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2023.05.26 23:26 formerNPShr My Backstory: How the National Park Service HR Earned It’s Poor Reputation

This site’s Redditors occasionally complain, rightfully so, about poor NPS human resources services. For what it’s worth, here’s my backstory (sorry for the length) of how the NPS HR earned it’s bad reputation:
In the early 1990s the Clinton/Gore administration set out to reinvent government and empower agencies to cut red tape and streamline processes. So, OPM delegated much authority to agencies to perform a range of HR services. Unfortunately, both DOI-WASO and NPS-WASO failed to act upon this newly delegated authority.
For example, the Department of the InterioNational Park Service (DOI/NPS) WASO-Level leadership failed to create agency-wide HR manuals. So, NPS regions and local sites created their own guidances/procedures or just googled/guessed.
Second, the DOI/NPS WASO-Level leadership failed to implement standardized/required hr trainings to ensure that hr staff, npswide, possessed the same knowledge, skill and ability to perform work competently. So, NPS regions/sites determined, within their own budget constraints, how much money they were willing to invest in their hr staff. Some made the investment, others didn’t. The result was a range of excellent to less-than-mediocre hr offices across the NPS.
Then in 2006, new NPS-WASO HR leadership allowed a few regional hr managers to force their personal organizational beliefs upon the entire NPS. Their goal was simply to pull field hr services from park superintendent control and centralize it under WASO/Regional hr self-control. The centralization decision was made before any study was conducted and before the first 2006 ‘re-engineering’ committee meeting was even held. No effort was made to address the underlying problems (e.g.- standardized manuals, trainings). Little effort was made to identify the limitations and costs in centralization, or to consider alternative solutions. Quite simply, it was an administrative coup d'etat against local park mgmt.
The initial con included promises of more efficient and better quality hr services with a small one-time transitional cost for centralization. It also included the assurance of an overall decrease of about 5% of HR staff thru attrition (I.e.-retirements) resulting in a cost savings to the NPS.
However, during the last 15 years over $150 million dollars has been spent in reorganizing NPS HR services. This included more than a 25% increase in HR staff, and the transferring of some traditional hr duties (I.e.- onboarding) onto local sites. This costly decision also resulted in arguably poorer quality/efficiency in hr services.
And, as hr extracted itself from local administrative/financial control, WASO-HR leadership quickly used their newly acquired authority to re-grade GS5 Hr Assistants to Full-Performance-Level GS7; GS9 Hr Specialists to GS11 and GS12; and create new GS13 Supervisory HR Specialist positions. Just like the “fox guarding the hen house”, hr re-classified their own positions; did their own job announcements; processed their own promotions; and audited their own activities. Now, for example, many GS-11/12 Hr Specialists are largely performing GS7/9 level work (issuing job announcements/referring candidates). Administratively, it’s a red flag for federal equal pay for equal work violations.
Recently, the new NPS WASO-Level hr manager announced, without conducting any data-gathering study, that hr services aren’t acceptable and more centralization is the solution. And, because so much money/time has already been invested in this flawed hr reorganization, NPS leadership are unwilling/unable to abandon this strategy (sunk cost fallacy).
So, actively review your eOPF (SF-50s) and HR policies/regulations. If you find discrepancies or areas of concern, reach out to hr. They’re paid quite well to provide quality/efficient services.
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2023.05.20 07:52 samaroid0187 Job offer

I got offered a GS11 job in a different state that has state tax (where I am at, doesn’t) and it’s a metro area that’s cost of living is about 33% higher. There’s no locality pay here or at the place I got the offer for. The hiring would come at roughly the same time I would go to step 2. Can I negotiate a higher step than step 2 to help with the cost of living difference?
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2023.05.16 22:29 Any_Refrigerator7774 HUD JOBS

How is employment at HUD, looking at a Mgt Analyst job GS11/12/13. Im currently 11 at GSA remote, but really need/want GS12 pay, as I know everyone does :) This the Atl area and it say telework eligible…any input appreciated
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2023.05.16 03:40 bluegreengrey7 Phone notification of selection last week, TO for different job this week

