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UsedCars: Everything with Buying & Selling Used Cars.

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2023.05.30 00:37 Renn_99 Boyfriend help

I'm 23(f) and he's (22)m
We've been having trouble for a while now, and I just don't know what to do anymore or if it's even worth trying at this point. So I've come to reddit to just air everything out.
I've been with him for almost 2 years now and I struggle to think of a time he's just consoled me without him being judgemental about why I'm upset.
For example: When I lost my bag with £30 and earrings my sister gave to me for my 18th I cried a lot. He said I was crying over spilt milk and that I 'ruined' the night. I was sat on my bed crying trying to tell him what it had inside it and he just walks out the door, slamming it and I can hear him shout 'fuck' before he gets into his car.
More recently, we were planning a camping trip to celebrate the end of my exams. His friend invites us both on a camping trip with him and our other friend so we agree. Sunday night my boyfriend says to me are you sure you want to come it might be a tough hike (I'm incredibly fit, do yoga everyday and used to compete horses at a professional level whilst he has asthma and a bad back). Turns out his mate was like trying to convince him to kick me out the camping trip. Come Monday (day before we were due to go camping) I message my boyfriend asking what he's up to tonight and if he's packed yet only to hear they've already left for the camping trip.
He then promised me a camping trip this week to make up for it. I'm sobbing now as I'm writing this because I've just opened a text from him saying he wants to go on a night out Wednesday night again with his mates. Who, by the way, he sees regularly as they all live in London. So therefore he can't come camping with me. I'm so tired of being let down all the time. I feel so lonely, and my mental health is just getting worse.
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2023.05.30 00:37 Cinnamoncrystal What’s the best car rental option for someone under 25

I’ve been looking at multiple websites. So far Expedia has the best deals for my budget, however I am a bit sketched out by what some people on Reddit have said about their experiences w/ Expedia.
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2023.05.30 00:36 Tobester583 Use your right of way!

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2023.05.30 00:36 link14 Anyone getting audio lag with Apple CarPlay?

Just picked up a 2023 Touring Hybrid, and everything has been great so far!! The only slightly annoying thing has been an audio lag I’ve noticed when connected to Apple CarPlay - for example, if I’m trying to watch a video while parked, the audio lags my phone by like 2-3 seconds. I’ve tried forgetting the car and setting CarPlay fresh but still seeing this issue. Anyone else? Any fixes?
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2023.05.30 00:36 lawlifelgbt AWTC for causing an unbearable traffic jam?

Hi! We are bears in a wildlife park in South Dakota. We get fed plenty, and lots of cars and people drive through to gaze upon our majestic floof!
But everyone these days is rushing. So we urge them to stop and really look by pacing back and forth in the road in front of cars.
This causes huge traffic jams in the park and is intimidating, because no one wants to hit a bear! But we just want them to take their time and enjoy our majesty.
Are we the cloacas?
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2023.05.30 00:36 Tostix Question for the ending of The Gentlemen (2019)

So at the end of the movie Mickey Pearson(Matthew McConaughey) is confronted by the Russians and is about to be killed by them but in a sudden turn, the toddlers call the coach(Colin Farrell) and say they are going to help resort the "Mickey situation" as they drive off in their van and shoot the Russians. But my question is: Were the toddlers intent to kill Mickey Pearson? No one knew about the Russians except for Fletcher(Hugh Grant) until he revealed it to Raymond Smith(Charlie Hunnam) but it was too late for Mickey as he got inside the car with the Russians, so when the toddlers were shooting the car not knowing the Russians were in the car, their intent was to kill him right? Why else would they want to shoot at Mickey Pearson's car and help resort the "Mickey situation"? I always thought that wanted to help Mickey Pearson and the Coach by killing the Russians but know it seems clear that they wanted to help the Coach by killing Mickey Pearson but not knowing that the Russians were there they accidently saved Mickey Pearson by killing the Russians. Can someone correct me if I'm right please? I need clarity with this.
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2023.05.30 00:36 leylaraine Grown son needs to go

