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2020.09.18 14:14 minuzii ENHYPEN

The subreddit for I-LAND's debut group, ENHYPEN (엔하이픈/エンハイプン)! News, updates, images, videos, discussions, and anything else that is related to the group can be found here.

2012.06.05 18:03 roll20LFG: find a group to play RPGs with online

Many redditors who want to play RPGs can't, simply because they can't scrounge together enough people who want to play with them. However, using the new roll20 online RPG tool, redditors can now get online and play sessions with other redditors, right from the comfort of their own home. This subreddit will be for scheduling times to play, finding people to play with, and anything else that relates to the roll20 experience.

2016.02.14 20:16 -BoyNextDoor- Voice Over Adam

For all your Cuphead comic dubs.

2023.03.16 03:44 Lusi_2808 House Training for puppies to go to the toilet

House training is an important part of puppy ownership, and it can take time and patience to teach your puppy where it is appropriate to go potty. Accidents are common in the early stages of house training, and it can be frustrating for owners who are trying to keep their homes clean. How long does it take for a puppy to go to the bathroom as expected?
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2023.03.16 03:36 Vegetable-Judgment76 #सतभक्ति_से_सर्व_सुख By taking initiation from a Complete Satguru and doing bhakti by staying in dignity, due to increase in auspicious rites, the time of sorrow starts turning into happiness. SA True Story

#सतभक्ति_से_सर्व_सुख By taking initiation from a Complete Satguru and doing bhakti by staying in dignity, due to increase in auspicious rites, the time of sorrow starts turning into happiness. SA True Story submitted by Vegetable-Judgment76 to u/Vegetable-Judgment76 [link] [comments]

2023.03.16 02:32 Sdreloaded how to use virtualbox mac

VirtualBox, an open-source virtualization software, enables the running of numerous operating systems on a single machine. This includes Windows, Linux, and even Android, all of which can be run on a Mac. To help navigate the process, we present a beginner's guide to using VirtualBox on your Mac.
Diving straight in, the first and perhaps most obvious step is to download and install VirtualBox onto the Mac. The software can be easily attained from the official website, and once the installer package is downloaded, it can be promptly installed by following the instructions provided.
After the install has completed, the next step is to create a virtual machine, essentially a machine within a machine, which will enable the usage of alternate operating systems. The way to go about creating the virtual machine is to simply click 'New' in the toolbar of VirtualBox on the Mac. By selecting this option, the 'Create New Virtual Machine' wizard pops up, and users can create their virtual machine as per their requirements. Options include the name of the virtual machine, the kind of operating system, and its version. Users have the liberty to select the amount of memory, hard disk size, and other options. Once the details are filled in, the virtual machine can be created by hitting the 'Create' button.
Up next is the installation of the chosen operating system on the virtual machine. Selecting the virtual machine on the left panel of VirtualBox, and then clicking the 'Start' button that appears on the toolbar, will initiate the installation. This installation process can be followed the same way it would be on an actual physical machine.
Guest Additions is a package of software that enhances the performance and functionality of the virtual machine. This includes supporting features such as the shared clipboard, file sharing, and better display graphics. To install Guest Additions, users have to start their virtual machine and select 'Devices' from the VirtualBox menu, followed by choosing 'Insert Guest Additions CD image.' The virtual machine then prompts users to install the Guest Additions software, which they can do through the instructions provided.
Following the operating system installation and Guest Additions setup, users may need to adjust the virtual machine settings. Altering display resolution, tweaking the virtual machine's network settings, and adding, removing devices such as USB devices, CD/DVD drives, and printers can all be done in this section. Users can access the settings by clicking on the virtual machine on the left panel of VirtualBox and then clicking on the 'Settings' button in the toolbar.
Once everything is set up, starting and stopping the virtual machine is done with ease. Clicking on the virtual machine on the left panel and pressing 'Start' on the toolbar initiate the virtual machine. It can then be shut down from within the operating system or closed by closing the VirtualBox window. An option to save the state of the virtual machine is also available, which allows for resuming operations from where things were left off the next time it is started.
Snapshot taking is yet another function available on VirtualBox. Snapshots are backups of virtual machines at particular moments, useful for trying out new things without worrying about losing data. To take a snapshot, select the virtual machine on the left panel and click on the 'Snapshot' button on the toolbar. Users can then name and describe their snap-shot, followed by clicking on 'Take Snapshot,' which prompts VirtualBox to create a backup of the virtual machine.
In conclusion, VirtualBox is a simple but efficient tool for Mac users desiring multiple operating systems on a single machine. Its intuitive interface enables the easy creation of and management of virtual machines, the installation of operating systems, and the tweaking of virtual machine settings. By following through with the above steps, everyone can easily use VirtualBox on Mac to run any operating system of their choice. Happy virtualizing!
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2023.03.16 02:17 cbbBot [Game Thread] Santa Clara @ Sam Houston (09:00 PM ET)

