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2023.03.26 00:34 BowlerGullible 3000 points in 100 kicks

If the score multiplier you need to do this achievement is timed why does the hoop randomly speed up and slow down?
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2023.03.26 00:33 Rob1150 Does hot sauce really expire? I mean its basically just salt, vinegar and peppers. Salt and Vinegar are both preservatives, so I can't see how it could go "bad".

Does hot sauce really expire? I mean its basically just salt, vinegar and peppers. Salt and Vinegar are both preservatives, so I can't see how it could go submitted by Rob1150 to spicy [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 00:33 Open_Parfait_3605 help me out please

i want to make a private server on atak and i followed the zerotierone app for a network set that all up and trying to make the network work on atak but it does work at all what im i doing wrong because the app said the network was good and connected
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2023.03.26 00:33 birddistheword MacBook user login disappeared

My father just passed away and I’m trying to sort out some stuff on his MacBook. I have his username and password, but I accidentally logged him out and now his user ID is no longer appearing on the login page. It’s just blank username and password fields. When I enter his email and password it does not work.
Is there a way to get it back to have the username show up and we just need to enter the password?
Thanks in advance
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2023.03.26 00:33 PersonalityWeary4360 So I just had to leave work early on a closing shift

Just a rant
So the store supervisor thought it would be smart to spray paint the breaker box during dinner without the back door being open. I even mentioned to her when she started that it might be a good idea to open the door, but she didn't until a manager asked her to after she was almost done. (I'm just a lowly crew trainer)
I got an instant headache and threw up twice and they still expected me to stay.
Am I the asshole for going home on a closing shift?
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2023.03.26 00:33 dazzlehouse WTB/Vacuum fillers, high-capacity workhorses

I’m moving from the research/brainstorming phase of my WIP (work-in-progress, aka the “novel” that’s always in the bottom desk drawer) and this time, instead of killing my spine, neck, and shoulders by following the “butt-in-chair” philosophy of writing, or spending countless hours learning complicated story-telling software, I’m going full old-school and using my pens and a variety of notebooks. Why didn’t I do this years ago?
Right—this is a business-like sub, not a confessional. I’m on the hunt for Opus 88 anything, PenBBB, or maybe you know of something else that’s a heavy hitter with ink. I am always running out of ink. I have an 823 thanks to this sub, and a TWISBI 580, but would like to pick up a couple extras. Unfortunately I’m a heathen when it comes to nibs or condition. Is it a reliable writer and does it hold a lot of words? Is my criteria. TYIA kind pen friends.
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2023.03.26 00:33 dreadredheadzedsdead I’m fed up. Does anyone know how to remove these sway bar links with no Allen or torx key in the bolt? It’s just spinning in place.

I’m fed up. Does anyone know how to remove these sway bar links with no Allen or torx key in the bolt? It’s just spinning in place. submitted by dreadredheadzedsdead to AskMechanics [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 00:32 Alternative-Share68 How can I heal my cat from chronic cat flu?

Ever since I adopted my cat he had issues with the cat flu (since he was one, he is now 6). He was abandoned in a box with his siblings when he was a kitten and the vet said he might have caught the flu around that time and has a bad immune system.
His nose is stuffy a lot, he sneezes a lot, he has a weird cough (I think he might have asthma I will ask my vet about it next time, it’s odd she didn’t bring it up before because it really sounds like asthma), one of his eyes is always teary. Even tho he always has these symptoms he is playing, eating and cuddling like a normal healthy cat would do. He is still very curious and affectionate. But of course I know he is still sick.
Over the years I went to the vet a lot since he never really gets better (maybe for a 2-4 weeks or so and then it starts again) and the vet said there wasn’t much I could do. There were periods were it’s really bad like his nose would be very stuffy you could hear his breathing and he would sneeze every hour. Even then he was still playing, eating etc… I think he is just good at hiding it I’m not sure :( When he has a bad period again the vet gives him antibiotics etc and it gets better again but it never truly goes away. The vet said I should keep the flu under control with cough sirup, nose drops, inhalation etc. and when he has a bad period again I should bring him to the vet again.
He has a “normal” period right now but I can’t believe there is nothing I can do? Isn’t there a way to get rid of the flu completely? The vet tried to explain to me that she could do a procedure to find out exactly what bacteria/virus is causing all this but the procedure is very stressful (she would have to take a sample from a deeper nasal area or something like that) and she told me it’s not worth to put the cat through the stress because even if you find out something there isn’t much the vet could do. They did normal tests before of course which spit out the classic cat flue virus. I didn’t really understand it but accepted it (I mean she is the Vet she has to know) but my poor baby is still so young and there must be something I could do? I mean I can continue to keep it under control but his body is still sick even if it’s a bit better and that’s no solution for me.
Does anyone have any advice for me or experienced similar things? Maybe I should see another vet? But all the vets before basically said the same thing.
I’m trying to transition him and his brother (I adopted him too! They had a really close bond in the shelter) to raw food hoping it will help his immune system.
His brother never had any problems at all. Sometimes I wonder what happened to him and who abandoned him in a box. Maybe he wouldn’t have to go through this if the person who was responsible just brought them to the shelter right away.
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2023.03.26 00:32 SnooChocolates7266 Hiring process