I’m going to try and make this short but it might be hard due to the details.
My son is almost 25 years old. Him and I have had years of issues going back to him being about 11 or 12 years old. So many things, it’s exhausting to think of them all or even look back and try to make sense of them. So, here I go.
He moved out when he was 17 because I told him he can either follow rules, go to school, respect my house, or leave. He didn’t graduate, he never got his drivers license, just never really accomplished anything.
Fast forward to 7 years later, he’s almost 25. He has been back with me twice during this time and neither one were long term due to him not making any attempts to do anything. Even the simplest things such as, keeping the room clean, throwing away trash, food, etc. The last time I kicked him out, he was 19. He went to stay with my oldest daughter for a while, then his dad, neither situations worked out and were very short term. Oh and he didn’t talk to me for two of those years after I kicked him out. Here we are in 2023, he called and I found out he has a six month old daughter. Has been living with the daughters mother and working but recently got fired. Daughters mother has now kicked him out. Still has no license. Of course I tell him he can temporarily stay here to get back on his feet. He did get a job but he has to ride a bike there as he has no license and no car. He has been going back and forth to court trying to get visitation to see his daughter, which he now has visitation. After all of this, he lost his new job. Tried to apply for another and got all the way through the process but failed the drug screen (THC). Stays in the room all day and night playing his video games. Promises me he will get a job and has been applying.
He is better at keeping things cleaned up but I still have to ask him about taking his things to the trash, cleaning the room, etc. He is also quite arrogant and disrespectful sometimes. I told him if I was in his situation, I would definitely show more respect for the people who are trying to help me.
I am just done. Worn out completely and I haven’t even mentioned yet that I have a husband who is growing very tired of this as well. I also have two other grown kids that are wonderful, hard working people. I get tired of hearing the whole “if he was raised better” because it’s just not always the case. I raised three children in the same home and two of them are fine. I just don’t understand this. I don’t know what to do. I have no idea where he will go and he will probably stop talking to me again but I’m ready to give up and tell him to go.
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2023.05.30 00:35 SufficientDegree596 How often are car thieves caught?

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2023.05.30 00:35 Daisygorl What color car screams ‘I’m a piece of sh*t’?

Please I need this for the story I’m writing.
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2023.05.30 00:35 _Sphere_ This car is being sold for ~9k. Everything is good upon inspection by a mechanic and guy who owns it told me his kid broke the bumper by hitting a curb. The front bumper is fine as he replaced it with an OEM. Should I buy this for my own kid? Does this unpainted front bumper look too ratchet?

This car is being sold for ~9k. Everything is good upon inspection by a mechanic and guy who owns it told me his kid broke the bumper by hitting a curb. The front bumper is fine as he replaced it with an OEM. Should I buy this for my own kid? Does this unpainted front bumper look too ratchet? submitted by _Sphere_ to Nissan [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 00:35 Mongar95 Maybe I am in the wrong. But I’m done. Too much sickness and selfishness going around.

I’ve been sick with long Covid for 11 months now. I’m slowly improving but it’s been a very tough battle. I might have some scars left that will never heal. I lost my engineering job and my spot to go to the Air Force Reserves. I was completely destroyed since my siblings and I grew up in an abusive household and I didn’t even think I would make it this far in life. My accomplishments in life are all I have. My family is all I have. My mother has an autoimmune disease and needs all the help she can get when she gets super sick or lands in the hospital. It was super tough to see her fighting for her life twice in the hospital while I was fighting long Covid myself and was very limited to what I could do to help her. My brother and sister live with my mom in a house I was able to put in a down payment on and get the loan. At 578 a month it was the cheapest I could get for a 3 bedroom. My brother is 23 but refuses to work because working makes him “anxious and depressed”. Wow… literally all of us. I told him if he couldn’t work to provide for himself then he needed to leave. He still lives there doing nothing all day. My sister is in college and this summer she wants to have an internship an hour away even though she has no car and has no experience driving on a busy highway where there are way too many accidents to count. So I told her to scrap it for this summer and try getting a summer internship closer to home or try for another summer getting that same internship when things weren’t so crazy. She got upset and agreed. However, she later turned around and applied to the internship anyway and told me about it. Of course I got upset with her and told her why. 1.) she needs to practice more to drive in a highway like that before she commits. 2.) she should focus on trying to get the car she needs in the first place 3.) the timing with everything going on is terrible and it adds more stress to the situation. Mom needing more help around the house since I can’t help her like I used to. She didn’t care and said she would do it no matter what happened even if she got in an accident. Of course, we had our falling out and haven’t talked since. Over the years I have bent over backwards for her to get her what she wants but in doing so she has learned to not take a no as an answer even if it harms someone else. I have also noticed that little things I get compliments for (my long wavy “mermaid” hair) she tries to copy and if someone else has something she likes she goes out of her way to buy something similar. When someone suggested a certain hair product to me, she went to buy it for herself. At first it didn’t bother me, but with the years she kept doing things like that and it got annoying. Long story short, I now see her as selfish and a low key jealous individual. My brother just wants every excuse to be lazy and then blame it on every one else. Yes, I have my faults but I no longer want to associate with them. My sister tried to patch things up and I refused. I told her “you made your choice so I’m Making mine.” Call me childish but with long Covid and my mom being this sick my priority is family and this just broke me. I no longer want a relationship with them and will only do things for my mom from now on.
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2023.05.30 00:35 TheJizZyLord How is he bypassing the chat filter?

