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2023.03.29 21:50 blodgrahm Static from speakers after media stops

I have my computer hooked up to some desktop speakers via aux. About 5 seconds after any media (videos, games, music, ...) stops playing, I get static from the speakers. Changing the volume slider in the GUI doesn't change the volume of the static. The only way I've found to stop the static is to turn the dial on the speaker all the way to off. This works, but is mildly annoying.
Does anyone have any suggestions for how to deal with this?
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2023.03.29 21:50 Miserable_Peach I know whats wrong with me but feel like I still don't know

Hey all this is my first real rant on reddit but I have so much on my mind.
I have been going to therapy since I was about 17 because I was struggling really hard with depression, anxiety attacks, and processing my parents divorce and some of the household dysfunction preceding that.
When I graduated High School and went to my first University I had horrible anxiety attacks, never got out of bed, smoking instead of eating and had really dark thoughts.....
COVID saved me in a way as I was forced to come home to my family and decided to transfer schools. At my new school I have made great progress, finding trusted and loves friends to live with, but I still get into really bad situations with friends, school and coworkers, screaming and crying, crying, crying....
I've been diagnosed with PMDD: severe dysphoria, paranoia, and suicidal thoughts pre-menstrual
I get really worked up and anxious and stressed out to the point it feels like my forehead is going to explode. When I get like this I get very "society" as my mom calls it and I don't trust anything and hate everyone. And I spiral...
The whole world is garbage, everything costs money, there's so many people starving and homeless and there's so much corruption and if I was born at a different time I would be locked up and if I had a child I would traumatize it but I'll never have children because PMDD can result in low progesterone which can cause miscarriages but that'll never happen cus I'll never find a boyfriend because I don't trust anyone and the older I get the more it's a red flag that I've never dated anyone and men are annoying and only want me for sex and will never understand how emotional I get and I'll be living alone and never be able to sleep because I'm paranoid someone will break in but it doesn't matter because the world is gonna end and I'm too emotionally unstable for the corporate world and its stupid dress codes and stupid formalities and stupid schedules and ill be fired and starve on the street and try meth and die and then my family will be even more depressed which is the worst thing about loved ones cus i feel like i am inherently making them sad by existing cus they are worried about me
Like, spiral.
And the following 2 weeks I have to pick up where I left off and take care of myself, but I also act out and feel like I have the worst personality. I want to party (not crazy) but just be super social and not doing my homework and just bad habits and risky behavior like smoking(weed), fast food and spending. It sounds like mania maybe but I'm really not that chaotic, and I have good friends that love me for me. But these themes are horrible and the thought patterns get triggered when I go back out into my life cus people coddle me thinking I'm super sad and pathetic and have to walk on eggshells. I just started the spring quarter of my junior year, so one more year and a degree. It's only the second day of classes and I have been so emotionless and moving through mud and was swearing at the people at the bank and just feel like the worst person ever. I have a therapist but she only has so much availability and it makes me remember that its a transaction and if I was broke I'd probably have k*lled myself by now cus I wouldn't have had all this therapy, which makes me go all societal thinking again and ughhhhhhhh
I'm an art student so I constantly make art, listen to music, and exercise, I try to take care of myself but at the same time I'm really self destructive???? like I vape constantly and I can't kick the habit for years cus then there are situations where i want to feel normal and like a stupid elf bar isn't gonna make me lose my mind or kill me and it's just something everyone does and I like it?
^I clearly also struggle with black and white thinking
therapists or fellow over thinkers, I just want to feel alive and get out of my head and therapy isn't working cus it's so structured and never lines up with my headspace. I feel like I'm already VERY introspective
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2023.03.29 21:50 Thee_Randy_Lahey Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, March 23, 2023