Last week I received phone notification that I was selected for a DOD GS9 job I applied for. I have not yet received a TO via email. The LtCol who is XO of the unit I would be working with already indicated interest in me possibly moving into a GS11 position at the end of the year when the current individual vacates it. None of this is set in stone though, of course.
Today I received a TO for a NAF job I applied for in December and was placed on a waitlist for because the person who was leaving decided to stay longer (but are now finally leaving). This job is NF4. It pays well, but about 4k less per year than the GS9 job. This job is not exactly what I want to be doing, but gets very close to it and should set me up for a move into a position I want in the future (one like the GS job but as NAF).
I am currently a NAF employee within the same parent organization and could theoretically move into the 2nd job quickly. I have my background checks and fingerprints already done through the same HR. My current job is not something in my field and pays significantly less than either option. It was, honestly, a filler job while I waited for relevant jobs to be posted in my location which is fairly isolated with fewer job opportunities. I am anxious to leave it asap.
I have only 2 days to decide if I am going to accept the NAF job offer. Would you take it? If you did, would you still consider taking the GS job later on if it all falls into place?
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2023.05.16 00:03 SignificantBoxed GS11-1 after taxes take home pay in MD

Bit of a weird question, but can anyone tell me what the take home pay for a GS11 step one in MD would be? 4.4% for FERS comes out and 5% towards the TSP if that matters. Even just a rough estimate is fine. Trying to figure out if I can afford an apartment in my own with prices ranging from $1800-2300. Thanks
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2023.05.15 19:21 Joke_Famous GS to Cures Act

I am currently a GS 11, but interviewed for an external Cures Act position posted as Band A to C (Band A=GS 11, BandB=GS12, and BandC=GS13). I took a big pay cut when I came on board as a GS11 from private, but I love the improved quality of life.
HR contacted me today requesting to talk to my current supervisor. I have two questions:
1) I applied as an external candidate for the Cures Act position. Based on my experience and education, can I get a BandC offer or would I automatically get a BandA offer due to my current pay?
2) I am confident my supervisor will give me a strong recommendation, however I am hesitant for my current supervisor to know that I am applying to jobs in case I do not accept the offer. How would you go about tell HR not to contact your current supervisor?
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2023.05.04 15:35 riggsy17 Would like an opinion on my options.

My wife currently is a GS12 engineer with the DOD in NYC locality. She is coming off of maternity leave and her boss is asking that she come into the office more frequently (twice a week currently). The problem is that work is like a hundred miles away and we can't/don't want to move closer (family, friends, taxes, etc.)
The dilemma is that she has a potential offer (referred currently but they've reached out) from the NPS in Scranton, PA (rest of US locality) as a GS11. Scranton is much closer to home (30 ish miles), but the pay is substantially lower. We don't know much about telework with this job since she hasn't had a chance to interview yet.
Thoughts? Stick with higher paying job and try to fight for the telework she has, or take the closer, lower paying job that might be more flexible with telework. I've always heard that DOD doesn't like telework much. Unsure about NPS though.
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2023.05.04 03:26 mr_deeks Declined to offer negotiation on offer.

Hello, I currently have a TO for employment to return to my local VA and while waiting to hear back from a salary negotiation after sending pay stubs, they finally emailed me back stating " the service has declined to offer an AMER currently for salary negotiation." Is it just bad timing as they have usually allowed negotiation in the same service for others who have recently joined on. I left around 8 months ago and a new position within my field opened up that brought me some new interest. They said they would bring me in as a Grade 11 step 1, when I left I was 6 months away from GS11 step 3 for the same role. So I am unsure of the downgrade to the lowest step in grade. Any advice on how to proceed, or is this it. Thanks!
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2023.04.26 22:16 catsinhammocks Negotiations after getting the offer

