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2023.03.26 00:37 Robug102 My second video made on my new account was taken down for this it was the room review

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2023.03.26 00:36 Grace_Spencer65 WHATSAPP HACKER FOR HIRE

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2023.03.26 00:36 Dear_Strawberry_1130 Risk of claiming stem cell procedure as a likely illegitimate deduction

In 2022, I had a medically necessary stem cell procedure in another country. I had to have it in another country because in the US, the FDA considers this type of stem cell procedure to be an unapproved drug. I could be wrong, because I truly don't fully understand the issue, but I'm pretty sure its status as a non-FDA approved drug makes it ineligible to claim as a tax deduction.
I want to claim it anyway, as it was an enormous, medically necessary expense, I'm indignant that I can't get it in the US, and the amount of the deduction would save me a thousands of dollars in taxes.
Claiming this procedure as a deduction would bring my income tax liability down to zero, I think.
My questions are: what is the LIKELIHOOD that I'll be audited if I do this, and what are the likely CONSEQUENCES if the IRS discovers this indiscretion? Will I just have to forfeit the amount of the tax return, or will the penalty be more severe than that?
Will I be able to claim ignorance? The tax software workflow for medical expenses that describes what is an is not eligible does not take this situation into account and does not rule out the possibility that you can validly claim it.
Additionally, there is some legal controversy over whether the FDA has the authority to regulate this type of procedure as a drug. A Federal district court judge recently ruled that it doesn't, but the FDA has appealed, and the case will be heard in appellate court soon. My understanding is that the district court decision is only persuasive in that jurisdiction. Additionally, a Federal appellate court judge already ruled that this type of procedure is a "drug." So while there is some controversy in the legal system over this, I think in most of the country it's a non-FDA approved drug.
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2023.03.26 00:35 shy_147 2023 AAC Experience

I have recently undertaken (and passed) assessment, so thought it may be beneficial to some for an updated summary of the proceedings. It is fairly lengthy, but includes up to date details of the process, which I hope you all find useful.
Day 0
You will be sent an email with links to the various cognitive/maths/English tests around midnight on the day of arrival. They will be available on the portal. Do not click into them, they are one time use. If you click them you may have to reschedule the whole assessment. Do NOT click them!
Do yourself a favour and pack well in advance, not the night before. Double check all documentation you are required to take. You will need two forms of id such as valid driving license, birth certificate or passport, as well as utility bill. Tickets for the train need to be collected from a ticket machine, do not leave it to the morning of travel! In the morning check to confirm your train isn't cancelled or delayed.
I got to Lichfield City station and was one of the first in my intake to arrive. After a while loads of lads started filling out the station, no one really spoke as everyone appeared very nervous. It is fairly obvious who is there for assessment.
A member of staff in black came over and guided us to the car park over the road to the coach. We lined up against the wall for a document check. You are given your number here. Remember it, write it on your hand, type it on your phone. The staff do ask a final time if anyone needs reminding once you arrive, but don't be one of those candidates who needs reminding.
When we arrived, we dumped our bags under a covered seating area and lined up in three ranks. We then filed into the main centre and made our way into the lecture theatre. Blue coloured bibs are on the chairs, sit in the seat with your allocated number. We were told to put the bib on and sit in the chair. You get a numbered water bottle and a pen. These two things do not leave your side from now on. Do not lose either of them. We filled out a load of forms, certificates check and place them and your ID in an envelope, we were told to keep these safe until the morning when they would be checked and processed by the admin team. We were then led through to the classroom in groups to check army portal log on works and links for the tests have been sent. After this we watched a brief video outlining the next few days activities.
We then lined up outside, always three ranks from now on. We were sent for dinner at the cook house. Seated and then when ready sent one table at a time to the hot plates. The chef now takes your plate and puts the food on it for you, no self-service. Make sure you finish eating your meal before the staff are done. When told to line up outside make sure you tuck in the chairs and remember water bottles.
Back for ice breaker (name/where you're from, job choice and interesting fact or fear). Its short and sweet, some lads did theirs in literally 15 seconds. Pad it out a bit longer as that is a bit too quick, don’t act like you are rushing through it. Keep eye contact with the entire room, speak nice and loud and clearly. Add a bit of humour. We Then got a break down of Day 1 in more detail, then shown accommodation and given timings for lights out, breakfast, etc. Given access to the rec room. Given time to research roles and to speak to family, relax, TV, etc or access computer room to study for ACT if you haven't already. You are allowed to keep your phone on you for most of your time here, just don’t start using it when you shouldn’t be.
In the accommodation block we were told to put bibs on the end of the beds so if there is an emergency in the night we are easy to identify. Typical military bunks and a locker each. I've stayed in a few barracks in the past and Lichfield is actually pretty decent and modern, don’t get used to it. The pillows are awful, so good tip is to bring your own travel pillow. The bedding is laid out by the previous intake, so you have to make it. Our room agreed alarms at 0530. Many of you will know, barracks are usually either boiling hot or freezing cold. The first night we were all roasting even with the window open.

