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2023.03.25 23:51 MisterTibblers Buildings in Louisville with roof terrace/large balcony that are useful as a base?

Looking to go to Louisville for the first time soonish and setting up a safe base to call home. Not wanting to constantly tussle with a billion zomboids I am thinking of doing the old sledgehammer the stairs and live that farming life on the roof.
Also not wanting to have to walk on roofs that you can fall through or have to spend time building my own I am looking for places that are already good to go, here is what I have found so far with links:
Buildings with terrace/balconies (that have railings around so you don't fall off):
1. Apartment building with huge terraces and shops at the bottom
2. Another apartment building close by with a penthouse
3. Even more apartments
4. More
5. Apartments near horsetrack
6. Radio/TV station
7. I love wok and rolls
8. Forever more apartments
9. Factory building
10. Fossoil
11. Gas 2 go
12. Jim's Autoshop
13. Perfick Potato Co.
14. Mass-Genfac Co.
15. Brac Brick Factory
16. House with tiny balcony where you can build stairs to a larger roof
17. Office space where you can knock out the stairs for some planting space and build stairs to roof
18. Apartment building with stairs on the outside to access roof
19. Bateman Office Building
20. Orio Office Space
21. Largely empty warehouse
22. Abandoned office building
23. Three apartment buildings by the water
24. Single apartment building by the water
25. Apartment building near baseball stadium
26. Some restaurant
27. Two apartment buildings south of baseball stadium
28. Grand Ohio Mall
29. Fire station helipad, but with no real indoor space
Buildings with just rooftop access (no railings):
1. More apartments near horsetrack
2. Oak Park Apartments
3. Du Case Apartments
4. Fun Xtreme
5. Apartments
6. Large warehouse
7. Louisville central hospital
8. Finnegan research group
Phew, I think that is it. Am I missing any places? Any other roofdwellers out there with a favorite? Right now I am leaning towards setting up in number 2 with the penthouse but maybe that is tricky with it being such a central location.
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2023.03.25 23:51 lunytooth Speed camera vans

Apart from the obvious reason, why do they seem to sit at the end of overtaking lanes? A nice straight bit of road to get past all the slow feckers? Noooooo, let's force impatient drivers to overtake on blind corners and cause a crash. Just seems to be a nice cash generator. The only reason I write this, is because today, driving out of Omagh, there was a speed camera van at the end of the overtaking lane just on past the fintona junction, a tool in an X5 realised they were probably going to get caught and nearly drove into the back of my car, they then proceeded to drive so close to me (I couldn't see their numberplate in the rear view mirror) then overtook further up the road on a bad corner, only for me to slam on the breaks otherwise they'd have forced me off the road. Absolute bellend.
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2023.03.25 23:50 wtvar get the average of the last 6 occurences of values in different columns based on criteria in other column

i have been trying to get this formula to work on my own as well as chatgpt but its failing badly so hopefully you can help.
i have data in column D which are different strings but they arent unique
i then have numbers in columns F and G
what i want to do is for each row have the formula look at the value in column D and take the average of the values in column F but only for the last 6 times where the current value in column D matched.
maybe i am not explaining it great so here is an example. link:
+ C D E F G H
1 id team a team b score1 score2 running average score1
2 1 a f 3 4
3 2 a d 2 2
4 3 b g 1 12
5 4 a b 2 3
6 5 a s 3 1
7 6 a d 1 2
8 7 a a 4 3
9 8 a s 2 1 2.5
10 9 b d 2 1
11 10 a a 1 1 2.333333333
Table formatting brought to you by ExcelToReddit
so in H9 it is looking at the last 6 times the value "a" occured in column "D" and then takes the average of the values in column "F". so in H9 its taking the average of the values in column "F" with id 1,2,4,5,6,7
then in H11 it takes the average of values in column "F" for lines with id 3,5,6,7,8,9
once this works i also want to do the same again, apart from not only looking at the 6 occurences where the value in column D was matched in column D, i want to match it in either column D or E
i dont mind using (several) helper columns if needed.
for info i will post below the chatgpt solution suggestions but they arent working:
helper column I =IF(COUNTIF(D$3:D3,D4),IFERROR(MATCH(D4,OFFSET(D4,-MIN(6,COUNTIF(D$3:D3,D4)-1),0,MIN(6,COUNTIF(D$3:D3,D4)),1),0)+ROW()-4,"")
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2023.03.25 23:50 IFitSprinklerd Aikido 7 piece vs faberware “12 piece”