Does anyone else have the problem at their store where they apply for open positions just to hear nothing about it not even an interview or a hey we're going to hire someone else cause I've applied for at least 5 positions and they have been filled and I was never interviewed
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2023.03.26 00:32 rss181919 Self Diagnosis & Treatment

My 23-year-old son has had GI problems for 5 years or so. Started out as a whole year of diarrhea and then we started seeing a GI specialist locally. Blood work came back normal but scope revealed collagenous colitis suggesting that something was irritating the colon. So the GI at the time put us on FODMAP and started talking food allergies.. My son got very worse pretty quickly and even though the initial test did not suggest gallbladder we were paying attention to the symptoms and we had to request gallbladder check. Gallbladder was inflamed. The GI recommended removal. Shortly after removal serious acid reflux began. GI recommended putting in a linx device. My son was barely able to work for the next 2 years and eventually started having more problems and had to quit work. Long story short, we have learned that the current medical system in the United States is not very good at diagnosing anything other than the most obvious issues would show up on standardized testing. I say all this to recommend to all of you that you make sure you study how the GI system works. We ended up finding out so much more and have benefited so much more from not trusting the multiple GI specialists that we have visited. There are many reasons I think the US health Care system is failing their clients but one of the main ones is just plain lack of time to really research and individuals problems. With this in mind I would strongly encourage anyone visiting a physician for the first time to get hooked up with email immediately to that physician. If you rely on visits to the office you are going to be waiting in line and not make much progress at all. But with email you can ask questions every day if needed and it typically does not cost you anything.
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2023.03.26 00:31 whateverhereandthere My (F25) friend (F28) doesn’t approve my sex life

I met this friend while traveling to a conference with a professor and we bonded over being virgins and sex and porn we would giggle over it and talk about it a lot I thought I found my long lost sister
Then in one trip she disrespected me in front of my professors so we stopped speaking for a good year
I randomly texted her one day “I lost my virginity” she called me excited and was shocked and we became friends again and then she told me she was a Christian and was reading the Bible from the beginning I felt happy for her
We argued once over the idea of abortion I said it’s helpful for women she said “nooo people who have sex use Abortion as a excuse to have sex more” I said “no way Abortion is a right and a difficult situation” well from that day on we said let’s not talk about our differences and remained friends
Yesterday we were at a restaurant she starts talking about the Bible I said let me ask u a yes or no question “do u believe women who have sex before marriage are blank (bad word)” she said “well I am still reading the Bible and it does say yea” I said “no I am asking you yes or no” she said “yes” we fought back and forward till she decided to go to the bathroom before leaving she says “look up the definition of a blank because you fit it” I was hurt and confused
She said “it’s up to me to remain her friend and she’s not judging me” but calling me a blank is kinda extreme in my opinion she even said “sex is required to have after marriage so the two people would not have temptations” that’s so gross in my opinion
I call myself religious I am Sikh and yea I can’t have sex before marriage in my religion but I believe women should be able to do anything with their bodies my friend said I shouldn’t be allowed to call myself religious but I disagree because I believe your relationship with god is your business. Everyone is different with their god. Do I make sense?
Td;lr my friend (F28) is calling me names for having casual sex (F25)
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2023.03.26 00:31 kelggg Background Check going too far?