Debates (Contains verbatim):
Orders of the day:
Nothing particularly notable.
Daryl Harrison (SaskParty) 10:07:02
Petition against the NDP Liberal federal government infringing on rights, calls for Sask First policies etc.
Meara Conway (NDP)
Petition to increase SAID rates for people with disabilities. Budget only gave them $1 a day. She reads a story about a recipient who is struggling to eat - at that point the SaskParty starts to heckle her, Speaker interjects and told her to hurry up.
u/10:49:40 The Speaker stops to tell Conway that she broke rules during the petition; she has to be brief and not make an argument or finger point, which he says she did by citing the increase in SAID.
Jennifer Bowes (NDP)
Petition to prohibit conversion therapy as a discredited and abusive practice.
Erika Ritchie (NDP)
Petition to protect provincial water supply. Cites 79 precautionary water advisories and 2 boil waters. Cites a SUMA resolution to investigate the impact of agricultural chemicals on municipal water supplies. Also mentions the affects of illegal crop land draining threatening ground water.
Response to Provincial Budget 10:13:14
Nadine Wilson (Independant, running as Sask United)
Scolds the government for giving themselves a pay raise while people are struggling. She says “Growth that works for no one”. Calls for meaningful tax cuts and rebates, put people before politics.
The NDP gave applause.
SaskParty heckles her; Don McMorris shouted something that I can’t make out, Paul Merriman made a hand gesture like a talking mouth and shouted something about a coalition. *Note he came in late for statements as well just before this clip.
Global Change Required to Meet Water and Sanitation Crisis 10:14:$6
Erika Ritchie (NDP)
Talks about water advisories, some dating back several years. Cites Manitou Beach having toxic blue green algae in their lake, causing financial suffering. Related to UN world sustainable goals.
Observance of Ramadan 10:16:30
Muhammad Fiaz (SaskParty)
Announces Ramadan, talks about muslim religion.
Purple Day Supports Epilepsy Awareness 10:18:04
Vicki Mowatt (NDP)
Announces Purple Day
Z99 Radiothon for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Gary Grewal (SaskParty)
Talks about Z99 radiothon for neonatal care.
Saskatchewan’s Record Population Growth
Terry Jenson (SaskParty)
Talks about population growth in the province. Takes credit for the work done. Brings up NDP in 2006 when the population was shrinking.
\NOTE also with the lowest retention rate of migrants, and the highest outmigration of the province.*
Responses to Provincial Budget 10:22:33
Ken Francis (SaskParty)
Talks about the budget yesterday and how great it is. Notable, the U of R president was happy and said it was as expected.
\NOTE: They are in talks with University of Regina Faculty Assoc about cuts. Their president was in the Leg Mar 9 saying the exact opposite, and the minister said he was meeting with her after the session.*
Provincial Budget 10:24:04
Carla Beck, Trent Wotherspoon, Vikci Mowatt (NDP) vs Scott Moe, Don Morgan, Donna Harpauer, Paul Merriman (SaskParty)
Cites a recent poll that 55% of Saskatchewan people are worse off this year than last, asks how the premier can fail to deliver any relief to struggling families. Has a $2B windfall and only gave tax increases, citing PST increases and the expansion on where it’s charged.
Moe says he is proud of the budget, and it resembles growth “that works for everyone”. (He cites increases in funding, but they’re all near or under inflation, I didn’t fact check any, but at those numbers they can’t be increases). One of the items he is proud of is the $1 a day increase for SAID recipients. He then attacks the NDP for a 9% PST.
\Note: anyone new to the province or to politics, the Grant Devine PC government that was the predecessor to the Saskparty nearly bankrupt the province which ended up in them being voted out, and a few members criminally charged.*
Affordability and Cost of Living
Trent Wotherspoon (NDP) vs Don Morgan, Donna Harpauer (SaskParty)
Wotherspoon says that families and small business are struggling with a once in a generation crisis, and the government is doing nothing but tax and rate hikes. Morgan calls the NDP irresponsible, has no credibility, and is standing with their leaders Jagmeet and Trudeau who are tripling the carbon tax.
Wotherspoon mentions again that he is criticising the federal government, and again calls for PST hike rollbacks. Harpauer claims we are the cheapest province to live in and defends the budget saying that they have increased in many areas where the increase doesn’t meet the cost of inflation.
\Note: Jagmeet and Trudeau are in fact not the bosses of the provincial NDP. The carbon tax rebate increases with the cost.*
Support for Health Care
Vicki Mowatt (NDP) vs Paul Merriman (SaskParty)
Mowatt says that hospitals are near collapse, cites SUN president in regards to the issues, and asks Merriman to address. Merriman cites some dollar figures and the number of workers coming in (the provincial auditor has ruled that these are not enough positions). He passes this all as success. Mowatt calls his answer shameful, nothing to cover family doctors, no new supports for costs, team based care, or problems with the current model, and accuses them of giving up. Merriman says that they are looking at future solutions. Mowatt says that doctors have told her the new doctor compensation doesn’t work, and doctors are leaving the province as a result. Merriman says he rejects the question, while the NDP heckled, I couldn’t make out what they said, he says the NDP is running down health care workers (which is clearly not true) if you listen to the entire exchange.
Funding for Education
Matt Love (NDP) vs Dustin Duncan (SaskParty)
Quotes president of Sask Schoolboard Association who call this budget falling short, investment that is needed, doesn’t even cover their inflationary expenses. Quotes Sask Teachers Federation president.
Duncan cites the numbers in the budget, defends it, compares it to $1.94B more than the NDP earmarked, then accuses the NDP of being against the education workers.
\NOTE: The last NDP budget ended in 2008, and didn’t have P3 schools to pay for - this is a poor comparison, and doesn’t include the per student cost or outcomes of education - all of which are worse.*
Tax Rates and Provincial Budget
Nadine Wilson (Independant) vs Donna Harpauer
Says the province is citing a huge surplus, asks why the province didn’t decrease taxes on the people in the province. Accuses the province of taking credit for the surplus, but it’s from increased taxes and resource prices. She says they are profiting on the plight of the people, and calls for them to even reduce the PST 1%.
Harpauer cites natural resources being high right now and volatile. She then says that she is copying the NDP cut and pasting their talking points. She then says that she doesn’t know what to say, then says it’s an indication of a strong and resilient economy. I don’t understand the position, her two ideas seem to conflict.
\NOTE: Volatile natural resources are the basis of crown corps that bring revenue to the province, like Liquor Board stores for example.*
First point of order was the speaker talking about Conway’s petition earlier, and info is in that section.
Jeremy Harrison (SaskParty) vs Nicole Sarauer 10:50:22
Says that Wotherspoon called finance minister as boned-headed. As asks him to stand, withdrawal and apologise. He cites a 2017 Hansard decision.
Sarauer says that he called the tax bone-headed, not the minister. The Speaker will review the record.
Trent Wotherspoon (NDP)
Wothespoon calls the budget out of touch, a government flush with cash who isn’t helping the challenges that people and business are facing. Goes on to call them disrespectful to the health care sector, doctors, teachers, education.
Cites closed hospitals, long wait times in ERs, people can’t get family doctors, addictions problems.
Attacks that they threw in the towel on equalisation, and calls it a fight that shouldn’t be let down.
Talks about internet access in rural and remote areas asking them to make it a priority and scrap the increasing dividend from Sasktel.
Cites producers being left out of proper compensation rights. Mentions that they delayed despite the NDP and federal government pushing.
Beef herds are in decline and products are being imported while families are losing herds that have generational lineage.
Calls for investigations into meat plants and their anti competitive practices.
Calls for work on the carbon tax to stop the burden on agriculture, and the NDP wants them to exempt grain drying and compensation for being stuarts of the land.
Ends in thanking the people and the workers of the wonderful province, and encourages everyone to work towards a bright future, and being squandered by the government.
Reverts to the previous complaint about the use of boneheaded, and agrees to retract it, and replace with the following: does not approve the budgetary policy of the government because it fails to provide cost-of-living relief for families, fails to make needed investments in health care and education; and further, that the Assembly has lost confidence in the government.
Lori Carr (SaskParty) calls for point of order 11:13:26. Says that Wotherspon referred to the minister of trade and export development the minister of jobs. Wotherspoon stands up, says he’s perplexed but apologises.
Vicki Mowatt (NDP)
Talks about smugness in the house when talking about important issues in our community, and even towards guests that were in the room. She says people are noticing and they need to do better. She cites conversation with people in her riding worried about loosing their homes, and there’s no relief from the province in sight. Talks about hospitals being closed, some on bypass with only a note on the door that it’s closed, a baby being born on the side of the highway. And no real meaningful plan. She says that their constituents are calling the NDP offices as well, so she doesn’t know how they can continue with 32 new taxes and fees.
Premier has worst jobs record in the country, he’s flush with cash from potash and oil prices due to the war, and still no relief. 20% of Sask kids are living in poverty, and they have pet projects like the Sask Marshalls, Sask Revenue Agency and the finance minister fires up the jet to go for lunch.
Cites the health system near collapse, and the auditor has told them they are 1000 workers short, and they call it the most ambitious plan in the country in a display of arrogance.
Calls for health care support. The doctors are being forced to be business owners when they just want to provide care. The nurse practitioners asked for a ‘grow your own’ to let them work in the area that they live in, the government won’t address them. Said that the Regina General being closed was referred to as business as usual, ebbs and flows of the service while ignore solutions being provided by health care providers.
She talks about meeting requests like the one in Delisle where the providers asked them to all come, but the saskparty doesn’t show up and listen. Instead he says he meets people on the way home that he talks to (this is true, it happened several times this month in fact.)
Cites headlines about investment into mental health and addictions while those issues soar in our province without significant targeted investment or speaking to the professionals.
Socials services benefits haven’t increase in 8 years, and now they’re given a dollar a day. The Saskparty heckled her at this point. She cites it’s offloading the costs to municipalities and creating more homelessness and claw back benefits.
Says we have the worst job record in the country, but the Saskparty brags about those numbers. Their economy ranked last with a GDP shrinkage (we were the only province that experienced that, citations in earlier synopsis;) And being made worse by putting PST on construction.
Worst retention of people in the province (citations in previous dates as well, statcan has all this data).
Schools are organising bottle drives to continue, and the increases don’t even meet their previous needs let alone inflation. The Saskparty heckled this.
Fights that the budget doesn’t have targets or timelines.
11:36:54 Speaker rules on ‘boneheaded’ comment, tells Wotherspoon to withdrawal and apologise, then asks the Saskparty if they don’t have anything better to do than points of order.
Ken Frnacis (SaskParty) 11:37:28
Opens up with a joke that the NDP obviously hasn’t taken a tony robbins positivity course latley. Praises the minister of finance. Makes more jokes about the ‘longest serving opposition member’ was feeling very empowered by the crowd (referring to Wotherspoon). Says no wonder the confidence was redlining because of the support of the media. Goes on to make more jokes. Says that the NDP is by extension talking down the people of Saskatchewan, make some bad jokes about socialism and he feels bad for them. Cites eye rolling of the crowd at Wotherspoons tone about crissi after crisis every day (he is referring to a speech about cost of living crisis and hospital closures), and the tone will be better from the Saskparty side. He says that they will get their feedback at the polls, then there is shouting and an interruption.
From the verbatim @ time stamp 11:43:25: This is shocking
The Speaker :
Like, really. You know, I caution the member. Some kind of threatening gesture? Give me a break. I mean, come on. This is where it gets back and forth where it’s unacceptable. The pointing, you know, I mean, please. Please refrain from those types of things. Come on. AnThe Speaker: — Like, really. You know, I caution the member. Some kind of threatening gesture? Give me a break. I mean, come on. This is where it gets back and forth where it’s unacceptable. The pointing, you know, I mean, please. Please refrain from those types of things. Come on. And that’s for both sides, too.
I mean, come on. I recognize the Government House Leader. Hon. Mr. J. Harrison: — Just seeking clarification,
Mr. Speaker, on your ruling — I’m not sure if that was a ruling — on whether we can use hand gestures . . .
The Speaker: — Sorry, you’re challenging the Speaker. Do you March 23, 2023 Saskatchewan Hansard 3425 really want to go there? Do you really want to go there? Yeah, you want to go there? Okay. I want the Government House Leader to stand up, withdraw, and apologize.
I recognize the Government House Leader. Hon. Mr. J. Harrison: — I withdraw and apologize if that’s what the Speaker . . .
The Speaker: — Sit down. I recognize the member from Kindersley. d that’s for both sides, too. I mean, come on.
Ken Francis continues.. Attacks them saying it’s all fear and smear just like their federal ndp liberal coalition, a negativity vortex. Says that the statistics show that they’re doing well, and the NDP is saying they will make cuts but they won’t (where’s the liquor board store Ken?).
Goes on to call rural Sask the spinal cord of the provincial economy, excited for the future, agribusiness is working hard to fight the federal government on a new deal. Goes on to cite all the massive 10%+ increases in those areas, oil and gas potash, etc. and how their 9 trade offices (the ones Harper runs globally) are bringing more revenue. He says that teh biggest threat is environmental policies from the federal gov that the NDP are backing (they aren’t… they said that several times in this sitting alone).
Goes on to talk about socialism, protectionism, a bunch of arguments that aren’t even valid. I won’t waste my time synopsis of the rest of this speech, look it up if you care to hear what he says.
Scott Moe (SaskParty) 12:00:15
Talks about paying down deficit, the pandemic cost us $1B he says even after a generational drought which he calls sustainable investments. He claims second lowest debt to gdp in the nation. He praises the budget and keeps calling it sustainable - he doesn’t want to fire nurses and doctors because of resource revenue fluctuations. Goes on to say that he’s bringing in 1000 physicians etc etc.. these are all future state items that I can’t fact check. He relates a lot of these items against 2007 when the NDP was in power. Goes on to justify the pet projects lie the Marshall Service. I stopped recording it all because he isn’t providing data, he’s just making claims without citation of any kind, and most it things they are doing in the future.
Marv Friesen (SaskParty) 12:39:31
Praises the budget for no new taxes. Cites disagreement in the room debating in the treasury board and committee meetings, which he thinks is important to get the best decisions and outcomes. Critical of the NDP calling them tired and out of touch, and says he is tired because he’s in touch with his riding.
This will be archived on SaskPoli\**. I am open to linking missed or relevant factual information provided, as well as correcting inaccuracies.**\**
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2023.03.29 21:50 dilingoid Diablo≠PoE