Santa Clara 56 @ 58 Sam Houston State - FINAL

NCAA Basketball

Index Thread for March 15, 2023
Santa Clara Santa Clara (23-10) @ Sam Houston State Sam Houston (26-7)
Tip-Off: 09:00 PM ET
Venue: Leavey Center, Santa Clara, CA
Spread: SCU -4.5 O/U: 144.0
Game Info: ESPN
Television: ESPN+
Streams: ESPN+
Recent Plays:
Time Santa Clara Sam Houston State Play
0:00 56 58 End of Game
0:00 56 58 End of 2nd half
0:03 56 58 Qua Grant Defensive Rebound.
0:05 56 58 Christoph Tilly missed Layup.
0:11 56 58 Brenton Knapper Defensive Rebound.
Santa Clara 39.6 41.2 70.0 32 10 12 4 3 17 12
Sam Houston State 44.4 27.8 83.3 30 6 10 6 2 14 13
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2023.03.16 01:39 Adorable_Working397 Nature v nurture how did your care experience shape you as a person and do you have mental health problems now

I grew up I care from when my mum had me I was moved from place to place every couple of months by the time I was 7 I'd been racially physically sexually and emotionally abused by many people and one particular place used to beat us and then pray to god for forgiveness, I was made to drink my urine and many more things happened over the years but my self as a person never changed I'm still kind and help any way I can but as a functioning human I can barely leave the house, I hate the sight of myself and if I had the money for plastic surgery I would have had it done ages ago my point is that I have EUPD, FND and chronic trauma. How do I manage? How has it affected you ,how did you survive
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2023.03.16 01:35 AutoModerator [Get] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator Download Course

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2023.03.16 01:19 Unripe-Mango-113300 Getting my first devacut tomorrow, any tips?

(M27) This is my first time! Interested in hearing experiences with a devacut as well as any tips or things you wish you knew before going to to get one.
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2023.03.16 01:05 redflag638 Use this referral code at Public Mobile for a $10 credit: V9PQ53

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2023.03.16 00:34 fredaa35 [Technique] first time grower with first time pin! Question is do I need to continue listing and fanning until they are fully grown or how will I know when to stop?

[Technique] first time grower with first time pin! Question is do I need to continue listing and fanning until they are fully grown or how will I know when to stop? submitted by fredaa35 to MushroomGrowers [link] [comments]

2023.03.16 00:10 EricHunter9000 Help please!

So I need to set up a few things: First of all: Hi, right now I am 17 yrs old, amab, bi and going by the name of Eric. I have been wondering about weither or not I might be trans for the last few weeks and need to ask other people what they think.
I have always thought of myself as biologically male, but often had wishes of being more feminine.
I enjoy voice acting and rolelplaying as all genders, but if I have ever asked myself if I would want to be somebody id usually prefer girls.
In any rpg Id always play girls with a rather consistent look, while usually projecting my own morals and ideals and feelings.
I percieve the male parts of my body as usually not as nice, as more feminine ones.
I am already comfortable with the concept of being nonbinary, but usually felt dishonest, because I felt like rather being female than NB (and I really dont want to invalidate nobinaries)
I am very concerned with the idea of doing of this for attention, a kink or just to be part of the moment.
I am not sure how i would respond to people telling me I couldn’t be trans, i am just masculine. My father said while he does view me as thoughtful and deliberate, I wouldnt be a "female personality at heart" yet I kinda feel like I wanted to be.
And heres essentially the quint essence of my problem: I feel like I WANT to be transgender and I am not sure if I can confidently say I just am.
The thought of demanding being recognized differently by friends makes me uncomfortable at times, while, when ignoring social stuff, I think... Id much rather be Artemis than Eric.
Ive found myself thinking about this a lot, and in one of todays lessons doodled my signature as "Artemis" in my notebook, making me feel happy, yet still unsure.
I fear i am making up gender dysphoria, as the trans community and queer issues in general have started to mean a lot to me, i am afraid of trying to be trans when i am actually not, just to fit in.
Any help? I am going to sleep now, no idea what comes tomorrow, or what ill think by then. Love you all Signed: TBD
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2023.03.16 00:09 unknownaccountnr8 Ups and downs of dealing with depression.

