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2023.05.29 22:55 Halind34 The hive /hive my space

Hi, i have at this moment C3 camping tickets and i want to try to get the hive/hive my space tickets when the reselling opens, i wonder what is the difference between the hive/hive my space, if there is good facilities for the toilets/showers also in the c camping site and how hard will it be to buy hive tickets? When reseller sells a ticket via ticket master its in the original price or the reseller can sell it in how much he wants? Many questions 😄 but thanks from advanced for anyone who can help
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2023.05.29 22:55 BoxDelicious1001 Electrical Engineer or Domestic/ Commercial Electrician Apprenticeships

Im 24 and I have spent the past year applying for different appreticeships with different companies and I have never heard back from any of them. I have even emailed my local council in case they have anything going or any information that may be of help, but I havent received an email back. Also I have emailed colleges within travel distance but all the courses are for ages between 16-18. I really dont know what to do at this point as I have sifted through indeed and other websites, even facebook. IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE!!! any ideas? thank you
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2023.05.29 22:55 8rrrrh Found at a local Christian thrift 🙄

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2023.05.29 22:54 ac2334 Three Lesser-known Deck Fixes I Found - WiFi / Ethernet with !, Stuck on Logo at Boot & Games Not Working As They Should

Nothing fancy, straight to the solutions:
Have the yellow “!” next to your internet icon? Close/sign out of all Steam-related pages on your phone,tablet,pc
Stuck on logo at boot? Likely not the deck, first rule out it isn’t a microSD card preventing it (remove card and reboot)
Games not working as you expect based on youtube/reddit/protondb? Find out the game’s Steam ID using the site - once you have this number, completely erase the folder that has that number as the title from the compdata and shadercache folders. Often residual settings and data contained there cause more issues if you switched proton versions
Bonus: if you reimage or factory reset your deck, you likely don’t want to redownload everything. If you find the deck not discovering the games on your microsd card, try creating a brand new steam library on the card and then, from desktop mode, move all of your games to the new folder
Desktop users bonus: are your desktop icons for every game a blue steam logo? Visit, search for the game, scroll down to “App Info”. Click the link for “clienticon”. Save the image directly to the following path (make sure show hidden files is enabled) home>deck>.local>share>Steam>steam>games. Then delete the old, generic steam logo desktop icon and recreate the icon from within steam by right-clicking the game and selecting Manage>Add Desktop Shortcut
these are some of the top tips I learned tinkering with the deck, hope it helps someone!
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2023.05.29 22:54 Familiar-Treacle-625 Dated former teacher, who called it quits. Now, I saw him again.

Tl;dr: Dated former teacher, but because we had to hide our relationship, it didn't work out in the end. Now I saw him again and I am overthinking that time that we had.
Throwaway account.
Before some people might be judging me into oblivion, please hear me out first.
I have kept this a secret for a few years and will very likely take it to my grave. There is only one single person, who knows about this and I feel like my emotions are overwhelming me right now, which is why I came here.
It was approximately 3 years ago, when I dated my former High School teacher. What needs to be mentioned is that, back then, I was 5 years out of school when we met again. During School and after graduation, we did not have any contact whatsoever. We didn't speak one single word outside of the class room.
When I met him again, which was at a local festival, many miles away from my home town, I was already out of college, working full-time and living on my own. When I saw him again, I recognized him immediately but he didn't recognize me at all because I changed my entire appearance. I was not the same girl anymore that he used to teach, I had a new style, lost weight, was more confident, etc...
I'm telling all this, so you understand that there was no grooming, no power imbalance, nothing. We met again as adults and were on the same page regarding our maturity. We didn't start dating from the beginning, there was first a time when we were solely friends until we couldn't hold back our feelings anymore.
We had a lot in common, which is what couldn't keep us apart. As we later established, neither of us wanted to start a relationship with one another since we knew that we would face a lot of judgment for it. Even though he did not work as a teacher anymore, it would've been very weird for my friends (who were his students) and his friends (some of which were my teachers).
So, even when we were only friends, we always met in private, never in public and eventually we started dating. Even though we were afraid that people might find out, we wanted to give it a try because we were very much in love with each other. Because of the reasons that I mentioned, the relationship was dommed from the beginning. After a few months it became exhausting for the both of us to keep the relationship a secret. We constantly had to lie to family and friends as to why we had less time for them and one day he called it quits.
I was extremely sad, since I still had a tiny bit of hope that it could somehow still work out but in the end I realized that it was for the best. He didn't use me or my naivety, if that's what you might be thinking. He told me honestly that, while having feelings for me, the relationship had no future if it meant that we would need to be hiding all the time. He held onto that hope, just like me, but he soon understood that the circumstances were making him unhappy and this is why we parted ways.
Now, we haven't talked since the breakup. And a few weeks ago I saw him again. While I thought that I was over him and the relationship, the moment we exchanged glances, it was as if I was teleported back to the day of the breakup. I am still not feeling well over that encounter. We had a bit of small talk but it was clear that we changed in the past years and that we became different people.
I am still overthinking that encounter. I would never want to pursue dating him again because all those issues that we used to have, would still be there. But I am a bit melancholic over the fact that we had a great time while we dated and that, with different circumstances, we would've maybe lasted longer than a few months.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.05.29 22:54 Paynsta_Jams House/Tech-House Scene & Opportunities in Geneva.