Hi all, this is my first time posting here. I just got a job offer for a GS-11 position (National Park Service). I recently finished my PhD in the related science field and I’m really excited to be leaving academia and starting a federal position. In the job ad they listed potential salary as a 20k range. I assumed I’d be close to the top of the range since I have a PhD and it wasn’t required for the position, although I know other people in similar positions also have PhDs so it must be preferred. Based on my phone conversation with the hiring manager it doesn’t seem like there’s much room for negotiation salary-wise. They made it seem like the range was only relevant for people coming from other federal positions, since that range represents the step of pay increases for gs11 (I think?), but that since I’m not coming from a federal position I’ll be starting at the bottom. Does anyone have any insight here? Is it actually not possible to negotiate salary in this position? I still haven’t received the formal offer letter. I just received the informal offer yesterday. Thanks in advance for the help! I’m totally new to working in the government so any insight would be appreciated!! Also if it’s relevant: I’m VERY excited about the position so if I can’t negotiate the salary, that’s still fine, but I figured it was worth looking into.
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2023.04.24 18:13 kak-47 Military time buyback conundrum

Hello fellow feds. Looking for advice/ammo on my unique buyback scenario. Civilian personnel told me I can’t buy my time back because I am retired military. Here is my situation.
14 years active
Medically retired
100% p&t
Monthly VA disability pay
Current GS11
I’m being told I can’t buy my time back because I’m retired however I don’t see where I get any compensation for my 14 years. I didn’t make 20 so I don’t get CR. I forfeited my military pay for VA pay because it was double. I still get BX/com because I’m 100%, still get tricare prime as I’m a military dependent.
Does anyone know what I can tell civ personnel to justify buying back my time when they blow me off again and say they can’t help because I an retired. Or am I SOL?
Thank you for any input.
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2023.04.19 14:23 Barrett_Coldyron Understanding the pay scale (GS11)

Hi All,
I received a TO yesterday for a GS11, Step 1 at $80,769. I currently make around ~100k base at my private sector employer and expected to take a paycut to get into federal service, but was hoping for a smaller cut.
I understand I can negotiate as part of the hiring process, and I am trying to understand where my experience lines up with the GS pay scale and step ladder. All told, I would say I have around 12 years of experience in this field, and 7 years of specific experience related to this position, but I'm having trouble understanding how that experience aligns with the step ladder. Is one year equal to one step? Realistically, how many steps would can I expect to negotiate during this process, if any?
Thanks for any help!
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2023.04.18 20:46 phuckoff555 Promotion Potential at Hiring

This may have been asked, but in a different variation, so please forgive me! So, I am considering leaving my GS11 position to accept a lower GS position to get my foot in the door to a different career path. The position is at a GS05 level with a promotion potential to GS06.
I'm aware that usually (not always, of course), HR will pay you as close as possible to your current GS salary. And yes, I know that I will be taking a pay cut of some sort. I accept that as I've stated earlier that this is the start of a new career to get my foot in the door and gain experience in the new field.
My question is since I am currently at GS11, is it possible that I can get hired at the promotion potential level of a GS06? How does promotion potential work?
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2023.04.15 04:26 oddchuck Federal Employee to Armed Forces

I don’t know if this is common: but I currently work with the DOJ and I love my gig, I am a GS7 with a ladder to GS11 (in 2 years). I am planning to study for the FSOT and work with the DOS after I get the 11.
However, I am also interested in the Armed Forces, primarily the Air Force. My question is: is it common for people to go from federal employment to armed forces? If so, would my GS level be matched in some way? Or would I start from scratch / take a pay cut?
I just want to know that way I can know which routes I should ideally take after I get the 11.
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2023.03.12 00:17 fitthescript Working above pay grade

I am fairly new to the Federal service. I started a position in June of May of 2022 as a GS9. I recently took on the responsibilities of a GS11 position that recently became vacant. Because I haven’t been a 9 for a year I am ineligible for a temp promotion. I applied to the job vacancy but know I won’t be considered due to the fact I have not been a 9 for 52 weeks. I say all this to ask if I should even be doing all of the responsibilities of the GS11 on top of my current duties. What options do I have as far as compensation for taking on these duties? Should I even be doing them? Also noting that I am working well above my pay grade and outside of my position description.
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2023.03.11 21:31 YoutubePalAwesome Are GS salaries what they seem?

