didn’t know what we were talking about. Then recently I spoke to someone who, again was a severe drug addict for most of their life, and they also said mushrooms do not make you hallucinate. It’s more like seeing things in crystal 4K for the first time. I’m looking into this more and this seems to be a popular opinion for some people. Now I’m wondering what to make of all this. My partner and I are not exaggerating when we say we were tripping for hours (visual hallucinations and a semi paralysis in we were so fucked up we could barely move). Did we take too much? Was our stuff laced? Or are we just too low tolerance that it effected us this severely. Because the only people I know who have taken mushrooms have also taken hard drugs most of their life and have very high tolerance for most drugs. Thoughts?
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2023.05.30 00:15 darkzentai Looking for some help with ideas for a new army to start .

Looking for some help with ideas for a new army to start .
Been really struggling with life, hobby and mental health, so I’m looking to make a fresh start for a brand-new army to revitalise myself.
I want something that’s fun ,easy to paint with fun lore it can’t be Genestealer cult the models and army are cool but painting them is not. And it can’t be necrons as they are my favourite faction and only army I have as you can see I have two of them I like them so much .
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2023.05.30 00:14 HURCANADA Should I go through insurance for bumper damage or do it myself to avoid the Carfax ding?

Somebody hit the bumper of my 2014 Porsche Cayman while it was parked and ran. Getting quotes for $4000-$5000 to have the front bumper, splitter replaced and painted.
My deductible is $2000 but I got some diminished value quotes and they're in the range of $6000-$8000. So I'm potentially looking at a $10,000 loss if I go through my insurance and the bumper damage gets registered on the car's Carfax.
Never had to deal with this before, wondering what I should do here.
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2023.05.30 00:13 ApprehensiveNatural9 Album Review #8 "Queen II" by Queen

Review of "Queen II" by Queen -----------------------------------------------
After opening a rift to another world with the debut, one of whimsical adventures awaiting to be explored, spells waiting to be uncovered, and ogres in the fantastical lands of Rhye, her highness invites her followers into two sides. A good side and a much darker side with the creative concept of having a Side White and Side Black rather than your typical Side 1 and 2.
"Queen II" is not a concept album but it does have a loose theme running throughout at least some of the songs that are mostly on Side Black which is penned entirely by frontman Freddie Mercury. This album is the first to have elements of their style with multi-layered guitar overdubs, vocal harmonies, and the vast exploration of many musical styles, and though it had mixed-to-negative ratings from contemporary critics, its now hailed as a staple of the bands output and held in HIGH regard by retrospective critics, other musicians, and even the band, becoming a fan-favorite too.
Side White is penned mainly by Brian May and begins with the intro of "Procession/Father To Son" which is a hard rocker that starts off slow and functions as an intro to the album, an opening track introducing and building up excitement. The lyricism is quite good on this song and is about a father talking to his son about the country he will acquire as he grows into royalty. "White Queen (As It Began)" follows with an intro functioning as a tail to the previous track since it leads directly into this song via a fade-in and the chord progression is the same with that of the chorus with a change in harmonic rhythms. Starting on the fourth beat where the static multi-tracked guitars start to play. Acoustic guitar joins making the key G Major which is inherited from the outro of the previous song, as Freddie sings emotionally with pain and grief.
The verses are about the speakers' lost love who he waits for nightly with sadness and feature Brian May playing four measures long with a folk-influenced fingerpicked figure. The riff plays in A minor to give the feeling of melancholy as the bass descends with each measure and the measure is subverted in a clever intriguing way for the third measure. The song also features a heavier rock section and after the second chorus a guitar solo featuring May playing his acoustic guitar in a creative unique way of making it sound like a sitar.
"Some Day One Day" features Brian May on vocals for the first time and is a softer song with rather poetic lyrics and all guitars play different parts, while Roger Taylor gets a chance to shine with "The Loser in the End" which is the only track where the drums actually sound decently recorded; however this song is much heavier and sticks out of place like a sore thumb blister with some of the worst lyrics to ever disgrace a song from this band, and a pretentious, boring composition.
Side Black is when her highness steps down and lets all her pain out, opening to a darker world; "Ogre Battle" is quite the impressive number, opening with the outro playing in reverse and smoothly sliding into the main guitar riff completely naturally that it's hard to tell it was even reversed upon first listen. The song is a fun Hard Rock number with the lyrics describing fighting of the fantastical Ogre creatures and Freddie lets out one of the highest notes he's hit with the instrumental break featuring an ogre-like scream which leads into verse 3 detailing the end of the battle.
"The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke" features an opening sound segueing from the previous track and playing in E minor as harmonized vocals enter. Two ostinato patterns carry by the piano, clavichord to give the song a medieval feel and a bassline, The tonality is weak with a D chord which functioning as the tonal center of the current subsection, sounds like the VII chord of the preceding E minor tonic. The C and B bass lines make it flexible while the music remains “harmonious”. But in the end it does not resolve to E minor but to A minor, as a simple chord on the piano is played, the lyrics in a genius way describe the story and the narrator's take on the painting as the song ends leading into "Nevermore", a beautiful well composed piano ballad detailing the distress of a breakup with beautiful heartfelt lyrics and falsetto vocals.
"The March of the Black Queen" is perhaps the bands first magnum opus, stomping out of Side Black with a great variety of music during its seven minute length. Starting out with a slow, dramatic piano intro from Freddie as he plays appoggiatura figurations on the B chord with a pitch of E harmonic minor, the next section starts with an E minor as two dramatic guitars explode into the first line, entering on the even tempo while the backing vocals create a harmonic carpet. The song goes through multiple harmonies accompanying the pentatonic lead vocals with a short instrumental break with amazing vocal harmonies.
This song also features references to the 1863 book "The Water Babies" in verse 1, as Mercury was a big fan of Victorian era culture which inspired the feel of this album overall. This song just has a boldness striking the ear with its studio-mastery and having angelic interludes. It leads to "Funny How Love Is" which is a good song influenced by The Beach Boys which Mercury was a huge fan of, with harmonies similar to theirs and trying to emulate the Wall of Sound production style. Unfortunately, this song sounds like utter garbage and sounds so different from the rest of the albums' production style and sound that it sticks out in a weird way; quite literally as if it was recorded with a toaster, making it a weak point of the album. The album ends with "Seven Seas of Rhye" which became the bands' first entry in the UK singles charts and lead to their first Top of The Pops appearance helping them break into the mainstream. It's a catchy yet impressive song.
Overall while a tad faulty, this album is one of Queen's very best and it makes sense why many see it as one of the best of all time even if I don't. They pushed their roots in rock and metal as far as they could which resulted in what showed their studio mastery, weaknesses and caused it to lack the bite of "Queen" and the super brilliance of following "Sheer Heart Attack"
Rating: ★★★.5
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2023.05.30 00:11 joshkim910 PROJECT: The Blue Ace.

