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A Keto Diet Grocery List For Beginners - 31 Must-Have Items

2023.03.25 20:00 AutoModerator A Keto Diet Grocery List For Beginners - 31 Must-Have Items

A Keto Diet Grocery List For Beginners - 31 Must-Have Items
Starting the keto diet can be a little overwhelming-the high-fat, low-carb diet, known for its dramatic weight loss results, requires an overhaul of most people's typical shopping lists. That means saying goodbye to some of the easy items you might keep on hand for lazy nights (we're talking to you, quick-cooking rice and frozen french fries), and hello to some slightly more perishable foods that are higher in fat and protein like meat and full-fat dairy.
But before you go filling your grocery cart with bacon and cheese galore, know that you'll want to opt for good-for-you sources of unsaturated fat and protein-like fish and avocado, instead, says Lyssie Lakatos, RDN, of the Nutrition Twins. "Since this diet is primarily coming from fat, choosing healthy sources of fat is important," she says. So, healthy fat = good; protein = good; but what about everything else? Don't freak-while, yes, tons of stuff is off-limits on the keto diet, there are plenty of yummy things you can eat. To help, a few dietitians weighed in on what they'd put on their keto diet grocery shopping list-so all you really have to do is save it and go to the store. But first. . . some items to take off your list
There are a few aisles you can skip (the cookie aisle is probably one of them) if you're committing to keto. Here are the non-keto-friendly items you will no longer need to stock your fridge and pantry with.
Pasta and other grains When you're cutting carbs on keto, pasta, rice, and noodles have to be the first to go (unfortunately). Your local grocery store might have a special health foods section where you can find low-carb or gluten-free pastas and noodles, though.
Starchy veggiesPotatoes are off limits, and so are other starchy, high-carb vegetables like carrots, believe it or not. Colorful, leafy greens are going to be key staples to add to your basket or cart.
High-sugar fruitsWhile fruit is something that is usually recommended for a healthy, balanced diet, the keto diet restricts some fruit, says Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD. Some fruits, like apples, bananas, and pears, are higher in carbs, which break down into sugars, so they're not typically part of a keto eating plan.
LegumesIf you eat vegan or vegetarian, certain legumes, like beans, lentils, and chickpeas, might be a regular part of your diet for extra protein. On keto, though, they're too high in carbs and too low in fat to be compliant.
Sugary foodsYou're going to want to bypass any aisle that includes candy, doughnuts, snack cakes, and cookies, as the sugars in any processed sweets should be avoided on the keto diet. Your keto-friendly grocery list
Ok, now that we've gotten the bad news out of the way, here are all the yummy items you can stock up on when you're following a keto diet. There's plenty to be excited about putting in your cart!
Low-carb veggies
Not all vegetables are created equal for keto followers. High-carb veggies are a no-go. Instead, opt for low-carb options like cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, bell pepper, celery, cucumber, eggplant, and asparagus, says Pegah Jalali, RD, a nutritionist with Middleberg Nutrition.
Frozen veggies are cool, too. Sydney Greene, RD, also of Middleberg Nutrition, recommends frozen cauliflower in particular. "It's very low carb yet high in fiber and vitamin C. Use cauliflower in place of bananas for a creamy smoothie without the extra carbohydrates," Greene says.
Tammy Lakatos Shames, RDN, of Nutrition Twins, describes avocados as one of the very best keto foods, jam-packed with both nutrients and healthy fats. "I like to have them with some hemp or flax seeds sprinkled on top and some parmesan cheese," says Jalali.
Raspberries are a perfect sweet treat for people on the keto diet, since they're the fruit with the fewest carbs, says Jalali-though blueberries and blackberries are great, too. Blackberries and raspberries specifically are a solid option because they contain 8 grams of fiber per cup, too, Moore adds. Salad greens
Pre-washed greens, like spinach, kale and arugula, are a huge timesaver. "Having greens on hand makes it super easy to throw together a quick salad or add some quick nutrients-folate, vitamin C, fiber, magnesium-to your proteins," says Greene.
For a quick, keto-friendly breakfast, Greene suggests scrambling two whole eggs and a handful of spinach to get a good serving of healthy fat, protein, and fiber.
Grass-fed beef and organic chicken
Keep grass-fed beef and lamb, along with organic chicken, on hand, recommends Jalali. "Our clients particularly love Applegate's Great Organic Uncured Beef Hot Dog," says Shames-they're non-GMO and made with grass-fed beef, sans nitrates and preservatives.
Bone broth
Another option? Sip your meat-based protein. Greene loves Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth, which uses bones from grass-fed cows. "The amino acids found in the broth support a healthy gut," says Greene. Tuna, salmon, or sardines (fresh or canned)
If you opt for fresh fish, grill, bake, or pan-fry it in a healthy oil (olive or avocado) and serve with a low-carb veggie like broccoli or cauliflower rice.
If you choose canned, mix it with mayo and serve over greens, suggests Jalali. For a simple keto lunch, Greene suggests combining a can of tuna with half an avocado in a collard green wrap.
Go for grass-fed, organic, and full-fat options in the dairy aisle, recommends Jalali. For cheese, one easy-to-find option-readily available at groceries and convenience stores alike-is Organic Valley's full fat cheese. "It fits in the keto diet perfectly," says Lakatos. Always read the nutrition info before purchasing pre-shredded cheeses, cautions Jalali, who says they sometimes contain a stabilizer that adds carbs-so just make sure your shredded cheese has zero grams of carbs.
Greek yogurt and sour cream
These can be used interchangeably on the keto diet, as they all have similar amounts of carbs-Greek yogurt has five grams per serving and sour cream has seven. Just make sure they're plain options-added flavors also add carbs.
Quark is a German food that's somewhere in between yogurt and cheese in flavor and consistency-you can add it to smoothies, or use it as a spread or topping. "It's rich, creamy, and a favorite among our clients who are keto followers," says Lakatos.
If you're on a keto diet, opt for Eggland's Best Eggs, says Lakatos. "They have double the omega-3s and six times the vitamin D of other eggs, thanks to their all-vegetarian hen feed which provides high-quality, keto-friendly nutrients. "