Im new to looking for federal jobs. The salaries are REALLY low even for high grades. Is there other pay or is a GS11 step one actually just $59,319ish?
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2023.02.20 16:39 Midwest_DTech GS Pay Discrepancies

I recently got promoted from GS11-1 to GS-12 St1 , and was updated in HR profile during PP2. But this PP3, I received GS 11- St2 pay. Whom should I reach ? Should I appeal for a retroactive payment? Tia,
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2023.02.14 17:50 Fresh6239 GS grade questions

  1. I am a GS12 right now in the 2210 series, but want to go in another series. If I end up taking another job that is a GS9, what pay step would I be able to come in as? There would be no break in service if that makes a difference.
  2. Once I go down to a GS9 from the GS12 and then after a while end up getting a GS11 job, would I be able to come in as a GS11 step 6 or 7(whatever the GS12 step 1 equivalent is) with no break in service.
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2023.02.08 04:49 stengofay Happy Dance! FO rec'd! Hiring timeline

This is for USDA 0301 series.
Sept 5 2022 Job posting closed
Nov 4 interview request
Nov 9 panel interview
Nov 18 verbal TO
Dec 8 written TO
Dec 8-21 negotiated pay via superior quals and private industry salary (GS 11/1 to GS11/9)
Dec 29 verbal amended TO
Jan 3 accepted TO/onboarding docs/fingerprint request
Jan 6 got fingerprinted
Jan 11 submitted E-QIP
Jan 26 E-QIP corrections
Jan 27 answered a few questions regarding OF306 responses. Found suitable.
Feb 7 FO
Mar 13 EOD
I'm over the moon! Good luck to everyone. These timelines always helped me keep my anxiety in check. Hope it helps.
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2023.01.25 18:19 Blubber28 [GS-1.1] French Cavalry Tanks - The Results

[GS-1.1] French Cavalry Tanks - The Results
Hello everyone, here are the results for the first round of the Gathering Storm competition.
I want to start by thanking everyone who decided to participate, with some seasoned competition builders as well as people new to the scene. It was a small number of entries, but that did give me the time to fine-tune scoring on my end, as it is my first time hosting. It also means I can go through all the selections and give my likes/dislikes. If the competition grows in the future, I will probably only do it for the top 5 or the category wins.
That being said, there were a few complications with armour where some parts of some tanks were inadequately protected. In the early cases, I chose to provide some feedback, but in the future, please check the armour carefully using the provided tool. In entries that were not rectified, I deducted some points in protection rather than disqualifying the entry entirely.
Finally, I want to tell a little bit about how I grade stuff. My current grading system may be a bit strange, but I am in essence grading in four categories: Mobility, Aesthetics, Utility, and Sales Pitch. These all have certain criteria, like top speed, hill climbing etc. in mobility. The exact gradings per criteria will change per round. For example, in this one, top speed had a lot of weight in the overall grading. Mobility and Utility mostly have 'hard' gradings with a strict set of points awarded per result. Aesthetics and the Sales Pitch are more subjective with 'soft' grading. In the end, all points are summed per category, divided by the maximum in that category and then multiplied by 10 (meaning that the highest scoring entry in that category has a 10). I do not want to disclose any specific details here, but I hope this gives some clarity in what is happening behind the screens, and it may help your entries going forward.
Anyway, without further ado, here are the five qualifying entries in rank order.

  1. The Laffy CdC 36 by u/Legodudelol9a.
The Laffy is quite a striking machine for sure. Its boxy design would be great for ease of construction, and also provides ample room for the crew to work in. While it scored lowest overall, it is not a bad tank by any means. It scored low due to a couple of oversights; the weakly armoured lower plate and the transmission that was unable to reach the highest gear were mainly responsible for the score. The latter meant that this tank was the slowest of all entries at 34.29 km/h. The tank performed average or decent in most other respects: It was able to overcome all trenches, turned quickly, the crew would be mostly comfortable driving over the bumps and they should be able to escape. While boxy, I do think the aesthetics are clearly French. It could be a Renault FT's cousin. The pitch was also very clear in explaining the vehicle's capabilities and was well structured overall. Make sure to double-check the criteria and your parts next time, and I'm sure your tanks will end up higher on the scoreboard.
I do want to give some extra credit for creativity, as I received a message before his entry asking if he was allowed to do the entirety of the pitch in French. Sadly, my French is about as rusty as these tanks would be today if they were to spend their lifetime outside without care, which would make grading it very hard. Nevertheless, I found it amusing, and I think he deserves some imaginary points for that.

