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2023.05.29 23:40 erantsingularity 4300 miles and three weeks of road tripping yielded some nice finds.

4300 miles and three weeks of road tripping yielded some nice finds.
Found a bunch of these on a three week road trip to some national parks and to get to meet my wife's family in the Midwest. The old gold filled jeweler's cap Parker 51 was 15 bucks and still works. Cap has slight brassing and a ding here or there, but I'll take it! Found the Toothbrush Duofold in an antique shop right off I-90, all it needed was a new sac. Same for the Wahl Oxford. The Sheaffer Admiral I found in Mitchell, SD, along with the Cocoa Parker 51 set. It needed a new sac and still needs a new O ring. The Esterbrooks were in Ontario, OR. I killed the dollar Pen's section trying to take it out (it was really stuck in there), so if you have a spare I'd be willing to buy it! The vintage Quink bottle was from a shop in Deadwood, SD.
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2023.05.29 23:30 Republican_Wet_Dream Do any of the campgrounds in the Adirondacks offer evening educational programs?

My family (now down to me, wife, and 17 year old son) takes a camping vacation every summer. Some of our favorites have been at parks where rangers provide evening talks on geology (that was in the badlands), bison (South Dakota), stars and sky (many places.
Do any of you know which, if any, parks in or near ADK offer programs?
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2023.05.29 23:28 Own-Gur1512 National Three Peaks Challenge ‐ solo attempt

National Three Peaks Challenge ‐ solo attempt
From the confidence hiking Yorkshire three peaks the previous weekend and 100k steps last month, got this crazy thought of attempting national three peaks, and now i have done it over yesterday/this morning. I did this solo, including 900+ miles of driving.
It was overall challenging and exhausting but well worth the attempt in every bit of it. The weather at all three peaks were dry and clear except Snowdon was windy and chilling.
I have arrived Ben Nevis car park the previous night and started off at 4.40am and reached the summit around 7.30am. There is snow but not too cold. Mostly ran coming downhill and the path started crowding.
Reached Scafell Pike parking and started around 3.40pm, there was a fair but of crowd walking downhill to navigate through and completed in three hours. Again, ran downhill mostly.
It wasn't my plan to attempt Snowdon on the same day first but i thought will try. Arrived around 11.30pm to Pen-y-pass car park and started off at 11.45pm. This was my first ever trip to Snowdon (Ben Nevis too) and in the dark. I took the miners track, was well lit and mostly visible under the moonlight but it was scary enough for me to walk in middle of the night. The scrambling was hard and managed to reach the summit around 2.30am. The downhill was even more difficult in the dark and was lucky enough to be able complete it at the end. The hardest of all three was Snowdon for me - may be i was exhausted and attempted at night.
Overall it was longer one i ever attempted for straight 24hours. I had my own let moment while returning from Ben Nevis where i hit a kerb and blown out my front tyre and fortunately, it took only 20mins to replace.
My stats: 28 May 2023 Start - 4.40am at Ben Nevis visitor centre, Finish - 04.00am at Pen-y-pass.
Ben Nevis- 16.28km, 1348m, 4:11:40hrs Scafell Pike- 9.42km, 887m, 2:59.27hrs Snowdon- 13.51km, 757m, 4:16:56hrs.
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2023.05.29 23:17 HumerusCapitellum Canyon Grizl v Grail: Would love to hear your thoughts and advice

Buying a new bike soon, budget is 3-3.5 k. I am looking for an all rounder that I can use for bikepackingas well as blasting gravel trails. I plan to purchase a second set of wheels and tires to convert it easily for road riding and touring with friends. I am also very interested in longevity of the bike and for it to hold its value as best it can. I live in Southern California and am planning on taking numerous trips over the next 5-6 years up and down the west coast with a combination of road riding as well as using motor vehicles and Amtrak to move up and down the west coast to start tours and bike packing trips.
I have seen online and heard that the Grail is the "All rounder" of choice, but I would like to explore national parks and ride on some more technical and challenging MTB trails as well as light gravel and the road. For this the Canyon website recommends the Grizl, and this also aligns with my bike packing aspirations since it has more mounting points.
I would sincerely appreciate any advice or anecdotes to help me make this decision, I am recovering from knee surgery right now and cycling is now my endurance sport of choice as it is far better for the knees compared to running.
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2023.05.29 23:16 HumerusCapitellum Grizl v Grail: Would love to hear your thoughts and advice as owners

Buying a new bike soon, budget is 3-3.5 k. I am looking for an all rounder that I can use for bikepackingas well as blasting gravel trails. I plan to purchase a second set of wheels and tires to convert it easily for road riding and touring with friends. I am also very interested in longevity of the bike and for it to hold its value as best it can. I live in Southern California and am planning on taking numerous trips over the next 5-6 years up and down the west coast with a combination of road riding as well as using motor vehicles and Amtrak to move up and down the west coast to start tours and bike packing trips.
I have seen online and heard that the Grail is the "All rounder" of choice, but I would like to explore national parks and ride on some more technical and challenging MTB trails as well as light gravel and the road. For this the Canyon website recommends the Grizl, and this also aligns with my bike packing aspirations since it has more mounting points.
I would sincerely appreciate any advice or anecdotes to help me make this decision, I am recovering from knee surgery right now and cycling is now my endurance sport of choice as it is far better for the knees compared to running.
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2023.05.29 23:08 ohhidied LEGACY: From the Book of SAW (CHAPTER 26, 27, & 28) Converging Paths