Moore suggests meal prepping hard boiled eggs and keeping them in the fridge throughout the week for easy on-the-go breakfasts. If properly refrigerated and not cracked, they'll last for 7 days in the fridge.
Nut milks
Milk can actually have a good amount of carbs, so nut milk is a good alternative on the keto diet, says Lakatos. Unsweetened coconut, hemp, and almond milks in particular are good options, as they contain no carbs and more than four grams of fat-a perfect combo for keto dieters. Almond milk specifically is versatile for a variety of recipes, like a chia seed pudding or a breakfast smoothie, says Moore. "Simply blend frozen berries with leafy greens and plenty of almond milk for a frosty drink in less than five minutes," Moore suggests.
Avocado, olive, hazelnut, and coconut oil
The keto diet is all about fat, so clearly all healthy oils are welcome on this keto grocery list. Cooking food in the oils is one thing-but you can also amp up your fat intake by drizzling some oil on your cooked meal, as well.
Grass-fed ghee
Ghee, like the oils above, is a pure fat, which means its free from carbs or protein, says Jalali. "Ketogenic diets are more than 60 percent fat so having pure fats for all meals helps keep you on track," she says. If you can't find ghee, you can also use butter.
This low-carb snack has just one gram of carbs, and is full of iodine, which supports a healthy thyroid, says Greene. Some even come in individual grab-and-go packets so you can store them in your desk at work or in your purse.
You can add olives to salad or have them as an on-the-go snack. "We find these to be a lifesaver for our keto clients," says Shames. Olives offer a healthy monounsaturated source of fat; some even come in different flavors (like taco or sriracha). Pistachios
Shames recommends single-serving packages of pistachios, too. "Ninety percent of the fats found in pistachios are the better-for-you mono- and polyunsaturated type," says Shames. "Plus, pistachios provide a good source of plant protein and fiber for a trio that can help to keep you fuller longer. "
Another nut that's high in fiber, healthy fat, and protein is almonds. Moore always recommends them as snacks for clients who are constantly busy and need snacks to keep them satiated throughout the day. You can easily pack single-serve packages ahead of time.
Nutritional yeast
Nutritional yeast provides B12, a nutrient that many of us-especially vegans and vegetarians-just don't get enough of. It's also a source of protein without many carbs at all, says Lakatos.
"Keto followers can sprinkle it on their meals for a cheesy flavor and they often use it to make keto-friendly breads and tortillas," says Lakatos.
Chia seeds and flax seeds
You can use these seeds to coat meats, include them in bake goods, or make keto-friendly oatmeal and pudding, says Jalali. These pantry items are high in fiber, but low in carbs.
Healthy frozen foods
Added items like frozen cauliflower pizza and frozen frittatas can make eating keo simple on mornings and nights when you're strapped for time. Nora Minno, an RD in New York City, loves this pizza, which contains only 16 grams of carbs for the whole pie. Tofu
"Tofu is a great way to add plant-based protein into a diet that is typically heavy in animal protein and fat," says Minno. "A 3-oz serving contains 80 calories, 4 grams of fat, 9 grams of protein and only 3 grams of carbs. You'll also be getting important micronutrients like calcium, iron, and potassium. "
Low-carb pasta alternatives
"Shiratake noodles are a great low-carb pasta alternative with only 2 grams of carbs and 0 calories per bag," says Minno.
Nut butter
A high-quality nut butter is a great keto snack, topping for flax crackers, and ingredient for keto fat bombs and desserts, says Lara Clevenger, RD and founder of The Keto Queens.
Grass-fed beef tallow
Beef tallow is rich in omega 3 and CLA and is a "high quality saturated fat which has a high smoke point and is great for cooking," says Clevenger.
Yes, you can totally add chocolate to your shopping cart on the keto diet! Clevenger recommends Choc Zero. "It's sugar-free chocolate, non-gmo, and contains no sugar alcohols or soy lecithin. It's not super bitter like some chocolate bars and tastes great and has a very good texture," she says.
Keto-approved condiments
One of the trickiest things to shop for while keto? Dressings and condiments. Clevenger recommends low-sugar ketchup and BBQ sauce from Alterna Sweets. "These sauces taste amazing and they all contain only 1 gram net carb per tablespoon," she says. As for salad dressing? Clevenger reaches for Primal Kitchen brand. "These are sugar-free and keto-certified. "Alternative flours
"Almond flour is one of my favorite baking ingredients," Moore says. It's also one of the most common keto-friendly, gluten-free, alternative flours. "The almonds provide satiating fiber and protein plus healthy fats," Moore adds. She recommends it for making pie crusts and baking cookies and muffins.
Coconut flour is another low-carb flour alternative that Moore suggests adding to your pantry. However, keep in mind that you can't just substitute the same amount in a recipe that calls for regular four. "Because it is highly absorbent, you'll likely need to add more liquid to baked goods that use coconut flour," Moore says.
Keto-friendly sweeteners
For a natural sugar substitute that's keto-compliant, consider stocking up on monk fruit, says Moore. Whether you're baking or looking to sweeten up your coffee, monk fruit is an option that won't take you out of ketosis. Erythritol is another common keto-friendly sugar substitute. Again, you'll want to use in keto-specific recipes since you can't swap in the same amount for a recipe that calls for sugar.
Keto protein bars
To keep you full during the day, try a keto protein or energy bar that's high in healthy fats (like nuts and oils like avocado oil) and protein, but low in carbs. Keto Bar is a great option-they make a delicious chocolate peanut butter flavor.
Keto granolas
You won't be able to buy regular cereals, as they'll be too high in carbs, but low-carb or grain-free, low sugar granolas like Lakanto Healthy Quick Breakfast Granola or Lark Ellen Farm Granola are a better choice. You can add milk to them or eat them with yogurt and breakfast is solved.
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セクシーなレズビアンの女の子は、彼女のパンティーで日立魔法の杖のバイブレーターのおもちゃでとても激しく絶頂します!本物の女性のオーガズム! Sweety Nataによる自家製ポルノビデオ
vl mp4 high 240p 391741
セクシーなラテン カップルの愛。 アマチュアポルノ
3d ポルノの若い女性は巨大なペニスを激しく無修正で吸うのが大好き
The Genesis Order - (PT 61) - 仕事でボスを犯す
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2023.03.25 07:19 Late-Mathematician55 Delivered On Time Due To Bridge Over Troubled Water