I am currently based just outside of London, UK - DJing a couple of nights per week at a local residency, plus have run a couple of my own deep/tech-house events now.
My 9-5 job has offered me a great opportunity to relocate to Geneva/Lausanne at the end of the year - so just wondered if there were any Swiss based redditors on here that could share any info on what the local scene is like there?
A bit of Googling has thrown up Audio Club, but it would be ideal to hear from some locals if possible as I would love to keep the momentum going with the DJing if/when I make the move.
Thanks in advance for your help 🙏
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2023.05.29 22:54 gingereno Daily AMEM - "Facility Manager" Achievement (+3 more) on RAILWAY EMPIRE 2

If you like this post, or think it others would find it helpful, leave an upvote or a comment to both (a) give me the feedback to continue, and (b) help with visibility. What I'm aiming to do with these posts is give quick easy-to-understand guides on recent Game Pass titles regarding the first couple (or in this case, few) achievements. That way you know how much time to invest, or how slow you can go, or if it's worth the hassle.
If you saw my last postthen you'll have an achievement set up and ready to go in Cassette Beasts. Today I have four easy to get achievements in RAILWAY EMPIRES 2. All of which can be acquired within minutes of starting a new game.

Achievement #1: "Facility Manager"

This one is very easy to get, all you have to do is start a new game (I just pressed "continue" throughout the game creation process). Once the game loads navigate your cursor to a nearby business (in my case it was a cow farm) and interact with the business in order to purchase it. Once you purchase any business, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.
Now, here's some other quick achievements you can get for a few days of points farming.


1: Once loaded find the nearest city/settlment from your starting city. Open up your radial menu to buy a train station and place this train station within that location. Then, back at your starting city open up a radial menu and at the top will be an option to build railways. Place a marker on one end of your trainstation rails, and then have it connect to the train station you built in another location. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.
2: Like in my guide above for #1, but if you have a railway go above a river, or tunnel through a mountain, you'll receive an achievement. Be warned, tunneling is much more expensive and may be unavailable to you at the start.
3: Much like the guide from #1, but connect your railway to a train station built at a farm or lumber yard; just some form of a commercial/rural business rather than a city/settlement. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.
That's it, that's all. I hope this was helpful to some. I'll try to be back tomorrow with another daily guide, but if not at least there are four more here for you to use as backup. I'll probably try Massive Chalice; I skipped it from my last post since the game had already released years ago, there are technically already guides available.
Happy hunting, gamers.
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2023.05.29 22:52 zogmuffin Some nice stressed cooperi (and friends) in a planter at a fabulous local garden’s greenhouse

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2023.05.29 22:52 Character-Shock-8808 Sarracenia Hybrid “floating island” found at local nursery

Sarracenia Hybrid “floating island” found at local nursery
This was 63$!!!
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2023.05.29 22:52 colossusoftheroad Brompton M3L

I have always wanted a Brompton and was hoping to pick something up second hand but a local chain bike store has a Brompton for sale at €1390. Second hand Brompton tend to carry a premium price from I can see in my area. It has all that I am looking for and with a warranty. Should I pull trigger?
Also just received a bonus credit card worth a few hundred from work. I am probably talking myself into this! 😂
Any help appreciated
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2023.05.29 22:51 forbiddenmemeories Will Sakitama be worth playing in an Adamancipator deck?