I've been depressed for most of my adult life, I've been in and out of therapy and I've had better and worse periods but I've been just moderately mellow, high functioning but pretty much just sad.
Recent events had me on an all time low, this had me really motivated to turn things around, and I did. I started exercising seriously, keeping a good diet, thinking posetively and didn't blame myself or anyone else for things I didn't agree with. Just tried to do what ever I could to improve my situation.
This made me real happy for a while, euphoric almost. I felt in control of my feelings. Then shit happened, stuff I couldn't control. And this made me crash so hard. I became devastated beyond any negative thoughts I've dealt with during my years of depression.
So I'm asking people who struggled and came out on the other side. Is it normal to experience setbacks as tenfold as hard during recovery? It kinda makes me just want to go back to not trying, and just feeling numb to whatever happens.
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2023.03.15 23:57 LadderOk6062 FSW

Hey everyone. I want to apply for the FSW.
I worked 6 months fulltime under the IEC - Young Professionals.
I know it cannot be used towards CEC, but I was wondering how it can be counted towards my work experience, considering that they ask for foreign work experience. I know it may sound dumb, but I’ve heard that you can count Canadian experience as foreign experience. I’m just trying to understand it.
Also, how do they count how much time you worked? For example, I worked from May to October 2021 in the place X. Would they consider the month of May or the count would only start in June?
I worked from October 1, 2018 to May 17, 2019 at one place, then May 22, 2019 to December 22, 2019 in another place. Does it count as continuous work? My only concern is the four-day gap while I Transitioned between jobs (2 days were weekend day and 2 were business days)
Thank you
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2023.03.15 23:08 AdditionalTill9836 Toilet tank advice

A couple weeks ago , we have been having flushing issues. Once every 7 or 8 flushes, the inner flush valve needs to be pressed down in order for the tank to refill with water. For last 4 to 5 days, it's been flushing fine. (knock on wood)
Do you think it is time to replace the valve? It's now about 12 years old.
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2023.03.15 22:49 CountryPumpkin94 Defeated and exhausted.

After having diarrhea 3-6x a day for 6+ months GI diagnosed me with IBS. (Post covid) I was instructed to do the Low FODMAP diet to find my trigger. For the first couple weeks it was successful and amazing.. Actually having a formed poop was exciting. But the introduction faze has been miserable. Seemed like everything I introduced was my trigger, at some point I thought I narrowed it down to onion/garlic, butter, and high amounts of gluten/breads. But I’m lost and don’t know what to do. I have stomach aches with every meal even following the low fodmap diet. Still having diarrhea 3+ times a day. I’ve lost 22 lbs. Eating and finding foods to eat that agree with me is impossible. I want to try and figure it out before going back to GI. Any advise?
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2023.03.15 22:34 TinWalaBuster ASUS Laptop frame drop

I have owned an ASUS q507iq (ZenBook Flip) for about two years now. Recently I have noticed a massive frame drop when I game. Typically I run League of Legends at max quality at over 60 fps. However, as of two days ago I cannot get more than 16 fps and average around 8. Furthermore, my battery life has dropped to 2.5 hours when it is 100% charged and no apps are running during this time the fan is very loud like the computer is working hard. To top this off, my brightness settings function keys (f4 and f5) have stopped working, but all other function keys work fine. I tried to diagnose it on the MyAsus app but nothing came up and it even says my battery is at 100% health.
I opened my back panel to dust it out with some canned air thinking it was dirty but that changed nothing. Has anyone dealt with these issues or know of any solutions?
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2023.03.15 21:22 MEGAMATTEOMAN Join the Simulation Hockey League!