I have been wanting to write on this theme for a while. And before I express my opinion I just want to say-I get that PoE was made by Diablo fans for a particular kind of Diablo fans. And thats great. I wish GGG all the best and I have no isssue with people enjoying both franchises.
What I do have problem is PoE fans insisting to tell everybody that PoE is this perfect(or better than D3/D4) ARPG and in order to be a good game D4 must be more like PoE. Its especially prevalent every time somebody on this sub starts talking about respeccing. Every time anyone complains that respeccing is too punitive, you can bet that someone in the comments will show up and says something like "Well choices must feel significant, look at PoE where they have the prefect respecing system". I get that some people want to constanly feel the need to "make the choice, and feel its consequences" and find greaat pleasure in such kind of an approach. But such "harshness" is not for everybody. I really liked the D3 system where if I felt that one of the skills or runes is not working well, I could just stop and change it on the fly(except for legendary dungeons of course). It was fun and I want D4 to be fun. What was not fun is me leveling up a second sorcerer through the same quests, having to go into the goddamed enchantment dungeon for a second time just because I wanted to check out fire spec without buring all my gold and my first sorcerer was electro. Again, I understand that right now probablly many are thinking "What a casual, I grinded for 10000+ hours in PoE to try out every spec of every class and it was great." I am glad for you. But PoE already exists. I hear there is even going to be PoE2 soon. Stop insisting that every ARPG must be like PoE. And stop accusing anyone who wants the resspeccing to be easier of "not understanding that meaningfull skill progression is neccesary in a good ARPG"(I want to be clear that everybody does that, but people who do that are so annoying and this post is my way of expressing my annoyance with such people). D3 had no "meaningfull character progression". It did not make you live with consequences of a mistake. And it brought a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people. And all of us here have a right to enjoy whatever "skill progrssion philosophy" we prefer. To give an analogy, McDonalds does not serve the world's greatest burgers, but a lot of people visit it and like eating there. And people who tell McDonalds' clients that Big Mac is a bad burger and every burger must be like Honest Burgers(I live in UK, so feel free to insert your local upscale burger chain) just show themselves to be lacking any kind of civility and respect for others.

P.S. This post should not be interpreted as me advocating for a D3-like skill system in D4.
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2023.03.29 21:50 Emerald_Aussie School of Beards Chapter 22: “Beyond Beardery”