I usually play Adamancipator at locals, although the ceiling for just how competitive it is these days is pretty low I'm just fond of the deck at this point. Although it already has decent enough potential for summoning extra bodies from the hand with Gigantes, Catorhyn and Koa'ki Meiru Supplier, Sakitama seems like a good option to me as a free Level 4 that doesn't need anything else to bring it off (Gigantes and Supplier both require something to be sent to/in the GY, for example). On the other hand, it doesn't really tick any other boxes for the Deck, as unlike SupplieCatorhyn it can't be Special Summoned by any of the Adamancipators' effects, for example. Is it worth including, or am I better just sticking with the current Adamancipator options?
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2023.05.29 22:50 rubee_bee Give an absolutely delulu, museum obsessed rising junior a reality check pls 💀💀💀

Demographics: Asian 💀 Female
Residency: NY 💀 (arguably one of the worst areas for admissions besides cali)
Hooks: Mid-Sized Private High School, First-Gen
Income: <$60k 💀
Intended Major(s): anthropology
SAT & ACT: not yet but plan on submitting
UW/W GPA and Rank: 3.9UW/4.6W Rank: Top 10%
Coursework: AP World (just took), APUSH, AP Bio, AP Lang
Awards: international thing w/ internship, psva, NLE gold, regional art comp, maybe girl scout gold??
  1. Business internship (intern -> team lead -> staff)
  2. Law internship (intern -> team lead)
  3. Started tutoring program w/ my school and local elementary school
  4. Museum tour guide during summer
  5. FBLA treasurer
  6. Teen art council for museum
  7. Girl Scouts (senior leader rn)
  8. Varsity badminton
  9. JV soccer
  10. Editor for school newspaper
Additional Information
Def mentioning that I couldn't take 4 units of language because my school got rid of mine after 3. Not sure if I should mention extra small ecs like:
  1. Transcription volunteer for Smithsonian
  2. Latin club secretary
Essays/LORs/Other: Not yet lmao
Schools: List of colleges, ED/EA/RD, etc
Reaches: Columbia, Harvard, Vassar, NYU, Georgetown, Boston College, Barnard College, Brown, Notre Dame, Uchicago, Penn, Dartmouth, Duke, Yale, Princeton, JHU
Targets: CUNY Baruch, CUNY Hunter, SUNY Binghamton, College of the Holy Cross
Safeties: CUNY City College, SUNY Cortland, St. John’s U
Biggest issue for me is financial aid so I’m mostly applying to full need schools or publics in NY. So far, the ones I like the most are Columbia, Harvard, and Notre Dame. Columbia is right next to The Met, Notre Dame has a special Smithsonian program, and so many high-up staff members at The Met went to Harvard. Would love a reality check to see if I truly stand a chance at these schools. I know that without tests or writing it’s hard to guess but do I have a strong enough base of my ecs/gpa?
P.S. Not sure if this helps but I have a way of connecting my business/law ecs with anthropology
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2023.05.29 22:49 toxicbitcx My life should not be threatened for $18 an hour.