  1. The Char de Percée 36 Révision A by u/Face_Stabbed.
I'm quite impressed by this machine, especially for a first-time participant in any competition here. To me it kind of looks like the child of an AMX 40 and a SOMUA S35. With this entry, I want to start off with the pitch first. It was split into two parts, and lacked some cohesion, which meant it scored lowest in this regard. There is room for improvement there, but I know that writing the first pitch is hard. Hell, my own first entry leaves a lot to be desired as well, and I have confidence that you will get better over time.
In the other categories, this entry did pretty well. It scored high in mobility, as it had a top speed of almost 39 km/h using the weaker engine. It also turned well, was able to climb the 25° slope, overcame the medium trench, and had a reasonably smooth ride over the bumps. It also scored high in aesthetics, as it had a nice and realistic overall shape, nice details like the periscope and a custom MG mount using a gunner vision, several shell ejection hatches/pistol ports, and the trademark French double front hatch.
Though, my inner nitpicker can't help but feel the shape looks better as welded plates rather than cast:
A bit more AMX 36 like
Finally, this vehicle scores really well in utility, due to the strong frontal and increased side and turret armour, as well as the extra fuel (678l total) and some extra ammo. Despite the extra armour and using bogies, it managed to stay under 10t. An impressive vehicle for sure.

3rd. The Char de cavalerie Bat-Chat modele 1936 by u/Xseal3.
This entry is also from a newcomer to the sprocket subreddit competitions, and I can tell a lot of work went into this machine. Not just because the blueprint arrived a week later than the pitch, there is a lot of detail in the mesh of the tank, resulting in a very convincing cast shape. There are also plenty of details using various parts; several spare wheels and plenty of track, custom MG mount, etc. that nicely decorate the tank. The driver's viewport is a bit on the low side, though, and I imagine that the driver would have to be ducking his head in order to look through in combat; not a comfortable way to drive at all.
Overall, the vehicle scored well in Utility too. However, here too were some oversights; this vehicle did not have sufficient side armour, with several parts underneath the sideskirts being only 10mm thick, which resulted in a penalty in Utility. There were also some weakspots on the turret front. Gun handling was also not up to the requirements, resulting in another penalty. These penalties are partially redeemed by the large amount of ammunition (160 rounds) and fuel (830l). If these oversights were prevented, it would have been the highest score in Utility. Nevertheless, it still scored decently despite the penalties.
This vehicle did receive top marks in mobility. The subpar armour certainly played a role in that, but even with sufficient armour, this would be a very fast vehicle. Using the 2x V8's, this vehicle reached a top speed of 46.6 km/h. It was also able to cross all trenches, climb a 30° slope, and overcome the 0.5m step obstacle.
The pitch scored decent as well, providing decent salesmanship and nice pictures. The pitch also pays close attention to the details of the era, as well as details on the tank, such as the hatch at the back of the turret for the commander to sit on. All these things are well structured together, forming a well-written pitch overall. There is still room for improvement, of course, but it is very good for a first pitch in my opinion. Thus concludes this vehicle with a well-earned bronze medal.