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2023.03.25 01:16 XhetherC Silly coder man gets silly results

Intended Major(s): Computer Science
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc. [sorry for vague-ness lol]
  1. #1 FRC programming subteam lead (we qualified for world's last year) - a lot of time, member all 4 years
  2. #2 Varsity Tennis Captain (we won our league last year for the 1st time in 8 years and I also typically start as #1 singles) - a lot of time, active all 4 years
  3. #3 Developed an app over the summer (not published) - a lot of time
  4. #4 Varsity Mathletes - not a lot of time, active all 4 years
  5. #5 School Computer Science and Multimedia pathway representative - not a lot of time , 11th and 12th
  6. #6 Member of school cyber patriot team (cybersecurity competition) - decent chunk of time, active all 4 years
  7. #7 Tennis representative for athletic leadership club - not a lot of time, 11th and 12th
  8. #8 Student representative for local activist organization against police violence in schools - not a lot of time
  9. #9 FIDM fashion club (discontinued but I was pretty active during 9th grade) - N/A
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. #1 Questbridge Finalist
  2. #2 FRC Dean's List Semi-Finalist
  3. #3 Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design (illustrator and photoshop)
  4. #4 Regional Chairmans Award Winner (FRC, this is a team award, championship qualifying)
  5. #5 CollegeBoard African American Recognition Award
Letters of Recommendation
(Briefly describe relationships with your recommenders and estimated rating.)
CS Teacher 10/10 - I love this guy and I think he loves me too so that explains the rating. He's taught me 9th-11th grade and he also is active in my school's robotics team so we bonded well
Calc AB Teacher 10/10 - honestly he's just a really nice guy and we get along really well, even when I wasn't in his class cause of ECs he was always very lenient with me and I really liked his classes too
(Briefly reflect on interview experiences, if applicable.)
MIT 9/10 - Honestly pretty nice, was over zoom cause he had covid but he seemed a lot like me and we joked a lot and it was pretty chill
Cornell (alumni meeting) 9/10 - really cool guy, I had to drive over an hour away for this but it was worth it and he bought me a lemonade as well as my family's (including gf) food.
Yale 7/10 - a little silly and I was pretty confused about the direction of the interview most of the time; I was a bit late but the interviewer was really chill and she bought me Starbucks + she was really excited when I was telling her about how I like one piece and program robots
Princeton 8/10 - Pretty chill, I was extra nervous for some reason and it was hard to hear my interviewer sometimes but it worked out and he seemed pretty happy to be doing the interview and he also told me some pretty wholesome stuff about his experiences at Princeton so that was nice
(Briefly reflect on the quality of your writing, time spent, and topic of main personal statement.)
8.5/10 - Idk how to accurately score it and I am second-guessing it a bit cause of some of my recent decisions (not gonna go back and review it tho lol) but it was about not being able to measure up to who I want to be and always coming a bit short but also being able to appreciate life and develop without relying on metrics like scores and awards (validation). It was a more fine-tuned version of my questbridge essay and that did work (or at least to the QB peeps) so I have to assume this was a bit better.

Decisions ( All RD)
Acceptances :
Additional Information:
(anything of relevance)
I only reported AP scores to UC's and I think taking the dual enrollment classes were good for me cause they reminded me that I wanna study CS and it showed me what it will be like in college to some extent but I also totally overwhelmed myself, had to go pass/fail (I passed both) and probably wrote a few sloppy essays but it is what it is. Not too sure why I applied to so many places and I think my AP scores are a bit suspicious but I'm really just not a good test taker (as you can see) and not the greatest at studying and I don't suck at CS (not amazing though maybe not even good for this sub lol) I've been coding since 7th grade primarily in robotics but I lazily studied for like a few days and it was my birthday and I was kinda out of it at that point but anyways I'll update this next week and I'm not too sure why I got a likely letter but I'm super grateful (and I honestly love Cornell <3) and it lets me take my mind off of this college admissions hell LOL. I do think being a QB finalist made me stand out a bit for my common app especially since my identity was a big part of my narrative. Also, don't grill me too hard I perform pretty well at MY high school, nationally I'm prob a bit average but that's ok too. I also explained my depression in some extra section as well as my geometry grade, which I assume wasn't too awful cause I got A+'s in calculus afterward.
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2023.03.24 22:46 TurdF3rgu50n Why would a small plane be flying over the city in circles for a couple hours?

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2023.03.24 17:16 designwolf1 Saw an article that said the CFA on the east side is moving. Think this will help traffic over there?

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2023.03.24 14:05 CyclopsA1 White car at 3.45 if you know the make of the car please share I need to know thank you!

White car at 3.45 if you know the make of the car please share I need to know thank you!
I know car people on this thread saying the white car seen at 3.45 at food mart Exxon gas station was not a Hyundai Elantra. I really don't know myself but will say it looks similar. LE tell us the Hyundai Elantra was spotted at Indian Hills Dr at 3.26AM and then at Styner Avenue at 3.28AM then Multiple times in the area on the 4th passing going into King Rd at 4.04AM. LE have never commented on the car at 3.45 does anyone think it's the car in question that night or just a coincidence it seems very close to the places the Hyundai was spotted in the area. Any thoughts on this. Car people be nice! 😅
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2023.03.24 13:22 Acceptable_Gap2881 Nutritious Snacks To Fuel Your Day

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2023.03.24 11:09 Tight_Firefighter806 Al Qudra Lake And Love Lake Dubai

