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2023.03.20 05:41 ThunderAeran Dark Souls Challenge Run Idea: Build Randomizer.

Have you played Dark Souls for the better part of a year now? Does the game bore you to death with how easy it is? Do you crave a new challenge? Well, if your answer was yes then I may have something that might interest you.
By going to this site: and clicking the Random button you'll receive a pre-generated Level 100 Build that is, for all intents and purposes, terrible. With unoptimized stats and weapons you can't even wield.
With that in mind I've decided to come up with a new idea for a challenge: trying to beat the game, from the Undead Asylum to the Kiln of the First Flame, using the build that was suggested by the randomizer.
Now there are a few rules that I've created that can or cannot be followed, depending on your personal take on this challenge:
This post is getting rather lengthy, so I'll continue in the replies.
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2023.03.14 19:28 Bonfr4s ifusion for dex caster

i have a question for certified Dark souls pvp pros.
please be humble and dont answer if you dont know precisely the answer.
i have a 45 dex 35 int build. i need to choose between upgrading my weapons with normal or magic.
-despite mugenmonkey says the magic infusion does more damage (magic damage), wich one should i go for?
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2023.03.12 14:43 Scott_Yeung Help me with my Dex/Pyro Build.

Backing into Dark Souls Remastered after being tired in Elden Ring, a dexterity/pyromancy build...Need some advice.
Edit: Mainly for PvP...I think :)
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2023.03.09 10:45 DanOfAbyss Armor optimizer in Dark Souls II

Why doesn't Mugenmonkey have armor optimizer in Dark souls II ?
Just curious.
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2023.03.03 03:37 Alert-Ad-4391 Title

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2023.03.03 02:42 Alert-Ad-4391 Choose wisely

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2023.02.23 23:20 Yzetac Is good to be back on PVP <3

After dozens of runs with mediocre or bizarre weapons, I bought the playstation plus again and exploded with joy after discovering that the Ps4 server is still full of life after all these years <3 . The build I used for the whole session is as follows :
Any suggestions on how to improve it? this is the channel where I stream sometimes , if you feel like leaving a follow m although it's not mandatory ^^
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2023.02.23 14:50 PotatoesRGud4U My Dragon Bone Smasher build

My Dragon Bone Smasher build
For those who play/played DeS, dya remember those ppl who would rock the DBS with Cursed Weapon and would wear the full Black Leather armor set becuase the sword is so fucking heavy that you can't wear anything else? Well this is basically an homage to those builds, except that unlike its DeS counterpart it's completely inefficient and gets destroyed on the regular, but still has its moments.

Armor: Assasins chest, legs, gloves, Thief Mask (this combo resembles the Black Leather the most to me, it's a shame that the mask covers your whole head instead of just your face because otherwise it'd be dead on)
Weapons: FUGS (pretty much the DBS equivalent in DS2 and DS3, looks very similar, sort of functions the same - doesn't have an amazing moveset, weighs a fuck ton, eats up stamina like no other but does shit load of damage and has awesome poise damage and poise health): Simple infused Caestus (parry tool for those hornet ring ripostes - crazy damage, simple infusions is there for that small FP regen to recast DMB without needing to drink a flask to refill your FP bar, this way you get 2 casts of DMB per one Ashen Flask): Yorshka's Chime (highest spell buff at 60 faith to maximize the damage of DMB)
Rings: FaP +3 (juicy vigor, stamina and equip load boost), Chloranthy +3 (absolutely neccesary, especially with the very low amount of endurance the build has), Prisoner's Chain (15 free levels gimme gimme), Hornet Ring (backstabs and parry ripostes delete phantoms)
Spells: Darkmoon Blade (just like the Cursed Weapon nets you a ton of extra damage, although it obviously doesn't work the same, but hey, it's purple, and it makes you do a lotta damage, so it fits)
Starting Class: Knight (that 15 vitality and 10 attunement is a godsend)

To make it less inefficient you could definitely sacrifice 10 faith and go down to 50 to get more vigor and endurance, but I'm a big old dumb dumb and like to maximize damage to stay as authentic as possible to the builds that its inspired by, which were all about maximizing damage and nothing else as well.
What do you think?
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2023.02.20 19:34 Twentynine4 I'm trying to make a faith caster build with good melee backup.

I want to use either the Dragonslayer Spear or Swordspear. How good (or bad) is this build?
What would you change? Do you have any better weapon suggestions for a faith-heavy build?
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2023.02.19 07:27 AdventurousAd7180 Havel cosplay build for anyone needing it

Equipment:All of Havel's gear,including his ring,weapon,shield,and armor.For the other ring slot go for either FaP(reccommended) or wolf ring(if you dont think you have enough poise already) For talismans use thorolund's since it has a high mag adj and doesnt rlly need investment in faith since it doesnt scale with faith anyway. For miracles you need his signature great magic barrier.
For the specifics:
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2023.02.18 06:35 xzanzibarzx Best min/max class for Dex/Int (spellsword/spellmage)?

I was leaning to prisoner over astrologer because most weapons do have some str requirement even if it's low like 10-12. Prisoner has 1 point less in faith too.
Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Here are some links to min max
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2023.02.17 11:11 No-Butterscotch7747 Build question

Good morning, I recently returned to DSR, I decided to do a build, I don't know if the numbers are good, what do you think?
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2023.02.17 04:59 xzanzibarzx Is Confessor still the worst for pvp and min/max?

