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Star vs. The Forces of Evil

2014.08.02 01:54 Waddles77 Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Welcome to the Star VS the Forces of Evil subreddit. The show ended in May 2019, but that doesn't mean the fun is over! You might be a brand-new fan looking for a show that's a little weird and wild, or maybe you're an old fan still lurking around because you aren't ready to say goodbye to our beloved show. Either way, you're welcome here!

2008.05.27 08:43 Star Wars - A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...

Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, created by George Lucas and centered around a film series that began with the eponymous 1977 movie.

2015.11.06 02:25 Galiphile Star Wars in 5th Edition

For discussion and submission regarding Star Wars in the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition ruleset.

2023.03.26 00:26 Financial_Ad_5825 Doc oct or iron man or both

Doc oct or iron man or both
Doc oct or iron man or both
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2023.03.26 00:26 AostheGreat Rod has some eyes

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2023.03.26 00:26 papigoreng Global Happiness Index 2023

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2023.03.26 00:26 Radio_gugu Family friendly Vineyards/Wineries and farms which offer tours

Hey I am looking for some family/kids friendly Vineyards/Wineries and farms. I have 2 kids 7 year old and 5 year old. Already been to Blue Ostrich and liked it.
If winery then they should have a good food menu, possibly weekend menus and all.
It would be good if the farms have tours. I am not looking for petting zoos but proper farms away from the city. (I live in Plano area)
I am looking for something not in the middle of a city, ready to drive a little 1-1.5 hr.
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2023.03.26 00:26 Scared-Coyote4010 how is this build? weapon needs to be levelled to 90 for stats still

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2023.03.26 00:25 Internal-Campaign434 Starting to think I hate my major and path, but I don't know what else I can do with my life.

I am a third year undergrad B.S Biochemistry Major on the premed track and as of the last one and a half weeks I am starting to feel like I hate my major and I don't want to go to medical school. I thought these thoughts were just a symptom of going through a rough patch and that it will go away when things get better. Only problem is I have been through more rough patches than I can count and this is the first time I said "do I really even like this?"
I stuck out the weed-out courses and persevered thinking once I got out of those it would be smoother and things would get easier. Well after my second year that was a fucking lie.
To be honest I really love Biochemistry but I just cannot deal with how the classes are handled and my ADHD makes things worse. I feel like such a weak bitch for saying this when there are probably others going through far worse. My GPA is not doing the best (3.24) and it got even worse after last semester where I got a C and C+ respectively in Biochemistry 2 and Physics. Biochemistry 1 and 2 had really hard tests and I studied so fucking hard each test and never got above a 70. I am in Biochemistry 3 right now and my professor is super nit-picky about everything and tries to make every assignment as hard as possible. Quizzes we cannot go back to questions we have already answered, tests have confusing wording/she nitpicks reasons to take points off, and homework she is also nit-picky/has super specific answer expectations. Another thing I hate is that she basically spends all lecture talking at us and basically has nearly no details on her slides so I have to basically write down her words which is quite difficult. I have been putting EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING into studying and I have not breached over a 70 on any midterm and never over an 85 on a quiz.
I hate putting in my 110% for it to never feel like its enough. I hate being told "just do your best" only for it to feel like its all for nothing.
Same thing with physics. Who fucking knows why I have to take these awful awful courses. My professors are terrible and my TAs are mid at best. I have to rely on the internet and tutors and shell out more money. I am garbage at Calculus and I find Physics itself incredibly boring. They give incredibly difficult homework and then annoying quizzes with confusing midterms. Then the final comes and I would rather bleed to death than go through that.
All I feel this major does is beat me down, make me feel stupid and worthless. I keep thinking I should persevere because I love science and want to help people, but i don't know anymore. I accomplish things in life and I am proud of myself for it, but I remember it does not pay my bills. I became more social, I learned new skills, I am a healthy weight now, my porn addiction recovery is going well, I am more empathetic, etc yet none of that pays my bills. The people I talk to and they say I am a good person say that they value me for my character yet again those higher ups don't care. When I meet new people and I mention my major they feel sorry for me. I don't know how to react to it. I met my High school friends over break. One told me he switched his major to PoliSci to keep his GPA high, the other makes hundreds per commission drawing furry porn and is getting married later this year, and idk about the third one i think he does CS so he is set after college. They are all like to me "I can't imagine being a stem major".
What makes it worse is my dad when I first applied said out of my choices Biochem would be the best since "it has the most opportunities, just a Biology degree is useless". He said the same thing about B.S vs B.A. I was leaning BA as course load seemed a little easier down the line but again urged me B.S. My dad is also paying way more for me to be at my out of state uni than most others.
I have the MCAT coming in a little over four months and that adds more pressure. My dad already shelled out money for books and a course so telling him I don't want to do med may set him off the rails. I am beyond terrified to have this conversation with him, that I think I should pursue something else. Last semester I did not do well and basically despite him saying opportunities were good for Biochem, he is now saying theres not much out there that has a comfortable salary if i don't do med school. He is saying at worst go to Caribbean school. I don't mind what school, I want to do something I feel happy with. If I am feeling overwhelmed here there is no way I will survive Med school.
Early in life due to my Autism and ADHD+late diagnoses for both I was a bottom tier student. All I did was cause trouble and my grades were abysmal. My parents friends always bragged about their kids and how smart they were so it made my parents more disappointed in me. I didn't start getting my act together till high school when I realized my grades actually mattered now. I still wasn't a star student but I gave it my all. They always did so much for me despite being a rude brat when I was young so I feel so much guilt over it basically every day and I want to give back, yet with the way things are going I feel like I am a burden. They say they are proud of me for my growth but I don't find it easy to believe. I can't shake the feeling I ask for too much and I won't be able to provide them comfort and make it easy for them to sleep at night.
I am not asking this to be easy, I just don't like having my soul being stepped on and kicked around like a soccer-ball. I loved helping others and I loved science thats why I picked this path originally. I still want to do that but I feel hopeless in my choices. All I really want is a job that pays enough for me to live comfortably, not like 500k or whatever but more like I can afford my necessities and still have some disposable income for fun stuff.
I feel like I would actually have depression right now if it were not for the stuff i do outside my studies as well as having a therapist. Luckily i have broadened my interests and at least I still get some free time to enjoy myself.
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2023.03.26 00:25 utnapishti 35€ dreams