Al Qudra Lake And Love Lake Dubai
Al Qudra Lake is an ideal camping spot for those seeking a quiet and remote campsite away from the city. Many campers in Dubai head to Al Aweer Desert and Lahbab Desert, known for their red dunes and Desert Safari activities; however, there are numerous other beautiful campsites around Dubai too! Visit Al Qudra Lake today for an unforgettable camping experience; no doubt it is one of Dubai's best kept secrets as it's less crowded than Lahbab Desert or other popular areas nearby.
It contains 20 billion cubic meters of water and covers an area measuring 3 km2 at its deepest point and 1 km2 at its shallowest. As a result, this lake has become increasingly popular with birdwatchers due to its diverse biodiversity.
Al Qudra Lakes are situated in the Al Marmoom Desert, only 30 minutes away from Dubai. This desert oasis boasts several heart-shaped lakes including Love Lake (pictured), Logo shape of Dubai Expo and Heart shaped Love Lake. Visitors can camp or go for a picnic on the lake while enjoying affordable barbecue meals. Al Qudra also provides plenty of outdoor activities and makes for an ideal romantic getaway spot.
Best Place for Camping Outside Dubai City
Al Qudra Lakes Camping Resort is the ideal option if you're searching for a quiet location to camp while still close to Dubai. Not as crowded, but still close by, Al Qudra Lakes or Love Lake lies south of Emirates Road and offers plenty of restaurants and shops that will keep your spirits high while offering some peace and quiet away from city life.
When visiting this stunning campground, the ideal time to visit would be between spring and winter as fewer people will be camping here and that means more space for all visitors.
Nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers will adore Al Qudra Lake. Here, there are flamingos and swans galore, plus bike trails and an observation tower to enjoy the view. Not to mention that these tranquil waters make perfect picnic spots!
Did You Know Al Qudra is Not Just One Lake?
Al Qudra is actually an array of more than 10 lakes located in Dubai's desert. Popular names for these bodies of water include "Love Lake" and "Moon Lake", while recently added Expo2020 Lake was developed using the brand logo for Dubai Expo2020.
Best Time for Camping at AL Qudra Lake
At night Al Qudra Lake is an excellent camping spot all year around; however, summer may not be ideal due to its high temperatures; I recommend avoiding camping during this season and opting for spring or winter months when temperatures are more stable at night. These seasons provide cool evening temperatures which will make your camping trip truly amazing!
The lake area offers plenty of dining and shopping facilities, from noodles to ice cream.
When did it start?
Love Lake is an artificial oasis created by man in the desert. As you approach its edge, expect to spot flocks of birds (which may include pink flamingos) as you make your way towards the water's edge.
His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai, unveiled Love Lake Dubai in November 2018 without warning to captivated attention across the UAE. With its picturesque backdrop of palm trees and sand dunes, there was no premonition before its presence was made known.
Other Activities You Can Enjoy At Lake Side
Love Lake Dubai is an eco-friendly park that provides a tranquil haven to relax. It has its own running track and you can rent bikes to get around. Plus, watch colorful fish and swans swim in the lake! Plus, this makes for great family bonding time too!
There's a picnic area with fencing, 3 jogging trails, and an oval badminton court. If you plan on staying the night, bring camping equipment as well as food/drink and your grill for cooking out. To maximize your comfort when camping, get there early; additionally, it is recommended that you bring along a trolly cart to transport all your gear.
Are you searching for the best outdoor activities and attractions in Dubai? Look no further than Love Lake Dubai - a man-made heart shaped lake surrounded by young Ghaf trees that gives it an artistic appearance. Perfect for romantic getaways, its turquoise waters and sandy beaches will soothe your senses, making you feel as if you've found paradise. Besides providing an idyllic atmosphere, its sand dunes and wildlife make this place the ideal refuge from everyday life.
If you're in search of some delectable food, look no further than the food park. In winter months, this outdoor eating establishment is a perfect spot to grab a bite to eat while watching hundreds of birds enjoy themselves. Spend quality time with your loved ones by the lake; there are several places nearby where romantic dinners or fun days out with friends can take place.
Love Lake Dubai's other draw is its breathtaking sunsets. Watching the sun set behind majestic sand dunes is an unforgettable experience and a perfect way to cap off an amazing day at Love Lake Dubai! Don't miss this chance for something truly extraordinary - book your stay now!
Does Al Qudra Ideal for Families to Visit
Al Qudra is also an ideal destination for romantic outings. Couples and families can spend a romantic night at Love Lake, a huge heart-shaped lake. At night the desert oasis offers stunning views that make for stunning stargazing or taking pictures. And if you're into nature sports like kayaking and canoeing - Al Qudra offers plenty of activities! That's just one of many attractions available at Al Qudra!
When you visit Love Lake Dubai, take some time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. This lush oasis boasts over 16000 different plants and trees that provide a tranquil haven away from the city life. Plus, you'll get to witness some of Dubai's most picturesque sunsets from its shores!
Al Qudra Lakes are an eco-friendly destination to camp with families, offering stunning views of the park and desert landscape. It's one of the few lakes in Dubai with a healthy wildlife population - not only flamingos but a variety of birds who call Al Qudra Lake their home.
Experience an Amazing Sunset View
Love Lake Dubai is one of Dubai's most picturesque spots, marked with signs and easily viewed via satellite from Google maps. Not only does the lake itself resemble a heart shape, but its entire area surrounds it - designed with love and care to showcase Dubai's admiration of nature. Come join us and experience this idyllic oasis for yourself!
Campers love this popular destination and it can get quite crowded on weekends. If you're thinking of camping, it's one of Dubai's free outdoor activities - just remember to bring all your necessary gear! You'll also find many picnic tables around the lake where you can enjoy your meal while admiring its picturesque sights. Barbecue pits and toilets are also available nearby.
What to Know Before Travelling to Love Lake
Entry is free - no permits or tickets necessary
Don't feed the fishes or birds in the lake as this isn't allowed
If you wish to fly drones at lake side, a verified permit from authorities is necessary.
Winter camping is ideal if you're looking to escape city lights at night; summer nights can be too humid. When planning a night camping trip in winter, dress appropriately as desert temperatures at night tend to drop significantly lower than urban settings.
Please discard all leftovers (like charcoal) into the garbage area, as this can be hazardous for wildlife and aquatic creatures.
You can go there in any average car; however 4x4 vehicles are recommended in desert areas.
Other Attractions near The Love Lake
Other attractions nearby The Love Lake include
Camel Farm
Camels are the traditional mode of travel among Arabs, commonly referred to as the Plain of the Desert. You can experience this unique way of life with a Camel Ride at Al Qudra Lakes; an unforgettable way to take in all that this desert life has to offer! Additionally, you'll find many other animals at this camel farm.
Al Qudra Cycling Track
Are you an adventure seeker looking for an exhilarating adventure? Al Qudra Lake has the perfect 86 KM long cycling track - it's also the best way to explore the desert! All cyclists from Dubai come here for such a wonderful journey.
Cycling in the desert is best done between sunrise and sundown. If you don't own a bicycle, don't worry; there's a cycle store where you can rent one out for just $100. Even if you already own one, no need to bring it with you; everything can be purchased right there on-site!
Al Marmoum Heritage Village
Visitors are offered guided tours and an exhibition of Arab traditional crafts and activities. Every winter they host Heritage Festivals to showcase these timeless methods.
Hotels Near The Lake
Abidos Hotel Apartment Dubailand
Studio One Hotel
Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai
Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai
Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City
Trek Bicycle store
Qudra Lake Location
Al Qudra Lake direction is between E66 and E77 ( 50km south of Emirates Road). It's easily accessible, providing you with a breathtaking view on your drive.
You can park your car at two nearby parking facilities near Love Lake Al Qudra and start exploring the lake.
Al Qudra Lake is located approximately 10 miles east of Al Maktoum Airport and easily accessible via Dubai Ail Ain Road and Emirates Road. If you have your own vehicle, driving there is the simplest option; however, if public transportation is needed, Al Qudra Road Bus station is only 20 minutes away by foot.
How to Get There?
You can take public transport; the nearest bus stop is Seh as Salam Farm - 2 and it will take 36 minutes on foot to get there.
The best way to get there is by car, but if you don't own one, take a Taxi to the nearby parking area.
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2023.03.23 20:27 dgkidd407 Official Set Times for this weekends 12th Annual Spring Break Reggae Fest in Ponce Inlet, Florida