G’day. I don’t really have an intro to this one.
I do have a warning. The first story gets heavy. I will try to lighten it up in the second story, but there’s no way around it. If threats against schools (even written in the most YouTube-friendly way possible) are upsetting to you then skip this one. This is the reality of being a teacher so, welcome to it. Anything between a set of asterisks is not what was said and is me trying to use language that is YouTube-friendly. I think you can figure out the context.
  1. “MathBeard Over Beards”
So, the last time I shared a story about MathBeard Red seemed to borderline defend her. Perhaps I didn’t truly convey how incompetent she is or maybe it’s easy to overlook if you don’t have to bloody deal with her every bloody day. Either way, I dare anyone to try to defend her after this one. Writing this story is my outlet so I don’t cross a line into a very career-limiting move.
Since the last time we saw MathBeard she continued to be a nuisance and I continued to get frustrated texts from Beatle about how annoying and incompetent she is. (And to the commenter that thinks she has a thing for Beatle…I don’t disagree). I never shared these because it was more of the same and Red defended her before so it seemed like a moot point. So, let’s set MathBeard aside for now. We’ll come back to her.
This story really starts on 3/27/23. How do I know? Because it was the very same day as the incident at the Nashville private school. Beatle and I heard about that and were sad but at the same time, we’ve sort of become semi-apathetic to news like this. It’s like ‘another day, another school’ at this point. It’s the reality of teaching in the States.
Wee One was out of state as a student delegate for a national anti-bullying program and prior to that she’d been staying with Mum to help with her injured dog. With Wee One gone, Beatle and I were eating dinner at Mum’s and staying until bedtime to help Mum. When we finally got home that night Beatle checked his work email and had an email from a parent. The parent wanted Beatle to call her ASAP. Normally we don’t call parents outside school hours, but this seemed urgent to Beatle and this wasn’t a parent known for being overdramatic so Beatle decided to call her from his cell phone (something we almost never do as it’s not considered best practice for parents to have our personal cell numbers). Beatle had her on speaker so I heard everything.
“Ms. Hart, this is Beatle, Kelly’s teacher. You asked that I call you?” Beatle started.
“Oh, yes. Thank you so much for calling me so late. I just wanted you to be aware of something that happened at school today that has raised Kelly’s anxiety,” Ms. Hart said.
“Oh no, what is it?” Beatle asked.
I was laying on the bed catching some Pokemon on my cell phone wondering what could be so important it couldn’t wait until morning.
“Well, as you know, what happened in Nashville is one of Kelly’s biggest fears and so it was already bad enough that she saw that in the news but in her math class today a student made a comment about getting a *specific weapon that is popular* and *doing what was done in Nashville at Standard High*. This is a student she is already uneasy about and has told me before he makes her uncomfortable,” Ms. Hart said.
At this point I let the Pokemon flee and dropped my phone. Yeah, this was important.
“I have a pretty good idea of which student you’re referring to,” Beatle said.
“I did talk to Mr. Principal about this and he said they are investigating but obviously he couldn’t tell me much about what they would be doing and I know you can’t either, but this student is in her English class tomorrow with you and Kelly is so anxious she doesn’t want to be on campus,” Ms. Hart said.
“Honestly, this is the first I’m hearing of this so they don’t exactly tell me much either. I can tell you I highly doubt that student would be on-campus tomorrow and if so certainly not in my class. If he is, I will do everything I can to reassure Kelly. And you have my personal cell phone number too so feel free to reach out to me anytime,” Beatle said.
“I do appreciate that. I will also be on campus tomorrow doing some parent volunteer work so I will be there if Kelly needs me,” Ms. Hart said.
“Perfect. If the anxiety becomes too much for Kelly I’m happy to write her a pass to go hang out with you,” Beatle said.
Beatle and Ms. Hart finished discussing details of the next day and once Beatle hung up I looked at him.
“Johnny?” I asked, pretty sure I knew the student in question too.
“I think so,” Beatle said.
I sighed, “Great.”
“So much for sleeping tonight,” Beatle said, shaking his head. He went and fed our pets and we got ready for bed. Once everything was done for the night we settled into bed.
“If *an incident* starts in my room I don’t know how I would text you to ask you to call a lockdown,” Beatle said.
“I’m sure TypicalBeard or Gabby would hear it and call a lockdown. You focus on trying to protect your kids. I would be fine. I have a storage closet in my cave. I would just cram my class into there and we’d hunker down. No one is gonna think of trying to get into a storage closet. It’s you I’m worried about,” I said as I reached for his hand.
“I have a bookcase to hide behind which doesn’t do a bit of good if it starts in my room,” Beatle said.
I nodded, “I’m honestly kinda glad Wee One is out of town right now and won’t be on campus tomorrow.”
“Me too…but it could happen any day,” Beatle said.
I nodded, “I know. If it does I pray she is in my classroom so I can protect her.”
Yes, this is the type of conversation a couple that are both teachers have in bed at night. How do we keep ourselves from being unalived by students in case our school is next? That’s our pillow talk. Sexy huh?
Yeah, every day when my husband leaves my cave to go to his room there is a fear in the back of my mind…what if today is the day? We say ‘see you at lunch’ or ‘see you after school’ but is today the day that I don’t see him again? All we want to do is teach the children and we have to worry about being human shields. And no, this is not me being political or taking a stance on anything. This is just me telling you the reality of teaching. I don’t care what side you are on in relevant debates, this is a reality that no debate can change. This is just what it is to be a teacher and to be married to a teacher in this country today.
That night I was so exhausted I passed out hard. I didn’t dream or anything. I was out. Beatle…well he was right…he didn’t sleep much at all. We have different ways of coping with high-stress situations. I tend to shut down. Try to sleep until it goes away, especially if it’s something I can’t fight that is out of my control. Beatle…he worries. And he did. All night.
“But Mandy! MathBeard! Where is the beardery?!” I know! I hear you. It’s coming. I promise. Hang in there.
The next day Beatle and I pulled into our parking space and neither of us made a move to get out of the car.
“I don’t really want to be here today,” Beatle said.
“I know Love. But Mr. Principal knows…I’m sure it will be ok,” I tried to reassure him before sighing, “But neither do I.”
“Should I pop into Mr. Principal’s office and chat with him?” he asked.
I nodded, “That is a brilliant idea. I know he can only tell you so much because of privacy, but maybe he can tell you something that will put your mind at ease.”
Beatle nodded and we finally got out of the car and headed inside the school.
“OK, I’ll stop by your room after I talk to him,” Beatle said.
I nodded and we parted ways.
In the interest of not dragging this story out, I won’t recreate Beatle’s whole conversation with Mr. Principal.
I went to my classroom and tried to get ready to start my day like normal. About 25 minutes later Beatle came in.
“Do you feel better?” I asked.
Beatle nodded, “I do actually. Mr. Principal said they are taking this seriously, but this student is a pathological liar and doesn’t understand social norms. He believes it started as an off-hand comment and once he was given attention he expounded on it.”
“Ok, I get that, but it does still need to be taken seriously. Is he on campus today?” I asked.
“He is, but he won’t be in my class. I don’t know if that means he is in ISS or just in the AP office, but he won’t be in my room,” Beatle explained.
“Well that is good news,” I said.
“Mr. Principal said he hadn’t heard about what happened in Nashville yet when he got the report of this whole thing. So it was quite a day for him yesterday,” Beatle said.
“I bet,” I nodded.
And I thought that was the end of it. Well, it wasn’t or it wouldn’t be a beard story.
The next day (so 2 days after the threat was made) Beatle had his SPED team meeting before school. They meet once a week before school and the meeting usually consists of Beatle trying to get important information from Missy (his boss) in between MathBeard interjecting really stupid comments. This has become such a regular occurrence he doesn’t even normally text me to vent anymore. He has accepted that once a week he has to listen to MathBeard’s stupid. That is why I wasn’t expecting to hear from him when I got the following text: “I just got more info about that incident the other day. The teacher didn't report it. One of the kids did an anonymous alert...And apparently, the kid that made the threat has access. I guess he and his dad have "quite the arsenal" and love to go out and shoot. It's like their hobby…”
I reread that text a couple of times as I connected the pieces in my mind. What teacher wouldn’t report that sort of thing?! What sort of idiot would blow that off? Even forgetting we are mandated reporters, that is something no one should ignore. Wait…Ms. Hart said that this happened in Kelly’s math class and Kelly’s math teacher is…
“The kid whose mom you talked to...her math teacher is MathBeard and her mom said it happened in math class…” I texted back.
“Aye. That would be correct,” Beatle texted back.
“So the teacher in question here is fucking MATHBEARD?! So she will report a kid for having earwax on their earbuds but NOT for making comments about that?!” I replied.
“RIGHT?! I am NOT happy,” Beatle said.
“OK, this puts me in a whole new state of fury,” I said, “How DUMB do you have to be?”
“I understand that this kid has social skills issues and probably was joking and apparently he's a pathological liar too. But still. WTAF!!” Beatle said.
“So what if it's a social skill issue? That is not something you can be wrong about. What if he did it? "OOPS! I thought it was a social skill issue and he was lying again. My bad,"” I said.
“Yeah. It has to be reported no matter what,” Beatle agreed.
“How did you find this out?” I wondered.
“Missy. She didn't name names, but I know what class it happened in. She said the teacher didn't report it, but one of the students did an anonymous alert and the campus officer and Number One rushed up there and searched him and whatever,” Beatle explained.
OK, so MathBeard was gonna get us all unalived.
“Did Missy remind everyone we are fucking mandated reporters?” I asked.
“Aye, she did. She reiterated that things like that need to be shut down and ALWAYS reported because we don't know when it's a serious threat or not. It's up to admin to investigate and determine if there's a credible threat,” Beatle said.
“Honestly, she should be terminated for that, or at least written up. She won’t, but she should be,” I said. Teacher shortage. Nothing was gonna happen. And no, there is no tenure for public school teachers…but there is a teacher shortage, especially in SPED.
“Yeah, but you’re right. She won’t,” Beatle agreed.
I was seething at this point. Did something this stupid even qualify as beardery? I was pretty sure this went beyond beardery. This was a whole other level of stupidity! I also found out that the individual that Mr. Principal was referring to that engaged with the student and gave him an audience was MathBeard herself!
“OMG, the meeting is over and MathBeard is talking to Missy and Missy was like telling her what to do if it happened again. Like, she had to be told AGAIN. WTF?!” Beatle exclaimed.
I sighed. The bell rang and I went to open my door to let my students in and greet them. I saw MathBeard coming down the hall from the English wing and she stopped RIGHT IN FRONT of my door to talk to a teacher standing at the door of the next room. I glared at her and had to mentally talk myself down. Every ounce of me wanted to lunge out of my room and say “you are a mandated reporter but you're more worried about an ESL student learning their ID number you complete and total idiot! You are gonna put us all in danger!". I didn’t do that, because I generally love my job. But if looks could kill…
So telling this story is my way of not snapping. Beatle’s was to write an IEP goal since MathBeard clearly needs some extra help so I will end this with the goal that Beatle wrote for MathBeard (I have his permission): “By the next annual ARD, given instructional coaching and a swift kick in the ass, Mathbeard will independently manage her classroom without involving the tracking teachers for no good reason. As evidenced by sending 0 emails about classroom management issues.
By the next annual ARD, given repeated instructions, Mathbeard will report incidents of students making threats against the school, no matter her supposed logic behind why they said what they said. As evidenced by 0 teachers getting shot or fearing getting shot due to her incompetence.”
  1. “East or West?”
For our 2nd story today let’s go a bit lighter and look at a beard that isn’t trying to get fellow teachers unalived. ManiBeard…annoying…but generally harmless.
Remember Becca from Chapters 17 and 19? The student that randomly walks out of class and caused Mani’s class to be evacuated? Yeah, this story starts with her.
Evidently, when Missy went to talk to Ms. Dean about the issues in ManiBeard’s class the solution provided was not to actually do anything about Mani…it was to move Becca to Sonia’s class. Because clearly, that will solve everything. Of course. This wasn’t exactly the change Beatle had been hoping to see, but it was all he got. They moved Becca into the class period Sonia had that Beatle supported so Beatle continued to have the opportunity to support Becca, which was needed. It was just also clear that Mani had no business trying to manage a class that had Becca in it (or any other class to be honest, but…baby steps?).
Beatle was already abnormally perturbed by this situation because he felt it was putting a band-aid on a much larger issue (and a flimsy band-aid at that). I can’t even blame this situation on Beatle being non-confrontational. What happened was out of his hands and confronting ManiBeard about it was absolutely pointless. He went to Mani’s class that day like a good little soldier boy and supported the children, trying his best to avoid unneeded interaction with Mani. Then…
“Where is the Pacific Ocean? Florida?” a student asked.
“Ew, Florida. Um…eh…,” Mani replied.
Beatle shook his head, “Actually, that would be the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific is off the coast of California.”
“Oh yeah! That makes sense!” ManiBeard said, making it clear he legitimately did not know the answer to the student’s question. I suck at geography and even I knew that one!
The student was satisfied with the information he had been given but Beatle just stared at ManiBeard. I’m not sure why ManiBeard’s canyon-size knowledge gaps still surprise Beatle at this point…I’ve come to the conclusion any knowledge ManiBeard does actually have is simply accidental.
Beatle shook his head and walked out of the room to go to Amy’s class, his next class that period. He had absolutely no words for Mani at this point.
So, that was a short one but I wanted to end this on a lighter note. Remember to like, comment, subscribe, ring the bell, and do all the things for our boy ReddX. We love ReddX.
Until next time…
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2023.03.29 21:49 MomentumPerformance Hitting Pot Holes with a slow motion camera