Day 1
Alarms off at 0530. Get up and straight into shower and shave. It pays to be first here as hot water dropped off for the lads who went a bit later, and if you leave it too late you are queuing for the showers. Start drinking water now as urine sample is required sometime during the morning, but also your run is hopefully tomorrow, so stay hydrated today. Water is always available in reception for top ups or from sinks in the ablutions. Tidy up the room and make your beds as you have a brief room inspection before breakfast. Make sure lockers are shut, bags under beds and bedding is made. Put phone chargers away. Water bottle and pen, then three ranks outside and to breakfast. The bleep test is not until after your medical on day 3 so eat as much as possible today. Lunch is provided during your various assessments, but not in the cookhouse. Highly suggest no caffeine as it can affect ECG later on, although plenty of lads drank it and were fine. Personally, I went without as didn’t want to chance it.
Back to the lecture theatre. We had another brief power point presentation with a run through of the Army Cognitive Tests, which included examples. There were tips/advice given by the staff which was helpful. You are allowed pen and paper during the ACT’s so you can write things down to help if needed. You will be going between the classroom for tests and the med block for medical tests depending how busy it is. The admin team arrived and checked our documents, we signed the envelope and it was then sealed. After this we had a briefing by medical staff and briefly check med forms are correct. Required to wear mask at all times during the medical process. They hand these out so don’t worry about bringing your own. They take you through in small groups. I was led to a waiting room with about 5 other lads and told to take everything off apart from t-shirt, shorts, shoes, socks, jewelry is allowed if it is religious. If you end up in a waiting room, try to sit at the front as they call the front in first, otherwise be prepared for a long wait.
You are initially filtered through the below tests, the results of which are put into your medical folder. You can fail at this stage but will not be told until they have been reviewed by the doctor prior to having your physical examination, you will be told of a failure/deferral during this examination. The nurses measure height and weight, calculate your BMI, check your eye sight (if you have a recent optometrist report they seem to skip this step if the results of the report are within the limits), colour blind test (book with coloured dotted circles with numbers and you have to read out the numbers that you can see), ECG and potentially an echocardiogram and a hearing test. There is lots of waiting and queuing but to be fair I was never in the same spot for long. You may be sent off for tests in-between to speed up process. I was sent to the classroom for tests twice in a row because the doctor’s waiting room was too busy.
A few notes on the hearing test. It is a very hot booth; you will sweat in it. The test starts as soon as the door shuts and the beeps are a lot quieter than you imagine they will be. You still have to wear your mask at this point so you will hear yourself breathing, try to breath slowly and quietly.
During this process I undertook the ACT (useful link to practice these at the end of this post) and because I went for a trade, the TST. For this you are given 45 minutes. You are allowed to use (and given) a calculator. It covers GCSE level mathematics, so think ratios, percentages, decimals, averages, fractions, volume, speed, distance and time and a bit of algebra. Good resources for this if you haven’t recently taken your GCSE’s and need some revision, are BBC Bitesize and Corbett Maths. Don’t panic too much about this, you should be able to get the minimum required for your role if you revise two or three weeks before hand. I would recommend taking it even if the role you are initially going for (e.g. infantry) doesn’t require it. You have nothing to lose taking it, if you score enough (easily achievable) it can unlock other job roles you may not have thought about.
A note about the classroom – when you enter, keep your voice to a whisper as people will be in and out all morning undertaking tests. This also goes for waiting rooms in the med block, keep your voices down and don’t let your excitement/nerves get the better of you and you all start running your mouth. It will not go down well.
When you are finally seated in the doctor’s waiting room, you are asked to complete short medical form. It asks about close family history, if you have suffered any particular diseases or issues in the past. Do not lie on this form, be honest, but it goes without saying, there is no need to state anything if it is not on your medical records.
The doctor will check your blood pressure, your joints and tendons, lungs/breathing, eyes, teeth, movements, hip mobility. Discussion around anything declared by you on the form in reception and on your RGMD form your own doctor completed. You will be asked to strip down to your underwear and perform a few variations of walking on a line, e.g. on your tip toes, on the sides of your feet, etc. You will squat and duck walk, they will check neck rotation, shoulder rotation, flexibility to some extent and finally do 5 press ups and to hold the last rep. At this stage you either pass with a green bib and can continue, an orange bib means you are deferred, no run for you on Day 2 but you are fit to do the mid-thigh pull, med ball throw and the team tasks. A red bib is a fail. That means no exercise at all but I believe you can continue with the team tasks and interview. If you receive no bib at all, you are sent home there and then as this is a deferral for 12 months or a bar from service.
At some point after your deemed fit for service you will perform the mid-thigh pull and med ball throw. Mid-thigh pull is essentially a rack pull with a fixed bar. You will be given two or three chances to complete, and pull for 5 seconds with everything you have got. The best way to prepare for this in the gym is either deadlifts or if you are worried about form and injuring your back, rack pulls, which closely resembles this test. The med ball throw can be a bit strange at first but you shouldn’t need to practice it more than a few times. Prepare for this by doing bench press, dips and push ups.
You grab lunch from reception and eat in the rec room. We were then shown a DVD in reception showing 14 weeks of basic training and a chat from Catterick PTI regarding infantry. Reserves pulled aside for another chat on top outlining the reserves process which is slightly different. After this we got our boiler suits, gloves and helmets issued for team tasks on Day 3, and were told to leave them in the rec room. At this point the next intake of candidates had arrived. We were told under no circumstances should we approach them. At dinner we were given the opportunity to use the onsite shop. I used this as an opportunity to buy food for the travel back the next day on the train. I highly recommend trying to get as much sleep as possible for tomorrow.