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2023.05.30 00:35 debby-ryans-smile Parking pass at will call?

Hi! I went to go order a GA car pass and shipping is an additional $15. My wristbands have already been shipped since I purchased them separately, so I was wondering if y’all know if it’s possible to purchase a vehicle pass day of at will call so I don’t have to pay the additional shipping? Thank you!
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2023.05.30 00:35 crimesconspiraces Should I notify bar owner that a bartender scammed money from me?

Long story short my local bar here in Massachusetts the girl bartender befriended me. Immediately texted me asking for money ($1,300), gave me a sob story about how her and her son were being evicted. I put a month time limit on the loan.
2 weeks later asks for more because car in the shop and can’t work. 2 weeks later asks for like $2,000 more. Not sure why she’d think I’d give her more. I can only speculate drugs with all the crazy lies she came up with.
The girl is no longer employed at local bar. Should I talk to bar owner and let him know? I’m assuming there are other victims.
Also I don’t really care about the money, it’s more the way she handled everything. When I asked when i was getting paid back one of the responses was “you’re a fucking doosh” Don’t want to think she can get away with treating people like this.
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2023.05.30 00:35 Successful_Low_7210 Is BK a good option? OH

Okay so I’ve never looked into BK until the last few days and I’m not sure it’s the best option for me, so I’d love some opinions and have a few questions.
So debt wise I have around 35k in CC, 4500 in my car loan, and 16500 in student loans. I think there’s also a $100 medical bill floating around the collections world somewhere too.
I’ve been making minimum payments for the last 3/4 years so never getting ahead and recently had to miss some work due to an injury and now 3 of my cc’s are behind and I have no idea when I’ll be able to catch up, add in student loan payments starting again in a few months and I won’t be able to handle it all. I make probably $1000- 1200 a month give or take (I make commission and tips so it varies greatly, some weekly checks are less than $100 and some are $500+) and I’m going into a slower season of work for the next 2 months so I expect them to be lower checks. My total I pay in bills each month is around $1150 so barely anything left each month and this is before student loan payments as well.
I don’t have a true rent payment as I live with family, but I do pay them cash every month. As far as assets I have about $600 in restricted stock units (I can’t cash them out), and that’s about it minus my car and $40 in my savings account.
So a few questions - 1. my car loan is 100% up to date and I’ve never paid late since I got it, would I be able to keep my car? It’s the only asset I have, but also I can’t work without having transportation and there’s no public transportation in my area (we don’t even get Ubers here).
  1. If I’m a beneficiary for other peoples life insurance plans or benefits, will they be affected? My parents and brother both have me as beneficiaries but they are all extremely healthy and my relatives tend to live a long time.
  2. My health insurance is currently through state Medicaid, any chance I would lose this? Because I have a lot of health issues and wouldn’t be able to afford my medications other wise.
  3. Also how do I find a good attorney? The few I’ve found near me have sketchy websites and I can’t find much about them
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2023.05.30 00:35 RaeKn47 How far along were you when you delivered your IVF Baby?