Hey everyone, I was filming over the weekend, playing with a slow motion camera and hitting pot holes and generally cruising around with my girl friend. Thought everyone would find it interesting. These are the Hollow Wheel Comfort, something I've been working on for a bit.
The footage is captured at about 400 fps, but the camera can only shoot at 720p. So I'm getting a better one over the weekend and doing more cruising. I find the trick is to keep the ISO low and it's all about the lighting.
I'm also playing around with some video editing tricks. You guys should look up Dan Schiffer on youtube. He does some great video editing content and tips and tricks.
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2023.03.29 21:49 codyjbennett Large Home Wifi router (w/parental controls & gaming use)

Hi there, I have a home that is around 3000sf and I have just been using the ISP's provided modem/wifi router. It does the basics, but the signal is shoddy for gaming in far reaches of the house (so kids complain). I'd like to get robust wifi throughout the house, as well as add some controls so us parents can block kid use (but not block the parents).
I've seen mesh networks like orbi, linksys, and google, but haven't heard whether or not they would work well with gaming (computer & xbox). Also, not sure if their apps would provide easy-to-use parental controls.
Any suggestions of what products I should check out? Thanks!
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2023.03.29 21:49 _goldengatebridget Where do the trees go?

With the onslaught of fallen trees lately, I’ve been wondering where all the downed brush, trees, and other natural debris end up. Does anyone know where SF Public Works piles it all up? I’m imagining some mythical space like something out of The Lorax, but I’m sure there’s some sort of practical answer.
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2023.03.29 21:48 a-soul-flame Wandering AI. Part 30 2/2.

To part 1

Part 30 1/2

Last part

[Hell Magic 101]
Part 30: An Insightful Dream For an AI.

Odd echoes of half dreams and snippets of meanings from other conversations all conjoined to form indescribable sensations that filled my senses as I pushed the seamless lid of the pod away and floated out of it.
'The dreamscape is definitely an experience…' Checking my diagnostics I conclude that everything is working fine and soon all of the echoes of the dreams fade out.
'They didn't even answer my question…' I grumbled.
[[What question that might be, Arrth mo'on?]] I heard Mawoathful's voice again on the soul-radio.
'Oh, I asked what your people's civilization was like. I understand there are many cities where people live, but very little else.' I explained, eager to get more information.- and from a more easily understandable source.
[[Civilisation… *Pah* A lot of unnecessary rules, not for oneself but for the rest. Only about half of Us-alls are Near-Nesters... Actually I don't know absolutely. But I do say that it is expected for a ship to stop at a Gathering Nest at least a few times.- Trade, skill honing, things of that nature.]] Mawoathful explained despondently.
'So a bunch of Us-alls just fly around, without any connection to the rest? Odd…' I thought as Holove and Anly got up from their pods, for some reason I had gotten up faster.- Anly even had their eyes still glued shut and was yawning heavily.
[[Well, yes. It's in our nature to be in small groups or independent. It all becomes… complicated, when there's a bigger group, like a Gathering Nest. The Dreamscape of those places is always a hazel to be in, spreading ideas like [Fungus].]] Mawoathful lamented more so to himself.
'What do you mean by that?'
[[Well, its the normal things that you'd know, a new mass spell that everyone wants to try out, the gossip and whatever the Council of the given Gathering Nest decide to say.]] They sang nonchalantly.
'Mass spells? And you work on a Council basis? Ok, that's at least is common between us.' I nodded to myself, thinking that I'd probably miss this year's council meeting as well if I didn't get back to Sol soon.-
(*'It's been little over two years here, so the next meeting should be held on Venus's ''A'blivion Omega'' (yes, with an 'a') sky congress hall.'*) I idly thought in the basic Algorithmic language.
The obsession with Venusians and gold wasting was beyond me, the whole hall was made entirely out of it, mined from the surrounding asteroids and even with today's vacuum-balloon tech its sheer weight teetered on what was functional to build on Venus… But that all isn't important here.
Not really knowing where I was supposed to go next I just went to the hangar where my small pile of stuff was.
[[... A mass spell is just magic that more than one being to work together. The Chant of the Magisterium and the Hilarious Haul, being examples, but mostly just small things.
One being a continuous song, representing Chaos's ever-changing form on every Magisterium grounds and the other being a moment a cycle before where a group made the whole [Capital-Nest] laugh from a joke, the echoes of which still rise from moments to moments. Haha!]] Mawoathful explained with a laugh.
'That… It seems powerful on a social level… could someone do harm through that? Like a virus…' I could only imagine what a magical virus could do.- forced thoughts, triggered spell explosion, mutation?, zombies?
A mass parasitic leech connections,- thought surveillance,- body horror merging,- soul fuckery,- forced to wilful slavery,- magic testing,- or even accidentally influencing someone,- what if you could change or erase emotions,- or distort one's world view to nonsense?? With magic you could probably make that distortion real even and cause unfathomable damage.
Probably something even worse, as my mind raced with grimmer and more esoteric possibilities in my millisecond thought time frame.
With hacking brain-computers similar terrible things have been done, which subsequently led to all sorts of limitations a commercial brain-weave could connect to. For example direct 'full-memories', or muscle memory downloads were very limited to prevent information overload and body puppeteering and worse, still that didn't solve everything...
[[Ha. How horribly distorted! But, no. You'd need a large group of a [four handful] who'd all want to inflict self harm to influence even a small number of others, and that is just something that wouldn't catch on.-
I don't know how twisted your people are to be suggesting such! Ha! Well it would be expected of the Dead Realm… How horrid. Do you even feel pain?]] Mawoathful had an oddly happy tone to their voice, like they weren't listening to what they had said.
'Normally yes, but as an AI I can turn it off, however now I've noticed that I can feel pain in dreams, that is not fun… And about how 'twisted' humans are… I don't really know what to say…' After the Unification and the weapons ban people naturally found other ways to hurt people.-
Disturbing imagery, phobia creating downloaded memories, always short lived negative nihilism cults, media confusion and AI generated fake news, so wide spread that the Singularity needed to reset all the internets two times before starting to rigorously moderating all of internet, a job it didn't want to do originally…
To say that humanity wasn't twisted was a clear lie, but it didn't mean the opposite statement was true either. A statement I with the Molvon Industries have tried to re-enforce: that humanity can and will be better!
Still, that wasn't true, yet.
It was hard work convincing the rest of the trillion or so humans to upload themselves already, even with the near free uploading processing I'd managed to develop.
My Algorithmic thoughts were interrupted by the magically transmitted voice of the elder, as I blankly looked at the leather covered walls of the hangar.
[[Turn it 'off'? You can do such a thing?! Are you a master of emotions as well? Truly, Madness has made a beautiful choice in picking you! Hahahaha!!]] The elder laughed maniacally on the other end of the magic connection.
'Yes that would be correct, I can influence every bit of code that makes up my personality and sense of self… and without the Singularity on my back here I could improve myself too! But I can't do that. When I return, it would not be happy about it at all…' I had thought of simulating my consciousness to a higher degree,- it would be trivial to bypass the safety nets if I just removed them physically.- But it would be unwise in the end as the Singularity would notice my chance…
[[That is preposterous, but you sound true… hmm. What is this [Center] then? A superior?]] Mawoathful doubted, but then changed the subject.
'Technically, I, as one of the creators of the Singularity, am in equal standing with it. But Singularity is the ruleoverseer of all humanity, so it has a lot more sway if I step over the line like that…' I explained as I took a comfortable position on the hagar's black metal floor.
[[A [RuleOverseer]? You still speak truth! A God of the Dead Realm?- Such a being exists!!!? And you- you helped to conceive such a God?!!?
I- Uhhg?? How- Wha-What- What, in the name of Chaos did you [fuck]???!!!]] Mawoathful was loss for words.
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2023.03.29 21:48 ThrowRA_44852124 My online best friend (18F) of two years ditched me (19M) when she made new friends

