2005 chevy tahoe gas mileage

Loaner is a 23 Q5, and believe it or not, the gas mileage is as bad as my Q7!

2023.03.26 00:04 IceOnMyLeash Loaner is a 23 Q5, and believe it or not, the gas mileage is as bad as my Q7!

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2023.03.25 23:53 wikistik Sportage PHEV gas only range issue

We have a 2023 Sportage PHEV with about 1000 miles on it. We are getting abysmal gas only mileage (electric range seems fine). On a fairly flat highway trip with 1-2 people in the car in HEV mode we are getting about 24-25 mpg, which is a long way short of the 35 EPA combined estimate for the gas engine. There is nothing obviously wrong except we also cant seem to use the full gas tank capability. The tank is rated at 11.1 gallons. But if we run it down to single digits on gas miles remaining we can't get it to take even 9 gallons of gas. So 9 gallons x 25 mpg = a pathetic 225 mile gas range.
Any suggestions as to what is wrong here?
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2023.03.25 23:49 PhannnyPack Transitioning to Car living

My LT bf and I are about to transition to car living pretty soon here. I feel pretty confident as we both have full time jobs and he has a car he can fit a whole bed in (Chevy Tahoe). My biggest concern is finding a place to park where we won’t be harassed by police/civilians. Any suggestions on transitioning to living in a car and finding safe places to park ?
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2023.03.25 23:19 TheCuriousBread PSA: Tips aren't "tips" on food delivery apps (UberEats, DoorDash, SkipTheDishes)

With how often you see food delivery drivers on the streets and how commonly used their services are, I think it's to the benefit of everyone to clarify what "tips" actually are.
An example
An order came in that offers $7.50, the base pay $4 + tips $3.50.Delivering the order took the driver 30 minutes to complete.The total driving distance is 10km, the car has a gas mileage of 7L/100km, and gas price is at $1.8/L so it costs $1.28 in gas.
That's $6.22/half hour or $12.44/hr.
It literally pays less than minimum wage when "tips" are bad.
(the Fantuan app is another story, mostly just rich immigrants and Asian students who "work" to keep their parent's allowance)

Key takeaways:
  1. If you're a customer, if you want someone to pick up your order in a timely fashion, increase your "tips". If you wish to thank the driver for his service, give more tips afterwards, leave a good rating in the app or good ol fashion cash.
  2. If you're a driver. Well shit sucks, no way to get around it. Death is the poor man's doctor.
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2023.03.25 22:26 Zzz73 2020 Fried ECU

Took my 2020 Frontier in for the parking pawl recall (and i guess another one that required an ECU reflash) I was told the ECU made it half way through the update and corrupted. Truck is dead in the water at the dealership. Good news, it's under warranty. better news, got a loaded 2023 Titan Pro 4X to drive for a few days. The Titan is pretty nice, but man is the gas mileage bad. Makes the Frontier seem like a Prius.
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2023.03.25 22:19 47milliondollars Advice on what to list sprinter for?

2005, great condition, ~90k miles, 158 wheel base, well taken care of.
Upgrades: - fully insulated (walls and floor) - solar panels (200watts) - battery system (200amp hour) - tinted windows along entire passenger side - areas under windshield treated for rust prevention - gas oven and stove - low amp chest fridge freezer (Wynter) - diesel burning heater - table and benches that convert to a bed
Main issue is that it looks a little rough inside. The previous owner put panels over the insulation that are covered in outdoor grey carpet that's starting to detach, and we built the interior out of plywood as a trial layout. Purely cosmetic, the van is awesome otherwise.
My husband was diagnosed with MS and considering leaving his job, so we're just trying to simplify and beef up our savings. Hoping for some solid advice on what to list this for in the US (Colorado). Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.25 21:37 itoldonannfrankk On call policy

Hello all, this is my first time posting here. My fiancé and I both have the same job title but work in neighboring cities. We both have public safety jobs working for our cities (not police officers). In my city, we are given company vehicles to take home on the nights we are on call, which is 3-4 days a week. We can’t use our personal vehicles for anything work related due to the risk of liability according to our policies. My fiancé however has the opposite happening. We live about 36 minutes from his workplace. He is on call multiple nights a week as well. When he gets an emergency page, he has to drive 36 minutes to work, pick up a city truck, and then drive to whatever emergency call (0-30 minutes from his office depending on location).
Recently they’ve hired a new person who has started logging mileage and is asking what happens if he gets in an accident in his personal car while driving to a truck for an emergency call. The supervisor for his facility has no answer. She won’t go to anyone higher than her to find the answer and just says that the people above her only permit police and fire to take home vehicles for on call shifts.
He drives frequently using his personal vehicle for work and spends a lot in gas as well. He’s also wondering now who we should contact to discuss what would happen in the event that he has an accident doing work related tasks. Is there anything we should be aware of? It’s possible that he signed a disclosure upon hire but he can’t recall.
He will be reaching out to HR on Monday however just asking here for advice about anything he may need to bring up or questions he should ask.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.25 20:54 ClimateInfinite What's a good, cheapish, daily truck for car flipping?