I am familiar with souls. Played bloodborne, ds3, and ds2, but not great at them (didn't finish them but put 300 hours in them). I seem to play too slow
I am still only 10 hours in haven't beaten bosses (just one cave) and am still exploring limgrave at my ease and enjoying myself.
The only reason I ask is because this game will take up a lot of my time and I would like the option to do pvp later and do NOT want to be hamstringed by a char that has the worst min max stats. Starting a new character just for pvp while an option, will take a long time.
I am going for a stfaith, dex/faith, or most likely a quality/faith build. I just want to maximize my first char so I can be versatile (EDIT: can't be versatile if you maximize).
Personally, I'd just rather play without thinking about this, but I would like to keep my options open for pvp way later down the line.
I am finding out from here:
that confessor for stfaith has more dump stats than prophet, vagabond. That Hero is better for pure stfaith while vagabond seems better for quality/faith/mind. For dex/mind/faith prophet seems to be the best followed closely by vagabond and samurai for dex/fait
It's enough to make your head spin lol
I am debating in starting over to prophet perhaps so I can have less stats I need like Int/Arc. Maybe even vagabond.
I am leaning towards going quality/faith in order to try as many weapons as I can then specializing later
Any thoughts from you guys? Your opinion would be truly helpful!
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2023.02.15 19:14 Shadowcross113 Help with Build. Please.

So I am thinking of two separate builds. I have never attempted either of them. Usually when I play Souls game I am a sword and board kind of guy pushing STR and VIT with enough END to keep me safe. This time around however, I have played Mage focusing on Magic and Intelligence. Kind of made the game a cake walk. It was fun. Now that I am at the end I am wanting an assist with how I should proceed into NG+. Currently level 85 and the two builds I have in my head are:
Pure Mage:
I don't plan to PVP or anything like that, only did it to get my Monks Helm. Suggestions!
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2023.02.09 07:17 Dark_Soul_943 So I’m Trying my First Actually Good Magic Build and I need some critique/advice

I saw an old af video on YouTube about the golden ritual spear and wanted to try it, would this build be a good idea? Is there anything you’d change? (Dragonslayer armor and black knight helmet is for fashion, other armor for poise)
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2023.01.31 20:07 dgc0312 Mugenmonkey website down.

After so long is down. Ive checked it on if it was just me but I guess its not
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2023.01.20 07:05 KingAzine Thinking about making an Arc / Fth caster build w these stats, & Occult Flamberge. Thoughts?

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2023.01.10 00:15 -The_Useless- What should I change
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2023.01.09 05:46 RPGShooter18 Weapon Weight Glitch

Weapon Weight Glitch
When I equip certain weapons which in this case are Ricard's Rapier, Rapier, and Short Sword, they weigh more when I equip them, but others don't, I have nothing else on.

Ricard's Rapier: 2.0 > 6.0
Rapier: 1.5 > 4.5
Short Sword: 2.0 > 6.0
Claw: 1.0 > 3.0
Demon's Great Hammer: 22.0 > 22.0?

Mugenmonkey and Soulsplanner don't mention this so I think this is a glitch, this is Dark Souls 1 Prepare to Die Edition on Steam.

Thank You :)
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2023.01.07 13:46 Xoltrix6 Talisman of Beasts - Scaling and Diminishing Returns

I originally noticed on fextra their statement that ToB met diminishing returns after 40 faith-- in contrast with 50 magic. I didn't know how accurate these numbers were, so I used this calculator to mess around:
Assuming the calculator is correct-- fextra is wrong. Both stats have diminishing returns starting after 50. However, there are some interesting differences. Both stats usually bump mag-adjust after 4 levels of investment. Faith, however, does its first bump at 53 instead of 54. Both stats also have a lull spot enroute to max mag-adjust where they require 5 points of investment. Magic has theirs from 62-67 and Faith has theirs from 73-78.
Thus, if you were only investing a few more points after 50/50 it would be best to go 3 into faith for 53 (ignoring weapon damage, light weapon, etc.). If you were going higher but had no intention of maxing out, than 62 magic and 73 faith might be stopping points as it takes 5 more to level each from these points. Also, when maxing out you get 1 point for reaching 99 magic-- but with faith you received a point at 98 so going up to 99 doesn't do anything. This would mean practically maxing out is actually 99 magic and 98 faith.
I'm not sure how accurate the calculator is and have not tested damage myself. If anyone has experienced something different perhaps they could weigh in. Lastly, I know you might be able to get better results with less investment using Insanity Catalyst. I'm playing a glass cannon build with 8 vitality, so everything goes into magic, faith, and intelligence (40).
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2023.01.06 16:07 dreamHunter9 Tips for a build

I'm looking to get the platinum trophy for ds3 and the character I''ve been building so far has been very powerful (pyromancer starting class currently have 25 vigor, 20 attunement, 20 endurance, 10 vitality, 12 strength, 18 dex, 30 intelligence, 30 faith and 7 luck and I'm using a dark infused lks (original I know). I'm worried about dps for ng+ and ng++ so I also have a sharp infused sellsword twinblades that I can buff with fire/lightning/dark/magic and since I'm going into ng+ and ng++ I'm expecting to probably hit level 200 or so and figure I can get pretty op with this build if anyone can think of ways I can make this better lmk, reason I'm using the SS (t)win blades is so I can buff them for bosses and exploit elemental weakness.
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2023.01.02 22:51 adioslucio Sellsword Twinblades Faith

I wanna optimize this build to pvp, but idk what's the best way to go. If you guys can help me I would be glad.
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