Not really sure if this is the right place but, this job interaction really threw me off!
Background - I'm a 28 y/o student. I've been in the emergency service industry for almost a decade now. Recently, I left it to pursue finishing my degree and moving into a different field (business). I just applied to 2 entry level positions in my neighborhood as I needed something flexible to pay the bills while studying.
Job 1 - Substitute teacher for a technical campus. $17.50/hr
Job 2 - Stockecashiepharmacy tech for a grocery store. $15/hr
Now, neither of these jobs require any special education or experience. I just want something low key.
I was hired at Job 1, after a very thorough interview and all the normal onboarding stuff. The only special thing I had to do was get fingerprinted for the state.
Folks, I walked out of the interview/onboarding for Job 2. It started off with very normal entry level questions. I also got offered the position on the spot and accepted.
The interviewer then gave me a back ground packet. She required me to put down all employment I ever had (I mean EVER) Then followed up with asking for my tax information to make sure I listed all of my previous positions.
THEN she said that they call every place of employment and if the dates don't line up they'll revoke the offer. They even asked for my high school diploma and since I don't have it said that I had to send them an official transcript only.
At this point I was flustered. I asked if this very in depth background check was due to working in the pharmacy. The interviewer declined and stated that they do this for every employee as the "company has high standards".
I explained that I was uncomfortable providing my tax information and that it was all a little excessive. Her toned changed quick and it just went down hill.
I thanked them for the opportunity and got up to leave. The interviewer said that I would be black listed from working there. I told her that was okay and walked out.
It was so crazy! I've never had an interview/onboarding go like that. Since when do grocery stores require that much to work for them?
Is this behavior normal now?
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2023.03.26 00:31 JosephSKY What's the best way of backing up my data?

First off, can't use cloud based storage. So, I'm thinking of moving to an SSD in a week or so, since it's better bang for my buck compared to RAM upgrade, but I haven't done so yet just because of one little tiny thing... My bank accounts, my different login credentials, my social media accounts (all of this in Opera, no, I won't "sync" since that fucked me over the last time I did this) and all my work documents and apps are all stored in my HDD that's been with me for a few years now.
So, I want to make this as fast and painless as possible since I work 12 to 15 hrs in this PC, and I have everything just kinda "laying around" in my filesystem, but I'm used to my mess. I could clone my HDD, but then I'd have to carry on with little Windows quirks that have popped up through the years, and I'd like it to be as simple as just "well, copy this here and there and boom, your Desktop and Documents folders and everything else is just like it was before, but in a new Windows install". What do y'all recommend? I don't mind having to spend 8+ hours just copying files, if that's the case.
Also, considering that I'd like to stay on the low end of temps and wattage, since I'm using an SFF Optiplex, should I go with NVMe M.2, SATA M.2 (I don't know if I can find one of those) or SATA 2.5" SSD?
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2023.03.26 00:31 blubberbo Looking for adapter for ATT modem power brick

Hi all,
I am trying to get a small battery to use as a backup for my ATT modem using little battery packs, but I need an adapter to plug into the modem itself.
Does anyone know what this plug is and where I might be able to get an adapter for something like this (Mini UPS Battery Backup 20000mAh...
Here is the plug on imgur: Neither of the pieces in that power brick come out and it goes into a regular 2-prong outlet
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2023.03.26 00:30 ThrowRA232823 Selena Gomez became so annoying

I used to be a huge fan of her and I do still love her work, but jfc...does she ever get tired of being a victim? I get that she went through a lot the past few years but she makes her depression her entire personality and identity. She acts like she's the first and last to ever experience a breakup, one that happened 5 years ago and the man's been married ever since, at that. And I get she has health issues, but she's also not the first or last to have those either.
Plus it's hard to feel sorry for her anymore because she never stands up for herself. It's like she knows and expects her fans to do so. I get her whole motto is "Kill them with kindness" or whatever, but this is real life not some Disney Channel movie. All she's doing is letting people who do put her down slide. Like you're in Hollywood, people there aren't gonna care about your feelings.
Love her cause I grew up with her. But God…...She's 30 freaking years old. Instead of crying in front of the world every chance she gets, She needs to grow up and stop being so spineless already. Or at least stop making her entire existence about how shitty her life is over things that happened half a decade ago because that's literally all she's been doing these past few years.
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2023.03.26 00:30 jennymck21 I just wanted to say goodbye

