Zepeto background

About ZEPETO’s most recent update (Version: 3.26.500), the audio cannot be played in the background AGAIN. We experienced the exact same issue in the beginning of February, until it was solved in the beginning of April. But now, here we are with the same problem again. Hopefully, they fix it soon.

2023.04.23 15:33 Own-Sun9765 About ZEPETO’s most recent update (Version: 3.26.500), the audio cannot be played in the background AGAIN. We experienced the exact same issue in the beginning of February, until it was solved in the beginning of April. But now, here we are with the same problem again. Hopefully, they fix it soon.

About ZEPETO’s most recent update (Version: 3.26.500), the audio cannot be played in the background AGAIN. We experienced the exact same issue in the beginning of February, until it was solved in the beginning of April. But now, here we are with the same problem again. Hopefully, they fix it soon. submitted by Own-Sun9765 to ZEPETO_Official [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 19:05 Comprehensive-Term47 [FOR HIRE]Comission for headshot $5

[FOR HIRE]Comission for headshot $5
Payments via PayPal
CUSTOM ART: (reference should be given,a short discription of the desired edit and any specific details you want to add)
Headshot: $5
Please allow up to 5 days to complete the commission
  • Zepeto edit
  • Fanart -Your OCs
  • NSFW -Heavy gore
  • Hateful art
I reserve the right to decline any request I am uncomfortable with
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2022.12.25 16:26 Basic-Palpitation-84 President Cho Hyun-min “I want to express logistics in a cool way”…

President Cho Hyun-min “I want to express logistics in a cool way”…

“With the power of content, I wanted to express in a cool way what logistics is like and what the daily lives of people engaged in logistics are like.”

At the premiere of ‘Daydream’, a short film produced and sponsored by Hanjin on the 23rd, Hanjin’s future growth strategy and marketing director Hyun-min Cho said, “The driver who worked for Hanjin Parcel Service for 30 years and raised all his children knows what logistics is. If we explain logistics in an easy-to-understand way to people who don’t know, wouldn’t this industry develop further?” he said.

Hanjin released the movie ‘Daydream’ after a year of production with the production company Saryeoni Film. The film deals with the story of a young man who earns a living as a courier driver in Korea amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and an elderly mother suffering from dementia. Hanjin was in charge of production and investment, and focused on transforming the story into a cultural content rather than a simple marketing material.

As a result, 'Daydream' was invited to leading overseas film festivals, such as the Golden Short Film Festival in Italy and the WRPN Women's International Film Festival in the United States, and received favorable reviews.

Hanjin, a logistics company, started producing short films as part of President Cho’s ‘Roji Entertainment’ management strategy, which marked the first year of his inauguration. The intention is to increase the accessibility of customers and partners by merging logistics (logistics) and culture (entertainment) by changing the perception of logistics that is perceived as complex and difficult.

At a press conference last June, President Cho also defined Logitainment as the result of Hanjin's efforts to make it more fun, easy, and friendly as an industry leader, although there is an idea that logistics is generally difficult, boring, and burdensome.

In fact, even with the background of the film investment, President Cho said, “I made the film to allow more people to touch and sympathize with the heart in a short time.” The reason it was created,” he explained.

In particular, President Cho said, “Creation is not creation the moment it interferes. When advertisers start to touch it, the ship goes to the mountain,” he added, “I trusted the production team thoroughly from the moment I was offered the idea for the short film.”

Since last year, Hanjin has been steadily creating content ranging from games, metaverses, webtoons, and short films. This is an aggressive content strategy by President Cho, who said, “I will make logistics that were not sexy sexy.” In May of last year, it launched the industry's first mobile game, 'Courier King Island', and later built 'Hanjin Logiverse Island' on the metabus platform Zepeto.
먹튀검증사이트, 먹튀검증
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2022.12.19 09:45 rolol22 How do you watch live streams on Zepeto?

How do you watch live streams on Zepeto? submitted by rolol22 to ZEPETO_Official [link] [comments]

2022.12.11 19:54 theunsurelad ZEPETO limitations

First let me start by saying I love ZEPETO the customization, the face recognition to animate your character, and the ability to make endless amounts of social media content that can be made with ZEPETO is what captivated me to join! It’s great!
However with many ways to inspire creativity and social networking ZEPETO is limited in allowing us to actually use the creative tools to express those creative desires to the fullest.
For example; if I wanted to make a video with a gif in the background with my character dancing in the foreground I would have to have access the video template tools that are only accessible to certain creators. And If I even wanted to consider reaching out to someone in the ZEPETO team to ask about being selected for advance Template editing and creating video templates for other players I would not know who or where to ask. ZEPETO does not make it clear at all how or where to ask or if the request would even be reviewed.
Another thing; if I wanted to review what videos I liked that someone posted a while back there is no way to see my liked video history! Making it hard to go back to see the videos that give me inspiration to dress my avatar in a specific way or to make a video or post inspired by another creators post/video.
Another thing that has been frustrating to me is that ZEPETO does not have a functional search system to find specific items. It would be nice to search clothes items within the avatar edit screen rather then have to leave the avatar edit screen and go to the home page to search a keyword that may or may not get me the items that I’m looking for. It just seems so vague and limited.
This especially true when looking for animated/ regular poses, good luck finding a specific pose or animation because you can’t look it up by keyboards. You can only search poses by categories, which is time consuming because there is so many poses and animations now, and as more poses/animations gets added this become increasingly difficult.
I hope some can relate and hopefully these things can reach the ZEPETO team. I absolutely love this app but I wish it’s limitations didn’t get in the way of the creative possibilities.
ZEPETO is a place for players to express themselves but it does not yet have the proper tools to foster creatively as well as it could.
Thank you for your time and consideration!
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2022.11.13 22:20 KachGamerAvakin 💡Suggestion that we can use a video animation from our gallery as a background of poses for dances in zepeto.🕺💃 💡Sugestão de que podemos usar uma animação de vídeo da nossa galeria como fundo de poses para danças em zepeto.🕺💃 #sugestãozepetoidéia