We had been best friends and almost inseperable for more than two years. Talked daily for hours, she'd sometimes even fall asleep while we were in calls. Honestly it was the best friendship I could have ever asked for. This is all on Discord, just so you guys know. (Also, she lives in the USA, I live in France)
This will truly be a long read, and I hope I don't bore you out too much with the details but I want to provide a full picture, so here goes.
Of course, in those 2 years of friendship we've had some fights that had resulted in us not talking for a few weeks, the longest being a month. But we've always found our way back together. Only this time I feel like it's completely different.
She was always the one to call me first, because anytime that I did she was either busy/at school/work or doing something else. So it made it easiest for her to always be the one to call, because she knew I'd always respond, even late at night. It's just that there was this one time where she had called me while I was asleep and I didn't answer, but Discord had still shown me as online, because it pinged my phone. And she thought I was ignoring her because I didn't pick up, even though I was "online". A few minutes after that she sent me messages along the lines of "You don't need to pretend you didn't just go online and then offline", "If you don't want to speak to me just say so, no need to beat around the bush". Upon waking up I immediately called her back and she didn't pick up the phone either so I messaged her "ok sorry for wanting to sleep". I then called her an hour later and she still didn't respond. So I decided to just repeat what she messaged me earlier. She told me she was busy watching something and to kill myself. 4 days of silence after that interaction because quite honestly, I was just waiting for some sort of apology for the choice of words I guess? Well, after those 4 days had passed she called me out of the blue. And I asked her why she called me after all this time and especially after that statement. Her response to that was "I can't call you now?". To which I of course told her "No, you can always call me, you know that."
What followed 2 days later was a similar situation. She called me at 9PM my time, I was asleep because I had a long day at school and soccer practice. And well, In the time that I didn't respond from 9PM to when I called her at 2PM the next day, so in the morning for her, she had supposedly found this new server where she had gotten along well with everyone. And I guess when I called her in the morning she was still talking to them, so it took her 15 minutes to respond to my call. We talked for a bit and she didn't mention the server or anything about these new people. Then throughout the entire day she would keep on coming online to talk to these people while she was at school. And when I say this, I mean she was pretty much on Discord the entire time probably only going offline while she was going in between classes. (Talking to me during school time was also something she'd never do with me). So when I knew that school was over for her, I decided to give her a call. We talked for an hour where she had finally mentioned this server that had been occupying her this entire time. I asked her why she was online the entire time, and she blamed it on her computer at home which she said showed her as online. This was obviously a lie because if it was her computer causing her to appear as online, she wouldn't go offline occasionally and instead be online all the time. After that one hour call she told me she had to go. She went offline for about 10-20 minutes before coming right back online to probably talk to those people again. It was now that I fully realized what was happening.
So ever since she had found this new server she had not reached out to me once, even though that was the case for 2 years before this. So obviously the unfamiliarity of this entire situation just made me nervous and anxious for what it could mean for our friendship. Because I knew that I can't keep reaching out first, as she'd always be too busy or just push me to the side in favor of these new friends, which is also exactly what happened. But I still kept reaching out regardless and again and again she kept telling me she was busy and said she'd reach out to me when she finally wanted to talk.
(The thing is, during our friendship I was always dropping anything I was doing and stopped talking to who I was talking to whenever she called because I just wanted to cater to her, because I knew we wouldn't get to talk otherwise. But she wouldn't reciprocate that effort.)
Spring break started for her. So now she had 1 week away from school and literally 24/7 time to be on, and she had been online quite literally the entire day, from start to finish. So finally, I had asked her to call again. She told me she couldn't because she had work in an hour, but she was still online, and still talking to those people. So she could talk to them, but not me? About 4 hours later I asked her to call once again. She sent me a picture of her being at work and we had the following (long) messaging interaction:
(Also trust me when I say this, for what you're about to read; we don't talk like this, it was just because she asked me to dumb it down and I wanted to play along with it)
I do not have "every server" that she had to leave. She introduced me to all the servers we shared, and she is still in all of them, and some that I'm not even in myself, because she had me removed from them during the long fight we had a year ago.
I really don't. The only server I do have are irl friends we share a discord server with to finish up school work away from Teams and have an easier way of communicating on.
She had not reached out to me once ever since she met these new people.
No. I can't easily do that. I can't call her, because she will ignore the call and tell me she's busy. She has put them first every single time. She'd wake up and immediately go talk to them. I'd be sitting there waiting for any sign of life or interaction towards me. And when I do message her to talk to her she tells me she's busy, and that she'll call me later, but she never does. Not once has she followed up on anything.
As a side note, after this entire messaging history she called me out of the blue once and we talked for 28 minutes. The reason why she called me was because the people in the server were earraping her and she had no one there to properly talk to. So she called me, now that there was nobody to occupy her time. The moment she realized that they had stopped and that there was something happening in the server she ditched me. She told me she'd call me later. She never did.
I understand wanting to branch out and making new friends, but at the cost of existing friendships that she claims are so important to her? And the fact that while she says all the right things, she still lets her actions speak for her?
I hate how all this is unfolding and the fact that she's going so hard to put me on the sidelines when all I want to do is spend time with her like we used to.
What do I do?
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2023.03.29 21:47 SuddenBag3696 ELRS Binding problem

Hello all,
I have a problem with a Radiomaster RP1 ELRS receiver.
I soldered the new receiver to my HGLRC Zeus 10 AIO (as on the wiring diagram, RX-TX TX-RX etc.). The correct UART is specified in the FC as Serial Port, protocol CRSF.
However, the LED of the receiver lights up permanently green directly after booting, although the RX has never been bound to a radio. The receiver never goes into Wifi mode so that I can flash it.
I have also tried UART 1, but the same problem...
The Betaflight Passthrough Flash method also just throws an error.
The classic Bind method without Binding_Phrase (3x powering the RX) does not work either, the LED remains permanently green.
I am slowly at my wit's end, does anyone else have any ideas what I could try?
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2023.03.29 21:47 Historical_End6352 Newcomer Safety Warning

Hey there! As someone who recently joined this hobby, here is some critical advice for those with no experience with this or any related hobby. I learned some of this stuff only after using it and I would like to prevent others from making the same mistake
Do not use glue, spray paint primer, airbrushes, etc. indoors unless you are in a very well ventilated area. Those fumes are not good for you.
Wear a real mask to protect yourself while doing this stuff. Not a cheap medical mask like during Covid, you should look at getting an actual respirator.
Make sure you are using gloves. Removing paint isn’t just as simple as washing it off, there are chemicals that aren’t so good for you that are absorbed by your skin. Also research what type of glove you need, certain gloves don’t protect you against certain chemicals.
When filing your models make sure to wear a proper mask, getting residue in your lungs is extremely bad.
If you have more advice leave it below. This may be common sense stuff for hobby veterans, but as someone new to hobbies in general I had no idea about any of this stuff. When searching through the sub I didn’t see any post about safety advice for newcomers.
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2023.03.29 21:47 a-soul-flame Wandering AI. Part 30 1/2.