2nd. The Renault Char de Cavallerie by u/builder397.
Our silver medalist has made a vehicle that looks like the child of an R 35 and AMC 35 - a fitting entry for Renault! It will not come as a surprise that this vehicle scored highly in Aesthetics. In fact, it had the top score in that category. The shape is believable and strongly resembles French aesthetic of the time, as did the placement of parts. The crew spaces would be as comfortable as they can be in a French tank of the time, especially with a wider turret ring. While the crew would likely be very thankful, it did unfortunately result in a penalty. Nevertheless, the crew positions are realistic, and they can likely escape quickly in the case of an emergency. Crew parts are also used well for spare parts, pistol ports, etc. Especially the engine deck is well thought out. The engine on the left and the fuel on the right, and you can really tell from the outside! I've attached a picture below, because it is not as visible in the pitch.
The engine deck
This vehicle also used the single SOMUA engine, which also resulted in a top speed just under 39 km/h, tied with the Char de Percée 36. There was only a single reverse gear, resulting in a slow reverse speed. Not the most important thing in the specification criteria, but the vehicle did miss a few points there. The rest of the mobility scored pretty well, as it was able to climb the 25° slope, overcoming the medium trench and the 0.5m obstacle, and having the smoothest ride over the bumps of all entries.
While this vehicle did use the wrong turret ring diameter, but the rest of the utility score was decent. It did not pick up any extra points for armour, but it did come with 120 rounds of ammunition, 650l of fuel, and it had the best gun depression out of all entries at 17°.
The pitch received top marks as well, tied with the overall winner in that category. The pitch scored highest in salesmanship, pictures, and overall structure. It did fall a bit short in era-appropriateness, as it wasn't sure at the time if there would be a war or not, but that would be its only downside. The pitch as a whole is well-written and is really convincing to buy the tank. A fitting story for a great vehicle, with a well-deserved silver medal.

1st. The SMS AMC 37 Avallon by u/Drallo.
Our gold medalist submitted a very unique design, but there was certainly a method to this madness. It looks like... well... frankly, I have no clue, but it does look awesome for sure. The hull is overall quite flat and wide, with two protrusions at the front of the vehicle. That is where the final drive and transmission are located. Using the 2xV8 system, each engine independently drives one sprocket. A bit of an oversight is, in my opinion, that the vehicle in-game uses Clutch Braking, as I think the Twin Transmission would fit that description better. Nevertheless, not a penalty-worthy thing, especially since Twin Transmission works a bit weirdly in the current stable version of the game, more of a nitpicky thought I had.
The twin V8's do their work well in this machine, though, as it achieves a top speed of over 44 km/h. Not only that, it is also able to turn quickly, overcome all trenches, overcome the 0.5m step, and the only entry to climb up the 35° slope. It is very close behind the mobility category's top score overall.
Aesthetics-wise, as mentioned, it is a very unique vehicle. While this hurts its national identity shape somewhat, it scored well in the rest of those subcategories. Despite the flatness, I think the driver would be comfortable where they are situated, though I hope there is an internal separation between the final drive and the driver, otherwise it will likely be their final drive... Anyway, the vehicle also utilizes crew parts very well, creating a custom commander periscope, driver periscope, smoke launchers, etc. I am especially fond of the engine deck on this vehicle as well. Not to mention the expert use of custom decals for welding, as well as the various emblems used. All in all, it is a well-crafted vehicle aesthetically.
The aesthetics is not the only thing well crafted of this vehicle though. It received the top score for Utility. With the turret armour at the front being a raw 80mm thick, and the hull reaching an effective thickness of over 100mm in several places is impressive, especially as it is still under 10t in weight. It also has 100 rounds of ammunition and 13° in gun depression, pushing it into the top score for this category.
Finally, it tied with the top score for Sales Pitch with the silver medalist, but for different reasons. While the former got their points mainly for salesmanship, pictures and structure, this pitch scores highest in era-appropriateness and pictures, with high scores in the other subcategories too. One detail I especially liked is that Drallo never called their submitted vehicle a tank but rather a tracked armoured car, as is appropriate for French design philosophy at the time. Overall, the pitch is also well written with technical details, and subtly giving the French the hint to put more people inside their tanks to make them more effective. This sass ties the whole package together for a worthy winner. Congratulations, u/Drallo, on your victory.

All in all, the submitted entries were all very interesting to test, and I want to thank you all for participating. The next round, the French Infantry Tank, will start sometime next month. Hopefully, the stable branch is updated by then. Keep an eye on the Competitions Megapost, and in the meantime, consider participating in some other contests that have started recently! I know I will :).
Feel free to ask me questions or provide some feedback in the comments or contact me via chat/e-mail.
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2023.01.22 03:31 Mysterious-Switch760 Tell me there is a light….