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2022.11.13 22:16 KachGamerAvakin 💡Suggestion that we can use a video animation from our gallery as a background of poses for dances in zepeto.🕺💃 💡Sugestão de que podemos usar uma animação de vídeo da nossa galeria como fundo de poses para danças em zepeto.🕺💃 #sugestãozepetoidéia

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2022.10.15 00:03 samanthalouise123 [CONCERT AND HYPE THREAD] Yet To Come in Busan - 151022

Plans cancelled or rescheduled? Pulled a sickie for work? PERFECT. It’s 12 11 hours to go so we are officially on OT7 Concert Lockdown. Time to band together to make this the best concert thread yet!
We’re posting this ahead of time so we can talk all things Yet To Come in Busan. Saw something on the TL that you need to talk about? Post it below! Saw how Busan is lit up purple for Army and Bangtan? Post it below! Wanna be delulu with us over potential songs? Post it below too!
This post will contain spoilers. Pre-concert, please ensure all spoilers are hidden behind spoilers tags.

Times and Streaming

Media, SNS, Press, Misc

Everything will be compiled in this thread except for BTS SNS which can have its own thread.
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2022.09.28 04:46 gamefiblcok Do you know SandBox?

Do you know SandBox?

✅Mode:SandBox Game ✅background:Launched by game developer Pixowl in 2011, The Sandbox was originally a traditional "sandbox" open-world game against Minecraft,By 2018, Pixowl and Animoca Brands hit it off and explored the blockchain version further, and Animoca Brands eventually acquired Pixowl,Only later did it become a metaverse platform combining virtual land and games. The Sandbox has accumulated a lot of customers over the years, and it was not a success on the first day. ✅Crypto:Sandbox (SAND) is The Sandbox's native token and an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 3 billion SANDs. ✅Partner:200+Partner cooperation with Sandbox like Snoop Dogg、Atari、CoinMarketCap、Zepeto, sandbox is the most sucessful Gamefi in the World ✅Benefits::Metaverse sparks real estate speculation, throwing money and robbing celebrities as virtual neighbors ,The game gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time

✅Game start: There is no charge to play The Sandbox for free, unless you buy land and game items. 1.Click the link below to enter the official website 2.Choose your account wallet 3.Connect crypto wallet and change language 4.Download Gamemaker Game Editor ✅Game content: Two different types are available on The Sandbox map: . LAND: The basic sandbox unit on the map. Each LAND in the gaming world includes 96 x 96 meters large enough for all types of blockchain gaming experiences . ESTATE: An ESTATE is a combination of multiple LANDS. What can LAND be used for?
(1) Use it to play and create your own world LAND is a ticket to enter this virtual world, not only to build your own space, but also to become a world where you can bring friends to play, explore, etc. to experience social interaction.
(2) Make a profit from it LAND can monetize the gaming experience in a variety of ways. For example: I built my space to be the same as the God of Creation. Some people will want to visit, so they can use this to charge other people for visiting. I think people who have played Animal Crossing should be familiar with this. In addition, you can define how to get profit yourself, or set the way to charge for playing the game.
(3) Participate in the governance of the Metaverse Ownership of LAND allows you to contribute to the governance of The Sandbox, participate in and collectively shape the future of the platform!
(4) Hold competitions and events, and then get rewards. In the future, The Sandbox will have the opportunity to hold various competitions or activities, and according to the content of its activities, you may have a chance to get a good reward! ✅How to make money: Buy land (LAND), develop it into your own design, or sublease it to others to let others build the land. Participate in Sandbox Alpha activities, those who have land can get the Alpha Pass first, and complete the activity tasks of the game within the specified period, and they can get SAND coins as a reward sandbox game.

✅ Encountered fake mods: Even if you are in SandBox's Discord group today, but you are still easily deceived by fake mods, he will tell you some good things, You are tempted to buy with cheap ETH. When you encounter this problem, There are the following solutions: 1. Check the person who is secreting you, whether they have the same server as you and whether they are the same person 2. Go to the DAO community to secret the real MOD 3. Check if there are any announcements in the community Don't be greedy in the online world, it will cost you a lot of money ✅Future planning: ⭕Technology: Realize multi-platform availability, support devices such as mobile phones and tablets; realize multi-player mode; ⭕Foundation: Gradually move to DAO, so that SAND holders can participate in decision-making and gain benefits; ⭕Operation: Continue to regularly sell land; hold a series of incentive activities to attract content creators, improve the internal ecology, and hope to reach 1 million users within 2 years; ⭕Partnerships: Collaborate with more games to build The Sandbox as a gaming platform, aiming to have 5,000 games available inside The Sandbox by 2023.
✅Summary: The team wants to develop The Sandbox into a well-structured sandbox platform, where users can design, deploy, participate in games, and gain benefits through this platform. From the perspective of the team's development route and planning, the team's planning is relatively clear, the goals are clear, and the overall design is relatively complete. The development of the team in the past 2 years can basically be completed according to the roadmap, and the development goals for the next 3 years have been determined. Technically, the team is capable of completing it, but it is relatively difficult to reach the target number of users, which is a common problem in the entire blockchain sandbox game.
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2022.07.05 23:12 TheNoOneIsMe Suggestions and Feedback: What I think would make Avakin more fun.

