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BakkesMod is a third party mod for Rocket League. It offers cosmetics, custom training extensions, and a development kit so users can create their own custom plugins.

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2023.03.25 15:28 Dependent_Noise_6249 Why can’t I change my profile pic on rocket league?

Nearly 3 years it’s been since the game came out on epic games and still, the lack of profile pictures is just disgusting, seeing every player with the same player icon is boring af and unless you have bakkesmod (with that u can only see your own pfp) it’s just feeling like more of a routine more than a game.
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2023.03.24 15:26 Pitiful-Egg-3034 Steam workshop map location

Currently playing on Epic using bakkesmod and workshopmaploader plugin for my maps.
A map called air dribble hoops is not one I can acquire like this but can still be used on the Steam version of the game. I've got my brother to get the map in hope he can send me the downloaded map file/folder but we cannot find where the workshop maps are being placed on his PC
Saw online this location - steam/steamapps/workshop/content and the RL area folder name supposedly is labelled 252950, however this number isn't in the steam workshop folder area and that is the only location I've found online as a suggestion.
Any genius here know any other areas I can try find the file, or if the file can have a diff number, or if what in trying here is even possible?
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2023.03.24 12:50 LeWOOHP [Bakkesmod] Impossible de fermer la console Bakkesmod

[Bakkesmod] Impossible de fermer la console Bakkesmod
Je ne sais pas comment je déclenche l'ouverture de la console Bakkesmod - voir la capture d'écran - mais une fois ouverte, je ne peux pas la fermer à moins de redémarrer.... Même le fait de quitter Bakkesmod ne la ferme pas.

Quelqu'un peut-il m'indiquer la bonne direction ?
Edit : J'ai la solution
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2023.03.23 15:33 serendib How does Bakkes Mod auto save replays for you?

Just a quick question if anyone knows how Bakkes Mod implements the auto save replays function. Does it inject any code into Rocket League to do it, does it auto-click for you, or something different?
Just curious how I may go about implementing this feature myself
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2023.03.23 13:39 CubPG Anyone know a fix to this?

Anyone know a fix to this?
So I haven't had this issue for a long time but my text on most pages looks like this and I can't find a fix for it other than reinstalling windows. Happened on my laptop before too. Any help?
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2023.03.22 23:10 cicco77as Air dribble hoops map is not available on bakkesmod

I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong but i can’t find that map on bakkesmod plugin, can someone that has that map share it with google drive?
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2023.03.21 18:43 Dapzzi Deez discord kids be lying

Man I'm just sick of these discord kids lying bout their ranks.
Pretty standard... I make a post on discord for anyone in the champ range. they join. we play. and bakkesmod says they plat 3/d1 and even lower in 3s.
Im just so vexed
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2023.03.21 13:27 FreakX31 Speedflip plugin changes the musty speedflip training pack.

When I play the musty speedflip pack normally it doesn't change or anything but when I add the plugin and play it then the pack changes like the ball is moving and stuff. Help please would appreciate it.
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2023.03.20 03:45 DonDadaATL Workshop maps and bakkesmod plugins?

What are some of the most underrated workshop maps and baklesmod plugins that helped your mechanics?
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2023.03.19 19:39 CrngyFrg Custom training issue?

When I go into custom trainings, the ball reset button will reset the shot but then immediately start the ball moving and the timer again, even without any controller inputs. I use bakkesmod and am on windows. Any advice or help?
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2023.03.19 16:06 TheGodlyLeader Why does the ball keep stopping in freeplay? This only happens when I have bakkesmod running

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2023.03.18 00:23 No-Employ-8819 Bakkes mod/ rocket league (Please help me)

Hello, I made a reddit account for this as there is nothing on the bakkesmod website that can fix this.
A few weeks ago I was trying to find a way to get more rocket league maps and I had an idea. As I use epic games for rocket league (unfortunately I got a PC after it went free to play) there is a limited amount of workshop maps. I use workshop map loader and there are many maps, but it is limited to the maps on there. I tried going to the files in workshop map loader (it says file location somewhere) and I put a maps files I downloaded a few days before. Now I get this Pop-up whenever I attempt to open rocket league while having bakkesmod open. (I have uninstalled and reinstalled bakkesmod 3 times already, nothing work)
*edit, photo below
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2023.03.17 23:56 yes_its_Tom Not starting at all anymore.

