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2023.03.29 20:37 Abject-Cartoonist784 40% Off NECTIUM Superior Performance AA Alkaline Pure-Gold-Bottom IoT Batteries (48 Count), Ultra Power, Long Lasting for IoT Devices and Smart Lock Fh

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2023.03.29 20:36 Bensonmtg I hope, you understand what I mean… 😅

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2023.03.29 20:36 SloppyMachinist Highway Cruising Questions

I'm trying to sell my daily and may get stuck daily driving my f150 for a month or so and it doesn't have a working tach yet. My route is just shy of 20 miles each way, almost all of it freeway. It's a 300, 4mt with best I can figure 3.55 gearing. That trans is 1:1 in 4th, no overdrive, correct?
When I do the calculations it give me a engine speed of 2400-2600 with 33 inch tires at 65. Does that sound about right?
Is that comfortable to cruise at being that you're at more than half of redline? I know the industrial motors where made to run at 3k all day everyday, but I would be shocked if I had a forged bottom end and steel cam gears.
What kind of fuel mileage should I expect, I also have an efi intake and truck avenger carb?
I know I'm paranoid but am I going to do undue wear and tear on the motor?
The speed limit is 65, but everyone does 75 and there are highways in my state with 85 speed limit. Would you take it up that high or just cruise at 65?
Thank you all, I'm new to this subreddit and these trucks but I love the knowledge base that's here and seeing all the beautiful, hard working trucks.
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2023.03.29 20:35 Agreeable_Invite6619 Homeless Option

In case there are no dorms or outer campus options available, how possible would it be to just get a sleeping bag and bum it out. You could wait for someone to open the door to a hall and use the shower there, studying can be done around campus quite easily, and for sleeping, some halls have basements with couches where you could sleep unbothered.
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2023.03.29 20:35 Thisuserishalfalive Going to end it all on April 1st.

It’s perfect actually. My life is a f*cking joke and it seems fit that I should end it on April fools day. I’ve been suffering from really bad mental illness from the past 7 years now. I can’t even make myself get out of bed. I have such crippling depression, all I can think about is death. I’ve suffered probably way more than any person should in a lifetime from situations, people and literally everything. I tried therapy, I tried almost every medication just to have 5 therapists or doctors bail on me after taking my money. Mental illness in my country is a taboo and a joke nobody takes seriously and just living in this cruel selfish world and seeing what it’s becoming is too much for me to handle. A while ago I posted a really big rant which I now deleted but there were some 2 or 3 people who actually read it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to my stupid problems. I’m going to go live out my final 48 hours doing what I love. Posting this here because I doubt anybody would care and I guess I just wanted someone.. anyone to know my final thoughts. I want someone out there to know that I really did try my best and fought everyday. If you’re still here having read all of this, thank you :’)
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2023.03.29 20:34 real_fake_results Garage Converted into a Bedroom

For background, I purchased a home last year where the previous owner had converted the garage into an extra bedroom for the house. The new bedroom has a window, access to an exterior door, access to to the rest of the house, and an additional bathroom.
What brings me here is that when they did this, they left the garage door attached to the house. The old garage door sits right in front of the closet and has drywall up in front of it. From the inside, it looks like a normal closet. From the oustide, it looks like a normal wooden garage door.
They sealed the bottom of the garage door with some kind of expanding foam and it is impossible to lift up the garage door anymore (I've tried). However, the garage door is not sealed on the sides and it still sits against some rubber like a typical garage door. I haven't noticed any signs or mold or water intrusion in the closet, but would it still be worth my time to cut away some of the dry wall to inspect the back of the garage door? If anyone has experience with a similar issue, I'd love to hear how you dealt with it or if any issues came up.
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2023.03.29 20:33 300mustardseeds my roomates won’t allow my boyfriend to be in our apartment