Hello and happy Wednesday /TampaBayLightning! First we would like to thank the mods for allowing us to share our league with you!
So what exactly is the Simulation Hockey League? We are a free, established sim-league about to enter our 70th season! The SHL allows you to create a character and take control of every aspect of their career. From creation there are tasks you can participate in on a weekly basis to earn points that go towards improving your player to perform better. With the conclusion of our most recent season comes the off-season activities, including the Simulation Major Junior Hockey League's (SMJHL) Entry Draft, the initial stepping stone for your player. You will be drafted to one of 14 excellent SMJHL teams, then you'll spend your first season getting acclimated to the league and fighting for the Four-Star Cup. Afterwards you'll be drafted by one of the 20 Simulation Hockey League (SHL) teams. Work hard, stay active, and you could earn the prestige of being the 1st overall draft pick!
BE-A-PRO EXPERIENCE - A rich, personal hockey experience that crosses between video games and fantasy hockey. Build your player exactly how you want with a variety of different styles. Be totally involved in your player from the beginning, and take them from rookie to the SHL Hall of Fame! Every game is simulated on Franchise Hockey Manager 8, and its wide array of attributes allows you to customize your player to the maximum. Success is based on your activity within our community, so the more involved you are, the greater your player can be! A link to our YouTube channel can be found here if you want to see what our daily streams are like!
FREE - As stated earlier, I want to emphasize that our community/site is completely free. It's free to join, free to participate, free to do what you want. Our league runs off the hard work of our community, we all serve each other in that regard. Every aspect of our site is run by our members. This isn’t a sales pitch, we’re just always looking for new members to fuel the already great community we have built!
DRAFT DAY - Experience what it is like to wait for your name to be selected, alongside your draftmates, vying for that top spot! This is a full draft experience where real people will scout you, draft you, and spend their resources on your potential. Become the next big steal, or potentially the next big bust. Show the GMs you’ve got what it takes to be the face of their franchise!
REAL PEOPLE, REAL OWNERS - Every aspect of the league is run by real people from all around the world! Your draftmates, future teammates, general managers, and the league’s head office are all real people you can interact with. Every decision from team lineups, draft day selections and last minute trade deadline deals are done by teams owned by members of the site, with plenty of opportunity for you to fill in those roles yourself! SHL superstar, team captain, scout, general manager, head office; the site is full of opportunities for you to get involved however you choose!
COMMUNITY - Once your player is drafted onto a team you will gain access to a private locker room for your organization, and their Discord server. Here is often where the closest relationships develop, and where you’ll make some great new friends to share your SHL journey with. You can spend time discussing the season, reflecting on your success, or just having a blast hanging out together! Of course you’ll find passionate hockey fans here, but with so many unique members, you’re bound to find people with lots of interests all over the site for you to get connected with.
Find us at:
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2023.03.15 20:50 Sad-Bus-7246 Blog Post #4

The film Tales from the Hood was such a great movie simply because it was not what I expected it to be. This was an older film but the movie discussed important topics that are relevant to this time. These topics include police brutality, racism in politics, and the most heartbreaking one; black on black crime. The first horror story was very shocking because I always thought I was desensitized to things like this because nowadays everything is on twitter but I can definitely say I was wrong. I always see clips of things, I never had to sit through a whole 5 minutes of watching a Black man get beat to death by white officers. It's sad to think about this is something that still very much happens today resulting in the death of many Black people. Unfortunately for us we have no way to come back as a zombie looking creature and get revenge for all the wrongdoing these police did. The next topic was racism in politics, while there were other huge topics being shown such as voodoo, this is something that is seen a lot. We vote to put these white people in places of power but in the end the majority of them are corrupt and or racist and don't care about what's best for minorities. Firstly he lived on an old plantation that killed many black slaves. Even worse than that, he spoke very badly about the people that put him in office just as they were less than him, and he did it in front of his Black assistant. Later on in the film his assistant falls down the stairs and then ends up biting off a chunk of his neck. When listening to these stories it is often that viewers forget how this story actually started. I totally forgot it started off with 3 men knocking on the door of a scary looking house asking for “the shit”. So when the last story began I didn’t think it would connect back to the beginning of the story. The specific part of this story where the “gangerbanger” was chained up and forced into a simulation that was supposed to convert him to stop gangbanging actually made me think. I think that it is crazy how we are already treated unfairly as Black people here in America, and instead of uplifting and building each other up, we hurt and kill each other. We are killing each other for no reason rather than trying to claim and seem to be bigger and badder than anyone else. Which makes it even sadder was that the 3 boys who killed this gangbanger ended up getting killed by the police. This movie totally hit full circle and started/ended with the police, our main source of problems in America.
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2023.03.15 20:35 Foreign_Percentage76 How to reliably expose a server and its services on a network I don't control?