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2023.03.23 14:46 LopsidedBlacksmith66 N48VG and N24GA

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2023.03.23 13:44 TerriblePlays 8 days Solo Trip Report (Dec 2022) Nagoya -> Gifu -> Osaka -> Kyoto -> Osaka

Background / Pre-flight
Day 1: Nagoya
Day 2: Nagoya
Day 3: Gifu & Nagoya
Day 4: Nagoya & Osaka
Day 5: Osaka
Day 6: Kyoto
Day 7: Osaka
Thanks for reading! Please let me know in the comments if there's anything that piqued your interest or you would like to hear more about.
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2023.03.22 23:48 Personal-Net5155 A solid fifth of the city dedicated to a graveyard (Georgetown, Guyana). Really?

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2023.03.22 23:00 clearliquidclearjar TALLAHASSEE WEEKLY EVENTS, 3/23 – 3/29

Events are listed by the day. Events that happen every week appear first, one time stuff after that. If you have anything you’d like people to know about, comment here or message me and I’ll add it in. If you’d like further info about any of the events, look it up! I usually don’t have any extra to add.
Ongoing and Multi-Day Events
Local Running, Walking, and Biking Info:
OutdooFarmer’s Markets:
  • Blue Tavern: Piano Jazz w/ Jack Quine, CLAVE: Bossa Nova, Blendik Experience: Joe Goldberg, Michael Bakan & Jack Staub. 5pm
  • Oyster City Brewing: Tim Russell. 6pm
  • Common Ground Books: Literary Open-Mic Night. Join us for our monthly literary open-mic night! Our open-mic is the perfect safe space for poets and fiction writers to share their work. 6pm
  • Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee: 20th Anniversary Reception. Join us to celebrate our 20th Anniversary with a reception honoring our founders and supporting members. We'll be taking a look back at the last 20 years and unveiling our plans for the future. 6pm
  • The Rose Room: Open Mic Night. 6pm
  • 926: Brother Hawk with Pat Puckett and Brett Eugene. 8pm
  • Club Downunder: CDU Presents: Daddy’s Beemer with Marabella. 8pm
FRIDAY, 3/24
  • Lake Tribe: Flannel Friday. Flannel Fridays will be featuring a wide range of fall themed 'Pop-up' activities such as food trucks, live music, campfires, s'mores roasting, new seasonal brews, and more! Come dawn your flannel and cozy up to the simpler things in life. Our beers taste like the outdoors feel, let our tasting room be your Friday cabin retreat. 4pm
  • Gamescape: MTG Friday Night Magic. FORMAT: Standard Constructed. Swiss rounds as determined by the number of players with a maximum of 5 rounds. 7pm/$5
  • Hobbit West: Friday Night Dart Tournament. Anyone can Enter! Sign ups at 7:30, Darts fly at 8:00/$10 entry fee
  • Ouzts Too: Karaoke with DJ Nathan. Best karaoke DJ in town. 8pm
  • Club Downunder: CDU X Hip Hop Club Presents Freestyle Friday. Show off your freestyle rap or poetry skills at Freestyle Friday! Doors are at 7:30 with the show starting at 8:00 in Club Downunder! Send an email to [email protected] to sign up! 8pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with DJ Rah. 9pm-11pm/21+
  • 926: The Hot Friday Night Party and Drag Show. 9pm/$5/18+
  • Retrofit Records: Emei in-store performance and DJ set. Noon
  • Blue Tavern: Piano Jazz w/ Everett Young, Raga Bhakti, Chris Seepersaud & Belinda Bruno-Piverger. 5pm
  • Fire Bettys: Free Jazz Night. On March 24th, Lemon City Trio and Soul Candy will be bringing the heat to our stage for an unforgettable night of soulful improvisation, scorching solos, and toe-tapping beats. 6pm
  • Real Cool Time Records: Real Cool Time Records One Year Anniversary Fest featuring Saturnalia, Radio USA, Gangs of Paris, Speed Spirits, and Skunch. 6pm
  • Eve on Adams: Upside Solo. 6pm
  • Fish Camp: Southern Latitude. 6:30pm
  • Island Wings: Deja Blu. 7pm
  • Oyster City Brewing: The Smith Band. 7pm
  • RR Sq Craft House: Electric Apostles. 7pm
  • The Bark: Colby Nathan, Chatterer, Good Real Estate, and No Face Presents: MTN/MAN. 8pm
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: CACAH - Comedians Against Cards Against Humanity. Come out to The Crum Box Gastgarden and join us in playing Cards Against Humanity (CAH)! In a combination of CAH and comedy, local comedians will be reading, joking about, and scoring each team's card submission, with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! This is an absolute blast and you don't want to miss it! 8pm
  • House of Music: The Allie Cats. 8pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Humortals at CCVL Showcase. 9pm/$5/18+
  • 1645 Airport Dr.: Cowboys Vs. Aliens. *Sounds by Nani, Forty-Two, Common Sense, Fly Docta. 9pm/$10
  • Brinkley Glen Park: Invasive Plant Removal. Join Master Gardener Volunteers at this weekly invasive plant removal event. This is a great way to learn to ID our invasive plant species and how to remove them. We recommend wearing long pants and sleeves, closed-toed shoes, gloves, a hat and mosquito spray. Bring gardening tools such as hand clippers, loppers, trowels, etc. if you have them. We are removing coral ardisia bushes and berries, nandina, tung trees, Tradescantia flumenensis, cat's claw vine, winged yam, Japanese climbing fern, skunkvine and more. Directions: The best way to get there is to take Meridian Rd to Waverly Rd, go to the next intersection and turn left onto Abbotsford Way, then turn left at the next road called Woodside Dr. At the stop sign turn left onto Lothian. Lothian ends in a cul-de-sac and there is a sign that says Brinkley Glen Park. 8:30am-11:30am