Day 3
0530 wake up call again. Start drinking now. Shower, shave, sports kit. Use any spare minutes now to pack your stuff away as best you can, as you will not have a great deal of time to do it later. Ideally, you want everything besides your clothes for interview packed away in your bags before you head down to eat. We also had to strip the dirty linen off our beds and lay out the new sheets as per pictures dotted around the block. Our intake was about 28 so no one slept on the top bunks, so we just copied the layout from those. Breakfast at 0620. Eat light as you will be doing the bleep test soon after 0800. We then waited in the rec room for the PTI to arrive and brief us on the test. He also went through a series of slides regarding healthy eating habits, fitness, what to expect at basic, etc. We were told to fill your bottles up and we were then led outside for test. Fill your bottle to the brim as it will be checked. You are split into groups of 7-8. You then meet another PTI to perform a warm up. The warm up was actually taxing and easily felt like the first 3 or 4 levels of bleep test, so be aware, it did catch a lot of us off guard. Start practicing the test at home with a 10 minute warm up prior, either a 1km run or a few levels of the test first.
We were told three strikes in a row do not count towards score if consecutive, so if you get one, catch up to get the next beep, get a second warning, catch up to make the next one, third strike you are out. Do NOT stop at your chosen role, you need to be a few levels above (if going for Para’s at 11.6 they stop it here anyway). You need to put maximum effort in and come off the test feeling like you are going to puke. Your interviewer will be watching at the side lines as well, so it really needs to be full on effort.
When you receive your third and final warning or they stop the test, you are led to a cool down, then into the rec room and your boiler suits. You are kept in the same teams as your run to complete the team tasks. You need to be vocal, even when you are not doing anything and waiting for your turn for example, you need to be encouraging your team members. Spend a few minutes, discussing as a team, everyone’s ideas and agree on the best one. It is key here that you all ensure everyone knows what they are doing and when. You need to work at pace, with a sense of urgency. We were explained you would be doing tasks such as this under enemy fire, so you need to be loud, you need to be shouting encouragement and you need to be moving at speed.
Once complete you will take off all your gear and place it back in the room. We were then given about 20 minutes to head back to the block, shower and get dressed for our interview, this was fairly chaotic as everyone seemed to finish the team tasks at a similar time, so people were queuing for the shower at this point. This is where packing when you got up or the night before will help you with time management.
We got to have a cooked lunch in the cookhouse this time, rather than a baguette. We were then led back to the lecture theatre for a final time. Here we had to sit in chairs at the back of the room, that did not have bibs placed on them, as a new intake would be arriving that evening. You wait for your interviewer to call your number.
You will be led through the back of the theatre into an office where you will sit down and discuss the following:
How you think you did, the army’s values and standards (know your CDRILS – not just what it stands for, but examples of how you apply them in your civilian life and how you utilise them in the army itself), job choice and info around that role. You don’t need to go overboard, but I would recommend knowing a good amount about the regiment or corps you want to join, the role itself, what is involved, where the regiment/corps are currently serving, etc. You need to know about phase 1 and phase 2 training, and give detailed answers about what is involved. Your interviewer will then go through the results of the cognitive and technical tests, your beep test score/run time, mid-thigh/med ball results and team tasks. They will then grade your score and issue your certificate. When there is enough of you done, they will minibus you back to station.
I managed to pass with an A grade. I kept my mouth shut and listened. If I didn’t understand something, I asked for them to clarify, it is better to ask again than to try wing it and get it wrong, I tried to be almost over the top confident, but not cocky or loud (but be loud in the team tasks!), I socialised just enough with the rest of the lads, but stayed away from the over the top throbbers thinking it is a weekend away at Butlins, keep your room tidy and your things kept away. Keep your phone out of sight unless you are on down time or the rec room. Sit up straight and don't slouch. Eat and shower fast and finally, keep your water bottle and pen on you always.
I hope the above helps ease some nerves of new candidates and gives an insight into the current process at assessment.
ACT Simulator\_simulato
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2023.03.26 00:35 facelessarya1 Anybody else get 2x miles for their Loyalty Choice Rewards?