Read Chapter 25 Here:
*** CHAPTER 26 **\*
Traveling to the warehouse, Logan felt relieved knowing Melissa was in good hands, but his momentary comfort was quickly replaced with apprehension when he arrived at Hoffman’s lair. Checking his surroundings, Logan was unfamiliar with this place, despite living here for over a decade. Stopping the car, he tilted the visor down and looked at the photo of his wife.
Through the security camera positioned outside, Hoffman watched Logan enter the parking lot and smiled. He grabbed the bottle of chloroform that sat next to the aqua green box and a cloth from the table, then switched on the furnace. Walking towards the entrance, he turned off all the lights except the one shining on Elanor, who sat unconscious beneath the aluminum dispenser.
Walking towards the entrance, Logan removed a tactical knife from his pocket and held it surreptitiously. Finding the door unlocked, he breached the doorway and stepped into the building, his chest full of anxiety. Logan shuffled through the inoperable machines, boxes, and various tools until he found Elanor under the strobe light. On the floor, he noticed the chrome pool of aluminum that had dried and discovered the dispenser above her. Quickly pulling the chair out of reach, he removed the gag from her mouth just as the liquid started to pour.
Slipping out of the darkness, Hoffman watched as Logan attempted to cut through the ropes that bound Elanor, and while he was distracted, Hoffman slammed the grip of his gun into the back of Logan’s head with traumatic force. Falling to the floor, rattled and disoriented, Hoffman used this moment to render him unconscious with a considerable dose of chloroform.
Seth’s body is brought to the triage center, where the on-call doctors get to work. They extract the bullet from his neck and clean the wound. Then, fill several vials with his coagulating blood and immediately begin several tests. It doesn’t take long for them to find something unusual in his blood. The pathologist examines the results and calls the precinct.
Waiting to hear from Agent Kullen, Lincoln left a message for Autumn and contacted the patrol unit, which was watching over her. They spoke briefly and assured him she would be brought to the station as soon as possible.
With her safety guaranteed, he reached out to the crew sent to Gavin Beck’s residence. They informed him that an officer was found in the garage with his arms, legs, and mouth wrapped in duct tape, but he was still alive, suffering from a major contusion on his head. He was currently being transported to the hospital for evaluation.
Fixing his posture, Lincoln loosened the cilice, providing a moment of comfort, and sank into his chair. Through the window, he caught another glimpse of the remaining survivors. Obstructing his view and thoughts, Marlow entered his office.
“Linc,” he says, “I’ve been in touch with Agent Webb. She’s in recovery and would like updates on the case. Additionally, I’ve been in contact with Dr. Steward’s wife and son. They’re both okay. Presumably an empty threat. The same for Renee’s family.”
Lincoln squints his eyes, contemplating, and suggests, “They didn’t fit the code.”
Marlow shrugs and is about to speak when a call comes through, “Detective,” the pathologist says, “Please come to the triage center at once. There’s something you should see.”
Taking his jacket from the chair, they leave the room hastily and head next door, cutting a path through the other corpses, beelining for Seth’s cadaver. The site of the body hits Lincoln in the gut. They shared a long history, and this wasn’t how he imagined their friendship would end. Saddened by the loss, Lincoln backed away and placed his hands in his pockets.
Inside, he found the last canister of Nitrous Oxide, which he had forgotten about. Already inserted into the cracker, it was taunting him. With the pain of losing another friend, Lincoln’s urge to use was returning, and he felt he would never escape its grasp. Checking for an exit, Lincoln was about to give in to his compulsion when he caught sight of the pathologist using a centrifuge.
Detailing her findings into a computer, she greets Lincoln, “Thank you for coming.”
“What did you find?”
Moving around the device, she grabs a portfolio and takes a blood-filled vial from the rack. She hands the vial to Lincoln and says, “When we ran the first test, I found Seth’s blood was contaminated with some sort of bacteria.”
Holding up the vial and looking closely, “Agent Kullen said he was sick….” Lincoln explains.
Her expression is one of doubt, “I checked that too, but these cells reacted differently than a common cold. It’s microbial.”
Turning a page in the portfolio, she removes another vial from the rack that is filled with green fluid.
“Do you recognize this?” She asks.
Swapping vials, Lincoln shakes the cylinder and watches the fluid splash against the walls.
The pathologist elaborates, “It was confiscated from Dr. Gordon’s apartment.”
“Well, Detective, my theory is that poison not dissimilar to this was injected into Seth’s body. I’m certain we will find an entry point with a little more time.”
Handing the vial back to the pathologist, Lincoln displays concern.
He says, “Have Logan assist you with the autopsy. Find the entry point and get back to me.”
Confusion drapes the pathologist, “Logan isn’t here, Detective. I thought you knew that.”
“Fine, get Elanor on it immediately.”
“I’m sorry, Lincoln, but she’s not here either.”
Marlow looks worried, and Lincoln says, “What are you talking about?”
“The on-call Doctors are here because Logan and Elanor never came in. I assumed they requested a break….”
Lincoln pushes past the physician, and Marlow tries to keep up. “Get a unit to Logan and Elanor’s addresses.” He says, “If you can’t get in touch with anyone, I want an APB out within the hour.”
“Chief Savino?”
“My orders, just do it.”
They enter the precinct, and Lincoln breaks off from Marlow, heading to his office while Marlow requests the attention of the other officers. Perched in the seats, eyes fixed, they await instructions. He explains, “Two of our colleagues are missing, Logan Nelson and Elanor Bonneville. Logan was last seen leaving the precinct between 7 pm and 8 pm last night. We must track them down as soon as possible.”
Listening to Marlow in the distance, Lincoln paces his office, trying to call Autumn. He leaves another message and fidgets with the Nitrous Oxide in his pocket. Needing a distraction, he contacts Agent Kullen.
Outside the Convention Center, Agent Kullen acquired an identical parking slip to the one they procured from Seth. He stood beside his vehicle, surveying the surroundings, taking mental notes of the area, including the security cameras and the construction site for the museum across the street then headed inside.
At the front desk, he finds two staff members and security personnel. Flashing his badge, he requests to see the surveillance footage taken from the last forty-eight hours. They informed him that a power outage corrupted the data, and the footage was essentially erased. Incensed by the revelation, Kullen shows them a picture of Seth Steward and asks if they’ve seen him on the property. The security guard holds the photo close to his face and recognizes the man. He saw him the night before, smoking in the parking lot, but he never entered the building.
Kullen’s stomach churned, and his hand twitched as he exited the convention center. Retrieving his medication from the car, Kullen consumed two pills and evaluated his surroundings once more. Walking towards the street, he looked up and down the road diligently.
Near the shoulder, across the street, he saw something glistening off the sun. About to head over, a call rang through his cell, “Kullen,” he said, still curious about the object.
“It’s me.”
Hearing the Detective's unsettled tone, Agent Kullen asks, “Lincoln, what’s going on?”
“Elanor and Logan are missing. Marlow is pursuing leads. Where are you?”
Crossing the street, Kullen discovers the reflective object to be a broken padlock. He carries the item towards the gate and says, “I’m near the Convention Center.”
He stops at the entrance and discovers that a new padlock has replaced the broken one. Suspicious, he looks to the Convention Center and then back to the gate.
Overwhelmed by his sudden emotions, Lincoln pushes through a fog of anxiety and asks, “Have you found anything?”
Kullen tilts the new lock in his direction and discovers a keyhole. “Send a team to the museum, now.”
Quickly returning to his vehicle, Kullen starts the ignition and drives towards the parking lot's exit. He waits anxiously for the road to clear before pulling out onto the street. When he reaches the gate, he makes a sharp turn and slams his foot into the accelerator. Crashing through the barrier, he speeds toward the construction site.
Pedestrians outside the Community Center observe the unexpected breach and appear excited and perplexed, with at least one individual phoning 9-1-1.
*** CHAPTER 27 **\*
Sitting at his workstation, watching the news, Hoffman can hear Elanor’s muffled cries for help. In front of her, she could see the limp body of Logan, handcuffed to a metal fixture that Hoffman bolted to the floor below the aluminum faucet. Pleading for him to wake up, she quivered in fear.
Unaffected, Hoffman increased the volume of the television. Showing footage of the National History Museum from a helicopter, it was reported that a new game had been discovered. In the video, Hoffman saw several cop cars and news vans positioned outside the building. They revealed that triggers and tripwires had been placed throughout the museum, preventing safe entry.
Photos of the victims flash on the screen, and Hoffman sees Renee Walsh, a test subject of John Kramer, who he had captured over a decade ago. For her game, John requested an eye for an eye, forcing her to remove the organ with a sharpened spoon. Unbeknownst to Jigsaw, Dr. Gordon provided a numbing agent for Renee that would aid her in the endeavor.
Hoffman’s eyes glazed over, and the memories of previous games rushed to his mind. Staring through the television, he heard a voice.
Hovering over his shoulder was the rotting corpse of Amanda Young, who said, “Hello, Mark….”
“You’re dead,” he replied calmly.
Watching the news, Amanda folded her pale arms and said, “I know it’s hard to concentrate.”
Having been haunted by these hallucinations since he escaped the bathroom, Hoffman felt exhausted and tortured, “Why?” He said, his voice drained of emotion. “Why are you still here?”
Amanda stared out the window while Hoffman watched the blood ooze from her neck, and she said, “By creating a legacy, by living a life worth remembering, you become immortal.”
“When this is over, you’ll be gone….”
Smiling, Amanda responds defiantly, “Somehow, I doubt that.”
Photos of John Kramer are displayed on the television, followed by images of Dr. Gordon.
Seeing the pictures, Hoffman remembered sending letters to various news stations, hospitals, and local law enforcement, implicating Lawrence Gordon as an accomplice. For many years, he had planned his revenge on the Doctor, which started by exposing his true identity. However, with Gordon’s upstanding reputation, the implications were deemed a slanderous rumor, and nothing ever came of it.
Now with Gordon gone, only one obstacle remained; there was only one accomplice left; Logan Nelson.
*** CHAPTER 28 **\*
The sun is chased out of the sky by a flurry of dark clouds, creating a reddish-black horizon. An aft beautiful sight, if not for the crowd that has formed outside the precinct. Families of the deceased Jigsaw victims have led a throng of supporters to the parking lot, where they demand an end to Jigsaw’s legacy and the police department that has allowed this to go on for so long.
Among the swarm of bodies are the ex-husband and children of Sarah Harper.
Inside, Chief Savino preps a SWAT team on the situation at the museum, reminding them to be wary of traps, and displays a picture of Hoffman on the television for each of them to memorize. He insists that no one enter the museum until all the traps have been disarmed.
After the speech, Lincoln is informed that Autumn has arrived at her house and is collecting her belongings. The officer estimates that they will reach the precinct within the hour. With one problem solved, Lincoln allows himself a moment of comfort. When he is about to leave, Marlow approaches with more good news.
“We just spoke to Cameron, Logan’s Mother-in-Law,” He says, “She has Melissa, they’re fine, and Logan left around 7 am this morning.”
“Did she say where he was going?”
“He said he was going to work but to contact you if there’s trouble. Chances are he’s inside the museum with the others.”
Lincoln considers the possibilities and says, “Let’s retrace his steps. He took his vehicle, right? I don’t care how long it takes, pull CCTV, check gas stations in the vicinity, schools, everything. If we can triangulate his phone, do it. Find him."
“I will, sir,” Marlow says, without moving, "What about him?"
Lincoln glances at Daniel inside the Infirmary, “He doesn't leave my sight," he says.
“What other options do we have? I'm not losing anyone else."
Forgoing his apprehension, Marlow said, “It’s your call, Lincoln.”
Within twenty minutes, Lincoln arrives at the museum with a SWAT team. Staring at the building, he feels a sudden surge of anxiety, dread, and a strange sense of relief, knowing this will all be over soon.
“Are you okay?” a voice asks.
His eyes move to the rearview mirror, and Lincoln can see Daniel Matthews in the back seat. Still awaiting a response from Autumn, Lincoln checks his cellphone and re-reads his message to Lynn.
“I'm ready for this to be over,” he said, tightening the cilice around his waist.
Looking through the window at the commotion outside the museum, Daniel responds, “This isn't your fault, Detective.”
Reminded of his conversation with Seth Steward, Lincoln ignores the words, "Let's go."
Both men exit the vehicle, and Marlow joins them.
"Kullen is sending in a bomb squad," Marlow said, "We've set up an observation terminal towards the south entrance. I'll move the witness there."
As the men separate, Daniel, notices the news crews positioned themselves just outside the parking lot. He stares at them approvingly.
Lincoln waded through his grief and reached Agent Marlow, who was relaying a message via radio.
“Get it done,” Kullen said.
Standing with the Agent, Lincoln asks for a breakdown of the situation.
“Come with me.”
Lincoln follows Kullen towards a police car, and the Agent removes the museum floor plans from his pocket. He lays the map on the car's hood and specifies the trap locations.
“The entrances are blocked off,” he said, “There’s no way through. Now, I’ve got a team working to deactivate the traps, but it’s going to take some time.”
“Have you had any communication with the survivors?”
Drawing a line on the map with his finger, Kullen says, “Not yet, but I’ve spoken with the construction crew, and they’re building an expansion right over here.”
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2023.05.29 23:01 Alternative-Fix5164 Yellowstone Security Guard from Hell