Hello Avakin people. This is just some personal feedback I have for the game as of late.
  1. As an active user who is constantly hopping servers and meeting new people the biggest change I’ve noticed is a decline of daily users. A year ago I was seeing sundown with an average daily online users of about 10k and had gone down significantly to 2/3k max. Granted I’m in the USA group. I’m not sure if that makes a difference in the daily active users. Also when going into servers there is 2/3 people at every sever as well and I don’t know if this is a bug or if it had to do with people blocking other people but it’s pretty annoying. It should also be seen as alarming, hence going into point 2.
  2. Its boring on Avakin I think we can all say the introduction to new scenes is great! The school and plaza are both beautiful but there is a major flaw. Theres nothing to do
I think it’s safe to say that role playing is a thing of the past. The new generation of Avakin users aren’t trying to be wizards or pretend to be princesses. Users want to be able to hang out with friends and do fun things. Whether it’s playing games, doing events together. They wanna be part of something. Not giving users anything fun to do makes users sit around and wait for people to talk (posing and doing nothing). I do have some suggestions on how to fix this down in the suggestions.
  1. Events are no longer fun
I know this can go one way or another but lately there hasn’t been any events with any real points. I do think the LKWD Nell event was fun but there was no badge to win. The Pride event also had no real event items besides some wallpapers and the getting people to light up the rainbow was kinda pointless since there is no reward that is gained out of it.
Events should always have new free items. No recolored items. Feedback on that alone is very high. Most rare items come from events of the past (Friendship festival, Cupid Event, Turkey Event etc).
Events should bring the community together for one common goal. The polar watch party was okay but it didn’t really bring the community together since all they had to do was sit and watch.
Honestly I’m pretty confused when it comes to events at this point so I’ll just say I miss the old easy events of 2016-2019 but I know Reddit will find things to complain about even simple events so I mean as long as there is new rare rewards and a badge I think most people would be happy. I’d take a look into old events. Also the ocean party was not fun in my opinion since the reward was an old background that most people have. If you’re gonna add old items make sure to ALSO include new items for your veteran players to collect.
  1. Crowns
I’m going to be honest the crowns execution could have been better. In my personal opinion I think a introduction to crowns could have gone more smoothly if everyone got like a “welcome to crowns” gift where everyone got like 50 free crowns to start everyone off with. As an introduction. If there’s anything I’ve noticed is that people don’t like change and don’t like short notice. I work in tech so I completely understand when a new system is changed all hell breaks loose with users who don’t like change, period. A slow introduction usually will make people more prone to give it a chance but we can’t change that now.
I don’t agree with some weekly releases being almost all crown items. I do think the same amount of crown items should also be release with the amount of coin items. As a collector I’ve noticed I just don’t buy as much anymore. I’m now only buying this I REALLY WANT which I find to be a good thing on my end because I’m saving a lot of money 😅
I think there was a huge missed opportunity on crowns. I think new items should have been kept in coin form and old, unavailable or even old event items should have been brought back as crown items.
edit Although the best route that would make everyone happier would be to add back some unavailable coin items back in shop for the original coin value if possible
Some people may disagree but I would have paid any crowns to get back some old Back To The Basics or Drey Items. This is my personal opinion
  1. Add a new trivia game to the Classroom scene that ONLY GIVES XP.
Users want games. Give us some! The classroom would have been the perfect place for a trivia game that you can play with others to gain more xp together. Like a work together game. Since you cannot gain xp on crown purchases and there’s hardly any coin items, users need more ways to gain XP. Allow users to use diamonds as an entry to play trivia games and we can exchange it for XP that is limited per day (so people don’t grind it) not only will it be fun but it won’t be able to get hacked since it’s basically an xp machine. Maybe add a new easy to get classroom badge as well?
  1. Add interactives at other scenes. If people wanna sleep at the venue put in some sleeping beds, couches, group poses etc. Sitting nodes are boring just like the classroom has the “sleep,relax daydream” options add similar items like that to other scenes.
  2. Games need to be added. The game is boring and there is nothing to do. I understand it’s a chatting game but chatting goes only so far if there’s nothing to get people to talk. Simple tap games can be added like other games have.
  3. Bring the social aspect back into the game. Give us a photo feed where we can add our own in game pictures to our profile (think imvu/zepeto) I think now since people have other forms to communicate no one needs Avakin. Bring the community back to the game and away from Instagram and tiktok. Allow us to personalize our profile more like social medias do.
  4. Maybe add a “ask me a question” option on our profiles. Kinda like Instagram where anyone can ask you a question that you can choose to answer and show on your profile? Just an idea
  5. Add weekly community goals and achievements. All social games have some sort of goals and achievements. Avakin has some why did it stop? There needs to be more reasons to log in than to check weekly releases.
In conclusion: -sigh- I love this game I do and I see so much potential with what the developers can do to make this a really amazing game. I always download other games to see what Avakin can do and I feel like Avakin is falling behind with other apps. The focus of this game should not be weekly releases and money it should be wanting to hang out with friends and do fun stuff. I know some of the things I suggested probably won’t solve some issues but for me it would get me so much more interested in playing more.
Thanks for reading.
Also sorry for the typos in advanced
Thanks for reading ☺️
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2022.01.13 03:21 fuckmigraines The Oversaturation of Kiel Tutin Choreography in 4th Gen: One woman's desperate plea to make it stop