I chose the 30k miles (25k +5k CC bonus) for both of my EP rewards. Account was credited with 60k miles for each one so 120k total…this happen to anyone else?
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2023.03.26 00:35 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Online Cash, Rank, Modded Outfits Shop 🏅

Hi there, i'm selling GTA 5 Online Billionaire Accounts, cash, rank, modded outfits and guns for GTA Online on my official webstore and patreon: Official Website: 🏅
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2023.03.26 00:35 Regular_Pea_2219 First Time PC build Assistance/ Feedback

Hi there Kings & Queens,
I am in the process of putting together my first gaming rig and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the first iteration of my build? (link below)
I have read a few guides and understand the basics, but as with most beginners; I don't know what I don't know. In particular, am unsure about the following:
- Have I overinvested in the CPU? the High spec the CPU I do, seems to bring up the required spec for everything else. - I am unsure if the mid-tower case will accommodate the motherboard.
My budget is $2000 $2500 NZD, excluding peripheries
Please note: I managed to inherit a RTX3060 ti 12G Graphics card so ignore the price on this.
Any feedback or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.26 00:35 Exciting_Shine_6670 Azure app gateway and backend pools

Curious to know how people provision app gateways and backends given the provider doesn’t allow or support managing backends as a separate resources.
I have 3 app services behind a v1 app gateway for nonprod environments (dev, test and uat)
I manage my app gateway in a separate state and provision it ahead of the app services.
I generate app service names using the Azure CAF provider and “preset” the backend pool fqdn.
App service terraform picks up its name from apps gateway remote state data source using a map keyed off the environment label.
It “works” but is there a better way? I did try the other way around whereby I define the app services first then have the app gateway query the resource group to pull in the app service names and generate the backend pool. It seemed a little clunkier…
I did look how the Azure CAF terraform super module does it, quite elegant but somewhat complex. They use null provider and local-exec blocks to call azure cli gateway commands to dynamically manage different parts of the gateway.
Hoping the azure provider will add support to manage parts of the gateway separately at some point.
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2023.03.26 00:34 sempi-moon Poker Night not showing up on my discord activities anymore?