So, this was last year 2022, I'm a 31-year-old white man from Eastern USA was given a job as a tour guide driving visitors across Yellowstone National Park. My job is a very serious one as I have to drive buses as I give my visitors a tour of the park. It was a 6-month seasonal position. I am 31-year-old man being given a room at a dormitory in the middle of the wilderness.
I did enjoy my job and exploring the park. For the first time, I got to see wolves, grizzly bears, and bison. It was amazing to see geysers for the first time too. I made a lot of friends as I explored the park.
As a tour guide, I had to get a good amount of sleep, in order to drive a bus full of visitors. But there are employees in the park that are either housekeeper, servers, security guards, retail, and office workers. They did come to the park to party in their dorms and not take their jobs seriously.
But I did.
Anyway, back to the story,
It was 8:30pm, as I got in my bed, there were drunk people in the hallway shouting and blasting music while drinking. I was in bed trying to get some sleep because I had to do a ten-hour tour. from my bed, I shouted at them to quiet down like two times. They eventually did, left the building, and I was able to get to sleep.
30minutes later,
I suddenly woke up with loud pounding at my door. Some guy was shouting "Security!" A security was banging on my dorm door. He was banging so loud as if I committed a crime.
As a person with autism, I freakout at things relating to police or bullies. Sadly, this guy was both.
It was difficult to answer the door because I was not really dressed. I shouted to wait, but that caused him to bang even louder and scream security many times. Panicking, I rushed to get my clothes. The banging of the door and the screaming from the security guard was hurting my ears and I was very frightened.
I told him to wait and stop as I was getting my clothes on, but that made him angrier and more continued to bang on my door harder. Everything was shaking. He was screaming and then switched to a roar. I was panicking as I was trying to get dressed.
I finally got dressed and answer the door. My heart stopped. My legs became Jell-O. I couldn't breathe. All because of what was in front of me.
That security guard was a giant! We will call him Moose. His head nearly touched the ceiling of the hallway. His body was all bulky with extremely thick muscles. His head was bald, typical for a security guard I suppose. He roared that quiet time is at 7pm and roared a warning to be quiet. He even roared at me to answer the door whenever he knocks because he roared that I took too long to answer him. I couldn't speak to him as I was scared out of my mind. I just nodded and said yes sir just so he can go away. He stomped away, out of the building, and I was shaken and teared up.
Long story short, I did not sleep well at all, my tour was not a good one and needed a load of coffee to do my job. Moose was terrifying. He should never have been hired at Yellowstone if he treats people like that.
What a horrifying night.
I told this to my friends the following day. My friend Michael believed that the party goers decided to call on me as a prank because I wanted to sleep, and they did not. I was just wanting to sleep, and they wanted to make my night miserable, which they succeeded. Michael was a former security guard for a hotel before and someone complained to him about a guest being loud. When he got there, there were no loud noises, so he figured that they wanted to get an innocent person in trouble for fun. Which was what happened to me.
So, after that night, I tiptoed into my dorm and make no sound, fearing he would come back. I even make sure my clothes are on before going to bed. I didn't have a roommate yet and eventually did a week later. I just traveled to different buildings to hang out with friends, even got my own roommate who I became best friends with, eat cafeteria food, worked out as I try my best efforts to avoid another confrontation with Moose.
Eventually, he got fired and moved out of Yellowstone and I was able to spend the rest of my season exploring and working as a tour guide.
So, based on my personal experience, AITA?
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2023.05.29 22:59 Journeyingwithjn Why you should visit Olympic National Park - Washington State - Olympic National Park is truly incredible. If you love your hiking or gain inspiration from travelling and new experiences, then bucket list a trip to the Olympic Peninsula.

Why you should visit Olympic National Park - Washington State - Olympic National Park is truly incredible. If you love your hiking or gain inspiration from travelling and new experiences, then bucket list a trip to the Olympic Peninsula. submitted by Journeyingwithjn to hiking [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 22:48 HearingEquivalent887 LoA

How long of an LoA are we allowed to take? I am a svv and i really want to work at a national park this summer but i’m afraid of not having a job to come back to. PLEASE HELP
XOXO, Gossip Gridz
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2023.05.29 22:48 DMP89145 The Yin and Yang of Real Life

As a sub, we spend a lot of time discussing passages, parables and allegories. Most of it is to help us all stimulate our own individual understanding of Daoism, though I think we lean towards too much Yin. From time to time, I’ve found situations in today’s society that can really highlight the paradox that Daoism can often be in everyday life.
There’s a report of a man, who I’m sure thought he was doing the "right" thing. Only to later find out that his “good” deed has resulted in a situation that is not so good.

Yellowstone National Park rangers euthanized a newborn bison calf after a visitor touched the animal, trying to help it catch up with its herd, the National Park Service said on Tuesday. The herd had been crossing the Lamar River on Saturday evening when the calf got separated from its mother on the river bank, according to a press release from the agency. A man observing the scene approached the animal with apparent rescue intentions.
"As the calf struggled, the man pushed the calf up from the river and onto the roadway," NPS said. "Visitors later observed the calf walk up to and follow cars and people."
Park rangers repeatedly tried to reunite the calf with the herd, but the herd resisted. The rangers later euthanized the calf, saying its persistence in approaching cars posed a hazard to guests, according to NPS.
Pending the outcome of the investigation, he could be charged with Class B misdemeanors, including disturbing wildlife, disorderly conduct (creating a hazardous condition) and approaching wildlife, according to Morgan Warthin, a spokesperson for Yellowstone National Park. If found guilty of those charges, the man could face up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine, Warthin told NPR.
NPS has frequently defended its policy of not interfering in the natural death of animals on public lands, including orphaned offspring. "Our focus is on sustaining viable populations of native wildlife species, rather than protecting individual animals," reads an NPS webpage on the policy. "An animal's survival depends on its own daily decisions and natural selection."
Full Story
This circumstance has so many layers when read with Daoism in mind. For me, the man and the Park Service are both “right” and “wrong” at the same time.
I think the man wanted to do the “right” thing initially, but may have been unaware of the laws and rules of the park, violated them and may be facing punishment for doing so. The Park Service did the “right” thing in euthanizing the calf, but I also don't agree with a lot of laws and regulations.
The park service approach of “An animal’s survival depends on its own daily decisions and natural selection” is the “right” one to have. At the same time, they have also put artificial protections in place and regulate “natural selection” by euthanizing the calf in this case.
But it also causes me to wonder about intervention and injecting one's self into situations. We give people advice in the sub all of the time. Granted they post because they are soliciting advice. If the calf had "asked" for help, perhaps it is different than "assuming" they need or want help. Perhaps intervention leads to unforeseen negative consequences. Perhaps the "I was only trying to help (i.e. do the "right" thing)" isn't always the best action to take. Perhaps letting things run their own course is more inline with Daoist thought.
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2023.05.29 22:47 space_cadet365 Perfect road trip buddy

Perfect road trip buddy
2006 CR-V Ex with 4wd and a 5 speed transmission. I bought it with just above 150,000 miles on it less than 3 years ago and it’s going to “roll” past 200,000 on my return trip from Michigan. It’s a great commuter and road trip car. I’ve taken it though the upper peninsula of Michigan, through national parks in Kentucky, and will likely see Colorado and/or Texas by the end of the summer or this year. Only bit of rust is around the gas cap. Hopefully I can get that fixed and keep it running for at least another 50,000!
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2023.05.29 22:44 tmille74 [FOR SALE] Remainder of Collection (Random Rock/Metal/World Music/Classic Rock/Indie)