I loved my job and I'm sad that I had to quit. All names are made up but are based off of real people and it was a 24hr store where I worked.
I started CVS back in November 2022 as Pharmacy Technician, getting paid $18.00 an hour in the East Coast. I was 19(FTM) living with my partner in the state over from where I was hired. It wasn't too much of a drive, just 25 minutes. My coworkers were the kindest, and so were many customers...
At the time we were under Jane Doe's care as she was the pharmacy manager. She hired about three other technicians who started before me, all hired for Full-Time. Jane planned on leaving CVS so she hired a pseudo-manager who worked for CVS prior to his other job, John Doe.
My interview was held upstairs in the storage closet while sitting on a cooler and Jane Doe sitting on a case of Monster, so I don't know what I expected, lol. I was warned in the interview that customers could get very upset, and I told her I understood what I was getting into and that I'm thick-skinned (which I very much am.)
Fast forward a month or so and I'm working about 25-30hours a week, alongside being a part-time package handler at a facility for the holidays for some extra money. I was also a student during this time.
The first time I cried at my job was in December. A customer and her partner came in at 10pm being inappropriate with her and her husband making jokes about how they're gonna do sexual stuff to each other later while I was trying to get her insulin out of QT... It ended up resulting in the wife asking if I was queer, to which I said I'm in a queer relationship. She then asked if I was trans and that she could tell I was before I could even say anything. I was not out to my coworkers as FTM (at the time there was only the Pharmacist and another tech there) and this made me very upset to be outed in this way at my place of work. I am a very cis-passing person (not that it really matters), so I wanted to stay stealth at this job. It was my first job fully identifying as a man, as I had Top Surgery in August and have been on testosterone for a few years.
I wanted to just be seen as a man and keep my personal life at home, not at work.
Having this be the worst experience I've had, I ended up crying in the bathroom and taking my 30 minute break right then and there. This being said, nothing else working at CVS had phased me up until these past three months.
Being the only buff kind of guy at my job, it was my duty to be the bouncer. I would kick people out of they were being inappropriate, rude, or straight up unprofessional. This one customer threatened to key my car, while another customer had threatened to shoot me on two separate occasions. I came home crying to my partner about these instances. For $18 an hour, my life should not be threatened.
I talked to my lead pharmacy tech about this at the time, but there was nothing that could be done because nothing happened. I used to be a manager prior to this job, so hearing this didn't make any sense to me. My last job would take action immediately, regardless if it happened or not because it was a threat. I should've gone to HR, but I know personally CVS HR does not care unless a Lead PT or a Pharmacist calls it in.
I grew to hate my job after this because I was scared. I used to love going in, helping to fill prescriptions and helping families out with their medications. I would cut out the company stickers that were given to us so it'd just be the smiley face without the "customers like you make us happy" shit on it. My favorite ones were the little bear stickers that said "We hope you feel better!" to give out to the kids. I'd let them choose, too! Or the really sweet older ladies who would come in a give me treats from the Costco to try through drive-thru, lol.
My hours started to get cut, and so would my coworkers. Once Jane Doe left, John Doe finally came in. He did make many things better, but with the company-wide hourly cut, it became ridiculous. I started with 25-30hour weeks, then got down to only 14 hour weeks, with coworkers (who weren't the lead PT or Pharm on duty) calling me in to help. Saturdays were the worst because it was just me, another tech, and a pharmacist who usually didn't work at that store. We would get so busy and it would stress me out so much but there was never any extra help.
This ended up with my pharmacist suggesting I travel around for work... I live in a whole different state and the CVS's that needed help were well over an hour away. I did this a couple of times, but it just wasn't worth it because of gas. For every store I was asked to go to, I would give it to my other coworker who was hired around the same time I was because he was only getting six hours a week!
With the hour cuts and the threats, my partner and I decided it just wasn't worth it for me to work there anymore. I miss my coworkers and my customers, but I have no desire to associate with that store anymore. I didn't even put a two weeks notice in, I just quit over text.
I didn't want to air my dirty laundry out, but does anyone else have similar experiences with CVS? Do you think I'm still able to go to HR about the threats, or is it not even worth it since I'm no longer an employee?
I'll answer any asked questions too. :)
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2023.05.29 22:49 KWHITY21 Enquiry regarding our missing relative/family friend

summary of what’s happened:
family member cannot be located at his home address or anywhere else, we (relatives) have visited knocked, left notes, called and we have had no luck in contacting him.
It’s been since 25/05/23 since anyone last heard from him, his car is outside his house, curtains drawn.
On Thursday his ex wife (my nan) called the local police to request a welfare check, it’s this is very unlike him, she was told they would back.
On Saturday, I called as my nan is very distressed, to request an update, they advised they would call me back instead and provide one.
They didn’t call back, so I rang them today (29/05/23) and received the following information:
Unable to provide further context, however said person is in a safe location, they have not visited or been inside his property, but they know from a ‘reliable source’ he is safe and well, this organisation is apart of the UK government and they will return at some point and make contact with loved ones.
Have called local hospital, mental health rehab clinic and no one of his name has been admitted.
Called again today, operated wasn’t that cooperative however said the above is a scripted response to someone who does not want to be located.
Us as his family have no information, can anyone help us here to understand what these calls mean, he is vulnerable and 80 years old.
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2023.05.29 22:49 bluntrah How does one receive parcels from AliExpress?