So this is basically exactly what I’m asking. When I got my first apartment my parents got me the black 6 knife 6 cover set, and the chef knife is broken. I do a lot of stir fry, so my MAC knife vegetable cleaver does most of my work. But I wanted a better knife set and stumbled upon aikido online. There was a sale going on, I assumed from the ridiculous drop in price the “regular” $530 price point was a scam, but a review from the daily kitchen said they were definitely worth it at the $160 price point, plus it comes with a block. After ordering I read a bit on here about them being a scam, but I was assuming they’re a scam most of the year to get the orders when they have their sales, and that the $160 is a fair price for the set itself. If you have experience with this set please let me know! I feel like either way It’s definitely an upgrade from what I have now.
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2023.03.25 23:50 goodnightgracey Hi 👋 to all the wonderful trans folks living in my phone!

My name is Sophie (she/her), I am 43 and I am a trans woman who is six months into hrt (mtf). I’ve been lurking for a while and just wanted to introduce myself.
My partner and I are living apart for a bit (she got a new job in a different state, I’ll be joining her soon), and I am looking to make some new friends here. Y’all seem so sweet and supportive I figured it’s time to reach out.
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2023.03.25 23:50 lakija Secret Dragon - 5A: Perfection [Explicit]

Secret Dragon - 5A: Perfection [Explicit]
[NSFW: Grown Folks Business Ahead. Explicit. Seriously. If you want to read a less explicit but still very steamy version of this chapter, I got you! Please proceed to chapter 5B for the abridged version]

— The distant storm he had banished returned from that deep place in him, now a tempest. He put his mouth against my neck. We will go slow he whispered. I shivered in response.
Vibrations wound their way through my body. Sound waves reverberated off bones. The pounding of his heart beat in time with mine. It was a song made of storms. I needed to be swept up in it.
He kissed me softly with rolling flames. From my lips to my neck, then over the plates between my breasts. Over my belly. My hands slid to his shoulders as he worked his down my thighs. Every inch of my scales was being annealed, preparing to be forged into something lost to time.
Sasha’s tongue trailed back up my leg. His claws caressed my legs between my thighs. So I invited him into my house, for there was a feast prepared for him.
My scales prickled where his tongue trailed up my inner thighs. The deep growl of his throat sent vibrations inside me. I could see steam roll off my body into clouds. The heat of his fire was awakening my flesh, my core. His tongue searched me until he found my pleasure, as if he had a roadmap to it. He ate me, not like like a starving man, but one of refined tastes. “Right there,” I moaned. “Yes.” And slowly, he explored that place. My secret place. A whimper escaped my mouth. My claws dug into the mattress.
My imagination at its most creative, at its most hungry, could not have conjured this ecstasy. Gods, have mercy.
When Sasha got his fill of me, I had only a moment’s reprieve.
I felt the heat traveling up slowly. Where the fire touched, my scales glowed red hot, like embers. I shuddered as his strong hands trailed up my body. Savor this, he whispered.
He brought his mouth back to mine, kissing me, letting me taste of myself amidst his flames.
Then he entered me.
I moaned as his body pressed against me, his manhood filling me. I pulled him closer until the rhythms of his breath, his heart, his storm were mine. His everything moved in perfect harmony with mine. I surrendered myself fully to him, as he stroked me, waxing and waning, a boat on the waves.
Sasha knew the way I wanted to be touched. The way I wanted to be loved on. The way I wanted to be handled. He gave me the most intense pleasures I had felt in my life.
We had reached the peak of this volcano. Sasha’s wings stretched to their full span. This man had conquered me. But the way my voice rang out in that room at that last push? It broke free something dormant in my core.
Flames erupted from his mouth and nose, engulfing our bodies entirely. I clutched at Sasha’s back, digging my claws into it.

I was being baptized, dipped backward into a deep river of fire by his strong hands. But I did not emerge from the surface; instead, I plunged deeper, into a vision of darkness, revealing the cosmos itself.
The Sun, my everything in this universe, my namesake, loomed ahead. It beckoned me, and I rushed toward that bright star without hesitation. When I entered, a searing pain began in my back, their two points of origin so telling. So unmistakable. It was like I was being ripped apart. Yet I felt nothing but joy in that pain. I came out the other side a streak of gold rushing down from the depths of the sun’s core back to earth. Back to reality. What was this?