I've recently been tasked with a project that requires me to deal with networking, in which I have little experience. I have a Ubuntu instance S living on a network that I don't have control of and cannot guarantee an internal or external IP address for, and I need to expose ssh access as well as several services hosted on this machine. My current working solution is a setup where I have multiple reverse tunnels on specific ports between S and a server A with a static IP on a network that I do control. Then, when I need to access server S and its services from any arbitrary machine B, I tunnel traffic from B through A.
While it was fun learning about networking and tunnelling, I've reached an impasse where reliability has become an issue. Once in awhile I will lose ssh access due to a few processes that are stuck in one state or another (e.g. CLOSE-WAIT) and I am then unable to open new connections to S. Then I'd have to physically log into S and restart the ssh daemon and/or clear out dangling processes in order to regain access. I am also making use of autossh in order to reduce interruptions when tunnelling from a remote machine, but that also requires some manual effort at times.
I was looking into using something like twingate, but when trying to expose a resource on a private network, it still requires an IP address to resolve to... and as I mentioned above I can't guarantee that the internal or external IP for my server is going to remain the same. Am I missing something or just ignorant of common solutions for this use case?
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2023.03.15 20:22 orneryblonde How did your boobs feel after stopping?

I finished pumping a week ago (lasted 8months, my supply had regulated at around 6mo). Followed the rules around reducing ppd and pump time. Last pump was barely 60ml after more than 24hrs. Yesterday (nearly a week later) i noticed a weird lumpy feeling in both breasts. Tried to express, next to nothing came out. My nipples get hard at random times as well. Today the lumpiness is the same size, maybe slightly more uncomfortable to the touch. No fever to speak of, and no pain aside from general discomfort which has accompanied me ever since I found out i was pregnant. To note, every time i finished pumping, my breasts felt super soft, so the lumpiness is new. Went to see a doctor today (a GP)and they'd told me to monitor it until the next cycle. They did recognize there was "lumpiness" in both my breasts but didn't see/feel anything to raise alarm bells. How did you breasts feel after you finished pumping? Could it be the changes related to milk going away and normal, or is is a sign of sth more dangerous? I had thought that if it were mastitis or something of that sort, it would have already floored me, didn't expect any major complications a week after finishing pumping.... Any insights welcome!
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2023.03.15 20:14 ranc1 Social anxiety and Rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD)

Rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD) symptoms are the same symptoms of social anxiety:
Symptoms of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (when criticism hurts) - Being easily embarrassed - Heightened fear of failure - Unrealistically high expectations for self - Assuming people don't like you - Avoiding social settings - Perfectionistic tendencies
Focused Mind ADHD Counseling web-site claims: "Social anxiety is about fear of negative evaluation. But, after the individual is social and sees their fears are unrealized, it tends to improve." This is incorrect statement. Shyness improves with exposure to feared situations. Social anxiety does not go away. That is the reason why social phobia was renamed into anxiety. Phobia means that exposure to feared object, the fear will go away. However with social anxiety this is not the case.
"The fear, anxiety, or avoidance is persistent, typically lasting for 6 months or more."
Also, there is Functional social anxiety - which means we can adapt to negative evaluation in order to perform our task, goal, job - yet in the same time, trauma is still present inside and can have detrimental effects - since stifling down emotions and ignoring trauma will not make it go away - it will make it stronger and difficult to handle as triggers appear randomly in life.
The same Focused mind claims: " Adults with ADHD and RSD struggle to shake the feelings of exclusion. They may believe that people don't want them around." I cannot give my insight into this claim since I do not have ADHD. I can only speak from social anxiety point of view - and this trust and feeling other people are not dangerous - will come back strong as ever as soon as RSD and trauma are triggered: someone being critical, someone behaving rudely, someone being aggressive, someone being unreasonable and react with temper tantrums without real and objective reason to behave in such way.
At the heart of RSD is what I described for social anxiety trigger: that we are accused and treated in disrespectful way even though we have done everything to be respectful, professional and expert ourselves. The trigger is being blamed for something we have not done, and what we have gone through great length not to make wrong, error or something to aggravate the other person - and they still nag, complain or criticize or behave erratically to us, as if we are responsible for their actions.
Therapychanges web-site claims:
"A key factor in distinguishing between RSD and social anxiety is that someone with RSD will experience embarrassment, remorse, misery, and even rage about what they perceive as a rejection after an interaction, whereas someone with social anxiety has an emotional reaction before the interaction."
This statement is incorrect. Social anxiety has post-mortem rumination. A lot. Social anxiety means having reaction before event, during the event and after the event. Worrying, panic, premonition, catastrophizing, explaining, seeking, analyzing - it all happens before and after. True, for social anxiety - when the event goes without triggers - we forget about it, and we worry about the next event. However - if there is some drama and triggers (unfair criticism) - there will be post-rumination. This drama and triggers can be small criticism, which other people will never notice at all. CBT will label this as hallucination. But I see it as ability to notice in the small detail someone being mean and seed of abuse later on, when the circumstances are right and when most people drop their fake mask of being nice and kind and then show their true face of evil, aggression and abnormality which they try hard to cover up with being "normal" and "sane".
Another example of CBT madness related to previous claim:
1) "social anxiety generally happens before the experience, not after"