Okay. It's my first time trying; yes, trying, to ship from AE and this address thing is truly a head-scratcher for me. So, how do you get those items you have ordered? Do you go to you local post office, announce your name and get your stuff? Do you go to customs, announce your name and get 'em? Like how? I'm really confused. Btw, I'm talking about the address stuff, that's where I'm lost. If I put every other detail, plus 30100, Eldoret's code in my case, will I get the parcel at my post office? Let's say I used a company's box, will it get delivered there? Does Posta even do deliveries? Does it even exist? Oh, Lord!!!! Please, if you have ever gotten your parcel from AE, just explain the receiving process. Everything up until that point, I got.
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2023.05.29 22:48 ThrowRA-YellowMat [30M] [32F] I fear she might be too good for me

There's a lady that I like but honestly I don't actually really know. All I know is that she is one of the founders of a local supporters group (for a Premier league team), is an elementary teacher, sports commentator & writer for a well known organisation and she recently modelled the new kit for the club which is a pretty big deal. She seems lovely too. There's a whatsapp group I recently joined (for said club) and she's on it - she doesn't post very often, when she does it's mainly club related stuff and a few funny comments/ memes. Her whatsapp pic is.. wow. It seems she's very in to fitness as she is athletic, also has a beautiful smile and is generally very very pretty.
I love the fact that she loves football, supports the same team as me and actually knows what she's talking about. I want to get to know her but don't know how to proceed at all. A lot of her family are in this group. I'm attractive and financially stable but I still feel perhaps she might be too good for me. What do you think?
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2023.05.29 22:48 Shiny_Wizard [USA-CA][H] Amiibos, Switch games (some Limited Run), steelbooks, Cyberpunk 2077 xbox controller, XB360 elite console & games [W] PayPal

Selling off a section of my amiibos, as well as a few Limited Run titles and assortment of other things. Shipping prices not included unless otherwise noted. Ships from 95501, local pickup also available. Prefer F&F
Amiibos are all in box. Ones that are marked JP have Japanese packaging. I tried to capture wea box damage that I noted in the photos as well. Single Amiibos are $6 to ship, shipping for multiples will depend on amount and location. Alternatively, you can buy the entire lot of amiibos for $260 shipped in the continental US.
Amiibo Photos here:
Amiibo Notes Price
Banjo-Kazooie Plastic separating from cardboard at top $22
Bowser (Smash series) Creasing on back, top left plastic starting to separate $15
Captain Falcon (JP) Like New $25
Ice Climbers Creasing on back $15
Lucas Like New $15
Mega Man Like New $20
Metroid Dread 2-pack Like New $20
Peach (Mario series) Like New $30
Richter Like New $25
R.O.B. (JP) Like New $16
Simon Like New $20
Snake Minor scuffing on plastic, crease across top of cardboard $40
Toad (Mario series) Like New $16
Yoshi (Mario series) Like New $25
30th Anniversary Mario (JP) Creasing on back $12
Shipping for single games/steelbook is $5. Bundle shipping also available for multiple items.
Photos for Switch Games and other stuff here:
Title Console Notes Price
Blaster Master Zero 3 (LR#109) Switch New in Shrink, no card $25
One Step from Eden (LR#114) Switch New in Shrink, no card $30
Shadows of Adam Switch New in Shrink $25
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Complete edition Switch some damage on spine $24
Windjammers 2 Switch Shrink removed, Like new $20
Resident Evil: Village Steelbook N/A New in shrink, Steelbook only no game $15
Yakuza: Like a Dragon Steelbook N/A New in shrink, Steelbook only no game $12
Cyberpunk 2077 controller Xbox One Comes loose no packaging, used but still in very good condition $40 shipped
Xbox 360 elite (120 Gb) with two controllers, RGB & Power cables and 1 controller cable. No HDMI cable included. System tested and it works fine, but the disc tray will only open if the console is laying horizontally and the door to the controller ports doesn't close. Everything comes in original box (freebie games on box not included. Box is pretty beat up, but the console itself is in good shape.
$85 shipped for the console, or $100 shipped for the console and all 360 game listed below. Games separately are $10 a piece and include shipping.
Pictures of Xbox 360 stuff here:
Title Notes
Crackdown CIB
Gears of War Minor case damage, no bonus disc
Halo 3 ODST No Manual
Halo Reach CIB
Halo 4 Minor case damage
Splinter Cell: Conviction CIB
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2023.05.29 22:47 deathwithbenefits_ 🌟 Exciting Opportunity for Edmonton Businesses! 🌟

