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The most-watched news channel delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day. The News Channel is available to everyone You can send comments and pictures to the BBC Channel by Reddit.

2016.04.02 22:16 24 Hour Naked Challenge

As a response to the [showerthought](https://www.reddit.com/Showerthoughts/comments/4bv98m/never_in_my_entire_life_have_i_been_naked_for_24/) about never having been naked for 24 hours, this subreddit is dedicated towards the Naked Challenge community. Posts here must pertain to your quest for going nude for a full day. NSFW pictures must be tagged.

2023.03.25 23:24 Watermelon1832 My ex is trying to accuse me of sexual assault

For anyone that might have seen this post before it is because I already posted it but decided to delete it and post it on a alt account because my mentioned ex has my Reddit and I don’t want her to see it and escalate things. Thank you to everyone who commented and gave support to my last post it means the world!
I would like to preface this by saying there is a lot of mention of SA (sexual assault) and self-harm. Me and my ex and we’re at the time both minors.
TLDR at the bottom
My ex-girlfriend is trying to ruin my life. In the summer of my 8th-grade year, me and one of my friends started to get really close. We would do everything together and became best friends. Eventually, we both confessed our feelings for each other and I was so happy. This was my first relationship and I didn’t know what to expect but it was going well at first, and I was happy.
A few months into our relationship we got more comfortable with each other and while some things were going well it seemed the longer we dated the more toxic and abusive she became. It started off small with little mean comments, poking me or hitting me gently, or just being a little controlling.
These behaviors slowly started to snowball into her full-on hitting me or telling me to shut up anytime I said anything to her. I have multiple scars on my hands from when she took my phone out of my hands and scratched them in the process. The worst part was how controlling she was. She would always get her way and guilt trip me anytime I did something she didn’t like. We would spend 24 hours on call and any time I had to leave to eat dinner with my family or go to the store she would beg me to stay and get upset and guilt trip me anytime I couldn’t stay and talk with her. Any time I had to go anywhere she would get upset with me and I was on edge the entire time. Any time she had to leave to eat with her family or go for any reason I would never yell at her.
During my time dating her, I lost two of my closest friends. One of them was my choice to cut out and it would be unfair to blame her for it, but the other I was forced to stop talking to. I told her that I didn’t want to be mean to them and that I didn’t want to cut one of my friends off just because they didn’t get along. She didn’t listen. I was also not allowed to talk to anyone of the opposite gender or she would get mad at me, yet she downloaded a “dating app for kids” because she wanted new people to talk to.
This continued day in and day out not being able to get enough sleep because I couldn’t go to bed until she wanted to. This went on for months until the first big incident happened. She had recently joined the volleyball team and with that, she started hanging out with all the mean “popular” girls. During this time she started treating me horribly. She told me to shut up anytime I said anything and refused to be nice to me and only talked to me in private. I told her how much this hurt my feelings but she never listened. Until one night I broke down crying and ran away from my phone while we were on call. All the mental abuse leading up to this was bad but what finally broke the ice for me was when she started talking about how she wanted to send another guy a “risky” pic with one of her friends and the only reason she wasn’t doing it was that I would be “mad at her” this destroyed me and cause me to self-harm for the first time in my life.
The next major incident was over an English book. She gave me her English book one day and she forgot it in my backpack and the next day when I was sick and couldn’t go to school she called me and screamed at me about how much trouble she was going to get into and how it was all my fault. I hate being yelled at and no matter how much I apologized she wouldn’t stop yelling at me. I self-harmed for the second time.
The worst thing she did was the first time she sexually assaulted me. She forced me to go into a dark room during a public event and forced me to do sexual things with her even tho the whole time I showed extreme discomfort and wanted to leave.
Between and after these incidents there were numerous different things that she did. I could go on and on about everything she did to me and how much she hurt me.
Almost a year to the day after we started dating a mutual friend of mine convinced me to break up with her and made me realize how unhappy I was dating her. I broke up with her and was instantly berated with hundreds of texts and calls begging me to take her back. She came to my place of work every day and begged to “talk things out” I did and tried to make it as easy on her as possible. She later on starting asking people to bully me until I was suicidal.
My family later got a restraining order on her and I was finally able to be happy and make new friends. It felt amazing and wonderful. Now she is trying to ruin my life by telling people I sexually assaulted her. She has the audacity to lie to people and act like the victim when she ignored me saying no on multiple occasions. She sexually assaulted me but because I’m a man I feel as if I can’t tell people.
I have now had to be taken out of school because my parents don’t want me around her. I feel so lost and alone that I can’t tell anyone what happened because they probably won’t believe me.
Thank you to everyone who read this whole thing and if anyone has any advice for me I would love to hear it. I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors I may have made I tried my best but I’m very stressed right now. If you have any questions or need clarification on something I would love to answer them.
TLDR - my ex-girlfriend is trying to ruin my life by telling people I SA’d her when she was the one who abused me, mentally and physically.
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2023.03.25 23:19 TheCuriousBread PSA: Tips aren't "tips" on food delivery apps (UberEats, DoorDash, SkipTheDishes)