Kiel Tutin is a 26-year-old choreographer based in New Zealand. He got his big break dancing with famed choreographer Parris Goebel who was regularly contracted by YG Entertainment for choreography in 2nd gen. You might recognize her as the woman G-Dragon has on a chain leash in the Bang Bang Bang music video. (Which… choices. But I digress.)
After serving as assistant and co-choreographer for a few years, Kiel solidified himself with Blackpink’s “DDU DU DDU DU.” The hugely viral killing part in the chorus obviously made an impression on JYP Entertainment. Once Kiel started choreographing all of Twice’s title tracks, he was effectively everywhere in the girl group/soloist scene.
At this point, Kiel will almost certainly appear as lead choreographer under these circumstances:
Hyped up debut on the horizon? Kiel.
Big 3 girl group comeback? Kiel.
Legendary female soloist? Kiel.
You can see in that gigantic list of his choreographies below that he does some really great shit. The man is clearly very capable of coming up with fun killing parts ripe for virality. He can create visually striking formations. And the cherry on top? He seems to truly care about supporting female idols and generally appears to be an overall top lad who’s outspoken about progressive issues.
I’m down with all that. What I’m not down with is how boring the landscape of girl group choreography has gotten in 4th gen. I feel like Kiel's choreography made bigger splashes when he was less prevalent in the kpop industry. Crazy? Bang Bang Bang?? The D4 Finger Guns???
Remember the bend and snap scene in Legally Blonde? That’s kinda how I would describe Kiel’s choreography style. Having a distinct style isn't inherently bad. I just don't think we see him explore much territory beyond his established repertoire of moves very often. I would go into more detail about my issues with his specific style, but I’m not a dancer so who am I to get technical. In short, I’m seeing a chronic issue with repetitive moves and excessive armography. He also has a tendency to beat you over the head with unnecessarily literal moves, i.e. Rosé circling the floor while singing the line "on the ground."
The dancers Kiel uses in the choreography videos he sends to companies are monstrously good. Even some of his most meh choreos look bomb as fuck when they perform it. By no means is this shade to any specific artist, but most idols don’t have that same fierceness of a professional dancer and sometimes Kiel’s moves just don’t translate well when it’s their time to perform.
Monopolistic activity is almost always a bad thing in any industry, but it’s especially demoralizing to see it happening in a creative field. Surely, there are other quality choreographers out there chomping at the bit to try out their ideas. Just look at Chung Ha’s choreographer, Rian. She went to the same dance school as Chung Ha before she joined Produce 101. Look at how that turned out: Gotta Go, Snapping, Stay Tonight, etc. It enabled Rian to work with other big artists like Baekhyun (Candy), HYO (Dessert), Taemin (Heaven), CLC (Helicopter). One of the coolest things to see is opportunities open up for a little guy bursting with talent.
I need more diversity in the current landscape of girl group choreography!! The market is just way too saturated with one person leading the charge on all these huge releases. I’m not praying for Kiel to go jobless. I just wanna see a little less of his bend and snap style. It's never a bad thing to have a wider variety of creative minds contributing across an industry.
If interested, Kiel recently did a video with Steezy during which he gives commentary on many of the memorable and recent choreographies he’s done. It gives a bit more insight into the conceptual side of creating choreography and the sort of demands companies make.
4MINUTE - Crazy
BIGBANG - Bang Bang Bang
G-Dragon & T.O.P - Zutter
PSY - Daddy
2NE1 - Crush
2NE1 - Come Back Home
CL - Hello Bitches
iKON - Bounce (Rhythm Ta)
Monsta X - Spotlight
Blackpink - DDU DU DDU DU
Blackpink - Forever Young
Jennie - Solo
R.Tee x Anda - What You Waiting For
Blackpink - Kill This Love
Blackpink - Don’t Know What To Do
Twice - Fancy
Somi - Birthday
Somi - Outta My Head
Twice - Feel Special
Twice - More & More
Twice - Fanfare
NiziU - Make You Happy
Blackpink - How You Like That
Somi - What You Waiting For
Hyuna - Good Girl
J.Y. Park - When We Disco
Itzy - Not Shy
Blackpink & Selena Gomez - Ice Cream (I can't believe I just had to link to a Zepeto video.)
Blackpink - Lovesick Girls
Blackpink - Pretty Savage
Lee Suhyun - Alien
Twice - I Can’t Stop Me
Twice - Better
STAYC - So Bad
Twice - Cry For Me
NiziU - Step and a Step
Rosé - On The Ground
NiziU - Poppin’ Shakin’
NiziU - Take A Picture
Itzy - Mafia in the Morning
Somi - Dumb Dumb
Sunmi - You Can’t Sit With Us
Lisa - Lalisa
Lisa - Money
Itzy - Loco
Twice - The Feels
aespa - Savage
Somi - XOXO
Girls on Top - Step Back
(44 in total)
In the spirit of fairness, many of the choreographies here were not solely created by Kiel. He often says that kpop companies will create a Frankenstein of a few different choreographers' work for the final product; however, he does have quite a few notable solo endeavors. Usual collaborators are Kyle Hanagami and Lee Jung Lee.
One thing Kiel unquestionably has over all of us, though? He's probably listening to new Blackpink as we speak. It's been 467 days since The Album was released. Sigh.
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2021.11.14 16:00 still_a_muggle Weekly Round Up November 8th - November 14th

Weekly Round Up November 8th - November 14th

Weekly Round Up November 8th - November 14th
Previous thread: Weekly Round Up November 1st - November 7th
If in case you missed any news, official posts, SNS mentions, milestones, or if you're curious to know what the sub has been talking about lately, this round up is a compilation of all of that and more. How can you find the weekly round up? There's a link on the /bangtan's sidebar, as well as a link to the archive of past round-up posts in the wiki index.