35€ dreams
Latest built around a cheap PS/2 G80-1800 with my blacks that I bought for 5€ a while ago with Lauer Fischer Branding. Repainted the bezel and slapped some analog dreams modifiers from a cheap knock-off set from Amazon on it. Quite pleasant, if you ask me.
It's my favourite layout and switch after much testing with all kinds of different boards.
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2023.03.26 00:25 rivain000 Just finished "It Lives Beneath" - I have questions and thoughts (SPOILERS)

So yeah, I just finished It Lives Beneath. It was an entertaining sequel to ITLW. Despite what I snarkily say below, I actually enjoyed the book. A few thoughts I noted down as I was playing:
  1. Wow. The writers REALLY had a crush on Tom. Where is my MC from ILITW and her sweetheart, Ava? (Shout out to the Ava fans out there!)
  2. Why are all the people so friendly to MC? FIVE MINUTES after meeting Imogen, MC is in this girl's bedroom, trying on her clothes. Huh? lol
  3. MC's brother falls in love within 3 hours of arriving at Grandpa's house. His LI just knocks on the front door. If only this happened in real life. lol
  4. OMG, how many times did people get hit with "the stupid stick" (TM). Example: MC gets attacked by an undead lake creature for the first time. The crew remarks that they wouldn't be able to get it back to town as evidence of the attack because it's too big and rapidly decaying. Why did no one take a picture or a video of the creature at any point in time once it crawled out of the water? Not even Danni, the semi-professional photographer, who had a camera in her hands? Not Tom who had a smartphone? lol
  5. Awww. It's good to see the ILITW gang again even if only for a brief time. Missed you, Ava. It was even good, but sad, to see Noah again.
  6. Wow, how can Imogen's parents be so evil? No one in the entire town noticed that they never aged in the past 50 years? Imogen never noticed?
  7. MC's grandmother had it ROUGH. I wish there had been some way to put her soul to rest peacefully given everything she suffered through. In the end, she was destroyed by her progeny who she tried so hard to protect.
I could keep going with random comments, but I have a few questions about the book too.
  1. What happened to Parker?! Did anyone else get this ending...My MC was flirting with him, but inside the dam, he ran off in a panic after he killed the Sherriff to save our crew. He ran off and I don't recall him being seen or mentioned again until the very end where MC makes a toast to "those we lost". All the people presumed dead appeared, including Parker's face. Unfortunately, I didn't select his picture, so I don't know what the MC says about him. (Why did they only let you pick one person?) Parker had a relatively high nerve score so his desertion makes no sense.
  2. What is the deal with the nerve score? Parker had a much higher nerve score than Imogen, and Danni in my version of the book, but Parker disappears / dies in the end, while Imogen and Danni were fine.
  3. What did all of you think of grandpa? Did you sympathize with him or see him as a traitor who should have done more or even die to defend his wife?
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2023.03.26 00:25 -WielderOfMysteries- No bag exists that satisfies me? Am I a special snowflake? Seeking EDC recommendations I may have missed