With how often you see food delivery drivers on the streets and how commonly used their services are, I think it's to the benefit of everyone to clarify what "tips" actually are.
An example
An order came in that offers $7.50, the base pay $4 + tips $3.50. Delivering the order took the driver 30 minutes to complete. The total driving distance is 10km, the car has a gas mileage of 7L/100km, and gas price is at $1.8/L so it costs $1.28 in gas.
That's $6.22/half hour or $12.44/hr.
It literally pays less than minimum wage when "tips" are bad.
(the Fantuan app is another story, mostly just rich immigrants and Asian students who "work" to keep their parent's allowance)

Key takeaways:
  1. If you're a customer, if you want someone to pick up your order in a timely fashion, increase your "tips". If you wish to thank the driver for his service, give more tips afterwards, leave a good rating in the app or good ol fashion cash.
  2. If you're a driver. Well shit sucks, no way to get around it. Death is the poor man's doctor.
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2023.03.25 23:10 pathfinder498 To all the naysayers

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2023.03.25 23:08 HermittCrabby Some people...

Yesterday we had a customer come up to the register and instantly mention how she gets a small gift with her purchase. (a tiny st. Tropez self tanner gwp). We had unfortunately ran out of that gwp, and told her that. She instantly went off. Saying how we need to not offer "crap" that we are out of, and she demanded a discount at least on her purchase. We told her we don't do that, and offered her some fragrance samples we had instead. She swats them away and says "I can't do fragrance!" then demands a manager. Our manager said to give her a 24 Hour Brow Setter or tell her she gets nothing. The angry customer didn't want that either and just said "I ain't shopping here again. I don't tolerate being lied to" and she pushes her self-tanner products towards the cashier and stomps out of the store.
we, as retail workers, literally deal with toddlers in adult bodies throwing tantrums a lot.
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2023.03.25 23:08 Over_Money5755 The Walmart she just applied to

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2023.03.25 23:05 jjeremy7989 Do Tickets Randomly Get Pulled From Books? Pretty sure the answer is no...

I experienced the following situation at a local 7-Eleven here in California. This afternoon I redeemed some scratchers worth $60 for additional lottery tickets. Specifically the $30 Set For Life (ticket #24 in the roll) and $30 CALIFORNIA 200X (for purposes of this story, the ticket # on this one is irrelevant). I took the tickets back to my car to scratch. After losing on both, I went back into the store to purchase an additional one of each ticket ($30 Set For Life - ticket #25 and $30 CALIFORNIA 200X) and took those 2 tickets back to my car to scratch. The $30 CALIFORNIA 200X was a $100 winner, but the $30 Set For Life was a loser. I redeemed the CALIFORNIA 200X $100 winner for $70 cash and another $30 Set For Life (ticket #26). I decided to scratch this Set For Life ticket inside the store at the lottery scratching station. At this point, I am the only customer inside the store. Scratching ticket #26 revealed that it was a loser. I scanned it for 2nd chance and then tossed it in the open trash can beside the scratching station. I then returned to the cashier to purchase another $30 Set For Life. I had noticed as I was walking up to the cashier, he was coming up from behind the counter area as if he had moved some of the scratchers but I didn't think anything of it until he handed me the $30 Set For Life ticket, which was ticket #28. I then looked at the ticket in the trash can (ticket #26) and asked the cashier about what happened to ticket # 27, and if someone else had purchased it. He said no, and the last two tickets were #28 (winner of a $30 ticket) and #29 (loser). I believe this cashier must have seen my streak of losers and pulled ticket #27 thinking that one was a winner. If this is what happened, then this is unacceptable. If it isn't what happened, I'd be interested to know how a ticket (#27) randomly goes missing from a book. I submitted this complaint to the California Lottery to see if they can review and investigate.
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2023.03.25 22:54 GeekyGrannyTexas Has anyone here been approached by Princess about a $7499 "deal" they are offering?