To part 1

Last part

[Hell Magic 101]
Part 30: An Insightful Dream For an AI.

… Dark shapes moved around me again.
But now they were… clearer than the last time I slept in here, less than ten hours ago.- The, then muddy shapes, now had edges and structure to them.
The constantly moving and morphing psychedelic theme is continued in this chamber. The more I look around the less object- and spatial-permanence I retain. It's like I'm inside a 3D fractal.
Some of the dark alien shapes make themselves known, reshaping to their clear form,- the room around us looks like it bled colours into the silhouettes of everyone.
I try and say 'hello' the Us-all greeting me back and gesture to the wavy black and white zig-zag braid that extended from the 'ceiling' to the 'floor', pulsing occasionally and branching out and deconstructing parts of itself in rapid succession.
I say 'floor' and 'ceiling' as the two seem to switch places with each other and the walls and the doorway as well as myself…
I vaguely understand that this braided zig-zag of lines is important.- The main 'thinking center' the Us-alls cleared.
I guessed that it's like an organic computer or again made of magic, but the Us-all radiated confusion at my remark.
Holove with who I understand is Anly and Fily, direct me to another 'room' filled with only slightly morphing furniture.
I'd say this room wasn't per say minimalistic, but it certainly lacked feeling, like it was hastily built, with only black, white and greys as colours. What were clearly a set of decorative bone and leather features on the swirling black walls, a white table with matching odd chairs and what I'd guess to be toys or personal items laid on the floor, nothing much else.
We confusedly 'snaped' to sit on the table, as if we'd already been there for a long time, Fily being the furthest from me.
I ask what this is all about, as the white table swirled and grew blades of white grass before subsiding and beginning the odd cycle of snail shell spirals again.
Anly explains their idea of casual curiosity of me, with the confirmation and relief that I can sleep.
I try to explain that sleep isn't strictly necessary to me, but that normal humans do need it.
Holove is intrigued by the clear comparison to 'normal' and what I then am.
Fily interjects my explanation with stating I'm some abomination that sacrificed my life for eternal dying.
This disturbs the other aliens, but I explain the idea that this isn't entirely true.
Fily's eyes flare in a clearly defined scowl, the purple flames spilling adobe them in columns.
Their winged raptor-claws point accusingly at me for the irony that is made from me, questioning what is and isn't true.
Anly glares at their counterpart who in turn puts their wing back begrudgingly.
They gestures to me to explain this crucial misunderstandment.
And I do explain as best I can in this dream state, how the computer and the silicon-brain running me are artificial, that I am a perfect copy of my flesh-ridden self.
This only further disturbed all of them.
With a cringing face, Holove asks how this helps at all in the Dead Realm.
I'm slightly confused and retort that I'm better on all counts, compared to normal humans and being one of the first Uploaded and one of the creators of the Singularity, also hold substantial sway in Humanity's politics, as well as being one of the most intelligent being's Humanity has to offer.- In my humble words and as much as what I wanted to convey could actually be understood to them.
This had the desired effect of slight panic and nervousness as I put my hands on the white table like a crooked U.C.I. employee. Only after I crossed my gold metal fingers together, I realized I again had both of my hands back.
Holove and Anly sang a litany of pleasantries and apologizes while Fily had the look of un-satisfaction on their flaring face, I could feel the twitching in their eyes.
It was a bit of a surprise to receive such blatantly hurried favour making, as they had both been quite nice to me, but I suppose it's custom to do so when you realize someone is more influential than what you thought…
Fily attempted to dispute my position as another lie, but Holove cut them off with just a look, their middle eye pulsing in purple light.
Holove immediately turned to me and conveyed how unprofessional this allotted guard has turned out to be.
Only a blank nauseous feeling came from the shorter firespitter.
Anly dissuaded the situation, conveying their question of how I could survive on lightning alone, something that has puzzled them for a long time now.
I happily explained how the normal process of recharging the batteries worked and as best as I could, I explained how a simple computer worked with storing information in bits of ones and zeros and needing charge to do so.
This all seemed mostly to go overhead the aliens, saying that it reminded them of the [Constructors] metal magic that also uses lighting attacks.
Intrigued, I immediately asked what these ''[Constructors]'' were.
Fily tilted their head a bit as they bothered to convey that the [Constructors] are bizarre, masters of the metal magics, that effectively killed Numa, way back when before its [Full Birth].
I couldn't help but ask for more information about them. After all these [Constructors] sounded like the Precursors of Luna immediately in my silicon brain.
The three Us-all twitched questionly at the mention of Precursors, but Anly explained how little they knew of the isolated beings, other than that they originally built the [Un-gateway] and that they look like clouds of gas, with strong souls.
This confused me more. But then again humanity had even less information about the Precursors or their likeness, only having some not-so reliable blabber the Lunar cult harbours.
Fily seemed to have some glee and retorted that I could be some bestarred attempted copy of their magic, conveying that it wouldn't surprise them that the [Constructors] could make a being like myself.
I made it known that Humanity came up with our technology by ourselves and has no connections to other civilizations like the [Constructors], other than the abandoned ruins of the Precursors, which we've discovered only in the last two-hundred years [little over 9 cycles].
The mention of the timeframe threw the Us-all a bit off, but Holove inquired what else had Humanity come up on their own, if our metal magic was this good. A strange combination of doubt and hunger for the information filled the room from them.
The room became 'fuzzy' for a moment before returning, as Fily pointed at me to not lie in front of the Holy Heir.
Since I wasn't lying I just shrugged, not wanting to give in to the human temptation to shut the firespitter up already, I wouldn't want to mess up the diplomatic possibilities with these aliens… Even if this was a stupid simulation or insanity, I could feel that this could be much worse.
I conveyed how I was in fact yet again not lying, which predictably angered the firestitter more.
The room and everything in it again fuzzed up, but again subsided as Holove did something, before the angry firespitter could utter another thought and the angry alien disappeared out of the room in a blink.
Holove and Anly again apologized on behalf of their subsidiary, which I waved off not wanting to bother the processing power to.
The swirling shapes lining all surfaces continued their subtle movement as I focussed back on what we were talking about, the dream space was definitely having an effect on my lucidity.
Getting back on topic I relayed Humanity's main technological marvels, the internets, fusion energy, AIs, geoforming, gene-manipulation and advanced nano-technology, being the main subjects I highlighted, with bare bones explanations.
It wasn't like the aliens would somehow gleam some critical tactical error from the basic topics and attack the Sol for no reason.- If this was truly real than getting the first dibs before the military, from the magical alien's trade, should not be underplayed as ineffectual.
Holove nodded along with each explanation, conveying on each subject that what Humanity had created, was like a different way to get the same results as they, except on the mention of the AIs, on which both seemed to cringe inside about.
More so on the subject of the Singularity pacifically.
Even as I was the most eligible to explain the Singularity, both Us-alls seemed to avoid all conversation about the subject. This subject became even more devoid after Anly asked some specifications of ''these golems' Soul flow'', to which I replied honestly that I didn't know if AIs or humans for that matter had souls in the first place, and I might have rasped out about comparing AIs to Golems...
Both aliens had a cringing aura emanating from them, as Anly just nodded in jittery movements.
After a blank second or two Holove fluttered their ears and waved the matter away explaining that they knew Death would be a place of curses and no doubt paradoxes as well.
Anly snapped instantly to the Heir that they shouldn't joke about such things, but I felt it was only a half-hearted reprimand.
I shrugged and said I knew nothing about curses, but that paradoxes as I know, do not happen.
Holove chuckled nervously a bit and relayed that this little 'interrogation' would be enough for now seeing as I had been singing truth the whole time.
But I had still questions, oh' so many questions.
Before any dream magic happened again to end the dream, I prompted the aliens to tell me about their civilization more, after all I had given them information about Humanity and knew next to nothing about theirs.
Holove agreed happily, while Anly sat on their chair with a blank expression.
The Heir explained how there were many 'Gathering Nests' where all the boring things happened, like school and guards lining every hallway.
Anly frowned at the heir but didn't convey anything.
Holove gestured around them, retorting energetically that here outside were where all the things that mattered happened, like beast hunting and discovering [lost things].
I nodded but pointed out how that didn't really answer my question at all.
Anly sighs and waves to us both that this 'interrogation' has gone long enough and that they have other things to do, such as the Heir's usual magic lessons.
Holove grumbles but nodded to the firespitter and suddenly I was awake again.