  • The Rose Room: The Rose Revue. Performances by your favorite entertainers and special guests! Shows at 8pm, 10pm, & Midnight! A unique cast EACH show! 7pm
  • Duke’s and Dottie’s: Line Dancing. 8pm/21+
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Laughterday Night Fever. This week: Five Year Anniversary Laughterday Night Fever! Join us every Saturday at Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack for a free comedy show! 8:30pm
  • La Casa Bar: Karaoke With Nathan. 9pm-1pm
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Pioneer Breakfast 2023. Come out and join us on the 1880’s Big Bend Farm for a hearty breakfast to start the day! We will be serving scrambled eggs, pancakes, Register’s sausage, grits and of course, piping hot coffee and Milk and Orange Juice! 8am
  • Making Awesome: Open House/Work Day. For non-members this is a great time to see the space, meet members, talk shop, and learn what MA is about. For members, this is day to work on anything with others around. Share what you'll be working on below so you can connect with like minds. 10am-3pm
  • Kleman Plaza: Tallahassee History Festival. FREE community event with fun for the whole family, featuring programs and activities by historians from around the state as well as some of our local favorites. 10am-2pm
  • Lake Jackson Community Center: Game Tally Gaming Day! We've had four successful gatherings, so we're doing it again! Each of our previous gatherings at this location have had 30 - 40 attendees. A whole day of gaming in the capital city! A great opportunity for heavy games, light games, and everything in between. Regulars and new players welcome. Join us! Start posting and organizing games in the Discussion. There are nearby restaurants and please feel free to bring snacks to share. There's a kitchen area with an ice maker, fridge, etc. 10am-8pm
  • Tallahassee Auto Museum: Capital Craft Fest 2023. Amazing Local Vendors offering their Handmade Arts & Crafts, Jewelry, Boutiques, Handmade Soaps & Candles, Direct Sales, Artist & MORE! Grab a bite to eat from the variety of Food Trucks on site, Easter egg hunt for the kids, Visit with the Easter Bunny & enjoy music by DJ Felix Flo while shopping OVER 75 plus vendors! 10am-4pm
  • Natural Life Midtown: Springtime Duval Plaza Art Walk. Please join Natural Life Midtown for our monthly Art Walk at the Duval Plaza! A FREE and fun-filled evening with games, prizes, free samples, and tons of amazing artistries from local artists and crafters. 11am-3pm
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Tallahassee Jazz and Blues Festival Day One featuring TCC Jazz Band, Thursday Night Music Club, Tallahassee Swing, Yellow Dog Jazz Band, Thomas University Jazz Ensemble, and Warren Sutton. 11am
  • The Puff: Marauders Market. Come join us at our newest smallest venue! Vintage resellers, local artisans, & good tunes! Noon
  • Panacea: 2023 Panacea Beer & Oyster Festival. The Panacea Beer and Oyster Festival is an annual event that showcases local and national craft beers and our areas local farm raised oysters! Noon
  • Fish Camp: Steven Ritter live at 1pm - 4pm followed by Brett Wellman and the Stone Cold Blues Band live at 5pm until late. 1pm
  • Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee: Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D. In partnership with Tallahassee History Festival and sponsored by Lofty Pursuits, we are excited to announce a free screening of 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon' in it's original, red-blue 3D format. 2pm
  • Blue Tavern: Piano Jazz w/ Andrew Salow, Jazzmatazz: Longinue Parsons w/ Michael Bakan & Brian Hall. 5pm
  • Proof: Suckerdust. 5pm
  • Cascades: Movies in the Moonlight - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. 6pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Pink Peugeot, Porch Coffin, Beloved Devotion, and Atomic Pipe Bomb. 7pm
  • The Moon: The Rockitz. 7pm
  • 926: Trash Panda with No Parts & Professional Businessman. 8pm
  • 310 Murat Street: Tallwoodstock with Strictly Liquid. A night of Garms and Grooves. 8pm/$7
  • Fire Bettys: Burlesque Show. 8pm
  • The Plant: 50 Styles Of Women (All Female Showcase). R&B, Rap, Comedy, Spoken Word, Soul. 8pm/$10
  • The Bark: Endbringer, This Dying Breed, Scold, and Beneath The Barrens. 9pm
  • 1642 Sharkey Street: Casj, Franzini, Cilla, Akaishi. 10pm/$7
  • 1905 Bellevue Way: Fae Fantasy. Techno Showcase with D3SIRE, 1-800-Lolita, and Daledi. 10pm/$7
SUNDAY, 3/26
  • Bicycle House: Sunday Ride. Ride at 10:30 AM from Bicycle House. We will ride the Cascades trail to the St Marks trail and down to Wakulla station and return, about 31 miles. Ride speed is 12 to 14 mph, with periodic regroups. Vernon Bailey is the ride leader. Vernon is a new CCC member who’s been biking for 50 years enjoys riding with small groups and weekend touring. 10am
  • Gamescape: Pokémon League. Come learn, play, and trade with the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the Pokémon video games! We LOVE seeing new players, so come learn how to play! We play both the Trading Card Game and the Video Game casually and competitively. The store offers lots of different seating arrangements to meet our group's needs, as well as food, drinks, and Pokémon products for purchase. We are also hold regular, officially sanctioned tournaments for Pokémon Trading Card Game and Video Game Competitions! 2-4pm