Supposedly, this package includes $6000 in future cruise credits, $300 in onboard credits, $750 in hotel credits, a 7-night stay certificate and 2 2-night stay certificates. Also something about a Princess hotel store. All have to be used within 24 months I think.
I'm thinking Princess is short of cash and is looking for infusions from customers.
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2023.03.25 22:46 AnimeHub_IF How is this deal? Am I getting ripped off? I’m about to pull the trigger and buy it.

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2023.03.25 22:37 ImTheBirdNerd Shocking Mall Experience

Today I (19) got to go to the mall with my friend (18f). She’s about a size 8 while I’m a size 22/24. (This is my first time buying clothes by myself, I had about 80$)
As a 19 year old I care about what I wear, I want the cute trendy stuff other people are wearing.
So me and her go into some stores, first we go to forever 21, which has adorable clothing, no plus size. Next Windsor, No plus size. Next Macy’s, the plus size section has all these horrendous looking clothes that I’m pretty sure no one would be seen dead in. I feel like crying, a whole mall full of stuff for skinny people but nothing remotely cute for plus size people.
Finally I go into torrid, which has okay clothing. 50$ for a graphic tee?!
My friend whose followed me into the store said she feels horrible for me.
Why don’t they make plus size stuff that actually appeals to teens / YA? And if they even do, where do I find it?
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2023.03.25 22:32 koolguy10001 Spot Starter Goes 10 Innings in Double Header

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2023.03.25 22:31 mindquad255 I mean at least everyone else knew he was an idiot

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2023.03.25 22:31 ClientTypical7395 [Product Question] why are sensitive skin products often blue? Like my unscented and frag free are always blue lol

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2023.03.25 22:28 HappyConsequence181 The Unveiled Truth: When the Betrayer Becomes the Betrayed

For those who have followed my previous posts, you may know about my tumultuous journey to reconcile with my spouse. Despite dedicating nearly two years to this process, many advised that our relationship was beyond repair due to my spouse's own issues and the toxic environment they created.
As fate would have it, karma had something in store for me. We're currently going through a difficult divorce, with both of us moving out soon. Amid the chaos, a shocking truth was revealed during a heated argument: my spouse had been unfaithful numerous times. Previously, during a separation two years ago, she accused me of infidelity even though I only dated one person after we had separated. I believed her claims that she had only engaged in a non-sexual encounter with another man. However, it turned out she had slept with that man multiple times on our bed no less, as well as my former business partner who is known for priding himself on having a vasectomy, refused protection, and it is known by close friends of his that he has HSV2 and HPV, and another man in my car. There were other infidelities over the years that I can’t confirm and it’s all no longer relevant. There's more to this story, but I'll spare the details.
Discovering this sickened me, not just because of her infidelity, but also due to the daily abuse, degradation, and toxic behavior I endured for the past two years. She exposed my private revelations to her only, stemming from my past drug addiction, and threatens my sobriety many times. She shared other personal issues to everyone we knew, alienating me from my own neighborhood, all while she was deceiving me with her own betrayals and very intricate lies. I spent this time being honest and accountable, subjecting myself to her relentless attacks without ever receiving momentary reprieve, all in the name of healing her wounds. I was taking on new wounds from constant abuse. She even called me a monster if I tried to stand up for myself and say that this was beyond standard dealing with pain. This was abusive and degrading meant to hurt.
The emotional rollercoaster I experienced, especially in the past 24 hours, has been both painful and cathartic. 24 hours prior to my DDay, My spouse cried, accused me of not loving her, and managed to make me question my decision to let her go. And then, the truth came to light. While I empathize with her situation, I can't help but feel appalled by her lies and manipulations. She even admitted that her friends were complicit in her deceit, acting supportive towards me while secretly praising her as a loyal saint.
At this point, I feel completely drained and just want to move forward with my life. Trusting her to be a decent human being seems impossible, as she continues to avoid responsibility, gaslight me, and deny her admissions. I've confirmed some of her actions with the people involved, but she remains uncooperative.
Our marriage was toxic from the start, with both of us being broken individuals. These past two years feel like an elaborate joke at my expense, and I can't shake the feeling that I wasted so much time trying to fix something that was irreparably damaged by continued lies and deceit.
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2023.03.25 22:28 deve19 'Screen On' while shut down draining laptop battery