Date Thread
211110 2021 Permission to Dance On Stage - LIVE PLAY @ YouTube Theater Buy/Sell/Trade Megathread


Date Thread
211104 Started With BTS And Ended With BTS... #1 SingeSong Of The Year (For Survey By 200 Industry Professionals)
211108 The Fact: BTS to release '2021 TMA' special photo book
211108 BTS has been nominated for 6 awards at the 2021 MMAs, including Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Legendary Performance
211108 American Music Awards - World premiere performance of "Butter" by BTS and Megan Thee Stallion on Sunday, Nov 21 at 8/7c on ABC
211111 BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LA Detailed Ticket Information
211111 Tokopedia: The most anticipated event of the year! WIB: Indonesia K-Pop Awards 2021. (25 Nov, 9pm KST. BTS appearing)
211111 MTV EMA: 🚨 Best Group voting is now open! 🚨 Head over to our Instagram story to vote now!! 🙌 (BTS nominated)
211112 One UI 4 finally adds Over The Horizon by SUGA of BTS as an official ringtone
211112 Lenika Cruz (Senior Editor for the Atlantic): BTS to hold in-person press conference on Day 2 of PTD in LA at 2 pm
211113 The Movie "Sing" official "This is.." individual character playlist has added "Dynamite" & "My Universe" under Buster Moon.


Date Thread
211109 BTS 2022 Season's Greetings and wall calendar 2nd preorder
211112 [BTS POP-UP : PERMISSION TO DANCE in SEOUL] At last, the city where we will all get together. #BTS 'City Signature' - Los Angeles


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Photos 211108 [BIGHIT MUSIC Naver Post] BTS + ARMY = No problem (2022 Season’s Greetings) Thread
Photos 211108 [In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2] Photo NO.1 Thread
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Bomb 211111 Jin’s Breakfast Menu Thread
In The Soop 211111 [In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2] EP.5 Preview Thread
In The Soop 211112 [In The SOOP BTS ver. Season 2] EP.5 Permission to BTS Thread
In The Soop 211113 IN THE SOOP SPECIAL BEHIND Preview: With the Official Photos from In the SOOP, BTS opens up about their happiest moments! Thread
Bomb 211113 Can't Say No to Ice Cream Thread
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Date Thread
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211108 Twitter RM Thread
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211109 Weverse j-hope Moment Thread
211109 Weverse Compilation Thread
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211109 Weverse j-hope Thread
211110 Weverse Compilation Thread
211111 Weverse Compilation Thread
211111 Twitter BTS Official Thread
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211112 Weverse RM Moment Thread
211112 Weverse RM Moment 2 Thread
211112 Weverse Compilation Thread
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211113 Twitter V (deleted) Thread
211113 Twitter V (2) Thread
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211113 Weverse Jimin Thread
211113 Weverse Compilation Thread
211114 Twitter BTS Official Thread
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211114 Weverse Jimin Thread
211114 Weverse Jimin 2 Thread
211114 Weverse Jimin (3) Thread


Date CF/Partnership Thread
211108 Fila ‘Heat Up The Winter’ - V Ver.
211109 Kloud Instagram: Kloud x BTS (Jin)
211109 Fila ‘Heat Up The Winter’ - RM Ver.
211109 Hyundai #BTS #SoapBubbles
211110 Fila ‘Heat Up The Winter’ - SUGA Ver.
211110 Hyundai Still feeling bubbly? Here are some more impressions of BTS spreading joy! 💜 🧼
211110 Kloud Instagram: Kloud x BTS (Suga)
211111 Fila ‘Heat Up The Winter’ - j-hope Ver.
211112 Fila ‘Heat Up The Winter’ - Jimin Ver.
211112 Kloud Instagram: Kloud x BTS (j-hope)


Date Publisher Article Thread
211107 Showbiz Cheatsheet Kiswe CEO Mike Schabel on VenewLive and BTS’ Online Concerts: ‘The Relationship Between BTS and ARMY Is Profound’ Thread
211108 W Korea K-Pop Style (BTS’ long-time stylist, Lee Ha-jeong is interviewed) Thread
211110 Asia Economy "Inspired by BTS sign choreography"..Seoul Yongmun High School team wins KAIST software competition Thread
211112 American Songwriter Behind the Song Lyrics: “Butter,” BTS Thread


NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
211108 James Jean Thread
211109 Peakboy on IG Stories Thread
211109 Megan Thee Stallion Thread
211109 Universal Music Publishing Group : "Who's Ready? #BUTTERTHEEREMIX" Thread
211109 Daegu Art Museum Instagram: Thank you. BTS leader RM-nim visited the exhibitions at the Daegu Art Museum ... Thread
211109 The Breakfast Club: Ed Sheeran speaks on writing the #BTS hit #PermissionToDance 🕺 Thread
211112 Bella Poarch: "💜" (She Is Holding RM Funko Character) Thread


NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Type 💜 Date Link Thread
Video 211108 Zepeto: Fan-made Video for Filmout by BTS Thread
Cover 211108 solarsido (MAMAMOO’s Solar): 2021 Emotional K-POP Medley (includes ‘My Universe’) Thread
Cover 211108 Vanilla Mousse - Boy With Luv (Acoustic cover) Thread
Video 211112 LoveTheBasics: FILMMAKER RECREATES BTS MV Scenes on a BUDGET Thread
Cover 211112 TXT(투모로우바이투게더) 'Dynamite' @ MUSIC BLOOD Thread