Hello! Consolidating past posts into one final lot, a lot of stuff purchased dating back the past decade. Continental US shipping $5, shipping using new BagsUnlimited mailers with records outside sleeves/proper shipping methods. PayPal only, no Friends & Family. Grading is conservative. Message if interested. Records that are $5 and under I'll do 3-for-$15 w/ free shipping.
Obliteration - Nekropsalms (Yellow) VG+ - $10
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Toxik Death - Happy Fukking Holocaust (VG+) - $10
Mayhem - Live in Leipzig (Purple) VG, creasing on corner - $15
Cattle Decapitation - The Harvest Floor (2014 Reissue - Silver w/ Red Splattter) VG+, cover wear -- $15
Today is the Day - Animal Mother (VG) -$5
Excel - The Jokes On You (Southern Lord 2016 Reissue) VG edge wear - $8
Hells Headbangers Compilation Vol. 6 2xLP (VG) - $4
The Funeral Orchestra - Feeding the Abyss Reissue (G, Corner major bending) - $4
Statiqbloom - Mask Visions Poison (Clear) VG+ -- $8
Cloud Mouth - That Ghost is Always With Me (Chron Cloud) VG+ - $4
Rodeo Idiot Engine - Consequences (White with Black Haze, VG w/ corners that have creasing -- $4
WarHorse - As Heaven Turns To Ash (Black, VG+) -- $7
Aura Noir - Black Thrash Attack (Black - Neseblod Reissue VG+) -- $12
Bleak - We Deserve Our Failures (Blue, VG+) -- $4
Karma to Burn - S/T (2014 Metal Blade, VG+) -- $9
Thrones - Day Late, Dollar Short (Grey 2005 Southern Lord, VG+) -- $9
Class of Nuke 'em High - Soundtrack (2014 180G, VG+) -- $13
The Music of Cosmos (Japan, VG+) -- $5
The Soft Pink Truth -- Why Do The Heathen Rage? (Pink, VG+) -- $8
BIT.TRIP's Greatest Chips (Multicolored Picture Disc, VG+) -- $8
The Mothers -- Over-Nite Sensation, MS 2149 1973 Gatefold – Fair Plus (Disc playable, has some wear, gatefold is in tact but heavy wear on corners and edges) – $4
Berlin - Pleasure Victim – 1983 Reissue – Good (price stickers on bottom line, wear on edges) – $4
Michael Jackson - Thriller – 1982 Stereo – Poor (Album has severe damage on bottom of cover) – $4
Michael Jackson - Black or White Single 1991 – Good (sticker wear on front and back cover) – $4
Iron Butterly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida -- ATCO SD 33-250 -- Fair Plus (cover weabends) -- $4
John Lennon/Yoko Ono -- Double Fantasy -- 1980 Geffen -- G (slight creases along edge of cover) -- $4
The Jam -- All Mod Cons --1978 -- G (slight creases along edge of cover) -- $4
The United States of America -- S/T 2008 Reissue -- VG (some wear on cover, comes with original envelope sleeve) -- $12
Wes Montgomery -- Tequila -- Japan Import -- G (some wear on cover) -- $12
Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock 1972-1977 Vol. 1 - (2016) - VG (Originally came with a paperback book separate, that's not included) - $9
Songs and Dance of Syria - G (shelf wear along edges) - $4
Land of Africa - 1985 12" 45rpm - G (weabends on corners/edges) - $4
National Wake - Walk in Africa 1979-81 (if unfamiliar, kind of like a South African Clash or Minutemen) - 2013 Light in the Attic Records - VG - $6
Shugo Tokumaru - L.S.T. (White w/ Black Marble) VG+ -- $12
Washed Out - Paracosm (Black) VG+ -- $15
Violent Sons - Nothing As It Seems (Smoke) VG - $7
Jaguar Love - Hologram Jams, VG - $8
Native - Wrestling Moves (Repress Clear Red w/ Black Smoke) VG+ - $12
Dyse - Das Nation (White VG - $15
Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force - 1984 Black - Good Plus (some wear around edges) - $10
I Don't Want To Be A Part Of Your So Called Punk - Compilation (Norway punk compilation) VG - $10Entrance - Prayer of Death , VG+ - $10
Carpathian - Isolation (No cover) - $4
Ramming Speed/ANS 12" Split, VG+ -- $7
Electric Eel Shock - Transworld Ultra Rock -- Blue -- Good plus (some general wear; cover is autographed by band member) -- $10
Man or Astro-man? - Experiment Zero -- 2010 reissue, VG -- $10
The Misfits - WCBN Michigan Live (Blue Translucent 1989 Vinyl Not On Label), Good (some wear and creasing along jacket) -- Please only reach out if serious and have previous trades for this one, open to discussing it as there's just not a ton out there on it and bootlegs aren't on Discogs -- $65
Velvet Underground - S/T (Either 2005 or 2012 pressing, can't discern and purchased in early 2010s so hard to say, any advice appreciated) -- Good Plus (some cover dents on corners) - $15
Additionally, a lot of three Rough Guide records ($15). These were ordered a few years ago from Music Rough Guides and they shipped them poorly, so each has noticeable sleeve dings on the corners. With that said, the records themselves are in VG+ condition. Included are:
Rough Guide to African Blues
Rough Guide to the Music of Ethiopia
Rough Guide to African Rare Groove Volume 1
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2023.05.29 22:40 Hazel_Rah1 Fantasticland - aka Lord of the Flaws

Fantasticland, a novel essentially sold on the premise of “Lord of the Flies in an amusement park,” was one that I’d seen recommended frequently and was quite pumped to read. The idea is solid, the after-the-fact interview style is engaging and the concept of young adults murdering each other after a societal collapse seemed like a can’t-miss. It missed, though.
I won’t recount the plot, as it’s a quite simple one, but the gist is that employees of a fictional amusement park, intentionally left to tend to the park after a massive hurricane floods the surrounding area, devolve into tribes and begin murdering one another over resources. Again, a somewhat plausible (albeit familiar) scenario and seemingly one that would deliver.
But the author just isn’t up the the challenge. The interview format was a good idea and seemingly ready for an adaptation. The true crime/found footage/mockumentary quality of it would translate well to the screen. But my main issue was in the overall sameness of the characters. Apart from one or two, the characters melt together and form a singular whole of the same opinion with the same style of gallows humor for almost every one.
Clearly inspired by Stephen King (he even name drops him at one point), nearly every character speaks in that 23-skidoo-how-do-you-do, rip-roarin’, eye-rolly style that King pulls off by the skin of his teeth. I got so tired of every person lauding the central monster character while simultaneously lambasting him. You could argue that staff that works alongside one another would talk similarly, but it was just so much of the same (from the employee to the managers to the custodians to the National Guardsmen) it ended up sounding like the author just didn’t have the chops to create unique, individual voices. And they sounded like what a 40 year old thinks a 25 year old talks like. Not to mention zero character development. There was just none.
Plus, nearly every chapter referenced some phrase or action mentioned in the previous one. Again, the format could allow for this, given the in-book writer organized the layout, but it all just felt too pat. Too convenient. The book would have worked better if events were moved around maybe or looked at from unique perspectives (sociologists, crime scene investigations, etc).
And then, the reasoning behind the whole thing, that kids without their phones will just turn into murderous savages was laughable and truly felt like a generational gap misstep. Maybe the whole thing was satirical, but it felt like a drunken observation turned into a half-baked story idea that could’ve used tons more research and beta readers.
All critiques aside, I think it would make for a good film or short-form series - if someone else tackled the writing. I’m usually not in favor or plot changes in adaptations, but I really think it would work better if a more accomplished writer tweaked some things. Also, it’s an easy read, so there’s that for some fun escapism. It’s a shame that the author didn’t flesh things out more. There’s greatness in it.
submitted by Hazel_Rah1 to horrorlit [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 22:31 Rowdyethyn First Diamond

First Diamond
I’ve been playing for a year now and I have had no luck with finding a diamond. I just bought TA and I went up to one the top lakes and a spotting it from 350m I snuck up to about 100 called it in to about 75 and I got a double lung heart shot
submitted by Rowdyethyn to theHunter [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 22:12 _Triple_ [STORE] 900+ KNIVES/GLOVES/SKINS, 50.000$+ INVENTORY. M9 Fade, M4 Poseidon, BFK Freehand, Crimson Kimono, Nomad Fade, Skeleton, Kara Lore, Bayo Autotronic, AWP Fade, Kara Damas, BFK Ultra, Kara Freehand, Kara Bright, M9 Damas, Omega, Tiger Strike, Flip MF, Bayo Tiger, Deagle Blaze, Talon & More

Everything in my inventory is up for trade. The most valuable items are listed here, the rest you can find in My Inventory

Feel free to Add Me or even better send a Trade Offer. Open for any suggestions: upgrades, downgrades / knives, gloves, skins / stickers, patterns, floats.

All Buyouts are listed in cash value.