my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and have had somewhat of a rocky history. at least to my roomates because due to fault of my own, I really only let them in on the bad parts of our relationship such as when we get into an argument and I need advice. Due to this, they have a very distorted image of him in their heads and they are not his biggest fans to say the least. In all reality, we have a very comfortable, and understanding relationship with eachother. But like most long term relationships, we run into some rough patches. My boyfriend and I spend a lot of time together. Most of our time is spent at his apartment. However, there was one time he came over to bring me food when I was feeling sick. This was a few days after an argument in which we both said very hurtful things to eachother. I told my roomates about this and understandably so, they were not happy. Me and my boyfriend made up and both apologized, hense why he was bringing me food. As soon as he came inside however, my one roomate immediately started going crazy on him. calling him an asshole, telling him to get out of her house, and even attempting to push him down the staircase. he had done nothing to provoke this response from her. all he did was walk inside. As my roomate continued, my boyfriend eventually called her a crazy bitch and ended up leaving. after this incident, my roomates had decided that he was no longer aloud to come over. I, being the non confrontational person that I am, just said ok and accepted it as to not make matters worse. however, me and my boyfriend recently went on a trip to florida together. we got back at 2:30 in the morning and had planned on staying at his apartment. when we got there, his bedroom door was locked because the maintenance people had done their routein checkups over spring break and locked the door with his key inside. so we were unable to get in. we ended up coming back to my apartment because it was 2:30 in the morning and we had no where else to go. we have a ring doorbell camera(which is how my roomates found out) but as soon as we got back to my place, we went straight into my room and went to sleep. in the morning we stayed in my room until around 12pm when we left to take him back to his apartment. We did not see or talk to my roomates, they wouldn’t have even known he was here if it wasn’t for the ring camera, however, his presence in our house started a massive shit show with them saying I don’t respect their space, saying we made an agreement that he couldn’t be in here. literally going crazy over the fact that he was in the house yet no one saw or heard from him. now I fought back this time saying that I think it’s ridiculous that I pay rent and I can not even have him in my own room away from everyone else. if they don’t want him in the shared spaces such as the living room and kitchen, fine. but to say I can’t have him in my room that is my personal space? when he is not being a disturbance to anyone? idk. am I wrong for thinking that’s a little unreasonable? would it be a fair compromise to have him in my room but no where else? please let me know because my roomates and I are having a conversation about this later today.
TLDR: my roomates won’t allow my boyfriend to be in my room where he is not a bother to anyone. I think this is unfair becuase I pay rent and should be able to do what I what in my own room.
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2023.03.29 20:33 hannahsoulfree Withdrawal

3 weeks ago I went cold turkey. I froze my credit card in ice and deleted my card information on all shopping sites I used, I will still get a $25 gift card for Amazon bi weekly usually buy a book for my kindle to keep me busy.
I feel I may be going through withdrawal or perhaps the reality is sinking in that I would shop to get a hit of dopamine to escape my depression and loneliness. It’s hard to get out of bed, I use to get out of bed because I would hear a knock at the door for my package, I’d get all excited and look forward to it.
Nonetheless I’m very proud of myself and have realized just how much I was buying on stuff I barely use.
My new affirmation: I AM ENOUGH
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2023.03.29 20:33 crackerscornbread Home Depot Door Sales

Visit the link for Home Depot Door Sales. This page provides a regularly updated list of coupons, promo codes or discount deals.
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2023.03.29 20:33 Chloe_oopsy I told him our relationship was over and asked him to leave.

He and I dated for awhile. Our relationship was fine. We did things together, we had fun. There weren't any obvious red flags, but I always got this feeling that he didn't value me much. At times he seemed a bit cold and acted like he was annoyed with me for no apparent reason.
It all came to a head when, Five months ago when we were hanging out at my place, he asked me to hand him the TV remote. I was sitting right next to him on the couch and was working on my laptop. I reached for the remote without looking and accidentally handed him my phone instead.

I though it was funny after I realized what I had done. I laughed as I handed him the actual remote. He had that same annoyed look on his face. He began yelling at me and called me "a stupid bitch".

I was stunned. I have NEVER raised my voice at him, or disrespected him in any way. I did not deserve to be treated this way. I told him our relationship was over and asked him to leave. He told me to calm down and stop overreacting.

I simply walked to the front door opened it wide and told him to get out, and never come back. He walked out telling me I was being dramatic.

The very next day I returned the presents he had given me. They meant nothing to me now.