Are you an Edmonton-based business looking to make a splash in the world of tabletop gaming? Look no further! We have an incredible opportunity for you to be a part of our post-apocalyptic survival RPG zine series, 'DREADmonton: OSR ScavengCraft in the Canadian Rockies.'
Immerse Your Brand: Become a sponsor and integrate your business directly into our game world! Your brand can have its own in-game location, special items or resources, and even a non-player character based on your team. Imagine the immersive experience for players as they engage with your brand in this thrilling post-apocalyptic setting!
Amplify Your Reach: Our zine series is gaining popularity, capturing the attention of tabletop gaming enthusiasts and post-apocalyptic genre fans. By joining forces with us, you'll have a unique opportunity to showcase your brand to this engaged audience, both locally and beyond.
Tailored Sponsorship Tiers: We offer a range of sponsorship tiers to suit your business's needs and resources. From prominent advertising placements in our zine series to recognition on our website and social media platforms, we ensure that your brand receives the exposure it deserves.
Exclusive Benefits: As a sponsor, you'll receive exclusive perks such as early access to new content, limited edition signed zines, and the chance to be part of a thriving community of tabletop gaming enthusiasts.
Get in Touch: Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of 'DREADmonton' and connect with a passionate community. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can tailor a sponsorship package that aligns with your goals and takes your brand to new heights. Email us at [email protected] or send a direct message to learn more. Let's embark on this post-apocalyptic adventure together and leave a lasting impression on the gaming world!
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2023.05.29 22:46 Realmfire The Memorial

It is a well known fact within this galaxy that humans place an extraordinary amount of respect on their fallen service members. I was gifted recently to be able to visit a human world on a holiday called “memorial day”. On memorial day the remember and pay their respects to their service members who fell in the line of duty.
As I got off the transport vehicle, they called it a bus, I immediately took in the sight. Rows of banners with blue stars on them, with intermittent gold stars. I would later come to learn what this meant. I followed the crowd, while mainly human there were the intermittent Rakhari, Telechian, Avian, and a few from many of the other species that make up the Galactic Commonwealth. While there I bumped into an old Human friend of mine from the academy days. After catching up, he told me “Hey, follow me. Theres going to be a speech and I want you to hear it.”
Because I wasnt on the guest list I didnt get a seat, but I was able to stand just off to the side of the seats. Behind the seating area there was a group of maybe a hundred army cadets standing at parade rest in their dress uniforms. A dozen individuals gave their own speeches before a General made his way to the stand. He talked about those he had served with, and lost, during his time in service. How fifteen years ago, as a young captain, his company was at a firebase when they were attacked by pirates. How he buried three of his brothers the next day. And how he has witnessed more memorial services than that. How final roll calls can be heart tearing- hearing a name called off that you may never hear again. The loss of a brother or sister, how it hurts more than he can emphasis. He then went on too explain the gold and blue stars.
The blue stars are put out by family members who have immediate family currently in the military. A gold star represents a family member who has fallen in recent memory. I looked at the group of cadets and noticed the looks on some of their faces. I quickly realized that some of the cadets may not be the first of their family to join the military. As the cermonies concluded my friend showed me to the parade route. I saw as.. Thousands of service members and civilians marched down main street, from the city hall to a cemetery within the city. We moved with the procession and arrived at a memorial within the cemetery. There, the general from earlier gave another speech. This speech was about the effects losing a soldier has on a family, and about how this memorial was funded by a mother who lost two sons and a daughter in service of Humanity’s forces assigned to the Galactic Council.
Shortly thereafter a 21-gun salute was rendered, and the crowd dismissed. I later found out that the memorial was called the Centris Three Memorial- in memory of those who fell in defense of this planet. Centris Three, the place where humanity’s first true war on the galactic stage happened.
Humanity remembers their fallen, and they also remember their past. It is with this I leave you. Humanity has yet to lose a war on the galactic stage despite the fact that they have almost lost their home. Which is why I am requesting that we hire human instructors at our own military training facilities, so we can learn from their history of war. Additionally, I believe we should have a similar holiday, as it is ultimately our history and culture that defines us as a species.