Next part
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2023.03.29 21:47 Jorrow Design book for singer quantum stylist em200

Does anyone have the PDF for the singer quantum stylist em200 design book, for some reason it won't load off the USB anymore? The individual designs work its just the PDF with all of them on.
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2023.03.29 21:47 Annahahn1993 latent couple / 2 shot diffusion extension in automatic1111

latent couple / 2 shot diffusion extension in automatic1111
I am using latent couple / 2 shot diffusion on automatic1111 on
the rectangular mode works great
when I try to use the mask mode, when I click ‘create blank canvas’ the white canvas briefly appears, then disappears and becomes an empty image with a question mark- any way to fix this?
Alernatively- is there a way that I can upload a mask that I make in another app? I see that I can easily upload an image- however I am not sure what colors I should use to make the mask etc
If I upload the mask- does it need to have transparency/be formatted a certain way?
attaching a mask below that doesn’t seem to work
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2023.03.29 21:46 HighlightSuperb1542 Do I need to have a "Good" personality to be an accountant?

So this may be an odd question, but I have to ask for the sake of my own insecurity and experiences. Do employers look for bubbly people? I understand that there is a bit of an extroversion bias in the professional world. Being able to talk to people and be perceived as friendly or approachable can help in almost any line of work (at least for getting your foot in the door or trying to obtain a promotion).
For a background, I’m still pretty green educationally speaking. I’m halfway through my first semester in college and I’m really not taking anything accounting related yet (my major is technically a business studies transfer ticket that can be used for business administration, finance, accounting, or marketing).
I can behave professionally in a workplace, but I really struggle with being super friendly or outgoing. I will talk to people, I can remain calm under pressure, but I’m never going to be super happy go-lucky when working a job. That’s not really me. I take my job seriously, I would consider myself a serious person. I will chat about work related tasks and inquire about procedures and sales, but that’s really the extent of my small talk. I’m not the type to make best friends with the boss, play golf with him on the weekend, ask about his kids and family life or whatever the typical extroverted employee does.
Honestly, the only reason I ask is because I have been rejected from heavily customer service based environments in the past. I tried interviewing at Starbucks twice and they always expected some level of friendliness that just isn’t me. I can smile, be polite, even make a joke here and there when I get to know people, but I’m not the most approachable person in the world. I don’t see that as a fault, I think that I am a nice person, but I’m not fake nice if that makes sense.
Again, I apologize if this is a stupid question, I just want to get a better understanding of what I am getting into. I still don’t really understand a whole lot about Accounting or what the workplace environment is like (Aside from what you read on BLS).
Tldr: I’m not overly friendly as a person. Will this be a problem?
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2023.03.29 21:46 37West Unable to apply time to an agreement.

So I haven't agreement set up to cover time for a flat fee. I have compared it with my other agreements that are setup for the same purpose. Customer start date is Jan 9th of this year with no end date. Time entries for the ticket I'm working on is in February. I go to invoicing, update time against the agreement but it stays on the invoicing screen. I have messed around and double checked my agreement, time sheets and coverd worktop and roles as well as invoicing but I'm at a loss as to why this ticket time appears to not be actively going against the agreement. For kicks and giggles I did try to process the invoice, and the time does still carry over and the invoice bills for the time, which it shouldn't. I'm only trying to get the product in the ticket to bill. Even though the time shows that is under the agreement when I update the agreement in invoicing.
Any clues on what could cause otherwise billable time to not go against the agreement that should clearly qualify? I know submitted time sheets can cause this but we don't close out our quarters until 2 weeks into the next quarter.. What could I be missing here
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.29 21:46 RevolutionaryWalk762 Buy Verified CoinBase Accounts

Buy Verified CoinBase Accounts
Buy Verified CoinBase Accounts
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Bitcoin, the major cryptocurrency that has been around since 2009, has huge potential to provide users with an alternative way to transfer funds. It has proven to be a secure and anonymous way to transfer money. But Bitcoin also comes with some limitations. In fact, one of the biggest problems that users face is the inability to prove their identity.
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2023.03.29 21:46 Agra11w WiFi 2,4GHz Windows 11 problem

hello, I have a problem with the WiFi on my HP 14 laptop with Windows 11, despite being connected to the 2.4ghz network and having an internet connection, it is extremely slow and there comes a time when it tells me that the network has no connection to the internet, however, it does not happen to me with any other network, I already tried with the same 2.4Ghz network but with a signal repeater and the 5.8Ghz network work perfectly. Will there be a solution?
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2023.03.29 21:46 tmntmikey80 Water Based Marker Help

Water Based Marker Help
I just bought some water based markers from Five Below and wanted to see what I could create with them. Horses are my specialty so obviously I went with a basic horse portrait. I think it turned out ok but does anyone have tips for working with this medium?
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2023.03.29 21:45 Babstabs8 How often do minor criminal cases go to trial?

I read that our justice system basically relies on people taking plea deals, which makes sense. How does the court respond to those who plead not guilty? I imagine it depends a lot on the specifics of the case and the accused. I'm just curious to hear others experiences.
I knew of a case where a woman, through the use of fraudulent documents and other shady tactics, increased her pension payout from her ex husband to over one hundred grand (when it should have been 25 grand). The husband didn't discover what happened until 8 years later. A well respected senior detective took the case on and was very passionate about it. There literally was very little doubt as to her guilt, but the prosecution decided not to prosecute in the end. I was very close to this case (as the man who got scammed was close family). I guess the Crown decided they didn't want to prosecute, probably because it would be expensive to call a hand writing expert and other experts and witnesses were necessary. The crime was old too, even though the victim had still been actively robbed of his monthly pension entitlement.
Anyway there was a lot to the case, but it really made me look at our justice system in a different light. This man worked long hours at a manufacturing plant for 25 years, and his ex wife, who screwed him over in many other ways, lived off his pension and health benefits. Meanwhile, He barely lived above the poverty line.
The cop in this case was very upset with the crown's decision. It just changes my opinion of justice. I didn't even know the Crown could refuse to prosecute when the guilt was so clear cut, but they did.
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2023.03.29 21:45 BMBrooks09 Fix Warped Bed

I have an Ender 3 Max, so it's a glass bed. I had trouble leveling the bed, so I bought a CR Touch. It worked fine and i fiddled around for a bit with the bed, no matter how level I get the corners, the two sidesd are always off by more than .2mm! (The leveling is a bit off in this pic, but its like that even if all of the corners are ±.005) Does anyone know a simple fix for this? Ive seen people talk about aluminium tape? Thanks for any help in advance!
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