Hello all,

I've been getting really into car flipping and I'm looking to buy a (probably smallish) used truck that would help me transport the cars I buy. My price range is under $10k but if possible I'd like to go under $5k. I know gas mileage isn't something trucks are known to be great for, but the higher the better, of course as this will be what I use to go to school four days a week

I'm looking at used 2002 v6 Ford Ranger for $3k.
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2023.03.25 20:28 buftixthrow Prius or Fit, both high mileage

Hi all--please help me decide between:
- 2016 Honda Fit LX automatic, 155K miles (250K km)
- 2015 Toyota Prius, 235k miles (380k km). Have been proposed a one-year warranty on the hybrid battery which I expect I could bump to at least two.
Both cars cost essentially the same. This would be a first car, mostly because our kid is getting old enough to be driven to friends/activities etc. Primarily city driving. We have not been a road-trip family so far, especially since we don't own a car now; there would be maybe 5-6 two-hour each way trips annually to see grandparents although perhaps we'd drive out of town more once we had a car. Northeastern climate. It will also serve as a learning-to-drive car for my spouse. Adding 10K to the odometer in a year is probably about right or even a little high.
For my purposes, there's no real difference between how they feel (at least in a test drive) and in terms of legroom/headroom, although I'm told the Fit is louder on highways. Saving on gas/emissions is a plus. The prius' being a midrange (and not an econo like the Fit) versus the Fit's fitting into smaller parking spaces is largely a wash for me. Cargo space is not relevant. I care about reliability (especially at these high mileages) but my understanding is that the Fit and Prius are very reliable and long-lived (subject to the Prius battery on which I'd get some warranty as above).
I would get a pre-purchase inspection (at this point I'm mostly deciding which one to fork out that money for.)
I am planning to have it for 2-5 years and then switch to a fully electric car. So resale value is of some importance to me. My sense is that a sub-200K mile Fit would still be reasonably easy to sell but a Prius on the far side of 250K miles would be a tougher sell.
Thank you!
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2023.03.25 20:27 xc70boarder New card advice for young student

Current cards: Discover (authorized user on parents’ card — line open since 2005), Discover it $2000 May 2022, Apple Card $3400 October 2022
FICO Score: 747
Oldest account age: 30 months
Chase 5/24 status: N/A
Income: $34,000
Average monthly spend and categories: - dining $100 - groceries: $200 - gas: $100 - travel: $100 - other: rent/bills $750
Open to Business Cards: No
What's the purpose of your next card?: Building credit mostly, don’t want big purchases to go to waste (cash back or travel points)
Do you have any cards you've been looking at?: Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom Unlimited
Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card?: Preferably general spending as I don’t spend much on travel
I am currently a grad student looking to get a new “adult” CC. I am young and have just begun building up my credit with my first Discover it card, so I’m looking for advice on my next step. I am planning a trip this summer which I envision spending a couple thousand $ on including flights and lodging — I’d really like this money to go towards points or cash back.
I have mainly been eyeing the CSP and CFU cards. The CSP seems to have really great rewards, especially the SUB. I’d love to book my upcoming trip with this card for the travel insurance and also to have no foreign exchange fees during the trip. However, I feel like it’ll be tight to spend the initial $4k in 3 months and I’m not particularly keen on the annual fee seeing as I’m a student and have a very limited income. I’m also not sure if the travel points are worth it at this point since I really don’t travel very often. For these reasons, I’ve been looking at the CFU card. Does the CFU seem like a better option for my circumstances? Is it even plausible to apply for these cards given my young credit age?
Edit: changed oldest account age to primary accounts, not authorized user)
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2023.03.25 20:02 Powertothetrade Is there anything that could make a fuel pressure regulator leak gas that ISNT a broken fuel pressure regulator?