Feel like I’m given false hope with the “referred to a hiring manager” and then nothing. I really don’t want to take a pay cut and go lower than a GS11 but wondering if maybe that will be the only way to get my foot in the door??
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2023.01.12 03:54 No-Hospital-6160 Advice…..

Received my verbal offer today!!! Electronic official one will come tomorrow.
Update…. They have finished checking references. Now I wait to see if they selected me. 😳😩
… I am a nurse by trade, had been offered a HSS position at a GS11-8 but declined because it would be a 22k a year pay cut. In the same day I was offered that TO (and declined) I was called for a nurse interview at a GS13. I was interviewed Friday, called back Monday and interviewed again Tuesday. They asked for references Friday afternoon. Everything is happening fast. Fingers crossed for a TO for the 13. Has anyone had two interviews within a few days? Not only interviews but with much higher ups in the organization? I’m shocked, excited, and humbled at the same time.
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2023.01.07 21:21 burnslikesandpaper Long term mental health consequences for current and former wildland firefighters (my opinion)

Wanted to start a discussion (or maybe just a vent session of one, me) regarding how mental health issues born of fire don't necessarily go away because you get out of fire. To be honest not really even sure why I am writing this shit out. We'll see how it goes.
I've spent a total of 14 years in wildland fire working in for every level of government, 4 years in structure/ems between wildland, and 4 years in the Navy. Because of my time in the Navy my mental health needs (and they're pretty extensive, more on that later) are largely addressed by the Veterans Health Administration. Which if you know much about the VA is a crap shoot in terms of availability and quality. However if it were not for the VA I would have NO support system for those needs other than coming to places like this and commiserating.
To be clear I am not service connected at this point. Meaning I don't receive disability compensation or anything else of that nature. I just happen to "luck out" because the VA is mandated by law to provide mental health services to all veterans. So even if VA funding fell off and I was suddenly precluded from receiving normal health care services I would still receive mental health treatment. Not a bad deal honestly, but what about those in fire who don't have the VA and that law to turn to? Insurance generally covers very little when it comes to mental health. As a federal employee I have FEHB Fepblue and when I get the "what you would owe if other party (VA) wasn't paying" statements most of the mental health visits (weekly!) would have me paying $200+ a session. After BCBS pays their tiny sum.
A partial list of issues and diagnoses by the VA and independent providers as pulled from my VA Health Blue Button report and other documents:
Like I said I have weekly sessions with the VA via telehealth and once every 3 weeks in person at the clinic. But for the sake of this post the particular diagnoses aren't all that important. Their overall impacts are.
Examples of personal impacts if you want illustration.
I have trouble holding a job. Usually I get to about 6-8 months (sounds a lot like fire season lol) and bail. Currently a GS11 probably going to bail on the job just short of one year.
Severe trust issues. Why am I going to foolishly leave my cushy GS11 job for God know what? Because I don't trust my management to want anything but what is best for them, I don't trust my co-workers for the same reason. I don't trust for one second that they aren't actively "plotting" against me. Intellectually I know that's not actually happening but that's one of the possible long-term consequences of mental health issues.
I am hyper-vigilant. Of course we call it SA (situational awareness) in fire and it has it's place but there's a limit. About 9 years ago I had a near miss with a widow maker that dropped out of a tree. Just walking through the woods to check a fire. No saw work, nowhere near the line, no mechanized equipment had been in the area, no aviation... just a big dead branch that let go while 3 of us were on the trail walking under the tree. It missed us, we laughed like loons (after jumping out of our skins), did the usual "oh fuck man that would have fucked us up lol lol lol", "they probably wouldn't even missed us until our timesheets weren't in lol lol lol" type bullshit firefighters do. Hardly ever gave it another thought until I bought a house with a big ass oak tree in the front yard. I'm terrified of that tree. I've spent almost $4k in the past 3 months having local arbosists come out and assure me it is rock steady. As close to zero chance anything is going to fall out of that tree as possible. Even just driving through wooded areas I'm paranoid. I rarely watch the road, my eyes are almost constantly in the canopy. Snapped out of it more than once by another driver's blaring horn as I've started to drift. I try to only drive at night since I can't see the canopy so don't watch and don't drift. But yeah forget about a refreshing hike in the woods. I still go in the woods I just want out immediately.