★ Butterfly Knife Freehand FN #1, B/O: $2500

★ Butterfly Knife Ultraviolet FT, B/O: $822

★ Butterfly Knife Scorched FT, B/O: $616

★ Bayonet Tiger Tooth MW #1, B/O: $1300

★ Bayonet Autotronic FN, B/O: $1050

★ Bayonet Tiger Tooth MW, B/O: $629

★ Bayonet Bright Water FT, B/O: $326

★ Bayonet Safari Mesh BS, B/O: $233

★ Karambit Lore FT, B/O: $1110

★ Karambit Damascus Steel FT, B/O: $840

★ Karambit Freehand MW, B/O: $784

★ Karambit Bright Water MW, B/O: $759

★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN, B/O: $1801

★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN, B/O: $1801

★ M9 Bayonet Damascus Steel FN, B/O: $751

★ Nomad Knife Fade FN, B/O: $1156

★ Nomad Knife Slaughter MW, B/O: $544

★ Nomad Knife Blue Steel WW, B/O: $318

★ Flip Knife Marble Fade FN, B/O: $646

★ Flip Knife Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $574

★ Flip Knife Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) MW, B/O: $552

★ Flip Knife Case Hardened FT, B/O: $257

★ Flip Knife Freehand FT, B/O: $255

★ StatTrak™ Flip Knife Bright Water FN, B/O: $287

★ Huntsman Knife Lore FN, B/O: $461

★ Huntsman Knife Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $436

★ Huntsman Knife Doppler (Phase 3) FN, B/O: $353

★ Huntsman Knife Autotronic FT, B/O: $212

★ Huntsman Knife Bright Water FT, B/O: $129

★ Huntsman Knife Forest DDPAT MW, B/O: $129

★ Huntsman Knife Forest DDPAT BS, B/O: $123

★ StatTrak™ Huntsman Knife Rust Coat BS, B/O: $127

★ Bowie Knife Gamma Doppler (Phase 2) FN, B/O: $375

★ Bowie Knife Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $363

★ Bowie Knife Tiger Tooth FN, B/O: $269

★ Bowie Knife Crimson Web WW, B/O: $192

★ Bowie Knife Bright Water FN, B/O: $159

★ Bowie Knife Ultraviolet FT, B/O: $126

★ Stiletto Knife Slaughter FN, B/O: $616

★ Stiletto Knife Crimson Web FT, B/O: $412

★ StatTrak™ Stiletto Knife Night Stripe FT, B/O: $227

★ Falchion Knife Lore FT, B/O: $214

★ Falchion Knife Autotronic FT, B/O: $192

★ Falchion Knife Scorched WW, B/O: $105

★ Survival Knife Crimson Web BS, B/O: $216

★ Survival Knife Case Hardened FT, B/O: $198

★ Survival Knife Scorched FT, B/O: $111

★ Shadow Daggers Fade FN, B/O: $368

★ Shadow Daggers Doppler (Phase 3) FN, B/O: $228

★ Shadow Daggers, B/O: $201

★ Shadow Daggers Damascus Steel FT, B/O: $108

★ Shadow Daggers Ultraviolet FT, B/O: $105

★ Shadow Daggers Black Laminate FT, B/O: $99

★ Shadow Daggers Forest DDPAT FT, B/O: $85

★ Gut Knife Doppler (Sapphire) MW #1, B/O: $1700

★ Gut Knife Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $223

★ Gut Knife Marble Fade FN, B/O: $203

★ Gut Knife Doppler (Phase 2) FN, B/O: $191

★ Gut Knife Case Hardened BS, B/O: $127

★ Navaja Knife Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $199

★ Navaja Knife Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $199

★ Navaja Knife, B/O: $138

★ Navaja Knife Damascus Steel FN, B/O: $111

★ Classic Knife Urban Masked FT, B/O: $146

★ StatTrak™ Classic Knife Stained BS, B/O: $168

★ Ursus Knife Doppler (Phase 3) FN, B/O: $476

★ Ursus Knife, B/O: $375

★ Skeleton Knife, B/O: $1137

★ Talon Knife, B/O: $608

★ Paracord Knife, B/O: $305

★ Survival Knife Forest DDPAT FT, B/O: $97


★ Moto Gloves Transport MW, B/O: $204

★ Moto Gloves Polygon BS, B/O: $142

★ Moto Gloves Blood Pressure BS, B/O: $84

★ Moto Gloves Blood Pressure BS, B/O: $84

★ Moto Gloves 3rd Commando Company BS, B/O: $63

★ Moto Gloves 3rd Commando Company BS, B/O: $63

★ Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono WW, B/O: $1215

★ Specialist Gloves Tiger Strike FT, B/O: $672

★ Specialist Gloves Lt. Commander FT, B/O: $305

★ Specialist Gloves Lt. Commander BS, B/O: $140

★ Specialist Gloves Crimson Web BS, B/O: $137

★ Specialist Gloves Buckshot FT, B/O: $75

★ Driver Gloves Crimson Weave FT, B/O: $359

★ Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid BS, B/O: $229

★ Driver Gloves Overtake BS, B/O: $77

★ Driver Gloves Racing Green FT, B/O: $48

★ Sport Gloves Omega FT, B/O: $739

★ Sport Gloves Amphibious BS #2, B/O: $733

★ Sport Gloves Arid BS, B/O: $292

★ Hand Wraps Giraffe MW, B/O: $212

★ Hand Wraps Leather FT, B/O: $160

★ Hand Wraps Desert Shamagh MW, B/O: $101

★ Broken Fang Gloves Yellow-banded MW, B/O: $185

★ Broken Fang Gloves Needle Point FT, B/O: $67

★ Broken Fang Gloves Needle Point WW, B/O: $59

★ Hydra Gloves Case Hardened BS, B/O: $65

★ Hydra Gloves Emerald FT, B/O: $65

★ Hydra Gloves Emerald BS, B/O: $62


AK-47 Case Hardened BS, B/O: $130

AK-47 Bloodsport MW, B/O: $79

AK-47 Fuel Injector BS, B/O: $76

AK-47 Fuel Injector BS, B/O: $76

AK-47 Bloodsport FT, B/O: $70

AK-47 Neon Rider MW, B/O: $60

StatTrak™ AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge FT, B/O: $72

AWP Fade FN, B/O: $1039

AWP Asiimov FT, B/O: $139

AWP Asiimov FT, B/O: $139

AWP Wildfire MW, B/O: $95



AWP Duality FN, B/O: $81

AWP Asiimov BS, B/O: $79

AWP Asiimov BS, B/O: $79

AWP Chromatic Aberration FN, B/O: $60

StatTrak™ AWP Hyper Beast FT, B/O: $68

StatTrak™ AWP Hyper Beast FT, B/O: $68

StatTrak™ AWP Electric Hive FT, B/O: $55

Desert Eagle Blaze FN, B/O: $623

Desert Eagle Emerald Jörmungandr FN, B/O: $241

Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption FN, B/O: $81

Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption FN, B/O: $81

Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption FN, B/O: $81

Desert Eagle Printstream FT, B/O: $54

M4A1-S Blue Phosphor FN, B/O: $434

StatTrak™ M4A1-S Bright Water MW, B/O: $55

M4A4 Poseidon FN, B/O: $1465

M4A4 Asiimov BS, B/O: $55

M4A4 Hellfire MW, B/O: $50

USP-S Kill Confirmed MW, B/O: $72

USP-S Printstream FT, B/O: $69

StatTrak™ USP-S Kill Confirmed FT, B/O: $139

AUG Flame Jörmungandr FN, B/O: $234

P90 Run and Hide FT, B/O: $147

Five-SeveN Candy Apple FN, B/O: $61

Trade Offer Link - Steam Profile Link - My Inventory

Knives - Bowie Knife, Butterfly Knife, Falchion Knife, Flip Knife, Gut Knife, Huntsman Knife, M9 Bayonet, Bayonet, Karambit, Shadow Daggers, Stiletto Knife, Ursus Knife, Navaja Knife, Talon Knife, Classic Knife, Paracord Knife, Survival Knife, Nomad Knife, Skeleton Knife, Patterns - Gamma Doppler, Doppler (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Black Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald), Crimson Web, Lore, Fade, Ultraviolet, Night, Marble Fade (Fire & Ice, Fake FI), Case Hardened (Blue Gem), Autotronic, Slaughter, Black Laminate, Tiger Tooth, Boreal Forest, Scorched, Blue Steel, Vanilla, Damascus Steel, Forest DDPAT, Urban Masked, Freehand, Stained, Bright Water, Safari Mesh, Rust Coat, Gloves - Bloodhound Gloves (Charred, Snakebite, Guerrilla, Bronzed), Driver Gloves (Snow Leopard, King Snake, Crimson Weave, Imperial Plaid, Black Tie, Lunar Weave, Diamondback, Rezan the Red, Overtake, Queen Jaguar, Convoy, Racing Green), Hand Wraps (Cobalt Skulls, CAUTION!, Overprint, Slaughter, Leather, Giraffe, Badlands, Spruce DDPAT, Arboreal, Constrictor, Desert Shamagh, Duct Tape), Moto Gloves (Spearmint, POW!, Cool Mint, Smoke Out, Finish Line, Polygon, Blood Pressure, Turtle, Boom!, Eclipse, 3rd Commando Company, Transport), Specialist Gloves (Crimson Kimono, Tiger Strike, Emerald Web, Field Agent, Marble Fade, Fade, Foundation, Lt. Commander, Crimson Web, Mogul, Forest DDPAT, Buckshot), Sport Gloves (Pandora's Box, Superconductor, Hedge Maze, Vice, Amphibious, Slingshot, Omega, Arid, Big Game, Nocts, Scarlet Shamagh, Bronze Morph), Hydra Gloves (Case Hardened, Emerald, Rattler, Mangrove), Broken Fang Gloves (Jade, Yellow-banded, Unhinged, Needle Point), Pistols - P2000 (Wicked Sick, Ocean Foam, Fire Element, Amber Fade, Corticera, Chainmail, Imperial Dragon, Obsidian, Scorpion, Handgun, Acid Etched), USP-S (Printstream, Kill Confirmed, Whiteout, Road Rash, Owergrowth, The Traitor, Neo-Noir, Dark Water, Orion, Blueprint, Stainless, Caiman, Serum, Monster Mashup, Royal Blue, Ancient Visions, Cortex, Orange Anolis, Ticket To Hell, Black Lotus, Cyrex, Check Engine, Guardian, Purple DDPAT, Torque, Blood Tiger, Flashback, Business Class, Pathfinder, Para Green), Lead Conduit, Glock-18 (Umbral Rabbit, Fade, Candy Apple, Bullet Queen, Synth Leaf, Neo-Noir, Nuclear Garden, Dragon Tatto, Reactor, Pink DDPAT, Twilight Galaxy, Sand Dune, Groundwater, Blue Fissure, Snack Attack, Water