So I've returned to RL for a while now, but it simply refuses to launch with BM on standby, numerous times I've gotten the message to update to 2.26 and I always click 'yes', it installs it worryingly quickly, and moves on like its updated. I believe it isn't and its interfering with my RL since it just doesn't start (I know, I know, Will Buxton speech level). There's no crash message, it perfectly injects itself stating 'Injecting DLL' and after 'Injected. Press F2 in-game to open the BakkesMod menu'. All the while EG Launcher says it is running RL, while nothing is happening shortly after to revert to standby as if nothing even has started to be launched. And yes, I've reinstalled it, tried running as admin, and did all kinds of troubleshooting from the forums that have a close relation to my problem.
Anyhow, anybody know a solution to this?
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2023.03.17 19:50 snoopy_muffin38472 Rings map

Do you have to download bakkesmod in order to play one of those rings map? I’m on PC
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2023.03.17 02:17 Nothing-Casual Is there a console command to swap between "Normal" and "Airdribble" modes in freeplay?

I'm trying to bind "Normal" and "Airdribble" modes so that I can swap without having to open the settings menu.
As far as I can tell, there isn't a single command to do this. Am I missing anything?
I've tried opening the console and looking at what commands are run, but swapping back and forth is a rebinding of several commands, and up to 12 lines in the console. I COULD do this, but it would be kind of annoying, and surely there must be a better way? I've checked the Bakkesmod Fandom page and couldn't find anything. I've also posted to the Bakkesmod subreddit but haven't heard anything.
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2023.03.16 01:44 ___Lukee Sudden Severe FPS drops in Rocket League

The last few weeks I've been experiencing random and intense fps drops in every game mode including training and even the main menu. I usually run 144fps and its steady and consistent on all low video settings, but I will randomly drop straight down to nearly exactly 30fps for a few seconds, spike back up, and wait another minute or less for it to happen again. After about 10 times that this happens my average fps will drop too, to the point where when my fps goes back "up" from 30, it will only go back to about 60. I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times, reinstalled it to a my D drive from C, verified files, checked bakkesmod, and changed in-game settings. I have a NVidia 2070 Super graphics card, Windows 11, Intel Core I7, 16GB Ram, 900GB on my D drive and 500GB on my C drive and I'm on epic games.

UPDATE: Still no fix, I play on a dual monitor setup with my laptop screen connected to another center monitor. I tend to run spotify or discord on my laptop screen while I have google or whatever game I'm playing on my main monitor. I tested today and found that with FXAA High, High render quality, High everything, and all visual options turned on and on high, I could hit up to 360 fps on my laptop monitor. After swapping back to my main monitor I could hit 144 fps for the first 10 or so minutes, then it just slowly dropped after that.
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2023.03.15 22:27 MonsTurkey Weekly Design Contest: Music