A completely fucked sleep schedule. Either I sleep 2-3 hours a night for months on end or 12+ hours a day. I'm currently on the 12+ hour schedule. Can't hardly bring myself to crawl out of bed. Last night I found myself contemplating a gato bottle so I could piss in it rather than having to get out of bed. How's that for prep lol? But seriously I have running water and 2 fully functional toilets. One of which is like 12 feet away. But I was really wondering if I had an empty bottle to piss in. Like I said I currently have a GS11 job that allows maximum telework. Guess who every hour or so goes and crashes on their bed for 10-15 minutes? I mean I never take an acutal lunch so I suppose I can justify it that way in terms of time clock but I don't know that anyone else would agree with me.
Eating disorder. Yesterday I ate 2 large bowls of lucky charm rip off cereal, 4 bagles (w/ butter and cream cheese), 1.5 tubs of ice cream (1/2 gallon), 1 big ass bag of hot tamales, 8 large macademia nut cookies, big glass of milk, a can of tuna, an egg, 3 beef ramen (with cream cheese, butter, and parmesan cheese), 2 potatoes, 10 cups of coffee (6 black, 6 with enough creamer to make up for a weeks worth of black coffees), and a small bag of frozen brocolli. That was yesterday and that's the general pattern of my eating for the past couple of months. Before that I hardly touched food. Maybe some jerky, hard boiled eggs, cheese. Pocket snack type shit. And before that? Eating like I am now. Those have been my 2 primary patterns of eating for years.
Let me tell you about my anxiety. It's not the "good" kind. Or the more tolerable and acceptable kind by society in general. I once had that kind. The kind where in addition to the stomach issues, occasional hives, etc you become a neurotic mess and do everything humanly possible to do everything perfectly as a protective mechanism. That's the "good" kind. I have the kind that the protective mechanism is literally not caring. About anything. You threaten me with discipline I do not care. You try to guilt me into doing a better job I do not care and will intentionally do worse work. That is what calms my anxiety issues. Detaching and not caring. I didn't even know that was a think until my VA psychologist told me. It extends beyond work of course but to illustrate the point imagine you have two people with anxiety working for you. One with the "good" kind and one with the "bad" kind. Who is going to have more longevity? Who will likely find themselves in the unemployment line first? If you're a hiring manager and you have two candidates are you taking the "good" anxiety or the "bad"?
I almost never leave the house. Hell I almost never leave the bedroom. Except to go get food to stuff my face with and take my dog outside a few times a day. I shower once or twice a week. Basically if I have to go into work or to the store. Shave a few times a week but only because hair on my face freaks me out
Like many of the rest of you I've walked through thousands of homes burned to the foundation and sometimes beyond throughout the western United States. Been involved in more IWI involving everything from minor injuries to deaths than I can clearly recall. Had guns pointed at me while trying to stop a running fire from crossing onto private lands (hello Sprague River, OR man with a gun - "Thank you for helping just don't let me see you step foot on my land") Threw away more relationships than I care to remember (romantic and just in general) for the sake of fire. Was a lost cause alcoholic for a fair number of years. Struggled with being homeless for a good part of my adult life (yes living in the back of your truck makes you homeless and entitles you to assistance... except when you do it for the sake of the job). So forth and so on.
Then I left fire. And somehow had the stupid idea that these things would just resolve themselves. Strange but they did not. They get worse. Which according to my VA and private counselors is what often happens. You get away from the catalyst and things go from kind of crap to a total shitshow. Because you have left your comfort zone.
My point is that this 6 months of EAP availability after a season is great but it needs to be far more. I don't believe for a second that we will ever reach a point where wildland firefighters get anywhere close to the benefits of military vets. You'll likely never see a GI Bill or VA home loan or disability benefits or anything even remotely close. But we really must have much more extensive mental health coverage that doesn't just stop when you leave the job. Or 6 months later, or 6 years later. Maybe I am way off but I can't help but believe the government owes us. At every level. Local, state and federal.
Anyhow I'm tired of trying to make the thoughts make sense and come out clearly on the page so that's that.
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