Light filled the room as my eyes burst open. I heard the billowing of air as our bodies rose from the bed. His claws held my waist, my back arched.
White hot wings of light drifted in and out of my peripheral vision from behind me. They were the brightest, most beautiful things I had ever seen. As if possessed, I held both sides of his face stared deeply into his soul until his eyes glowed like an inferno. White hot fire manifested itself across his wings. Radiant and full of light. Like mine. I released him.
We were suspended in the air, frozen in time, silent. No longer were we mere mortals in that moment. We were glorious, and terrible. Divine beings, forged in lava and cosmic energy.
Slowly, gently, all the flames began die. My wings softly dispersed until they were no more. His hands held me as we drifted downward. His eyes and wings both dimmed back into their normalcy.
The fireplace was, once again, the only source of light in the room.
Our bodies steamed in the darkness, chests heaving from the intensity of what had just transpired. We stared at each other, wild eyed. He withdrew from me, wings lowering somewhat. Our senses returned to us.
My hands shook as I touched his cheek, rubbing his scales. There was blood on my claw from where I had dug into his back past his scales.
We held each other’s gaze. Eventually, he closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around me tenderly, and his wings enveloped my steaming body.
For a long time, we just lay there together, still smoldering in the aftermath of that eruption. That awakening. The only sounds now were our shallow breaths, and the fire which crackled behind us.
We had gone elsewhere. Some distant place lost to time where our history lie in ruins. Where a rend in the crust had torn our people asunder in ages past. And that pull of his call to me? It felt so strongly, as if our souls were old things in that distant place, once known to each other but cleaved violently and unjustly.
We had awoken in mundanity that morning. Mostly normal people living a mostly normal life. Now who were we meant to be?
The end and the beginning of all things. The answer to questions not yet asked.
We were perfection.
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2023.03.25 23:50 SenorBruh7 Is that all we see of Kojiro?

I just finished his arc and am back to Musashi and was just wondering if thats all we see from him for the rest of the story? I know theres a like a chapter or something that shows him and Kohei but apart from that is Kojiros arc all we see in terms of his story?
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2023.03.25 23:49 siRay47 20M Looking for a summer sublet in San Francisco.

Hi, I will be interning in the Bay Area from May 8 to August 11. I am looking for a private room to rent or sublet for the summer in SF.
My budget is $1600. No specific location, but preferably within 50 minutes walking distance of a Caltrain station (SF station).
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2023.03.25 23:49 funwon Subleasing 4x4 primary bedroom Hub on University Summer 2023!

Hey guys, I'm not going to be in Gainesville for this summer and I need to find someone to sublease my apartment (Males only). I live in a four by four on the fifth floor of the Hub on University where I have the attached bathroom room. My balcony extends over University Ave and you can see from midtown to downtown. My unit is also the closest unit to the pool, sauna, study room, elevator, and gym out of any unit in the entire building. Please contact me if you're interested or would like to learn more.
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2023.03.25 23:49 jjmeeks18 Fitzgerald associate themselves with likes of Steven Crowder and Ben shapiro

2 second easy search on husband followers shows he follows both those two as well as candance owens and im sure many other of those, um, people. Before anyone gets up in arms, i only looked at it to confirm the anti-lgtbq sentiments they seem to also hold/was portrayed by husband. take away whatever you want from that

i’m incredibly disappointed to say in the least that TR would platform people like this that creates a road to this type of hate. It’s not what the podcast stands for, or at least i didn’t think so. If she stated her beliefs, she knew she’d be ripped apart (i don’t condone bullying of any kind and not saying she deserves that at all!!!!) however, as a public figure with a public account, people are going to pretty easily figure out your political beliefs.

i hope TR can bring on a trans person as I think a story from their perspective would be great for the sww community! Anyways, be kind always and accept everyone for who they are and don’t harass/bully pls and ty
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2023.03.25 23:49 steadipulse Do u know that u hv right to earn extra income while in school in Nigeria?

Yes! You have the privilege to earn money either online or offline while also studying with any impacts. If you know you know. Never lose chances of making extra money while in school. Apart from rescuing you from too much demands from home, it'll also give you more way to live your best life in Campus.
LSS, here are best side hustles for students of Nigeria higher institutions:
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2023.03.25 23:48 Lost-Beach3122 Horrible Histories Awful England Full History Episode Concept