Hey all, Realmfire here. So this one was kind of hard for me to write. While it's not my best work it is… kind of personal to me. In fact, a few of the parts of this story are either directly inspired by my experiences or the experiences of those around me. Lest we forget those have gone before. Have a good one all.
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2023.05.29 22:46 Ecstatic_Set_2931 [WTT/WTS] List below [WTB] Too many bones base game, Anachrony infinity box, Moonrakers base or titan, Earth, Arcadia quest base game, Everdell base game, 7 wonders 2nd edition base

Want to buy the a few games pm or send chat requests with any offers. Can buy local (NOLA) here or around kansas city or can look at paying for shipping through like pirateship. Prefer local trades if possible. Payment by paypal G&S only. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Want to buy:
Too many bones base game
Everdell base game
7 wonders 2nd edition base game
anachrony infinity box
moonrakers base or infinity box
arcadia quest base
For trade:
Can look through trades list and my game collection to find trades with link below or there is a general list below:
Castles of mad king ludwig w/ secrets expansion-base played once, secrets is unpunched but the contents are in the main game box
Clue office (NIS)
Terra mystica (open never played)
Nemesis space cats expansion (NIS)
Star wars imperial assault (NIS)
Bang! (open, never played)
Biblios (played once)
Splendor (played once)
Cards against humanity main game (played once) plus expansions 1-5 (NIS), a few promo packs (not sure which ones since they have been opened)
Forbidden island (played once)
Apples to apples (played once)
Castles of burgundy (open box, never played)
7 wonders 1st edition w/ leaders and cities expansions (played once)
Twilight struggle (NIS, deluxe edition)
terrafroming mars prelude, colonies expansions
Mansions of Madness 1st edition sealed boxes: The Laboratory, The Yellow Sign (2012),House of Fears (2012),‘Til Death Do Us Part (2011), The Silver Tablet (2011),Season of the Witch (2011)
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2023.05.29 22:46 RemarkablePraline541 07 Jeep Compass FWD Right CV Axel

07 Jeep Compass FWD Right CV Axel
Alrighty, so I need my right cv axle replaced and looking at rock auto (price difference is huge compared to local parts store $300+) even with the shipping cost lol
Im trying to understand if this would fit my jeep or not.
So I have a 2007 CVT jeep compass 2.4l FWD
(Attaching a picture of the part in question) Does the Exc mean it excludes AWD & 4WD/AWD? If so would that mean it fits FWD models??
Also do I really have to replace both Front CV axles? Or can I get away with only replacing the one right now?.... I really can't afford to do both after just replacing the control arms, pads, tie rods, and sway bar links. I have a very important medical appointment that is 4 hours away in less then two weeks, so i need to make sure my jeep is safe enough to make the trip there and back asap.
I'm doing all the work myself, minus the alignment i know it will need after the cv axle is replaced.
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2023.05.29 22:45 Adazahi Ophion feedback

I’ll be leaving this feedback in the test sever form, but being the local flying bot master I wanted to publicize my opinion on the newest flying bot.
Not tl;dr, for those of you who want to read a book:
Anyway, that’s all I got. Overall, the main thing I’m concerned about for this release is titan pilots. The new gear seems like lots of fun and in its current state may not be too problematic. We’ll see how things go, though.
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