Inconsistently, battery drains while laptop is shut down over several hours (upon start up, it gets past splash screen to log in screen long enough for me to see that the battery icon is empty, then it shuts off immediately). Charging it up, very quickly it's usually back in the 20% range and charges normally from there, making it look like battery wasn't even completely discharged.
In Settings under Power, in the hourly battery level over the last 24 hours, each hour bar shows 'Screen On' time as 1 hr each hour. Making it seem that the computer thinks the screen is on (which it's not), but that drains the battery?
Have done the usual things like turn off fast startup, gone into bios and disabled always on USB and USB charging, and I went through app list and stopped pretty much everything from running in the background. But I'm perplexed by the screen on time which I assume is the reason the battery is draining.
Any suggestions? Thx in advance.
Windows 11 Home build 22621.1413
Lenovo Thinkpad T480s Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz 8GB RAM
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2023.03.25 22:27 tescoworker94729 Staff parking

Are (night) workers allowed to park in the parent and child bays to ensure they can keep an eye on their vehicle or are they off limits 24/7? I'm talking when the store is closed (or a couple hours from close).
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2023.03.25 22:25 Andre_BR1 HEA que já existiu uma pistola que disparava pequenos foguetes

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2023.03.25 22:20 lew_kat08 Formula, pick up Sylvan. Expiring April/May 2023.

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2023.03.25 22:07 mianghuei 2023 São Paulo E-Prix Final Classification and Standings after Race

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2023.03.25 22:07 grim_infp how fast does anxiety lead to a flare?

I've been having what the primary care doc thinks are IBS flares about every 2 weeks. They always happen on Sunday. I think it's stress from my kids (I'm an introvert and i get really worn out and overstimulated despite loving them dearly - 2 babies) on Saturday leaving me with symptoms on Sunday. It did not happen when my parents were here and helping take care of the kids. My husband thinks it's stress from work all week that for some reason rears its head on Sunday. Work is stressful but I don't get any symptoms during the week and I don't get anxious about going back on Mondays. My "flares" are watery diarrhea and really excessive painful gas every 1 to 2 hr for about 24 to 36 hr and then it goes away. Anyone else have something like this? I'm seeing GI in a couple weeks.
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2023.03.25 22:04 Responsible_Wasabi91 Why did I get a really extreme reaction from (accidental) glutening from homemade dough, vs previous less severe reactions to store bought? Any ideas?

Long story short, I had probably two or three small bites of a homemade pizza before realizing it wasn’t the gluten free one, had a really awful painful reaction to it that lasted over 24 hours. On previous occasions I’ve had glutening from restaurant or store bought dough, especially when I didn’t know I had celiac, it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad. Any ideas as to why this might be? I can’t figure it out (I didn’t make the pizza).
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2023.03.25 22:02 PAINtPrince Saturdaze be like

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2023.03.25 21:57 ShadowRockstar25 Who’s Excited for Black Dahlia? Been hoarding my relics for this moment. Can’t wait.

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