So like 3 weeks ago everyone was able to play Poker Night, but one day it just wasn't there on most peoples accounts. One of my freind's still had it, and I was able to play, but other friend's weren't. How do I fix this?
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2023.03.26 00:34 eschutaz Thank you blizzard for making some classes underpowered in the start

Anyone else deliberately chose barb or druid on veteran because you heard these classes were supposed to be bad?
I thought necro and sorc was so boring because I could literally turn off my brain and watch a movie on the 2nd monitor while clearing the entire game.
I felt like the barb and (melee) druid (and even rogue to some extent) was so rewarding when you finally managed to kill a difficult boss.
I really hope they don't make every class op from the start. I'd rather they tune down the casting classes than buff melee classes, but seeing the amount of people complaining I'm afraid it's going to be the opposite.
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2023.03.26 00:34 icygweens2 PC wont boot after force restart due to freeze

Been playing new Resident Evil 4 Remake for 7 hours in a row with my 1070ti and 2600x, visual settings were at orange, if im not mistaking.
So, the fame had either sound bugs time to time and once an hour or so some freezes, but eventually it would unfreeze and i proceed.
Once i reached the castle, after Salazar meeting, the game completely froze for 10 min straight, and i couldn’t kill it with task manager, but it killed the task manager, lol.
Eventually i decided to restart my PC. It didn’t boot that time. I decided to give it some rest to chill. 15 min after, i turned it on, “Preparing System Repair” appeared. It was gone few minutes after, and screen went black, yet it didnt turn off. I tried rebooting again, usual windows loading screen appears, but its stuck on loop.
I turned it off again, turned off power supply, let rest for 30-35 min or so. And its same issues. All cables are connected, but system won’t load.
Can anybody help and share some thoughts?
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2023.03.26 00:34 Rebam2431 Character Archive Details and Wording

So this is a bit out there, but I've noticed something weird and interesting about the character archive page.
The sorting types: Default, Characters Owned, Weapon Type, Elemental Type, and Ascension Phase.
The first 4 are mostly self explanatory. Default sorts by release date and the rest do what they say on the tin.
However, sort by character ascension phase does not sort by who you have ascended on your account. Instead, it sorts by star rarity, and then release date. This could be a translation error of some sort, but here's my crackhead theory about it.
Rarity shows how close to being able to ascend to Celestia a character is.
This sometimes comes with age/experience (notice how all child 5*s are canonically quite old, Nahida is an archon, Klee is an elf, and Qiqi is a zombie). And sometimes comes with skill/other forms of power (see: Kamisato twins, Cyno, etc).
There are some who break this mold by NOT being 5*s. Ningguang and Beidou come to mind. Ningguang is the leader of Liyue and Beidou killed Haishan without a vision. But, both got their vision later in life, and don't have a ton of experience with it (despite Ningguang being shown to be quite proficient with it).
This all seems to be connected to the visions, gifts from Celestia, determining factors towards a person's ability to ascend to godhood.
On another note, did Venessa have a vision? Did Guhua?
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2023.03.26 00:33 Hags1234259 Frozen

Why do managers forget about their frozen clerks to drown themselves. I get that managing frozen while it can be difficult it’s not impossible. But why don’t they just schedule someone to work frozen back-stock or at least sale items on the clerks day off. I don’t know if this is only in my store or company wide
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2023.03.26 00:33 naughtynunu I am a tenant, less than a month into a 12 month tenancy agreement, and have been thoroughly messed around by my estate agent. Is this situation something I can take further, or will I just have to suck it up? (WARNING: maybe the longest TL;DR you've ever seen)

Just 3 weeks into our new tenancy agreement and I am quite honestly in shock with the way these agents have treated us. I am not sure if I am overreacting or if this is something that may actually have legs if I attempt to pursue it (by this I mean that I may actually be taken seriously by this company and have my issue resolved). I have tried several times to write an objective, concise account of my experience, but everything that has happened feels entirely relevant, and I am struggling to come up with anything less than an essay (literally 2429 words on my latest attempt, which still isn't the full story). This the most bare bones TL;DR I have been able to come up with:
I am a tenant, and my partner and I are in the process of moving over 150 miles. Issues with the previous tenant meant the estate agents failed to provide a cleaned house on the start date of our tenancy agreement (3rd March, also the flush on the toilet was broken), then failed to rectify either of these issues, even though we were assured it would be done by March 8th (we returned to the property 10th March). On both occasions, we were offered the choice of compensation to clean the house ourselves, or for them to arrange a cleaner for the following week. We chose the cleaner the first time, but the second time we had no choice but to accept compensation, as this time we had returned with the majority of our household items. We ended up financially out of pocket as a result or their negligence - we had not brought our vacuum on either occasion (as we reasonably expected a clean property on both of these occasions, and it is needed in our previous property to complete cleaning before we have fully vacated). The house was not necessarily filthy, however late on the 3rd March, we discovered pet hair in almost every room in the house. We do not own a pet. When the property was still uncleaned when we returned on the 10th, we deemed it necessary to immediately purchase a vacuum cleaner that handles pet hair, an otherwise unnecessary purchase to us, but was unavoidable in this situation.
I emailed our property manager on Wed 16th March to summarise our experience so far and that as a result, I would expect the compensation to at least cover the cost of the vacuum cleaner. I believe this to be a reasonable request, as we would not have made this purchase had it not been for their mishandling of our property (we were pretty sure they would reject this, but if you don't ask, you don't get).
This is where the the issue escalated from minor inconvenience to something I feel is unacceptable to put up with. To keep it very brief, a week had passed and I had not received a response to my email, so tried to follow up on the matter this week over the phone. I was met with dismissive, deflective and downright rude members of staff, our own property manager in particular. The issue of compensation has now been escalated to a director, but for me this is now beyond the money. Chasing up our queries with the property manager was like trying to get blood from a stone, and she had an attitude from the very start, that carried through all my conversations with her. Also, although we don't have solid evidence, we have strong reasons to believe that she has outright lied to us.