Elemental, Brass, Wasteland Rebel, Vogue, Franklin, Royal Legion, Gamma Doppler, Weasel, Steel Disruption, Ironwork, Grinder, High Beam, Moonrise, Oxide Blaze, Bunsen Burner, Clear Polymer, Bunsen Burner, Night), P250 (Re.built, Nuclear Threat, Modern Hunter, Splash, Whiteout, Vino Primo, Mehndi, Asiimov, Visions, Undertow, Cartel, See Ya Later, Gunsmoke, Splash, Digital Architect, Muertos, Red Rock, Bengal Tiger, Crimson Kimono, Wingshot, Metallic DDPAT, Hive, Dark Filigree, Mint Kimono), Five-Seven (Neon Kimono, Berries And Cherries, Fall Hazard, Crimson Blossom, Hyper Beast, Nitro, Fairy Tale, Case Hardened, Copper Galaxy, Angry Mob, Monkey Business, Fowl Play, Anodized Gunmetal, Hot Shot, Retrobution, Boost Protocol), CZ75-Auto (Chalice, Crimson Web, Emerald Quartz, The Fuschia is Now, Nitro, Xiangliu, Yellow Jacket, Victoria, Poison Dart, Syndicate, Eco, Hexane, Pole, Tigris), Tec-9 (Rebel, Terrace, Nuclear Threat, Hades, Rust Leaf, Decimator, Blast From, Orange Murano, Toxic, Fuel Injector, Remote Control, Bamboo Forest, Isaac, Avalanche, Brother, Re-Entry, Blue Titanium, Bamboozle), R8 Revolver (Banana Cannon, Fade, Blaze, Crimson Web, Liama Cannon, Crazy 8, Reboot, Canal Spray, Night, Amber Fade), Desert Eagle (Blaze, Hand Cannon, Fennec Fox, Sunset Storm, Emerald Jörmungandr, Pilot, Hypnotic, Golden Koi, Printstream, Cobalt Disruption, Code Red, Ocean Drive, Midnight Storm, Kumicho Dragon, Crimson Web, Heirloom, Night Heist, Mecha Industries, Night, Conspiracy, Trigger Discipline, Naga, Directive, Light Rail), Dual Berettas (Flora Carnivora, Duelist, Cobra Strike, Black Limba, Emerald, Hemoglobin, Twin Turbo, Marina, Melondrama, Pyre, Retribution, Briar, Dezastre, Royal Consorts, Urban Shock, Dualing Dragons, Panther, Balance), Rifles - Galil (Aqua Terrace, Winter Forest, Chatterbox, Sugar Rush, Pheonix Blacklight, CAUTION!, Orange DDPAT, Cerberus, Dusk Ruins, Eco, Chromatic Aberration, Stone Cold, Tuxedo, Sandstorm, Shattered, Urban Rubble, Rocket Pop, Kami, Crimson Tsunami, Connexion), SCAR-20 (Fragments, Brass, Cyrex, Palm, Splash Jam, Cardiac, Emerald, Crimson Web, Magna Carta, Stone Mosaico, Bloodsport, Enforcer), AWP (Duality, Gungnir, Dragon Lore, Prince, Medusa, Desert Hydra, Fade, Lightning Strike, Oni Taiji, Silk Tiger, Graphite, Chromatic Aberration, Asiimov, Snake Camo, Boom, Containment Breach, Wildfire, Redline, Electric Hive, Hyper Beast, Neo-Noir, Man-o'-war, Pink DDPAT, Corticera, Sun in Leo, Elite Build, Fever Dream, Atheris, Mortis, PAW, Exoskeleton, Worm God, POP AWP, Phobos, Acheron, Pit Viper, Capillary, Safari Mesh), AK-47 (Head Shot, Wild Lotus, Gold Arabesque, X-Ray, Fire Serpent, Hydroponic, Panthera Onca, Case Hardened, Vulcan, Jet Set, Fuel Injector, Bloodsport, Nightwish, First Class, Neon Rider, Asiimov, Red Laminate, Aquamarine Revenge, The Empress, Wasteland Rebel, Jaguar, Black Laminate, Leet Museo, Neon Revolution, Redline, Frontside Misty, Predator, Legion of Anubis, Point Disarray, Orbit Mk01, Blue Laminate, Green Laminate, Emerald Pinstripe, Cartel, Phantom Disruptor, Jungle Spray, Safety Net, Rat Rod, Baroque Purple, Slate, Elite Build, Uncharted, Safari Mesh), FAMAS (Sundown, Prime Conspiracy, Afterimage, Commemoration, Dark Water, Spitfire, Pulse, Eye of Athena, Meltdown, Rapid Eye Move, Roll Cage, Styx, Mecha Industrie, Djinn, ZX Spectron, Valence, Neural Net, Night Borre, Hexne), M4A4 (Temukau, Howl, Poseidon, Asiimov, Daybreak, Hellfire, Zirka, Red DDPAT, Radiation Hazard, Modern Hunter, The Emperor, The Coalition, Bullet Rain, Cyber Security, X-Ray, Dark Blossom, Buzz Kill, In Living Color, Neo-Noir, Desolate Space, 龍王 (Dragon King), Royal Paladin, The Battlestar, Global Offensive, Tooth Fairy, Desert-Strike, Griffin, Evil Daimyo, Spider Lily, Converter), M4A1-S (Emphorosaur-S, Welcome to the Jungle, Imminent Danger, Knight, Hot Rod, Icarus Fell, Blue Phosphor, Printstream, Master Piece, Dark Water, Golden Coil, Bright Water, Player Two, Atomic Alloy, Guardian, Chantico's Fire, Hyper Beast, Mecha Industries, Cyrex, Control Panel, Moss Quartz, Nightmare, Decimator, Leaded Glass, Basilisk, Blood Tiger, Briefing, Night Terror, Nitro, VariCamo, Flashback), SG 553 (Cyberforce, Hazard Pay, Bulldozer, Integrale, Dragon Tech, Ultraviolet, Colony IV, Hypnotic, Cyrex, Candy Apple, Barricade, Pulse), SSG 08 (Death Strike, Sea Calico, Blood in the Water, Orange Filigree, Dragonfire, Big Iron, Bloodshot, Detour, Turbo Peek, Red Stone), AUG (Akihabara Accept, Flame Jörmungandr, Hot Rod, Midnight Lily, Sand Storm, Carved Jade, Wings, Anodized Navy, Death by Puppy, Torque, Bengal Tiger, Chameleon, Fleet Flock, Random Access, Momentum, Syd Mead, Stymphalian, Arctic Wolf, Aristocrat, Navy Murano), G3SG1 (Chronos, Violet Murano, Flux, Demeter, Orange Kimono, The Executioner, Green Apple, Arctic Polar Camo, Contractor), SMGs - P90 (Neoqueen, Astral Jörmungandr, Run and Hide, Emerald Dragon, Cold Blooded, Death by Kitty, Baroque Red, Vent Rush, Blind Spot, Asiimov, Trigon, Sunset Lily, Death Grip, Leather, Nostalgia, Fallout Warning, Tiger Pit, Schermatic, Virus, Shapewood, Glacier Mesh, Shallow Grave, Chopper, Desert Warfare), MAC-10 (Sakkaku, Hot Snakes, Copper Borre, Red Filigree, Gold Brick, Graven, Case Hardened, Stalker, Amber Fade, Neon Rider, Tatter, Curse, Propaganda, Nuclear Garden, Disco Tech, Toybox, Heat, Indigo), UMP-45 (Wild Child, Fade, Blaze, Day Lily, Minotaur's Labyrinth, Crime Scene, Caramel, Bone Pile, Momentum, Primal Saber), MP7 (Teal Blossom, Fade, Nemesis, Whiteout, Asterion, Bloosport, Abyssal Apparition, Full Stop, Special Delivery, Neon Ply, Asterion, Ocean Foam, Powercore, Scorched, Impire), PP-Bizon (Modern Hunter, Rust Coat, Forest Leaves, Antique, High Roller, Blue Streak, Seabird, Judgement of Anubis, Bamboo Print, Embargo, Chemical Green, Coblat Halftone, Fuel Rod, Photic Zone, Irradiated Alert, Carbon Fiber), MP9 (Featherweight, Wild Lily, Pandora's Box, Stained Glass, Bulldozer, Dark Age, Hot Rod, Hypnotic, Hydra, Rose Iron, Music Box, Setting Sun, Food Chain, Airlock, Mount Fuji, Starlight Protector, Ruby Poison Dart, Deadly Poison), MP5-SD (Liquidation, Oxide Oasis, Phosphor, Nitro, Agent, Autumn Twilly), Shotguns, Machineguns - Sawed-Off (Kiss♥Love, First Class, Orange DDPAT, Rust Coat, The Kraken, Devourer, Mosaico, Wasteland Princess, Bamboo Shadow, Copper, Serenity, Limelight, Apocalypto), XM1014 (Frost Borre, Ancient Lore, Red Leather, Elegant Vines, Banana Leaf, Jungle, Urban Perforated, Grassland, Blaze Orange, Heaven Guard, VariCamo Blue, Entombed, XOXO, Seasons, Tranquility, Bone Machine, Incinegator, Teclu Burner, Black Tie, Zombie Offensive, Watchdog), Nova (Baroque Orange, Hyper Beast, Green Apple, Antique, Modern Hunter, Walnut, Forest Leaves, Graphite, Blaze Orange, Rising Skull, Tempest, Bloomstick, Interlock, Quick Sand, Moon in Libra, Clean Polymer, Red Quartz, Toy Soldier), MAG-7 (Insomnia, Cinqueda, Counter Terrace, Prism Terrace, Memento, Chainmail, Hazard, Justice, Bulldozer, Silver, Core Breach, Firestarter, Praetorian, Heat, Hard Water, Monster Call, BI83 Spectrum, SWAG-7), M249 (Humidor, Shipping Forecast, Blizzard Marbleized, Downtown, Jungle DDPAT, Nebula Crusader, Impact Drill, Emerald Poison Dart), Negev (Mjölnir, Anodized Navy, Palm, Power Loader, Bratatat, CaliCamo, Phoenix Stencil, Infrastructure, Boroque Sand), Wear - Factory New (FN), Minimal Wear (MW), Field-Tested (FT), Well-Worn (WW), Battle-Scarred (BS), Stickers Holo/Foil/Gold - Katowice 2014, Krakow 2017, Howling Dawn, Katowice 2015, Crown, London 2018, Cologne 2014, Boston 2018, Atlanta 2017, Cluj-Napoca 2015, DreamHack 2014, King on the Field, Harp of War, Winged Difuser, Cologne 2016, Cologne 2015, MLG Columbus 2016, Katowice 2019, Berlin 2019, RMR 2020, Stockholm 2021, Antwerp 2022, Swag Foil, Flammable foil, Others - Souvenirs, Agents, Pins, Passes, Gifts, Music Kits, Cases, Keys, Capsules, Packages, Patches

Some items on the list may no longer be available or are still locked, visit My Inventory for more details.

Send a Trade Offer for fastest response. I consider all offers.

Add me for discuss if there is a serious offer that needs to be discussed.

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2023.05.29 22:05 Toko_yami How to travel around the whole U.K. or Get a round trip of the U.K.?