IVF increases risk of preterm birth. I’m wondering how far along others were when they gave birth to their IVF babies.
Also, did you prepare for an early delivery? Did you have your hospital bag and car seat installed earlier than the average.
I’m 28 weeks pregnant with my first baby via IVF. I’m hoping to learn when to expect.
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2023.05.30 00:35 Legitimatey Can paintless repair pull small dents on body lines?

Can paintless repair pull small dents on body lines?
Got door dinged really hard, I just had a local shop quote around $2000 (Canadian) because they said they’ll have to pull apart the door, fix the panel and then paint the rear door and front panel to ensure it’s blended properly.
Insurance deductible is $1000 but id rather not have a claim on the car to maintain resale in case I end up selling it at some point.
Is this something paintless repair could do?
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2023.05.30 00:34 ZorkNemesis A watched car never crashes.

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2023.05.30 00:34 xXx_Redditor888_xXx Which Economic System would you prefer?

Capitalism - Capitalism is an economic system representing a broad range of ideologies that fall under the umbrella of "capitalism". Capitalism is defined in many different ways, by Socialists it's usually defined as a system where the bourgeoisie exploit the proletariat, by Market Anarchists it's usually defined as corrupt markets and by Right-Libertarians it's usually defined as a free enterprise system. Capitalism fundamentally needs 5 institutions to function:
Private Property Free Exchange Competition Division of Labor Social Co-operation
Corporatism - Corporatism is an economically third position, authoritarian ideology that advocates for the organization of society in different areas of employment like agriculture, military, engineering etc called "corporations" which the government assigns people to and your employment into these is designated by your interests and skills, then the government sets a goal like for example the production of 40,000 cars per month with the expectation the standard is met. He believes in a cross-class system of regulation, in which the workers, employers, and state negotiate with one another in order to most efficiently run the economy and satisfy (in theory) all parties involved.
Communism (Marxism) - Marxism, commonly called Classical Marxism or Orthodox Marxism, also called Marxist Socialism or Scientific Socialism, is an economically far-left and (most of the time) culturally progressive ideology and polictial philosophy that is based on the analysis and ideology of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and looks to achieve a Commie.png communist (stateless, classless, moneyless) society. According to Marx and Engels, in a communist society, nationality, families, private property, commodities, division of labor, cities and countryside, religion, ideology, and markets would be abolished or become obsolete and fade away. Communism operates on the principle "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need". Marxists believe that due to inherent contradictions in the capitalist mode of productions, material conditions will become so bad that there will be a proletarian revolution which will create a socialist state that transitions to a communist society.
View Poll
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2023.05.30 00:34 slippyslo Wrapping a prelude

Has anyone here wrapped a fifth gen before? I would like to wrap mine cause the door and rear quarter panel has a good bit of clear coat peel. I’ve never wrapped a car although I do have friends that wrap cars to give me advice but I just wanna train on my prelude
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2023.05.30 00:34 tdslm Elopement or couple shoot???

My fiancée [23M] and I [22F] have recently gotten engaged. We really just want to elope because we both do not talk to our families and we are really on our own. During COVID we were sleeping out of my car and I feel like I hold resentment towards our families for not helping us but anyway. We want to get married within the next month so in June, but we also want to have a photo shoot with a wedding dress/tux with possibly bow reading…. We don’t want a “traditional” elopement shoot which I assume is a small ceremony since we would already be married. Everywhere that I looked elopement packages are starting at 1200+ for 1-2 hours but we really can’t afford much and our limit for photos would be 600. I’ve seen that some photographers charge around 450 for a couples shoot for an hour. What I am trying to ask is what would out photo shoot be considered, since we do want to get photographed in wedding attire but no ceremony just the shoot? Would it still be consider an elopement shoot or couples shoot or even cow renewal shoot but it would probably be a month after we get officially married.
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2023.05.30 00:34 Flaky_Acanthisitta_5 Looking for car insurance as an 18 yea old

I’m looking for car insurance that won’t cost more than 350 a month. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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