Type Date Thread
Streams 211108 “Yours” by Jin earns the biggest debut for a Korean OST in Spotify history. It also becomes the 1st Korean OST to enter the Global Spotify chart
Streams 211108 BTS Jungkook's ‘Euphoria’ is now the most streamed korean Male Solo song on Spotify, surpassing ‘Gangnam style’
Charts/Sales 211109 Billboard Chart Updates Compilation ("My Universe" at 23 on Hot 100)
Charts/Sales 211109 "BTS MAP OF THE SOUL O:NE" has been certified Gold in Japan (RIAJ) for selling over 100,000 copies.
Charts/Sales 211110 Real Sound: Japan Spotify Rankings for past 5 yrs
Charts/Sales 211110 Billboard Japan Hot 100 (#7 Butter)
Charts/Sales 211111 “Dynamite” has been certified Double Platinum on Gaon for surpassing 200 million streams!
Charts/Sales 211111 BTS's 'Love Yourself 結 Answer' has been certified Gaon 3x Million for over 3 million shipments in Korea.
Streams 211111 ‘My Universe’ has now surpassed 200 MILLION streams on Spotify. It's BTS's 28th song to reach this milestone.
Streams 211111 V's "풍경 (Scenery)" has now surpassed 200 million streams on SoundCloud. It's one of the top 10 most streamed tracks ever on the platform.
Charts/Sales 211112 ‘Yours' debuts at #14 on the UK Official Singles Sales Charts. It joins 'Sweet Night' as the only Korean OSTs in history to chart on UK Singles Charts.


Date Thread
211108 Who says winter is boring? Make your winter fun with TinyTAN!
211109 Share your warmth, Share your winter wishes!


Date Thread
211110 I'll shine your Dream ON And you gonna be happy ⏰11 AM Nov 12, 2021 (KST)


Date Thread
211109 A bundle of BT21 buddies are here✨ Twinkling tree and gifts will make happy memories🎁
211111 Cute buddies have gathered to make a special tree💚 #BT21BABY Holiday Edition 11/11 (PDT) #ComingSoon


Date Thread
211107 My Universe was used as background music on today’s episode of The Return of Superman
211107 On today’s episode of Running Man, the group visited the site where BTS filmed Season’s Greetings 2019
211108 Coldplay’s creative director, Phil Harvey, spoke about BTS in his interview with Coldplay Xtra
211110 Comment your favorite Bangtan song and I'll reply with my favorite lyric :D
211111 Super Junior’s Heechul mentions wanting to have a drink with SUGA in today’s episode of Studio Hook’s ‘Street Alcohol Fighter’
211111 On "Tomorrow's National Singer", a contestant performed a traditional Korean music rendition of “The Truth Untold" by BTS (thread)
211112 Singer BIBI Mentioned How She's A Fan Of BTS And Wants To Collaborate With Namjoon, Who Sent A Message Of Support
211113 Five years ago, V coined the phrase “borahae” which has become an emotion and a way to express the eternal love and trust of BTS and ARMY for each other





  1. [+96] Dear ARMYs, would you like to share how BTS became part of your life? What was the first song you "actively " listen to?
  2. [+88] Describe BTS songs in one sentence!
  3. [+66] I'm curious, if you only knew that BTS birthdays ranged from 1992-1997 and that there were 2, 2 man same year units., in what order would you put them for age??
  4. [+53] Does part of J-Hope's Choreography in "I'm Fine" have some kind of meaning?



Here are past week's top 5 fanart posts from our sister subreddit, /heungtan.
Submitter Thread
AUOGil82 My drawing of Namjoon~ [photo ref: BTS’s official FB page]
NAMI_seul Hey everyone ✨ Hoseok in this picture was so cite that I needed to make his art, and this was the video #HOSEOK #BTS #JHOPE
disequil Designed a Trivia:Love pin based off of Joon’s wordplay! 🌹
ricksroaches Probably one of my favorite shots in the mv (btw i drew this)
winningest_7 My daughter redid a watercolor from a few months back. Look how much she improved!
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2021.04.20 06:54 aribelixiet Style Not Loading

I tried to click on Zepeto Style and the screen is has a white background and there’s text saying “Style Loading Failed”.
My friend code is M4I7DO.
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2021.01.13 17:57 Pykka How to put furniture

I'm new to Zepeto and I've seen people have furnitures in their profile background, how do I put one? Been searching for awhile how to customize it
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2020.05.28 21:21 ZEPETO_Official Welcome to the Official ZEPETO Subreddit! FAQs & More