Hi All! I hope you’re all well. First off, I want to start off by saying. I came to the U.K as an international student and have absolutely fallen in love with the natural beauty of the U.K. I have no words to describe how amazing this country is. I feel so proud to get the chance of living and working here. The Food, Sky, Landscape, Spring season. It’s parks, the greenery. All of it is just beyond mesmerising. It’s a wonder of the Mother Nature and I’m so proud of this Country.
So onto my problem. I live in West Midlands (WM) Birmingham, in WM we have National Express as a bus service. Which offers unlimited travel on 55£ monthly bus pass. So on weekends what I do is get on any random new bus and go to the end of the route and explore the areas. By doing so I have pretty much visited most of the WM. Because it’s unlimited travel and the pass is somewhat fine in terms of price. I got the most out of it.
Because I have explored most of the WM there are not a lot of places I have left to explore. So my target over the next year is to expand my territory to the whole U.K lol
Now I want to do the same with the whole U.K. I want to travel around the whole U.K. on weekends. I have looked into the options but trains are so expensive only one way tickets cost around 40-50£. I found a tourist train pass that lets you travel the whole U.K. on train for 300-500£ for 8 days. But unfortunately that is only for the people who have not lived in the U.K. for longer than 6 months. I have been here for 1.5 year now.
So my question is, is there any cheaper way I can explore the whole U.K. or is there any kind of train/bus/any transport pass I can use to travel around without worrying about getting ticket for every single city? Something maybe region only train pass or something similar?
I would be immensely grateful for any insights.
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2023.05.29 22:03 chsmln Help! Potential charging plan disaster

My family and I are in the middle of a 7 day road trip around Colorado. We rented a 2016 model x (have a model 3 at home) and so far it’s gone great just using superchargers . Colorado has been amazing! Looking ahead we will be leaving Moab Wednesday morning with the plans of Mesa Verde and staying in Durango. The range on this car looks to be about 210. It seems I can get to Durango, but driving around Mesa Verde will be limited. Can charge on a level 2 at hotel in Durango. Then the plan was to drive to great sand dunes national park and then stay in Pueblo. This doesn’t seem doable. The rental does have a j1772 adapter and a nema cord. Anyone got any thoughts or tips to get us through this part of the trip?
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2023.05.29 22:01 LewisDKennedy All Time English Football League Table - 2023 Edition