PROJECT: The Blue Ace.
For this project, I decided to tackle scribing new panel lines. Took inspiration from the RG Zaku II and applied it to the Gouf Custom. There are definitely a lot of errors all around. Rounded corners, uneven depth, etc. But I think for a first attempt, it ain’t half bad. Can’t wait to paint and weather this bad boy. Will work on the paint scheme soon. Looking to buy some mono eyes/scope lens parts to really add to the dimensionality of this kit.
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2023.05.30 00:10 -Absolute_Cunt- [WTS] Mag n' Stock Adapters, yo

I have two things for sale, an AK to AR magazine adapter, made by Canis Design Group. I bought it about five years ago, CDG ghosted me when I tried to return it. It seemed to function fine, but this "AK" grip version requires you to modify the AK grips for them to fit properly and I wasn't into that. It has been in my drawer ever since, and will come with a Hogue grip. I paid about $300 for it, I'd like to get $150 shipped. Your cursed gun dreams can be a reality with this bad boy, and you could even make it on one of Brandon's videos, especially if you slapped it on a Saiga or 84s.
Next is a lightly used JMAC MOD 2 buffer tube adapter, 4.5mm pin. I had it rattled, but stripped it off with some brake cleaner. There is a bit of left over paint and some finish wear. I'd like to get $75 shipped
Thanks for looking!
I have more flair on GAFS.
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2023.05.30 00:10 Fillbert_kek A flyer I received in Memphis

Cointelpro, Gang (Group) Stalking, Community Stalking; Domestic Espionage, Covert Harassment, Organized Crime, waste of money and time. Causes: car accidents and traffic speeding by the "targeted individuals" with uniquely modified loud muffler revving cars/bikes and obnoxious, unusual, bizarre stickers and paint work, unusual vanity plates driving with one headlight, all car windows down, driving with one arm hanging out the window, parked cars with every car door, trunk open etc. Slander campaigns, honey traps, store/ public mobbing, "street theatre": bizarre public comments (directed conversation) and bizarre obnoxious public behavior, loud laughing etc. Invasion of privacy: literal 24/7 surveillance, illegally hacking phones then repeat illegally recorded phone conversations i public back to the "targeted individual" then paying people through gift cards or "surveillance role playing security guard" positions or fake private investigators". Information: There are 1000's of websites: "You tube" videos and ""posts. Just 1 example: Case of "Myron May" FL 2014 Thank you.
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2023.05.30 00:10 DirtyDozen66 We need to be able to trade up black market tournament items

Literally pointless having duplicates of them unless painted
I’ve had 2 unpainted Polyhedrals and no Corbital, last season I got 4 Skulking Scales
Would be nice to trade them in for another BM
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