Weekly Design Contest: Music
Pardon the delay on this. I was going to be one day late, and then Reddit took a dump for most of the evening when I was going to post yesterday.
Last week's competition was for designs around the coming month of Spring. u/Even-Day-3764 came in with the win in his Colorful Blossom design. His flair reflects that this contest ended in Season 10 - the first winner this season and his first overall. Congratulations, and thanks to the other great submissions.
Colorful Blossom
This week's contest is for Music related cars - namely centered around singers, bands, albums, and songs. Pick something from one of your favorites and make something of it. It can be a line from the song if you wish - preferably something a lot of us know, or something that means a lot to you.
For previews, I'm putting up two for me. One is a car I originally made (and later modified) after getting the Undyling Love topper and the Afterlife decal out of a decryptor... maybe in 2017? The wheels have changed over time, I know the ones on there are from F2P, but it's also had Visionary when I unlocked them from that Rocket Pass and some very basic tires before that (maybe just OEM). Naturally, it uses the Accelerato boost.
I also thought of The Joker by Steve Miller band, which is famously mistitled as Space Cowboy due to the line "Some people call me the space cowboy, some people call me the gangster of love. Doesn't help that I love Cowboy Bebop, too...
Powerslave, an album and a song title
\"Some people call me the space cowboy\" - The Joker by The Steve Miller Band
  • Screenshots must be from in-game or RL-Garage.
    • In game shots may get a little extra consideration for creativity.
    • As per Rule 4, no cameras pointed at screens.
  • You may edit your photos for quality, but the design will be what I'm judging.
  • You can use BakkesMod for items and colors - so long as you can give us reasonably similar palette information for a custom team (please test your car in a private match to see if it's about right)
  • List all your items used - including colors and finishes
    • You don't have to include topper, antenna, or even trail, boost, or GE - but good use of them could boost your result.
    • List your colors and the convention you're using (like 1,4 being row 1 column 4 vs A4 being row A, column 4 - I'm totally used to Excel columns being numbered and might reverse them ^_^;).
  • Please name your designs! Preferably, but not required, within the name length of Rocket League
    • If you want to say something about it, do so! A good name or caption can elevate good art. This isn't something console users have trouble with, so it's completely fair game.
    • For this Music contest, please include the thing that inspired the design and how they relate (if it's not obvious)
  • Since the idea is things others can recreate, no custom decals will be permitted.
    • We do run another contest for custom decals
  • You may do two entries IF!
    • One is Orange and the other is Blue team for the same car body type (team car)
    • One is one set of team colors and the other is the same colors, but flips primary and secondary colors (think club cars when your opponent has the same primary, so it flips your colors)
    • This can elevate a design since the preset matches - just make sure they both fit the theme!
  • To enter, make your own post in RLFashionAdvice with your entry AND
  • Comment as a primary comment on this post with a link to your entry post (meaning: don't comment on someone else's post with your entry - direct comment only)
    • To make a link, hit Share > Copy Link at the bottom of your post (before the replies start) or copy the URL from your web bar and then click the chain link on the editor section of the comment you're making. One box is for the link, and the other is for the text that will be underlined that users can click on to go to the post.
    • Or just paste the URL in its entirety if you don't want to use custom text to it.
  • Contest closes 8am US Eastern Time on Sunday, March 26
    • If the contest date is every before the post date, please assume it's the Sunday after the post and I forgot to edit the previous week's deadline. Apologies for last week.
    • This contest for Music runs for a week and a half because it's starting two days late
Apologies for the tardiness, but I'm looking forward to what you all come up with!
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2023.03.15 12:56 Disastrous_Ad_132 Custom Rocket League Decal Guide

I've created a step by step, easy to follow guide on creating your own Decal for the Octane in Rocket League, and have added some details on how to do it for other cars too.
Since I can no longer find a working link for the AlphaConsole Discord Server, I thought I would create a guide, which the server originally used to have. I hope this helps anyone looking to create their own decals, and let me know below if you'd like any changes made to the document.
Enjoy! Feel free to share your creations with me on Reddit, some of the decals people have sent me in the past have been amazing!

Guide - How to Create a Custom Decal
My Published Decals
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2023.03.15 10:17 LeChat_Perlipopette [Bakkesmod] Conceptions de voitures Bakkesmod

Quel est le meilleur endroit pour trouver des liens pour les conceptions de voitures ?
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2023.03.14 18:35 Simoncuddlebear Bakkesmod injected but F2 menu tab not working

I have tried to use "fn", that was not the problem. Not sure what could be wrong. Instead of pulling up the menu, it just turns the volume down which is what is usually on f2. Any help appreciated.
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2023.03.14 16:15 McDanglesFTB Opponent colors

Hello all! Been using bakkes for a while, just realized it has a tendency to have my teammates and opponents cars colors set to the default blue and orange when in a match. Anyone know how to fix this? Is this something with the anonymizer that’s broken?
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2023.03.14 12:26 Disastrous_Ad_132 All Car Chassis Numbers.

I used to have access to all the chassis numbers through the AlphaConsole Discord, but I can't seem to join it anymore (whether it's not a thing anymore or not, I'm not sure). Does anyone know where I can find a list of all the chassis numbers for RL? I create decals in my spare time and can only find the Octane Dominus and Fennec chassis numbers.
Thanks in advance.
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