I don't know if there is anything I can even do about this. I would like to just resolve the issue internally, but my experience to so far gives me very little hope that I can get any resolution if I continue along the current path. I am not even sure that they've genuinely escalated the case. I feel like the next step would be to post negative reviews on socials/Trust Pilot in an attempt to have the issue seen by someone more senior in the company (and of course to warn others against renting with this company, definitely would not recommend!), but I know going down the route of leaving negative reviews can be a dicey area.
Would appreciate any thoughts or advice on this situation. I can answer any questions for more context, or if anyone is prepared to read an essay, I am more than happy to share that too.
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2023.03.26 00:33 fasnxs Made a mistake with my name

When i created my account i made a mistake and put my ip as a name, and when requested them to change to anything besides that, they just sent me their shop link to buy points. i cant imagine a website going lower than this.
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2023.03.26 00:33 Bodhisattva_Picking Bond Purchase Question

Hey all, this isn't the first time I've purchased bonds, but I've always done so with GP, but today I purchased 3 bonds with IRL money and I've got a question.
I made the purchase while playing OSRS on the android app, and this purchased the bonds via the Google play store. My Gmail is not the email address that my OSRS account is attached to, but I know for certain I have linked them properly.
My bonds aren't showing up in my bond pouch, but I found this in the troubleshooting info on jagex's website:
If you made your purchase via Google play, try visiting the in game store, you should receive a prompt to pick up your purchase.
My question is, where is the in-game store? Is there a physical location of a bond-salesman in the game?
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2023.03.26 00:33 quandumb How I’m getting closely overcome my anxiety

Sorry for my English. I’m a 10th grader and at the first semester at school my social anxiety was so bad that I only made 4-5 friends, I didn’t want to raise my hand since I was afraid to be judged or when I had a 20 minutes break I usually went to my best friend’s classroom and talked with him or stay in class and playing with my phone. But at the second semester, I managed to made more friends (10-11) in my class, I dont have a hard time choosing a group partner and sometimes people will come up and talk to me. I would rate my social anxiety from being 1 to 7 and how can I change that? Here are some tips: - Instead of staying on your seat, I always go around the class to find people with same interests and hobbies so that I can talk with them -Make an impression, often raise your hand in class or make everyone laugh so that everyone will remember you and closely you will make some friends from that -Make some small talk with your classmates both in real life and on internet. It really boost my ego since I feel like I just done something I think I couldn’t do -Exercise or playing sports, I always ride my bike every morning since it make me feel peaceful and have a reason to make friends Here are some of my tips that I have done which lead my to successful. I hope everyone reading my post right now and in the community could overcome their anxiety. Good luck :)
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2023.03.26 00:33 BrocoliAssassin ControlNet help for SD 2.1

So I have ControlNet working great for SD 1.5 but I'd really like to use it with my SD2 setup as well.
I managed to download the files for SD2 and edit the file in the settings menu. They are all in the correct places. The ControlNet plugin works, when I check the preview it finds all the lines,etc.
But no matter what settings I use it has zero effect on the image. Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?
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2023.03.26 00:32 Merge3D2 Brand New Account And Game, Spawned With 3 Legendaries

Hi All, just wanted to ask if this has happened to anyone, I started a completely new game on steam, my account has never played B2 before, and i played with some friends. However for some reason i spawned with Unkempt Harold, Lyudmila and Maggie.