Through old sketches and new sketches, Rattus Rattus hosts a chronological look at some of the more strange, sad, and outright Horrible aspects of the entire history of England.
  1. Savage Stone Age
  1. Broken Bronze Age
  1. Cut Throat Celts
  1. Smashing Saxons
  1. Measly Middle Ages
  1. Terrible Tudors
  1. Slimy Stuarts
  1. Gorgeous Georgians
  1. Vile Victorians
  1. Evil Edwardians
  1. Frightful First World War
  1. Awful Interwar Period
  1. Woeful Second World War
  1. Freaky Fifties
  1. Swinging Sixties
  1. Sadistic Seventies
  1. Ugly Eighties
  1. Nasty Nineties
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2023.03.25 23:48 lionandlime Southeast Asia City Recommendations

I'm meeting up with my brother (a fellow digital nomad) and doing some work/travel with him for about a month - Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Siem Reap, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok. After that he's leaving and I'm looking to stay in SE Asia on my own, but at a slower pace.
I'm looking to stay in a place for about a month at a time, and I really need to focus on myself. Ideally I'll be able to rent an inexpensive apartment, focus on my work and developing my career, eat clean and workout regularly, and go to the beach for a quick swim most days.
Any recommendations for where I should do this? I'd like to see Vietnam and the Philippines, and I'm open to anything else (including the countries I'm already passing through with my brother).
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2023.03.25 23:46 Ok-Major6842 Looking for someone to sublease one room in a 3b3b

Hi, my friend and I (both guys, both current freshman) are looking for someone to sublease one room in a 3 bed 3 bath apartment, starting August 19th and running through the 2023/2024 school year. Apartment is located in campustown, near the Ike.
Rent: $760
FibeInternet/WateGarbage: $52
Utilities not included.
Renting through the university group. If you’re interested, fill out this google form and we’ll reach out to you!
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2023.03.25 23:46 Oncecagedbird What do you tell people that let their dogs out once a day?

This one co-worker was telling me about his dog and then he mentioned that he “trained him “ to hold it and he lets him out once a day. His excuse is that we work long hours (10hr) and when he gets home he’s tired so he sleeps and can’t let the dog out.
I told him that I read on average dogs supposed to be let out for 3-5 times a day and once a day might not be enough …To which he responded that his dog is “healthy “ and was trained ….. I mentioned to him that maybe he can consider using dog walker and he said he thought of it but his dog is reactive. Conversation ended with me saying oh ok.
This type of people get on my nerve , like why have a dog when you don’t even have the time to let them out? This guy lives in an apartment so no backyard or anything .
I also had this other dude that never took his dog to the vet even when the poor dog had a huge lump , until one day it started bleeding then they put the dog down. Didn’t even try to see if it was cancer or if it’s not dangerous. Humans are so cruel sometimes
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2023.03.25 23:46 funky__Leo my room is making me dysphoric

(this accidentally turned into a long post, sorry)
i live in an old school so my room is actually really big since it was apart of the gym. i currently have like parts to my room divided by like shelves between sections so its like everything has its own corner and i cant fucking deal anymore. i like rearranging my furniture ALOT and i like to do it alone so i have more control over everything but i have multiple things i cant move without my parents help and theyre literally like in such inconvenient places that theyre in the way(a big shelf, a closet, another shelf) i wanted to change somethings today and the more i looked at my room the more i wanted to cry, which i did. my parents have this thing where "they like suprising me with rearranging my room WITHOUT telling me. sometimes its been good but recently they renovated like a "nook" kinda part of my room into a fucking vanity, before they even put it there i already thought my room was too "girly" but i cannot anymore, i dont even fucking use it. i dont wanna say i hate it bc i know they put time and effort into it and when i first saw it i pretended that i loved it and i dont wanna hurt their feelings. i just want out of this space and fucking move out, to have a whole space to myself which i can decorate and furnish just how I like it. i just know for a fact that if a stranger was to look at my room they would immediately say it belonged to a girl and i fucking hate it so much. like what do i do in this situation??
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2023.03.25 23:45 whitecollar23 You'll never believe the reason hosts make up damages claims.

It’s quite simple. If a host reports damage and then the guest writes a negative review, the host can get it taken down as “retaliatory.”
I’m not kidding.
I just found out my negative review was taken down because they determined it was retaliatory.
"In this case we have determined that the reason why the review was removed is because the reason why you put the review is due to the report received in the listing."
They made this determination despite me raising issues with the apartment several times throughout the stay, before the host alleged any damages.
Despite Airbnb ultimately ruling in my favor on the damages claim.
And despite my review not mentioning anything related to the host’s allegations.
Be careful when booking an Airbnb with no negative reviews. They were likely deleted.
Better to search for Airbnbs with negative reviews and see how the host responds to them.
Oh, did I mention that Airbnb refused to delete the host’s negative review of me?
This despite them not saying a single negative thing about me to Airbnb until after I reported them to Trust & Safety after they held my girlfriend and I hostage and demanded hundreds of dollars to let us leave.
I guess continuing to get income from hosts comes before everything… even safety?
We all saw what happened with the deadly fire in Montreal…
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2023.03.25 23:45 Primaltoon Custom computer build no display help.