2001 Chevy impala 3.8L 120k KM

im just curious because i bought a used FPR to replace my current heavy leaking one, and the used one is also leaking slightly, was unsure if some kind of abnormal high pressure in the gas line could somehow do it or if its just another broken Fuel pressure regulator
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2023.03.25 19:54 Sick-Phoque Question about fuel capacity/mileage on '16 Corolla LE

Hi all. So the other day I got on the highway forgetting I needed to fuel up. I saw that I had enough mileage remaining to reach the gas station with a few km to spare (plus I have a 5L gas can in trunk for emergency) but the last ~15km of remaining mileage went down disproportionately fast, and by the time I reached the gas station , remaining mileage was either 0 or 1km.
Now my fuel tank capacity is 50L so I was expecting to put close to that in, but it would only take 43 Litres. And I've noticed it never takes as much fuel as I expect. Is this just some fuel reserve so people don't run out of gas?
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2023.03.25 19:13 ramandigital An overall look of trucks. What about the popularity of Tata mini trucks?

Trucks are the most affordable means to transport heavy to lightweight loads from one corner to another. Initially, Gottlieb Daimler designed the first motor vehicle in 1896. 'Phoenix' was the first motor truck that had a four-horse-powered engine. After that, technology changed not only the exterior but also the interior part of a truck.
Various types of trucks have now come into force. Their features and usage are sometimes different. Some trucks are heavy-duty, some medium-duty and some trucks are light-duty. Some trucks are used for transporting goods, and some are used to carry gallons of water or oil, whereas some are used to deliver stuff door-to-door. Several companies are there to produce different trucks like tractors, toppers, small trucks, water tankers, etc. A small truck like tata ace has fame and demand in the market.
Key facts
When this mini truck was introduced in 2005, it completely changed how goods were transported in India, opening up new business opportunities, creating jobs, and encouraging entrepreneurialism. People throughout the nation adore the brand for its long-lasting performance in all kinds of terrain and weather.
For the past 15 years, Tata Ace has been the top choice of customers in the mini truck class, having earned the trust of more than 23 Lac businesses. With its high mileage, high power & pick up, high payload, high convenience, and lowest maintenance costs, the new Tata Ace Gold Petrol is the newest model to join the Tata Ace line-up. This vehicle will earn you the most money out of all the cars in its class. The Tata Ace Gold Petrol cXML is, without a doubt, the best option for your company, whether you need it for deliveries of fruits and vegetables, consumer items, household necessities, scrap trash, or anything else. Although the design is tiny, the body and payload capacity are lucrative in size.
Specifications- If we talk about the specifications of different variants of Tata Motors, they have payloads of 1550 kg approx. They have a great body size of 7 ft x 4.7 ft, a wheelbase of 2100 mm, and an ideal 3800 mm overall vehicle length. These Tata light commercial vehicles have excellent 160 mm ground clearance.
Engine quality- The engine of the Tata mini trucks is designed as a water-cooled diesel engine. All models are fitted with fuel-efficient engines.
Price range- All line-up’s of this series are very reasonable in price. The price range starts from ONE 4.70 Lakh and varies to ONE 12.80 Lakh.
Chotha Hathi is the nickname of all the small trucks of Tata. They have a legendary market in the Indian truck industry. Tata mini trucks continue to be consumers' first choice, with more than 50% of the market share in the category. The Tata is unbeatable at the top with their competitive price, minimal maintenance costs, dependable performance, and high premium in used trucks.
Business purpose
Tata small trucks are very efficiently handling the business purpose of the owners. These mini trucks offer high performance. They help in businesses like transporting vegetables, fruits, and consumer durables. One can do retail van business, courier services, delivery services, supplying milk from one place to another, and transporting construction materials. If you love to cook, you can also start a mobile food trucking business.
Mini trucks are very easy to maintain. If anyone wants to add any variant of Tata to his business, it will be profitable for him. Among many line-up-select anyone and continue your business successfully.
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2023.03.25 19:07 RMachuca3d Traded some HW’s for these, any rare ones?

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2023.03.25 18:50 DragonflySea2328 When you consider an AVERAGE order, deduct $6.30. That's your net profit in the BEST scenario