Welcome to the fifth annual all time English Football League table post! Covering all four main divisions, over every single league season from the very first in 1888/89 right up until the present day, this is something I started work on to kill some free time and have kept running each year since. If you want to have a look at the previous four posts on this project you can find them here: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Part One - Points Table
In order to make this work as straightforwardly as possible, I devised a scaling system whereby all points won in League 2 (or old Division Four) remain as they are, any points won in League 1 (old Division Three) are multiplied by 1.3, any points won in the Championship (old Division Two) are multiplied by 1.7, and any points won in the Premier League (old Division One) are multiplied by 2. Any points won in the National League or lower have been ignored. As always the Points Per Season also makes a return, hich I've used to indicate how efficient teams have been at earning their points over their respective histories. The original 2019 post goes into a bit more detail about why I picked this rather imperfect methodology, but I'm satisfied that it does the job.
All league status is correct as to the end of the 2022-23 season (ie, Leeds, Leicester, and Southampton are listed as Championship, Burnley, Sheffield United, and Luton are Premier League etc). Also, wins from seasons in which a win was worth two points have all been given an extra point in order to bring them in line with three points for a win seasons.
Club Current Status Total Seasons PPS Points
1 Liverpool Premier League 119 131.9 15695
2 Manchester United Premier League 120 130.2 15618
3 Arsenal Premier League 119 124.6 14823
4 Manchester City Premier League 120 117.7 14127
5 Everton Premier League 124 113.9 14127
6 Aston Villa Premier League 124 112.0 13888
7 Sunderland Championship 122 108.5 13233
8 Newcastle United Premier League 119 110.2 13113
9 West Bromwich Albion Championship 124 105.0 13017
10 Nottingham Forest Premier League 120 107.7 12924
11 Blackburn Rovers Championship 124 104.0 12902
12 Chelsea Premier League 107 120.2 12866
13 Sheffield United Premier League 120 107.0 12844
14 Derby County League One 124 103.3 12807
15 Sheffield Wednesday Championship 120 104.4 12522
16 Tottenham Hotspur Premier League 112 111.4 12482
17 Bolton Wanderers League One 124 100.0 12403
18 Burnley Premier League 124 99.9 12388
19 Preston North End Championship 124 99.6 12353
20 Birmingham City Championship 120 100.9 12111
21 Wolverhampton Wanderers Premier League 124 97.7 12111
22 Leicester City Premier League 118 102.5 12096
23 Middlesbrough Championship 113 104.8 11845
24 Stoke City Championship 114 99.9 11392
25 Leeds United Championship 96 114.7 11013
26 Blackpool League One 115 91.5 10523
27 West Ham United Premier League 97 106.3 10307
28 Bristol City Championship 101 101.9 10293
29 Huddersfield Town Championship 102 100.1 10215
30 Notts County League Two 120 83.6 10027
31 Barnsley League One 114 87.5 9973
32 Fulham Premier League 105 95.0 9970
33 Southampton Championship 96 100.6 9656
34 Bury Defunct 116 82.7 9597
35 Grimsby Town League Two 112 83.8 9388
36 Portsmouth League One 96 96.8 9291
37 Norwich City Championship 97 94.9 9206
38 Queens Park Rangers Championship 96 95.5 9165
39 Charlton Athletic League One 95 95.7 9095
40 Cardiff City Championship 96 93.8 9007
41 Millwall Championship 96 93.5 8974
42 Oldham Athletic National League 104 86.0 8946
43 Hull City Championship 107 83.5 8934
44 Coventry City Championship 97 91.9 8913
45 Bradford City League Two 109 81.0 8830
46 Crystal Palace Premier League 107 80.7 8639
47 Watford Championship 96 89.7 8609
48 Luton Town Premier League 94 91.1 8559
49 Ipswich Town Championship 78 108.4 8459
50 Reading League One 96 87.9 8439
51 Brighton and Hove Albion Premier League 96 87.8 8431
52 Port Vale League One 107 78.1 8362
53 Plymouth Argyle Championship 96 86.9 8344
54 Brentford Premier League 96 86.8 8334
55 Lincoln City League One 110 73.4 8072
56 Leyton Orient League One 105 76.2 8006
57 Swindon Town League Two 96 81.6 7835
58 Chesterfield National League 100 77.4 7739
59 Bristol Rovers League One 95 80.0 7604
60 Walsall League Two 95 79.6 7558
61 Stockport County League Two 100 74.6 7457
62 Rotherham United Championship 91 81.6 7428
63 Swansea City Championship 96 77.3 7424
64 Northampton Town League One 96 74.9 7194
65 AFC Bournemouth Premier League 92 77.1 7094
66 Southend United National League 94 75.1 7062
67 Gillingham League Two 89 75.5 6723
68 Doncaster Rovers League Two 91 72.7 6612
69 Crewe Alexandra League Two 99 66.5 6583
70 Carlisle United League One 87 73.9 6427
71 Rochdale National League 95 64.4 6117
72 Tranmere Rovers League Two 92 66.1 6081
73 Exeter City League One 91 66.0 6009
74 Wrexham League Two 80 74.5 5956
75 Hartlepool United National League 91 63.0 5735
76 Mansfield Town League Two 80 70.6 5647
77 Shrewsbury Town League One 72 74.9 5391
78 Scunthorpe United National League North 72 71.9 5178
79 Darlington National League North 81 63.8 5166
80 Colchester United League Two 71 71.5 5075
81 Torquay United National League South 78 65.1 5074
82 York City National League 72 67.8 4883
83 Peterborough United League One 63 77.3 4870
84 Oxford United League One 57 80.8 4604
85 Halifax Town Defunct 69 63.5 4383
86 Bradford Park Avenue Northern Premier League 51 85.2 4345
87 Newport County League Two 71 54.9 3896
88 Wigan Athletic League One 45 85.6 3853
89 Chester City Defunct 66 54.2 3578
90 Accrington Stanley League Two 50 68.2 3410
91 Aldershot Defunct 52 64.5 3356
92 Southport National League North 50 65.7 3285
93 Cambridge United League One 44 70.8 3114
94 Barrow League Two 45 64.5 2903
95 Wimbledon Defunct 27 97.6 2635
96 Wycombe Wanderers League One 30 73.1 2192
97 Hereford United Defunct 31 59.6 1847
98 Workington Northern Premier League 26 60.7 1577
99 Milton Keynes Dons League Two 19 82.6 1569
100 Cheltenham Town League One 23 62.9 1447
101 New Brighton Defunct 22 61.9 1362
102 Gateshead Defunct 24 56.1 1347
103 Glossop North End North West Counties League Premier Division 17 72.9 1240
104 Barnet National League 21 56.8 1192
105 Yeovil Town National League South 16 67.6 1082
106 Gainsborough Trinity Northern Premier League 16 67.3 1076
107 Burton Albion League One 14 73.9 1034
108 Macclesfield Town Defunct 18 51.2 922
109 Morecambe League Two 16 56.1 897
110 Leeds City Defunct 10 84.4 844
111 Fleetwood Town League One 11 75.1 826
112 Stevenage League One 13 62.6 814
113 Crawley Town League Two 12 62.3 747
114 AFC Wimbledon League Two 12 59.0 708
115 Wigan Borough Defunct 10 68.7 687
116 Scarborough Defunct 12 57.3 687
117 Nelson North West Counties League Division One North 10 68.2 682
118 Merthyr Town Southern League Premier Division South 10 58.6 586
119 Burton Swifts Defunct 9 57.6 518
120 Ashington Northern Premier League 8 64.6 517
121 Dagenham & Redbridge National League 9 56.0 504
122 Rotherham County Defunct 6 77.7 466
123 Durham City Wearside Football League Division Two 7 63.1 442
124 Darwen Defunct 8 51.6 413
125 Burton United Defunct 6 61.2 367
126 Forest Green Rovers League Two 6 60.3 362
127 Rushden & Diamonds Defunct 5 62.2 311
128 Aldershot Town National League 5 60.2 301
129 New Brighton Tower Defunct 3 95.0 285
130 Aberdare Athletic Defunct 6 46.5 279
131 Accrington Defunct 5 55.2 276
132 Kidderminster Harriers National League 5 55.0 275
133 Boston United National League North 5 53.6 268
134 Salford City League Two 4 66.5 266
135 Burton Wanderers Defunct 3 78.7 236
136 Loughborough Defunct 5 41.4 207
137 Maidstone United Defunct 3 55.3 166
138 Harrogate Town League Two 3 54.0 162
139 Stalybridge Celtic Northern Premier League Division One West 2 71.5 143
140 Rotherham Town Defunct 3 45.3 136
141 Sutton United League Two 2 67.0 134
142 Thames Defunct 2 50.0 100
143 Northwich Victoria North West Counties League Premier Division 2 34.5 69
144 Middlesbrough Ironopolis Defunct 1 47.0 47
145 Bootle Defunct 1 45.0 45​
2023 Observations
Part Two - Average Finishing Position of the Current 92
Last year I introduced a secondary ranking method, based on finishing positions rather than points won. Each club is assigned a number from 1 to 92 based on where they finish at the end of the season (1 to 20 for Premier League, 21 to 44 for Championship, etc). This is then done for every season of league football for each club and divided by the number of seasons they've spent in the Football League to give their average finishing position in the pyramid.
Unlike part 1 however, I've only included the current 92 Football League clubs. This is due to clubs such as the original Accrington only playing 5 Football League seasons in the late 1800s when there was only 1 division - meaning their average finishing position was higher than a lot of top tier mainstays.
So, here is the historical average finishing position of the 92 Football League clubs that will partake in the 2023/24 season:
Club Current Status Total Seasons Total Pos Average
1 Liverpool Premier League 119 943 7.9
2 Arsenal Premier League 119 1010 8.5
3 Everton Premier League 124 1218 9.8
4 Manchester United Premier League 120 1195 10.0
5 Tottenham Hotspur Premier League 112 1197 10.7
6 Aston Villa Premier League 124 1464 11.8
7 Chelsea Premier League 107 1381 12.9
8 Manchester City Premier League 120 1595 13.3
9 Newcastle United Premier League 119 1676 14.1
10 Sunderland Championship 122 2064 16.9
11 West Bromwich Albion Championship 124 2239 18.1
12 West Ham United Premier League 97 1790 18.5
13 Leeds United Championship 96 1869 19.5
14 Blackburn Rovers Championship 124 2487 20.1
15 Wolverhampton Wanderers Premier League 124 2543 20.5
16 Derby County League One 124 2618 21.1
17 Leicester City Premier League 118 2607 22.1
18 Middlesbrough Championship 113 2393 21.2
19 Sheffield Wednesday Championship 120 2662 22.2
20 Sheffield United Premier League 120 2677 22.3
21 Bolton Wanderers League One 124 2840 22.9
22 Nottingham Forest Premier League 120 2760 23.0
23 Birmingham City Championship 120 2808 23.4
24 Stoke City Championship 114 2686 23.6
25 Southampton Championship 96 2411 25.1
26 Burnley Premier League 124 3257 26.3
27 Ipswich Town Championship 78 2177 27.9
28 Preston North End Championship 124 3733 30.1
31 Fulham Premier League 105 3455 32.9
29 Portsmouth League One 96 3171 33.0
30 Charlton Athletic League One 95 3144 33.1
32 Crystal Palace Premier League 107 3552 33.2
33 Huddersfield Town Championship 102 3400 33.3
34 Norwich City Championship 97 3242 33.4
35 Coventry City Championship 97 3344 34.5
36 Blackpool League One 115 4193 36.5
37 Queens Park Rangers Championship 97 3547 36.6
38 Cardiff City Championship 96 3758 39.1
39 Luton Town Premier League 94 3819 40.6
40 Notts County League Two 120 5023 41.9
41 Hull City Championship 107 4549 42.5
42 Barnsley League One 114 4861 42.6
43 Watford Championship 96 4118 42.9
44 Millwall Championship 96 4222 44.0
45 Bristol City Championship 101 4496 44.5
46 Grimsby Town League Two 112 5065 45.2
47 Brighton and Hove Albion Premier League 96 4465 46.5
48 Swansea City Championship 96 4500 46.9
49 Lincoln City League One 110 5213 47.4
50 Wigan Athletic League One 45 2156 47.9
51 Reading League One 96 4609 48.0
52 Plymouth Argyle Championship 96 4736 49.3
53 Brentford Premier League 96 4872 50.8
54 Bradford City League Two 109 5589 51.3
55 Leyton Orient League One 105 5631 53.6
56 Oxford United League One 57 3053 53.6
57 Swindon Town League Two 96 5194 54.1
58 Port Vale League One 107 5795 54.2
59 Rotherham United Championship 91 4941 54.3
60 AFC Bournemouth Premier League 92 5016 54.5
61 Bristol Rovers League One 95 5287 55.7
62 Milton Keynes Dons League Two 19 1093 57.5
63 Tranmere Rovers League Two 92 5432 59.0
64 Stockport County League Two 100 5964 59.6
65 Fleetwood Town League One 11 661 60.1
66 Walsall League Two 95 5773 60.8
67 Doncaster Rovers League Two 91 5541 60.9
68 Shrewsbury Town League One 72 4382 60.9
69 Carlisle United League One 87 5346 61.4
70 Peterborough United League One 63 3939 62.5
71 Forest Green Rovers League Two 6 377 62.8
72 Gillingham League Two 89 5614 63.1
73 Burton Albion League One 14 885 63.2
74 Accrington Stanley League Two 50 3227 64.5
75 Crewe Alexandra League Two 99 6416 64.8
76 Northampton Town League One 96 6296 65.6
77 Wycombe Wanderers League One 30 1970 65.7
78 Colchester United League Two 71 4713 66.4
79 Cambridge United League One 44 2945 66.9
80 Newport County League Two 71 4803 67.6
81 Mansfield Town League Two 80 5431 67.9
82 Exeter City League One 91 6347 69.7
83 Barrow League Two 45 3160 70.2
84 AFC Wimbledon League Two 12 886 73.8
85 Wrexham League Two 80 5956 74.5
86 Cheltenham Town League One 23 1734 75.4
87 Stevenage League One 13 987 75.9
88 Crawley Town League Two 12 924 77.0
89 Salford City League Two 4 308 77.0
90 Sutton United League Two 2 158 79.0
91 Morecambe League Two 16 1292 80.8
92 Harrogate Town League Two 3 259 86.3​
Given the length of this post I may start have to start seperating these two parts into two posts going forwards - please let me know if you think this might make it easier to digest.
I would like to thank the Football Club History Database once again, as it is what made the original 2019 post possible. Its been extremely helpful for this project, but its also really fun to use to read about obscure defunct clubs from the 1890s.
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2023.05.29 21:57 Few_Context_2233 cheapest way to get to krka

Hi Ill be in Zadar at the beginning of july and wanted to ask about the cheapest way to get from zadar to krka national park. thanks in advance:)
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2023.05.29 21:50 Ioanniche Peja to Durmitor, Montenegro

Hello everybody, I will be in Peja at some point during the summer and I would like then to visit Durmitor National Park in Montenegro.
What cities of Montenegro are connected with Peja (via bus or train) in order for me to narrow down my options of where I should head.
Thank you !
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2023.05.29 21:38 MrDebolisher Awful Mori Point Karens

Yesterday I went to Mori Point with some of my friends from Houston. As soon as we parked near Seaside Dr and Fairway Dr, we were surrounded by multiple Karens who claimed that this was not an entry to the Mori Point trail and Google was misdirecting tourists. They pointed to handwritten signs and spoke about an agreement between tourists and authorities. I knew they were full of it since we had entered thru the same point a month ago. They seemed hostile with their pickup trucks and their homes full of 'freedom isn't free' regalia. We moved to the other entry where we found no parking, and eventually gave up on Mori Point. They were also harassing a bunch of other tourists. Reviews on Google maps suggest it's very common.
What's the best way to put them in place? I reached out to National Park Services for now. We need to tackle this menace.
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2023.05.29 21:25 UmpireIllustrious683 Why the hell do I have to pay to be admitted into the national parks if I already pay taxes to fund them?

I pay my taxes which contribute to the national parks. yet they still charge me to go to national parks. I know not every national park charges but it should be free for all U.S citizens who pay taxes. They said that this is due to help the national parks but I read that the national parks are underfunded and are in need for repair. So then why the heck are they asking me to pay. If they are still underfunded after all this time then charging people is kind of unfair. Why does the cost fall on us I wouldn't mind so much if it helped but from what I read the national parks are still understaffed and under funded so charging us doesn't really feel like it changing anything or making any improvements why does the cost always fall on us. This actually kind of makes me upset it's just one more thing that seems to fall on us as people.
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