2) "Post event rumination is a common experience for those overcoming social anxiety."
Cleveland Clinic seems to me like much better educated at RSD and Social anxiety:
"People with RSD typically develop behaviors and mental health issues that stem from their fear of rejection. Children with ADHD and RSD also face potential problems with low self-esteem, fear of failure and severe social anxiety."
GoodTherapy says:
"With high-anxiety RSD, symptoms may include: Avoidance of situations with a possibility of rejection. Withdrawal from others in order to avoid rejection. Rumination, or thinking about the experience of rejection again and again."
And this makes sense. If we have some kind of motor inside us (RSD) which gets activated with triggers - it makes sense that we will avoid uncomfortable situations such as critical ambient. This is why I believe social anxiety is one giant misdiagnosis. CBT made faulty research in mid 1990s by making statistical errors from shy people and narcissists who responded to be dissected by researchers - while true socially anxious people would never ever volunteer in any kind of unknown and scary evaluation to begin with.
I believe that all neurodivergents will be prone to develop social anxiety: due to exposure to ableist society. If our brain works "differently" because we are sensitive - people will judge us to be too sensitive all the time. Then this judgement will turn into injury, a reflex: that we won't be able to tolerate unfair and biased criticism anymore.
ADDitude Magazine:
"Rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD) is extreme emotional sensitivity and pain triggered by the perception that a person has been rejected or criticized by important people in their life. It may also be triggered by a sense of falling short—failing to meet their own high standards or others' expectations."
"Can I have RSD but not ADHD?
Is RSD exclusive to ADHD? No. Rejection sensitive dysphoria isn't exclusively associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or any other condition. Anyone can experience RSD."
So RSD is not separate condition from social anxiety. Social anxiety - if nothing help us - if we tried everything, if we tried CBT for 20 years and still we experience triggers and discomfort - it is RSD. If we continue to believe that we have "cognitive distortions" and that our reactions are "abnormal" and "sickness" - we will develop additional layers of social anxiety and all sorts of self pathology beliefs. Needless to say - this CBT explanations will not help us to regulate our panic once RSD is triggered into reaction.
additudemag is getting closer to the truth:
"What does an RSD episode look like?
Sudden emotional outbursts following real or perceived criticism or rejection. Withdrawal from social situations. Negative self-talk and thoughts of self-harm. Avoidance of social settings in which they might fail or be criticized (for this reason, RSD is often hard to distinguish from Social Anxiety Disorder)"
I never had emotional outbursts before discovering Complex Trauma. Then only then - after I discovered that fawning is trauma reaction - I suddenly noticed that I also have anger and that I can actually talk it out when someone is rude. This part was pruned off with CBT - since CBT is after all therapy for criminally insane - those who engage in abusive anti-social acts when dysregulated and triggered. "Emotional outbursts" with social anxiety look more like speaking up my side of the story when the other person makes unfair assessment and totally wrong explanation about what was my supposed error.
If we live in society and ambient where all mistakes are seen as personality flaw - and any kind of error is perceived as personal insult - we will be criticized all the time. This is especially hard when we start to do new job, or when we seek help or service and when we do not know all the rules, when we start to do new job - it is normal and natural to make mistakes - since this is the only way to learn something new. Then - when someone has no patience nor understanding to realize that they themselves also made mistakes once before they became expert in certain knowledge - it is natural to warn them that they are insensitive jerks.
With RSD this warning is really hard - since it triggers panic and catastrophizing and toxic shame - and it is hard to stay calm and explain our side of story and warn someone for being unreasonable. With CBT - we are not explained what is happening, why we feel this way and CBT does not explain mechanism nor steps why this discomfort happens. Instead - CBT explains that we have some kind of unknown mysterious brain fog fault inside our thinking patterns and that we have distortions - which only adds up to hysteria and does not help at all. CBT does not understand Neurodiversity, only ableism.
bestdaypsych says:
"Social anxiety disorder [has] been mislabeled “schizophrenic,” “manic-depressive,” “clinically depressed,” “panic disordered,” and “personality disordered,” among other misdiagnoses."
I agree - with CBT instruction that we have cognitive distortions and wrong thinking - we will develop personality disorder since we won't trust our persona, mind anymore. We will think we are inept and that our whole set of thinking and perceiving reality is abnormal - just because we get triggered by criticism.
"Dysphoria or dysphoric mood is a mental state in which a person has a profound sense of unease or dissatisfaction. While not a mental health diagnosis on its own, dysphoria is a symptom associated with a variety of mental illnesses, some of which include stress, anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders."
If we were told in the beginning that we are experiencing disbalance - it would sound better, it would not harm our self worth than quick CBT label that we have disorder.
drsharonsaline web-site offers tips for RSD which works excellently with social anxiety - which shows that RSD and social anxiety are one and the same:
"How do you calm down an RSD?
How to Manage Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
Combat rejection by reinforcing strengths. ...
QTIP – Quit Taking It Personally! ...
Develop affirmations. ...
Remember that all emotions are valid. ...
Be prepared to handle outbursts. ...
Emphasize family connection."
neuroclastic web-site:
"Is RSD Neurodivergent?
Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, or RSD for short, is a common issue experienced by Neurodivergent (ND) people. It is thought to be caused by increased difficulty in regulating our emotions, which leads to an incredibly heightened experience of rejection."
I would say that social anxiety is difficulty in regulating our emotions. Our panic is out of hand, reaction to panic, reaction to difficult people - expecting another attack - it is all difficult to regulate. Yet - this information alone helps - since we will stop seeking cure or find faults inside our thoughts - which are not distorted at all neither they cause this dis-regulation issues. Difficulty in regulation emotions stem from RSD - which is after-effect of being exposed to toxic ambient over long period of time when our persona was forming.
webmd says:
"RSD doesn't have a cure, but it's possible to recover from many of the symptoms."
This information is helpful because the next time triggers and reaction happen - we won't blame our mind, we won't feel toxic shame anymore, we will know that feelings and catastrophizing stem from wound - and they are not important anymore, even though they appear important and urgent: such as hide, shut up, self censor, self blame, self pathologize, feel ugly, feel like we must buy something to improve ourselves, that we must waste time and energy into becoming strong and skillful - all this is nonsense now - and we can pass through all this and directly turn to our goal: Ventral Vagal - being sociable. Which is counter-intuitive due to RSD and conditioning to self blame as CBT taught us.
"Is social anxiety Neurodivergent?
“With this definition, anxiety can be considered a form of neurodivergence, although it may not be as commonly recognized as ADHD, autism, or trauma,” she says. Many people utilize self-identification to categorize themselves as being neurodivergent, explains Claney."
"Can social anxiety look like autism?
One reason social anxiety and autism are sometimes confused is because some symptoms appear the same. According to educational psychologist and therapist Richelle Whittaker, PhD, overlapping symptoms of autism and social anxiety disorder include: limited social communication. nervousness."
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