  • House of Music: Songwriter Sunday. Songwriters of Tallahassee hosted by Rachel Hillman. Bring your original songs on Sunday - sign up is at 4:30. No Cover Songs please - this is an event celebrating original music. Accompanists and Bands Welcome - you must be able to set up within two minutes, so no crazy pedals or amp shenanigans. No Backing Tracks - Please find someone to play your song with you. 5pm
  • The Plant: Open Jam. All instruments, all players welcome. 5pm-9pm
  • The Rose Room: Synful Sunday. 8pm
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Tallahassee Jazz and Blues Festival Day Two featuring Tillman and Taff, Brett Wellman & Dave Messler, Quanta, Billy Rigsby, King Cotton Band, and Coastal Highway. 11am
  • RR Sq Craft House: Drag Brunch. 11am/$10
  • Common Ground Books: March Drag Story Hour Featuring Aurora Starr! This is a free family friendly event for all ages. There will be a free craft for kiddos and coffee and conversation for grown-ups. The Books: Red: A Crayon Story by Michael Hall and Donut, The Unicorn Who Wants to Fly by Laura Gehl (illustrated by Andrea Zuill). 2pm
  • Fish Camp: Far 2 Fresh. 3pm
  • Riverside Café in St Marks: Cottonmouth Perry. 4pm
  • The Bark: PM Tiger, Saturn Lights, and Sleep John B. 6:30pm
  • The Moon: Get The Led Out: A Celebration Of “The Mighty Zep” (Led Zeppelin tribute band). 7pm
MONDAY, 3/27
  • Just One More: Bingo. 5pm-6:30pm
  • American Legion Hall: Cha Cha - Weekly Lessons. 6:15pm/$5
  • Hangar 38: Bingo. 6:45pm
  • Vino Beano: Tipsy Trivia. 7pm
  • The Rose Room: Karaoke Night. 8pm
  • Oyster City Brewing: The Bachelor Watch Party! 8pm
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour with Paddy League. 5pm
  • World of Beer: Poker Night. 6pm
  • The Rose Room: Drag Bingo and Open Stage Night ft. Britney T. Foxx! 6pm
  • Crafty Crab: BOOMIN' Karaoke. 7pm
  • Island Wings: Trivia. 7pm
  • House of Music: Tuesday Trivia & Karaoke. 7pm
  • Burrito Boarder: Karaoke with DJ Roldus. 8pm
  • Blue Tavern: Tuesday is Blues Day. Every Tuesday is Blues Day @ the Blue Tavern and Blues Meets Girl is a Tallahassee favorite. This perfect, intimate venue provides just what you need for both a mid-week break and authentic blues music experience. 8pm
  • 4th Quarter: Professor Jim's Tuesday Night Trivia. Popular for a reason! 8pm
  • Argonaut Coffee: Trivia Tuesday. 8pm
  • 926: Tacos and Trivia. 9pm
  • Fire Betty’s: Comedy Show. 9pm/21+
  • Common Ground: House of Our Queer - A Talk with Author Bex Mui. 6:30pm
  • Rose Room: Women's Wednesday. Featuring Our Rose Roulettes and drink specials all night long. A night for all of our female-identifying friends to enjoy a safe space and an awesome happy hour! 5pm-2am
  • Birds: The Wednesday Night Lab Session hosted by Jim Crozier. 6pm
  • Tara Angel’s Magic: D&D Experience - Adult (18+) Group. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition - Candlekeep Mysteries. A one-shot is a D&D event that starts and finishes in the same session, typically lasting 3 - 4 hours. We have pre-generated characters for players to choose from. WHAT TO BRING: Pencils, Dice (can be purchased in store), Mask (encouraged for unvaccinated participants), Enthusiasm! Please sign up in advance to reserve a spot in this campaign. Tickets can be purchased in-store, over the phone, or on the website. For more information, please email [email protected], or call: (850) 878-4555 6pm-9pm
  • Goodwood: Wonderful Wednesday. 6pm/$5
  • Level 8 Rooftop Lounge: Trivia. 6pm
  • The Great Games Library: Open Game Night. 6pm/free
  • American Legion Hall: Sue Boyd Country Western and More Dance Class. Session 2 - Beginner 6:30 to 7:45 pm What: East Coast Swing and Waltz. Cost: $8.00 per person. Wear comfortable shoes you can turn in. 7:45 to 8:15 - Practice dance with paid admission. 8:15 to 9:30: Intermediate - 2 Step and WCS. $8.00 per person or $13.00 for both classes. Vaccines are required. Face masks are optional. Changing partners is optional. 6:30pm
  • Perry Lynn’s Smokehouse in Quincy: Wed Night Open Mic w/ Steven Ritter and Friends. 6:30pm
  • Hangar 38: Trivia. 6:45pm
  • Oyster City Brewing Tallahassee: Trivia. Teams up to 6 players for three rounds with 10 questions and a tie breaker each round. Winners are by round so don’t worry if you need to come late or can’t stay the whole time! Prizes include a round of beer, a 6 pack and a gift card! 7pm
  • Proof: Trivia. 7pm
  • Vino Beano: Wine Bingo. 7pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Trivia. 7pm
  • The Bark: Oceans in the Sky, Dizzy Bats, and Medians. 7pm
  • House of Music: Open Mic at House of Music. Join us Wednesday nights for open mic in the bar with host Mike Ingram of The Brown Goose. Come early for Happy Hour and dinner! 8pm
  • Blue Tavern: Warehouse Wednesdays Open Mic Night. The open mic night that has run continuously for almost 20 years, once housed at the Warehouse, lives on at the Blue Tavern. Doc Russell continues as the host with the most. Sign up starts at 8pm/free to attend
  • Fire Betty’s: Karaoke! 8pm/21+/free
  • Dukes and Dotties: College Night and Line Dancing Lessons. 8pm
  • The Bark: Karaoke with DJ Nathan. Best karaoke DJ in town. 9pm
  • 926: Dragged Out Wednesday. 10pm
  • Ruby Diamond: Jay Leno. 7pm
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2023.03.22 21:13 ChaseTheEats They order from two places and it’s no tip to driver? Who is taking this trash?