From the ZEPETO team, we welcome you to our community. Read up on the frequently asked questions below:
What even is ZEPETO?
ZEPETO is a social media / gaming app by the SNOW Corporation with million of users around the world! Users can create their own custom 3D avatar, create and customize fashion, explore worlds and maps, make friends and more
You can download the app here: https://zepeto.me/
What are coins and Zems? What's the difference?
Both coins and Zems are ZEPETO's in-app currency. Both can be used to purchase things like fashion and furniture, but some items require only coins while some others require only Zems. You can collect both by exploring maps and other features in the ZEPETO app.
How do I create my own fashion?
ZEPETO recently launched ZEPETO Studio, a web-based tool where users can create their own unique fashion and items and even sell them on the ZEPETO store to millions of users around the world.
Some of our top creators earn thousands of dollars a month selling custom-designed items on the ZEPETO Store. Learn more about getting paid here.
How do I create my own maps?
ZEPETO Build It! is part of ZEPETO Studio and offers PC and Mac OS downloadable software where you can create and customize your own ZEPETO map. You can test out the map and publish it to the app for all ZEPETO users to play and enjoy. Create mazes, time trials, or shopping plazas –– the possibilities are endless.
I heard ZEPETO tracks users or listens in on conversations. What's going on?
We take user privacy and safety very seriously at ZEPETO. We apologize to all users who felt unsafe or "creeped out" from using ZEPETO before.
Users have reported mysterious background noises like static and even breathing when using the "World" feature in app. This is from other users having their microphone enabled, sometimes without realizing, resulting in unexpected background noise.
We have since made updates to this feature. Always feel free to turn off that feature or disable certain settings like camera or microphone access in your phone settings too. Feel free to review our Privacy Policy or contact us if you have any questions on this.
I see so many accounts claiming to be ZEPETO. What are the official accounts?
Currently, this is the only official ZEPETO Subreddit. Below are our official social media accounts too
https://www.instagram.com/zepeto.official https://twitter.com/zepeto_official
I have a suggestion or concern. Who can I message?
Feel free to send us a message here on reddit! We'd love to hear your feedback. Also, feel free to contact the larger team through our official contact form here.
Thank you for being a part of ZEPETO! Keep creating
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2020.01.23 00:48 PatronymicPenguin [Second Life] The very real panic over virtual surnames

Origins of Virtual Worlds

The virtual world genre of online games is a deep, old, and diverse collection of titles. With origins stretching back into the 80's and new entries continue to pop up today, compiling a history of them is a feat reserved for dissertations and full length books. Suffice to say that the origins of the modern virtual world were likely MUDs, or Multi-User Dungeons, a sort of early text-based MMO, and chat rooms, and the genre experienced a kind of renaissance in the early 2000s when high-speed internet connections and personal computers became common in many homes. Notable entries which came about during this boom period include There.com, Entropa Universe, IMVU, Habbo Hotel, Virtual Magic Kingdom, MyCoke, The Sims Online, and HiPiHi. Even today new entries pop up regularly, like VRChat and Zepeto.
The common factor in all virtual world games is that they have no overarching game mechanics which drive player actions beyond creation and socialization. Unlike MMORPGs, where players are driven to defeat enemies, level up, and earn loot, and where players are mostly limited to pre-designed environments, virtual worlds focus on creativity and personalization. There is always some degree of avatar and personal space customization available. Some offer the ability for players to make and sell their own items in the game while others limit them to premade objects.

The Big Boss of Virtual Reality

Of all the virtual worlds which exist, there's one which is indisputably the most well known: Second Life. Created in 2003, Second Life (or SL) quickly bloomed from a tiny pay-to-play service into a massive international phenomenon. Its popularity was in good part due to it living up to its original tagline: Your World, Your Imagination. With robust in-game building tools and a currency players could freely convert between in-game and real-world money, there was ample incentive for people to check it out. During the early days, people flocked to see what all the fuss was about. Real-world businesses set up virtual offices and storefronts, colleges built model campuses for prospective students, and researchers studied how a virtual environment could affect the participants real lives. Forbes even featured a Second Life resident (the preferred term for users or players in SL) on their May 2006 cover as the first person to make over a million dollars from virtual world enterprises.
Over the years, the hubbub around Second Life has died out to the point that some folks believe it to be closed. It's still chugging along though, propelled by a smaller but no less enthusiastic player base. Even its parent company's attempts to move on to other projects (most notably a new virtual world called Sansar) have been unsuccessful due to how dedicated the residents are to their world. Second Life occupies a space which no other game has successfully been able to replicate in good part due to their very light regulation of sexually explicit content, open economy, and ever-evolving building tools.
Like any long-lived game, it's had its share of controversies over the years. Content theft, virtual pedophiles, a rumored adult content ghetto, and more interpersonal bullshit than you can shake a hundred sticks at. I've been a resident of SL since 2008 and have seen way, way too much. Today I'm going to tell you about the Residentification of Second Life.

What's in a Name?

One particularly unique attribute Second Life had from its conception was its username system. Where pretty much every other game has users create a short unique one word nickname to identify themselves, SL was different. On joining, users were prompted to choose a first and last name. Their first name was user created and their last name was selected from a list of ten options. These ten options were in turn randomly pulled from a much larger list of available last names curated by Linden Lab (also called LL), SL's parent company. Refreshing the account creation page would give you ten fresh options, though most new users didn't know this and would simply pick one of the initial offerings.
Names were widely varied and leaned heavily on real world surnames from every kind of national and ethnic background, including Andretti, Chung, Neville, and Kauffman. Others were ridiculous and definitely not real, like Jinx, Wishbringer, Yaffle, and Backbite. To keep any one last name from getting too popular, LL time limited names, adding and retiring them every few months. This means that you can sometimes guess when a person's account was made based on their last name alone. There's even a website dedicated to tracking how many people have what names and when they were created or retired. Last names also served as a signifier of real world staff members. Linden Lab staff avatars all have the last name Linden, and members of their official build team all have Mole.
The naming system was critical to the type of community which formed in SL during the early days. Rather than being inhabited by "dragonlordxx33XD" and "hawtsexaygurlie99", it was filled with people going by human names like Tiffany and Greg. I believe this has a strong influence on how residents treated and viewed one another and the types of communities which sprung up, though I can't provide any research to back that assertion up. There's always been a culture of viewing other people with the same last name as you as your cousins and saying hello when you run into them. My own account's surname has a little over 8000 users sharing it and was available for less than a year. Though it's far from the least popular name, I rarely see others with it.
While the last name system was popular with users, it could be confusing for newbies. Some thought they had to use their real first name while others misunderstood and entered in username-style fist names which didn't mesh with their last name (think CrAzY69AzN Smithers). There were complaints from users who wanted the option to change their names.