Hey guys,
Let's see if you can save me from myself. My bad has been put through the ringer, I've had it since the end highschool (now 34) so it's basically hanging on by a thread. Decided to spend some decent money to replace it with a good one that'll last, and that'll better suit my EDC.
My problem? There is no backpack in existence that seems to satisfy my conditions:
Every bag I've researched is either too small in literage, too heavy, missing major features, or is aesthetically designed for a skinny 20yr old yuppy-girl in Manhattan or something...I'm a large man, I don't want tiny 20L boxes.
So far, my shortlist after literally about a month of research:
1) Able Carry Max
Good style, everything I want, but heavy, and people claim it's not comfortable for EDC because of it's height. Best colour never in stock (blue).
2) Evergoods CPL28
out of stock to the point of non-existence.
3) AON Pathfinder
Everything I want, but unacceptably heavy
4) Bellroy Transit 28L
Not usually my style, but interior features are perfect. Straps seem too thin though...
5) Thule Subterra 30/34
Affordable, widely available, not many modern features but last-resort if nothing on the enthusiast industry is satisfactory.
Just fishing for second opinions on bags similar to these I may have missed that don't get much fanfair. All major major bags with youtubers reviewing them constantly I've probably already considered.
GoRuck is an automatic no right now as they're hilariously expensive and I care more about featureset than the bag lasting forever.
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2023.03.26 00:25 RayPepper Alex Perez's fights and cancelled fights within the past two years

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2023.03.26 00:25 Over_Employer_2747 Finally framed my poster and Polaroid

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2023.03.26 00:25 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
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2023.03.26 00:25 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.26 00:25 mumsandroses Just got my first ever community garden plot! Looking for advice on amendments to do before planting and also a reality check on if my plan is feasible 😂 (zone 8b)

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2023.03.26 00:25 atypicalthinker Tried all these meds and I don't feel any better. Feeling hopeless. I swear I was happier off meds. (Gabapentin missing because I started abusing it and had to throw it out)

Tried all these meds and I don't feel any better. Feeling hopeless. I swear I was happier off meds. (Gabapentin missing because I started abusing it and had to throw it out)
I know... talk to your provider. I am waiting to see him. I just feel like everything I've tried has prevented major mania and psychosis but just let's me go into deep downs/mixed episodes.
When I didn't take meds for a long period I actually accomplished so much in life. Now I'm going backwards.
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2023.03.26 00:25 vind89 Prebuilt keyboards have come a LONG way - Nuphy Halo96

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2023.03.26 00:25 Euphoric_Standard724 First custom

First custom
Nk65 w glorious pandas
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2023.03.26 00:24 creepergod3692 I have a well built Simon with a lvl 4 atk up crest NO TW yet). What are the best units to pair him with

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2023.03.26 00:24 dianaofthestars Discord Notice

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2023.03.26 00:24 spsq_ Why is this happening? Its been like this for every video for around a day now.

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2023.03.26 00:24 chic_luke Are aura migraines commonly linked to anxiety?

Hi people. I just had my first aura migraine last week, it started slow, but it lasted three days and it was horrible. It was impossible to move, impossible to move my head, I had nausea the entire time. It was impossible to cook, almost impossible to go to the bathroom. Sleeping a bit to improve it would only make it worse, and the aura... the aura made it so scary and difficult to sleep. It was basically a constant 9/10 headache with aura that would not subside or go away for thee days straight. At one point I desperately called home and asked my family to go pick me up (I was in my university apartment, and I was at loss for how to handle the situation as I was not autonomous). Needless to say this was pretty fucking bad, like one of the worst experiences of my life and I am not joking, and I do not wish this to happen again, hence I am trying to see what the causes could be so that I can avoid them for next time.
My doctor diagnosed me with aura headache and gave me Rizatriptan, which seems to do absolute wonders to my migraine. It was about to start again, but with one of these pills the pain went from 5/10 to 1/10 for the entire day to disappear completely overnight, whereas previously it had easily gone to 9/10 intensity.
However, as I have been wondering what the causes of this are, I will just say that I have been going through some pretty traumatic feelings in my life, with very bad anxiety levels and crying myself to sleep... more than once. Did any of you start getting migraine + aura attacks as a result of anxiety or some particularly distressing period, or is it completely unrelated? Basically, I am trying to see if I can connect the aura migraine to the anxiety symptoms, or if it is something completely unrelated and it is mere coincidence it had to happen now.
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2023.03.26 00:24 ouchchaaarlie Its Sattadayyyyy Boysss. Hope y'all rode today!

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