My friends are telling me that I DID overreact and I shouldn't just end a relationship because he yelled at me once, and have asked me to patch things up. His friends too began harassing me on social media. I blocked them all (HIS friends, not mine).

I'm not going to reach out to him to try to "work things out" as some people have suggested. Because I know that I do not deserve this treatment. I've always treated him with respect and I deserve that in return.

I just needed to tell somebody. Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.29 20:32 MrMisanthrope411 When it happens again, let’s do this..

It’s clear that there is no end in sight when it comes to Mass Shootings in the United States. The “divide” between the political parties (and their passionate supporters) has never been greater, which in turn almost guarantees nothing will be done to prevent future incidents. Here’s my suggestion:
When a mass shooting happens, instead of naming the shooter, give a brief description of the suspect, and then assign them a number (starting with 1). Many of these individuals are looking for their “15 minutes of fame”, so let’s stop giving it to them. We don’t need to publish their manifesto or pick apart their childhood, as none of this information will prevent the next attack. These details are also used by mass media to further the “divide” that I mentioned above.
As the year progresses, and more shootings take place, we keep assigning them numbers (increasing by one each time).
This accomplishes two things:
1.) They won’t receive the attention they so desperately seek (this may also assist in preventing “copy cat” incidents).
2.) As the year progresses and the shootings continue to happen, each time, we will get a stark reminder as to how many mass shootings have taken place in this country (year to date). Who knows, maybe as the number grows, our “leaders” may be enticed to take some type of action (not likely, but one can dream).
January 1st of each year, we reset the counter and start back at 1.
Below is an example of a headline:
“A mass shooting took place yesterday at generic location, USA. The shooter who will be referred to as “156” entered the location via an unlocked fire door and killed 5 people before taking their own life.
This is the 156th mass shooting so far in the United States this year.
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2023.03.29 20:32 BlazenRyzen SDBullion - Slammed, Raises minimum purchase

This perfect storm has created very difficult challenges in the short term at SD Bullion, both internally (our phone queues flooded with calls that there simply aren’t enough man hours to answer) and externally (customers are experiencing delays outside of our normal shipping time frames as we endeavor to push out every order possible daily).
We have been aggressively hiring since mid-February and we continue to do so. We’ve raised wages, offered higher signing and referral bonuses, and restructured teams to maximize available support to shipping and phone teams. Everyone at SD Bullion, top to bottom, has been diligently working to get us out of this hole. In short: it has simply not been enough and we continue to under-deliver in ways that we won’t accept.
As we write this we are currently 7+ business days behind our normal shipping time (which is 1-3 business days after your payment clears our account). For the time being, we’re pausing additional planned promotional (“On-Sale”) activities while we focus all attention on servicing existing orders in the system. Also, we’re temporarily raising the minimum order total required for new orders to $500.00 USD. This will allow us to better deliver on all orders and reach operational efficiencies faster.
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2023.03.29 20:32 happycatsforasadgirl How do you guys make a reader 'jump'?

The gunshot from the darkness, a scream from behind the door, an explosion the throws our hero off their feet. What's your favourite way to have something sudden happen in you story?
Do you go for the onomatopoeia, short sentences, disjointed PoV piecing it together, a zoomed-out description, maybe just the aftermath? The dreaded "Suddenly..."? What's your favourite way to write a surprise?
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2023.03.29 20:32 Phyliinx Dog reacting at the end (Spoiler)

That's them leaving the door open for a sequel right? Just a little detail in case John Wick 4 performs well and if it does not deliver it would be nothing people wrap their head around.
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2023.03.29 20:31 mimilabeauty Why do people sell fake designer items and pretend it is real ?

Why do people sell fake and pretend it is real ?
I saw this seller selling many fake designer items, for example : https://www.vinted.ffemmes/accessoires/bijoux/broches/2843612383-broche-chanel
This is an obvious fake, and even the invoice is fake (the VAT is not properly calculated, some basic french information are missing at the bottom of the invoice).
How can someone do that to another person? You're a selling cheap thing, probably bought for 10 euros on Aliexpress , for 350 euros? This is wrong on so many levels...
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2023.03.29 20:31 NothingHaunting7482 [Housing/Budget] Nervous about LOC debt and lack of emergency savings. Would it be wise to have my brother buy into our mortgage? Raise his rent? Budget inside.