Signs of Change

2009 and 2010 was a time of major change for Second Life. During 2009, CEO and founder Philip Rosedale (Philip Linden in world) announced he was stepping back from his role and would instead be serving as chairman of the board. Philip's vision was seen as instrumental in how Second Life developed. His CTO Cory Ondrejka also departed. New CEO Mark Kingdon (M Linden in world) tried, but it was clear to those watching LL that things just weren't right.
In June 2010, Linden Lab announced they were laying off 30% of their staff, about 100 people. Given the personal connection many users felt towards particular members of staff, they rallied around them, even putting up a somewhat morbid tribute in the form of a graveyard. I was living on the same sim as the tribute and recall the massive swarm of both regular people and staff members coming to pay their respects. It really was as if friends had died. There's an image of Blue Linden standing in front of his gravestone which has stuck with me over the years.
The layoffs were so devastating to residents and overall faith in the company that Mark stepped down and Philip assumed the position of interim CEO that same month. Things kept spiralling and users simply weren't happy. LL tried to roll out a new tagline for Second Life that summer. Instead of "Your World, Your Imagination", they decided to go with "Fast, Easy & Fun". This announcement was immediately met with skepticism, jokes about SL's sexual content, and revealing shirts making fun of the slogan, of course.

The Name Reaper Cometh

During August 2010, Linden Lab held its annual convention for residents. Users from all over gathered and anxiously waited to hear what LL had in store after all the recent craziness. Philip took the stage and announced a number of changes they expected to hit the grid within the year. Among the important features they anticipated rolling out came word that they would be allowing the use of 'display names' and retiring the traditional first and last name system from use. Instead, new users would sign up with a single username and all of them would be given the same last name: Resident.
Panic was immediate. Some users began registering as many accounts with last names as they could with intentions to either sell them or have plenty of alternate accounts for their own use. Some predicted that the change would lead to a kind of second class status for anyone without a proper last name or that they wouldn't see themselves as part of the community. When you added in the idea of display names, people reached a fever pitch.
The name of your avatar in Second Life was seen as sacrosanct. No one else could have it. No one could easily impersonate you. It was special, unique, a family bond. Display names would enable all users to show a secondary name above their original registered username. This secondary name could be anything, making it useful for people who didn't like the name they picked or wanted to change their last name to be the same as their virtual spouse's. A display name wasn’t required to be unique. In fact, it could be the same as someone else’s username. Users worried about being impersonated by malicious actor. Some even put up signs in their stores telling customers how to check someone's username versus their display name.
The feature rolled out in November 2010. General grumbling was heard from all over the bloggosphere. Some folks trolled others by using their names. More than a few abuse reports about impersonation were filed. People changed their names like their underwear, trying on different identities. While unhappiness over the change continued well into 2012, people soon realized that it was unlikely LL would reverse course and got used to it. Residents were never treated as second class citizens in any meaningful way and a new status quo soon took hold.

What's a Name Worth?

In 2018, eight years after last names were retired, word surfaced that last names might be making a return. An official blog post alluded to LL considering adding the option to change your username, including adding a new last name to users stuck with Resident. After the first mention, official channels went silent on the topic for over a year. Finally, long after users had chewed their nails to the quick, they announced that the new feature was official - but instead of being freely available like display names had been, name changes would only be for users paying for their premium subscription services and anyone wanting one would still need to pay an additional fee on top of the subscription price. Last names had moved from standard, to unattainable, to a soon to be luxury status symbol in the span of ten years.
Reaction to the news was mixed, tinged with disappointment and annoyance. Overall, 1 in 4 surveyed users were willing to consider paying for a name change. Preliminary research by bloggers indicates that the fee to change a username will be around USD$40 on top of premium fees, and it's not yet clear if users will keep their changed names if they stop paying for the premium subscription. It's also possible the the changes may break some native script functionalities if they relied on username to identify people instead of the account UUID (unique user identification).
Name changes are expected to roll out officially in February 2020. There's sure to be additional drama as paranoid users deal with changed names and the implications that will hold. If anything substantial happens, I'll post an update. And if you liked this post and want to hear more about SL drama, let me know. I've got eleven years of it under my belt, I'd be glad to sum up more for my favorite sub.
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2019.06.20 00:52 kitonline Achieved switching !

(Kit here) Jenn and I switched for about 35 minutes yesterday and it made me laugh because all she did was change my phone background and then made herself on zepeto which she posted here: https://jenn-jem.tumblr.com/post/185712170640 (the other person is our soulbond jason)
Edit- To everyone asking about our switching techniques: Kit read something about “moving to the back seat” or where I usually am and that’s what he keeps in mind when I want to be in control, for us this is probably full switching because I feel like myself 100% even if the body’s still his physically. Hope this helps? And yes I can still hear him but it’s like he’s the tulpa and I’m the host- so to all you hosts out there try to drift to the back that’s what’s working for us, good luck! -Jenn
Also we meditate while lying down and try to line up our bodies so it’s easier for Jenn to take my place, kinda like astral projection -Kit
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