Custom computer build no display help.
I changed my motherboard to an Intel from AMD and upgraded my RAM and processor. I checked that all the parts are compatible and reinstalled everything a few times. I can't get the display to work. The red light is ram and CPU, so I think they are the problem but I don't know what's wrong with them. The disc driver works aka I can open and close it, I have the fans unplugged for no reason. The graphics card fan turns on so it has power. I've tried all the following: Taking everything apart and putting it back together. Reseating ram and only putting in one stick. Reseating cpu Idk if it's a driver issue since I had a different Mobo before I haven't changed anything software wise. I don't see anything broken. Anyone have some advice? I'm thinking that it may be bad pieces but idk
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2023.03.25 23:43 Potential_Wonder_775 People I work with found out...

I'm into some weird stuff
Now in lock down a couple years ago my fuck buddy brought up pegging, I agreed to it and bought the stuff off eBay, the stuff arrived and when the time came when we were laying on the bed I backed out at the last second and we just fucked normally, this happened a few times and we never went through with it in the end and just drifted apart.
I feel like the people I work with have found out that I've bought the sex toys and probably think I bought it for my self which is even more embarrassing then me agreeing to being pegged even though I backed out. They know this or they know about the porn I have desensitized my self to...or both.
I dont know how though, maybe they guessed my phone password..what the actual fuck do I do? I know 10000% they know and it's not paranoia, what do I do? I feel sick to my
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2023.03.25 23:43 throwaway2845729274 I found my girlfriend with one of her friends alone.

I found my girlfriend alone with one of her friends 2 in the morning one night in her apartment and they were apparently watching a movie. They apparently got some drinks and brought them to her apartment. Apparently they had developed feelings for each other and had talked it over previously, but apparently my girlfriend told him she didn't want that and stopped it, so they were supposedly just hanging out. When I first found them she lied about a lot of things, so it's hard to believe all the details she told me. Like at first she lied that anyone was there and I told her I heard a voice and saw the lights were on, and apparently he hid in the bathroom and she turned off the lights. She didn't tell me they got drinks until I told her I found a bottle, and she doesn't like drinking too btw. She tried to delete her messages on her phone but she didn't know a trash folder existed on her messaging app. So I was able to read through it. So I still don't know if I know everything at this point honestly. She said they didn't do anything together, that they were just talking. It's just hard to believe everything right now. We've been dating for about 5 and a half years now too. She recently talked about feeling limited in our relationship, so she mentioned wanting to try things with other people. I told her I wasn't comfortable with this, and the next day this happened. Looking at her texts it seemed like she did tell that guy that she didn't want to date him or anything after I talked with her saying I wasn't comfortable with it. It just feels like I don't have all the details about what happened yet honestly. She keeps telling me she was going to tell me, but kinda weird to wait to tell me and also hangout with a guy when you supposedly don't want a relationship with when you both like each other. Not sure what I want out of this, but I just wanted to write it out. My girlfriend still wants us to be together and seems very upset about it all, I just don't know if she's upset I found out or what. I do love her but I'm very hurt over all this because of how much she tried to hide things.
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2023.03.25 23:43 myburneraccount1357 Is it worth moving here from Miami?

22M who was born and raised in miami. Currently living with my parents with no expenses. Got a job offer at the 360rosemary building in downtown. Currently debating on getting a 2bed with a roommate who would be a stranger in an apartment in downtown. my monthly income would be around $4k so I’m wondering if it’s possible to live in downtown with no car since rent will take up a big chunk of my monthly pay. I’m also Hispanic and noticed there’s a lot of white Americans here so does that matter? I could get a job in Miami and stay with parents but living here my whole life I’m kinda annoyed with the city already and the traffic and want to be independent in a new city to hopefully grow as a person. Is downtown west palm a smart choice for that?
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2023.03.25 23:42 Pope-Francisco [Snake Colony]