Any ideas what happened or if this has happened to anyone before?!
Context - Zero character, Handsome Collection, Steam.
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2023.03.26 00:32 ocdihope Depersonalization?

Has anyone experienced the feeling that they're not in line with their gendered body anymore? Recently I've been heavily focused on my body (my chest specifically) and it feels like I'm completely disconnected from being male. It's so upsetting its like I'm in a void or out of my own body. I often get intrusive thoughts saying that "this isn't really me" or that I'm a different person. I'm especially worried since I've read trans people experience depersonalization. I also get the feeling that my body is too masculine. I'm really worried this is gender dysphoria. I crossdressed today because they thoughts & feelings were too overwhelming. It was very underwhelming and didn't leave me with an answer but my thoughts quieted down & it felt like I liked the bra (at the same time I hated it or was indifferent, I just wanted to feel connected to being a guy again, at least I hope I do). This all started because my therapist said that she couldn't diagnose me with anything other than OCD and if the thoughts feel real then i should speak with a gender therapist (I have, 4 times before this and none thought it was anything other than intrusive thoughts/ocd). I just can't stop analyzing the clothes and keep trying it which makes me more lost. Especially as I get anxiety being or imaging my gender. I'm so frustrated. I used to have an account before on here but deleted to stop reassurance. Now I'm back because of this stupid relapse.
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2023.03.26 00:32 Jenniferinfl Best debit card for kids? USA

Hey all,
I'm going to start giving my 12 year old an allowance. I don't want to do it in cash because most of the things she wants need to be ordered online anyways. I was using gift cards, but, one disappeared after we had company and there seems to be no way to get a replacement. I'm not loving it.
I'm looking for something like a debit card, but, where it won't allow overdraft at all.
Maybe a kids checking account if there is such a thing?
I don't want it to be possible for it to be overdrafted, I want to be able to get a replacement card, don't want a bunch of maintenance fees. It would be awesome if I could refill it with Zelle.
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2023.03.26 00:32 sogopro Worried about our life together post residency

Hi everyone!
I could really use some advice. I have a concern and I’m not sure if it’s just in my head or not. Also wondering if anyone else has felt these worries and how you may have put them at ease.
My girlfriend of 3 years is wrapping up her residency. I find myself really worried about what’s going to happen once she steps off from the medical training track she’s been on for most of her life - a life where a certain path is carved out for you and the expectations of how to reach your goals are a little more outlined - and she’s going to start having to navigate her own life, set her own goals and direction, and making bigger decisions independently from what is expected of her.
I’m the opposite of my girlfriend in where she is more passive, I’m more active. I remember graduating from college and then realizing the hard truth that no one was going to hand anything to me. Anything I wanted I would have to work hard and fight for. I don’t think this is necessary untrue for those in medicine, but the hardest part for me was realizing that you had to decide for yourself what is important in life before going for it. You had to decide what goals and efforts were worthwhile. And you had to decide how you wanted to lead your life because no one was going to do it for you. You had to carve out the life you wanted autonomously.
Through residency, I’ve noticed with my girlfriend:
  1. She doesn’t really have any strong passions, hobbies, or interest that she can talk to or connect with others about. I assume this is mainly because so much of her time goes into medicine.
  2. She hasn’t made many close friends during residency. She has social anxiety and really struggles putting herself out there or speaking up in social situations. This hasn’t fully affected her yet because she has a close long distance friend from HS and medicine has so far put her in environments of like minded people on a similar track - but I do worry about once it’ll just be the two of us post residency.
  3. She hasn’t had to focus on other parts of her life - like managing her finances/retirement - because her parents are still her support system and there’s an understanding that she’ll be making good money soon anyway
  4. When we do get into arguments, sometimes the reason is because of the long hours or stress of work. I understand this (partially) because my job can sometimes make me work 70-80 hour weeks too. But this worries me because it’s not like our stresses will go away, for example, if we were to have sleepless nights raising a child together.
All this terrifies me and makes me spiral the more I think about it. Am I going to have to make all the major decisions? Will I have to carry the social burden? Will I have to make and handle all the financial decisions? It scares me that I might not know how many of this will truly pan out until we’re in it
Has anyone ever felt similar worries?
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