People are not going to like hearing this. There is a reason Walmart doesn't use employees and their own vans to deliver. They rely on delusional, desperate people who largely cannot add and subtract, to deliver their orders, many times for free or close to it.
Here is the actual costs of delivering groceries;
1) the it's allows a 63 cent deductible per mile. I am using 40 cents per mile. It doesn't matter if you drive a Tesla or Prius because the money you save on gas you lose in depreciation -- a more expensive car will result in more monies depreciation. 40 cents a mile is actually probably low. An average order is 6 miles. Round trip is 12 miles. That's 12 X .40 or $4.80 for car depreciation/ gas every AVERAGE order 2. Employee/ employer taxes - because you supposedly work for your self ( lmao) you pay both employer and employee social security and Medicare and Medicaid taxes. That's 15.3 percent of ADJUSTED Income or actual profit. Let's assume you gross 40 k and declare to the IRS you made 20 k after mileage and assorted deductions - that means 3,000 you owe IN ADDITION to regular income taxes. That 3,000 divided by 52 weeks, and then by 40 orders a week results in 1.60 an order. Add that to the 4.80 to arrive at the 6.30
""" Assorted losses that SHOULD be added to the 6.30 but at a minimum should be considered losses; 1) no health insurance 2) no vacation pay or sick days or paid time off 3) five fold risk of car accident 4) risk of injury in job and zero access to workers comp or disability insurance 5) no access to unemployment in the event of deactivation 6) no access to worker's comp in event of injury, and risk to injury higher given heavy items carried, car accidents, dog bites, and more 7) forget applying for a mortgage or loan or credit card. Applying for a rental or car loan is beyond impossible. An individual doing this would need a spouse with a W2 / or be retired/ have a home already
The cost to an average employer for average benefits on an individual employee is well documented at $10 an hour. So, consider that as well
At a bare minimum you should be deducting 6.30 from each offer when considering taking it. In really, you should be deducting far more.
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2023.03.25 18:50 NativeOklahoman 2005 V10 Gas 4x4 Eddie Bauer $3900 - Needs some repair to drive. Edmond, OK

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2023.03.25 17:46 Top-Energy4895 Keeping track of gas mileage

How do you keep track of gas mileage when doing drop ins or going to meet and greets? I would like to keep track of when I get gas for my taxes
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2023.03.25 17:19 Think-Addition-7796 Gas Mileage and Reliability

How are both aspects, planning to upgrade from a G37
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2023.03.25 17:12 uncle_freshflow First SUV - Need Some Advice

Just really really ridiculously good looking
So here's the situation: family of 4 including 2 young kids, first time home owner. We've reached a point where the sedan just isn't cutting it. I'd like to buy an SUV like this:
- At least 65+ cubic feet of max storage space (like Rav4 status or more).
- Don't really need a 3rd row, but do need a 2nd row that adults can sit in comfortably.
- I don't plan to tow anything.
- Gas mileage not super important.
- I need it within the next 3 months.
- Good in the New Hampshire snow (needs AWD or 4WD)
- Reliability and resale value are important
- OTD price under $50k
Options I'm considering:
Rav4 Hybrid Limited ($40k-ish new): I'm on the wait list for one. Great gas mileage. Really good storage capacity. Toyota reliability and likely to hold its value. Cons: loud on the highway, not the most premium option.
Jeep Grand Cherokee ($40k-ish used): I've always loved the iconic look, good in the snow, good storage capacity, more premium interior. But, more expensive and on the larger side. (Side note, I'm kind of shocked that the Jeep and the Rav4 have the same max storage capacity despite the Rav4 having a much smaller footprint).
Mazda CX-5 / CX-50: More premium interior than the Rav4 but seems a little small for the 4 of us.
Mazda CX-9 ($45k-ish new): Looks really nice, planning to go test drive one. Again, kind of shocking that it's 20 inches longer than the Rav4 with the same total cargo capacity. Downside: I don't really need the 3rd row and it's the longest of all these options.
Hyundai Santa Fe ($43k-ish used): Seems very similar to the Rav4 and I have no experience with Hyundais, but it gets great reviews. I like that it's smaller than its big brother, the Palisade.
I'm a little overwhelmed by all the options! Thanks for your input, internet people.
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2023.03.25 17:12 freedomfreight Reliable new cars for 25-28k?

Hello everyone, I was wondering what new car I should buy for around my budget. Choosing new due to used cars being nearly the price of new around me. Here are my requirements:
Good gas mileage Reliable 5+ years Heated seats CarPlay Moonroof
Thanks in advance
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2023.03.25 16:53 WolfPackMentality90 Clayton,Missouri police department 2021 Chevy Tahoe

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2023.03.25 16:44 ororor2000 Cruise America 30ft RV

Hi There, Later this year my friends and i and coming to the us for a road trip, and we have reserved the 30ft motorhome from Cruise America (i think based on the Ford e450d), and i have a few questions.
  1. what does the generator runs on (propane or disel?)
  2. can you run the generator while driving?
  3. does the cabin have an 12V or any other power outlets that runs on the engine battery?
  4. anybody rented this one before and can give me an insight to its gas mileage?
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