There is a special cove that has been closed off for 10 years now due to repeated missing cases & very strong waves. But, some people still desire to ride those waves. Surfers will climb over the wire early in the day & try to ride the famous waves. It is usually after a couple of rounds when a HUGE wave appears out of no where & engulfs a surfer currently riding. The surfer will disappear & leave nothing but their surf board. If someone else is also caught in the wave or jumps into it, they will disappear as well. This cove has also been expanding, as people on ships close near the cove will be caught in huge waves & will disappear as well. Or even people on neighboring beaches too. But where do they all go?
These victims will end up in what’s called the [Snakes Colony] it’s a large expansive concrete maze ever winding & never ending. The surfers will usually find themselves soaked & on a pile of seaweed, leaving them the only option to find an exit.
The environment: You will most often find crabs & crustaceans crawling all over the place & into wet cracks. There is even seaweed hanging here & there, always wet & never dry up. Plus there’s lots of algae, which some people find tasty. The environment is mostly a winding burrow like maze, made up of a grey mineral, illuminated by cracks in the wall from glow worms, & often get people walking in circles. Some parts of the maze will move in a zig zag motion, have something resembling stairs, holes to crawl through, or rooms. Rooms are these big spaces that have many paths connecting to it. People will often take refuge in these rooms, but can fall prey to a predator lurking in the cracks or holes of the room.
Levels: There are only a couple levels in the Snake Colony, each varying from 20-50 stories, some parts of the levels will dip down or rise into another. None are fully flat.
The levels are listed from highest to lowest. Bird Nest, Pencil Town, Egg Shell, & The Tundra. Each level is accessible from the different far corners of the Snake Colony, taking the form of holes in the ceilings & accessible by climbing a weirdly bendy tree with minimal leaves. Let’s dive into each level.
[Bird Nest] This is the highest level & also the one with the most nests. Unlike some of the other levels, Nests can be found right next to each other or a maximum of a quarter mile apart. A lot of these nests will have small birds perching upon & making homes in the same trees used to climb up & down the levels. These birds feast off the crustaceans & will use their poop to build nests. The birds resemble sooty terns, yet their body is more grey & have a black bottom.
But they also have a predator being the Concrete Serpent. These snakes will most often be found slithering through the cracks in the walls, occasionally coming out & snatching a bird. Even if the birds fly away, they will fall to the ground within a good minute after being injected with a paralyzing venom. They can survive off just one for a week & can grow to be 6 feet long with a dark & light grey grainy pattern. The snakes show very little aggression unless they are hungry. Some people have been bitten by these snakes, leading them to be paralyzed within 10 minutes. But, one bite isn’t enough as it can paralyze just one limb. These snakes will follow their victims & bite some more when they have the opportunity, usually getting the help of other snakes too. When the person is fully paralyzed the birds will peck at the person’s body, taking off skin & flesh bit by bit as they are left unable to move, feeling everything until they eventually pass out & die. The birds will leave & give some chunks that the snakes can swallow, allowing them to avoid being eaten for the week. It usually takes around a day or two for the person to be fully eaten, filling up the snakes for a week in a half or two weeks. Due to this, the birds will occasionally hunt down a weakened human & allow the snakes to bite them, feeding the snakes & giving the birds a higher chance of survival. While some have avoided the Bird Nest after seeing their comrades die, others have repeatedly fallen prey to the birds & snakes, leading to the Bird Nest having the 2nd highest kill count.
[Pencil Town] This is a special level, kinda like Pluto. It’s the smallest level & overlaps others. Pencil town can be shaped vertically unlike the others & is broken up & poking inside other levels & between different levels. But, it is not like a nest due to it having its own unique environment & creatures, making it a level. Pencil town is made of a much darker mineral than the concrete commonly found through out the [Snake Colony]. At the same time, it has little spikes here & there people can break off & use a writing a tool, hence it the levels name. These spikes are little towers made from the dark mineral & filled with highly durable eggs, created by little crustaceans who like to have people spread their offspring to other parts of the Snake Colony. These little crustaceans will eventually return back to the Pencil Town & restart the cycle.
People can also climb inside the level & out into another, commonly taking a spike/pencil spike or two for writing. These pencil spikes have proven extremely useful for informing other victims about the levels or where to find groups of people that have been collectively captured together. People will sometimes write information about things you can eat, being the crustaceans, and various dangers faced in each level. It also because of these pencil spikes that people have collectively called to name the place the Snake Colony, often leaving writings here & they’re saying “Welcome to the Snake Colony.” And there will be some signatures below & some info for others. But, even with this information, people still die without even reaching a year in the colony, due to lack of nutrition, predators, & the agonizing solitude. Unless they’ve never reached [The Tundra].
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