My (33F) husband (34) and I bought a house (Halton, Ontario) mid 2020 and my brother came along to rent the basement apartment from us (unofficially/no contract).
We were doing really well, I make 65k, my husband was making 65k but he got voluntarily laid off Dec 2021, struggling pretty bad with mental health. He was back job hunting from Dec 2022 - Feb 2023.. got another 65k job in Jan for a week but was let go, was definitely the companies lack of proper management, but this took another hit to his mental health. He just started working fulltime again last week at minimum wage + some commission. He also does some newspaper deliveries once a week for $100.
Thinking he was going to be back in the work force at a higher income I began some major dental work last year (not cosmetic, been needing this for years) -- gum grafts, extractions, braces and soon jaw surgery. A few other things have happened in the last year as well and so we ran out of savings and are in LOC debt now. Also, on our taxes this year we owe $1,500... my husband was getting unemployment and not enough tax was taken off.

Our Approx. Combined Monthly Spend:
Take Home Bi Weekly Pay: $1,845 (mine) + approx. $1,250(his) = approx. $6,190 a month
My mom talked to my brother and seems he might be interested in buying in now if we wanted. He makes approx. $80k and has a lot saved up apparently. But he still couldn't get a mortgage on his own. He has suggested/asked if we planned on increasing his rent and so far we have not.
Just not sure how it would work having him buy in with us since we have done some work to the house and paid a lot down already....
Work we have already done on the house:
Work that needs to be done/could be nice:
I also would love to be able to travel/vacation again (haven't since 2018) but understand this is a temporary time of sacrifice.
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2023.03.29 20:31 Ok_Working_3703 Built-under double oven.....

Built-under double oven.....
Has anyone but in a built under double oven before??
We are on the hunt for one but no is providing the full dimensions, or indicating whether the hight is adjustable or not.. or even if it has legs..
W=60 D=60, H=85 (from old tiles in image to countertop), H=72 (from kickboard to bottom of the countertop).. all but one over shows us 72ish heights, but they don't say what the leg hight.
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2023.03.29 20:31 avenger_1965 48 [M4M] Any dl tops looking for a discreet bottom? Masc bi, gay, str8 or married all ok.

Looking to connect with local guys trying to have some discreet fun. I’m 6’, 230, work out, 48. Into oral, jo and bottom. Message here or avenger_1965 on snap to plan to connect or chat about a few fantasies and fun. Very discreet and in east Dallas.
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2023.03.29 20:30 Kitchen-Loquat6604 Rating creativity in answers from an AI agent

I did this study this morning, paying $15 for 60 mins. Well, first of all, I was about 95% done after 1hr and 34 mins, so, this takes much longer than 60 mins and I tried to read fast. After doing 27 of the 30 tasks, my page buttons at the bottom stopped responding. I couldn't skip or move to the next page. I could change the answers on the page though, just the bottom buttons didn't work. I was afraid I had timed out but I could see on the Prolific page that I had about 45 mins left to finish. The only way I could get out of this was to return the study after having wasted 94 minutes and lost $15 bucks. I'm pi**ed. I messaged the requester and I hope he's nice enough to at least respond. Has this happened to anyone else doing that study?
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2023.03.29 20:29 jehegip282 Do these seem like standard cleaning fees for efficiency apartment?

This is the list of things they can charge you for
These are policy, not set specifically for any tenant
They charge new tenants at $200 cleaning fee on entry
The amount is flat rate, So whether they sweep the floor or do a deep scrub it's still 100 bucks
kitchen appliances $200, microwave stove and fridge
kitchen cupboards $150, for up top and four on the bottom
kitchen floor & counters $75, a 5 ft x 3 ft area in the corner of the apartment
windows $50, a single window
closets $10, a 3 foot by 4 ft area in the corner of the apartment no door
bathroom $100, standard bathroom floor $100, one small room
Can I really charge just whatever they want? For example the kitchen cleaning the kitchen is just a corner of the room. Kitchen countertop is just a 2-in wide surround around the sink.
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