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2023.03.22 11:53 qwertymachine 144 h TWOV layover in Chengdu Experience

If some of you may recall I posed an earlier question in this subreddit if anyone had experience with the following route.
3/15 - TPE > CTU 3/21 - CTU > SIN
I was reassured that there should not be any issues but it was hard to find information online about other posting their success and the CTU airport immigration customer service wasn't picking up. Nonetheless I was a bit worried.
On the day of my flight 3/15, I went to check-in with Air China and when they asked for my VISA to China I mentioned the 144h TWOV program. They had no issues issuing my boarding pass and contacting the CTU officials. They just doublechecked my departing flight ticket and my hotel reservations (make sure to print these out!)
I had no problem getting on to my flight and once I landed in Chengdu, immigration did take me aside for 30-40 minutes to grill me with questions. They contacted the hotel to confirm my hotel reservation, as well as double checked my departing flight ticket to Singapore. I was also asked standard questions on why I was visiting Chengdu/China and I mentioned for tourism, to see pandas, as part of a bigger trip in Asia.
Eventually they stamped my visa exception and I was good to go.
Hope this helps anyone hoping to plan a similar route!
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2023.03.22 11:25 aanyachinda United Terminal Denver

United Terminal Denver
Are you planning a trip through Denver International Airport and flying with United Airlines? Then you'll want to know all about the United Terminal at DIA, which is United's main hub in the Rocky Mountain region. In this guide, we'll give you a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about the United Terminal Denver International Airport.
Location and Layout The United Terminal at Denver International Airport is located on the east side of the airport, near the intersection of Peña Boulevard and E-470. The terminal has three levels: Level 5 for ticketing and check-in, Level 6 for security and access to the train to the concourses, and Level 7 for gate access.
Services and Amenities The United Terminal at Denver International Airport offers a wide range of services and amenities for passengers. Here are some of the highlights:
  • United Club: United Airlines' lounge is located on Level 6, near the B and C gates. It offers comfortable seating, complimentary snacks and beverages, and free Wi-Fi.
  • Dining: There are plenty of dining options at the United Terminal, including fast food chains like McDonald's and Subway, as well as sit-down restaurants like Timberline Steaks & Grille.
  • Shopping: From duty-free shops to bookstores, there are plenty of shopping options at the United Terminal. Don't miss the Colorado Marketplace, which sells local souvenirs and gifts.
  • Charging Stations: There are plenty of charging stations throughout the terminal, so you can keep your devices powered up while you wait for your flight.
  • Family Services: The United Terminal has family restrooms, nursing rooms, and a play area for kids.
Getting to and from the Terminal If you're driving to the United Terminal at Denver International Airport, there are several parking options available, including valet parking, short-term parking, and long-term parking. If you're taking public transportation, the A Line train connects the airport to downtown Denver, and there's also a shuttle service that connects the airport to nearby hotels.
Tips for Navigating the United Terminal Navigating any airport can be stressful, but with a few tips and tricks, you can make your experience at the United Terminal a little smoother. Here are some suggestions:
  • Arrive Early: As with any airport, it's a good idea to arrive at least two hours before your flight.
  • Use the United App: The United app allows you to check in, select your seat, and even track your baggage all from your smartphone.
  • Pack Smart: Make sure you know the TSA rules for what you can and can't bring in your carry-on and checked baggage.
  • Take Advantage of Pre-Check: If you're a frequent flyer, consider applying for TSA Pre-Check to speed up your security screening.
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2023.03.21 19:03 suomynona2757 Flying to Europe with microdose capsules - stupid or really stupid?

Going to Barcelona from Thursday - Monday and I'm currently microdosing 0.2mg every third day. I'll be flying out from a London airport.
I usually keep my capsules in a little weekly supplement case like this alongside my magnesium + iron tablets.
My next two doses are on Friday and I'm debating whether it's worth the risk of being caught with a class A substance, even though it's in a fairly inconspicuous container that could just look like any other supplement/medication.
Thoughts and similar experiences welcome!
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2023.03.21 06:49 MIMS_Northdale68 Discover Your Dream Home: Villas in Bangalore at MIMS Northdale

Discover Your Dream Home: Villas in Bangalore at MIMS Northdale
MIMS Northdale is a Villas in Bangalore The project offers a range of spacious villas with modern amenities and a contemporary design.

Villas in Bangalore
The villas at MIMS Northdale are designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious living experience. The villas are available in Villas in Hennur Road and Gated community villas for sale in Bangalore configurations, with sizes ranging 2850 sq. ft. Each villa has its own private garden, giving residents a space to relax and unwind.
The project offers a range of amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, landscaped gardens, and a children's play area. The clubhouse is equipped with a range of facilities such as a party hall, indoor games, and a lounge area, making it the perfect place to host events and socialize with neighbors.
MIMS Northdale is located in Hennur, which is a rapidly developing area in Bangalore. The location provides easy access to major IT hubs such as Villas near manyata tech park and Bagmane Tech Park, making it an ideal choice for professionals working in the IT industry.
In conclusion, MIMS Northdale is a great option for those looking for a Villas near airport bangalore. With its modern amenities and contemporary design, it provides residents with a comfortable and luxurious living experience in a rapidly developing area of Bangalore.
Website Information -
Site Address - Blossoms Rd, off New Airport Road, Visthar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077
PHONE:+91 80 4123 5002 , +91 99 9888 2163
EMAIL: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.21 06:21 Master-Associate673 Just wanted to share some of the offers I’ve been getting. Probably surprising to no one. What do you think?

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2023.03.21 01:55 Creative_Town3953 $1630/m closed to NEU

$1630/m closed to NEU
Douglass Park Apartment [Room Type] Secondary bedroom in 3b2b [Time] January 2023.1-End of April 2024.4 (Renewable/short-term rental available) [Price] 1630/m (water heating) with indoor washing and drying 【 Roommate 】 An easy to get along with male roommate, Chinese NEU student, non-agent, direct visa with apartment, with indoor washing and drying, excellent location, 3 minutes across the street to NEU, 3 minutes walk to mass ave subway station, 10 minutes walk to whole foods
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