Man I really enjoyed my time in overwatch. The silly times were always my favorite… same when I used to play world of Warcraft. Anyways. I have like 2700 hours in this game and it has changed so much in the last month or so it has caused me to no longer enjoy the game. I was finding myself so angry even though I knew what was happening! I do not understand why it’s happening, or what IS exactly happening. But there is a new algorithm of sorts. You cannot go on a win streak. Almost every game will have someone who just runs in and dies repeatedly, like a robot. They don’t really use their moves, or maybe they use them at an odd time. I even had a guy, who was in a group with a player who had the same screenName as him, and they were clearly operating both of the accounts. Granted the one the real person was operating was SMASHING in kills, it didn’t make up for his bots negative k/d ratio and terrible decisions or afk. This has become the new normal and reporting doesn’t help. I actually unplugged my Xbox and moved it. Does anyone have information on how to sell your battlenet account? I have an old wow character on there too with alllllllllll kinds of goodies. Now I have this overwatch account with everything unlocked how do I sell it? Thank you!
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2023.03.26 00:30 KeepStackinSon [WTS] Modern Proof 90% Silver Quarters and Dimes, XF to AU Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Prices are firm. You pay shipping unless noted. Delivery is guaranteed (see below).
Lot 1: $15 face value Modern Proof Dimes and Quarters - $340 shipped
$5 of dimes and $10 of quarters. 40 quarters are in a tube. 47 dimes are in a tube (can't fit more proof dimes than that because the rims are higher than regular dimes) and 3 in flips
Lot 2: XF to AU Walking Liberty Half Dollar Tubes ($10 face) - $280 shipped
2 available
SHIPPING: Shipping to USA only. I take responsibility for shipping. If tracking says it was delivered or that it was out for delivery (they sometimes forget to do final scan), I consider it delivered. If tracking says it got lost or package damaged and empty, I will reimburse you fully or give you the same product if possible.
Add $4 for USPS priority mail flat rate box.
Payment options in order of preference: BTC, Zelle, Venmo, PPGS+3%, PPFF. PPGS will only be available to users with a lot of feedback.
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2023.03.26 00:30 gtrfing Is analogue better than digital?

I didn't know whether to post this in a bullet journal sub, productivity, or the notebook group, but I'm specifically,I suppose, asking a question about commonplace books, since my question is about the storage of information that betters my life. The things I learn, about me, and the world. Ideas. Music. Books. Places. But in the end, it's about storing things I've learned, that will improve my life.
I'm really curious. I love notebooks. I really do. I was obsessed with them in the 70s. I remember notebooks I had as a kid, and others, ones I used at university and then into the 90s, and some from twenty years ago. Diaries, journals, scratchpads, notebooks. Loved them all. Basic ones. Handmade ones. Beautiful ones and ugly ones. Leatherbound works of art.
And then in 2005 or thereabouts I realised that there was a problem. If I needed to know when I had had a particular thought, an idea for a story, a desire to arrange a tune, a book I wanted to read, a film that had given me pause for thought..... Things I could learn from, things to better my life.... The only way to find this information would be to delve right through thousands of words. You can only index so much. And by the time I would reach sixty, there would likely be dozens and dozens of these books. Maybe sixty? I could fill a notebook in about four months. Alternatively there's the old stalwart, the A5 page a day diary.
When in fact all I had to do, was write on some digital media, and using a search function, or 'find' , I could find any information on the myriad subjects I was writing about. I've been using the most basic app for the last 15 years, and it does the job fine.
However, primarily for aesthetic reasons, and to have something to hold, I would love to have the same ability to find information that's relevant to my life, from a notebook, these beautiful crafted items that we obsess over. The gsm of the paper, the ink, the pens, the colour of the cover. Ivory or cream paper. I get it. I have a dozen journals I've bought and filled just over the the last three years.
I'm not being rhetorical. I genuinely want to know. I use my dotted notebooks as a tool, to keep track of the things I need to do, to journal music practice etc etc, but in the scheme of things....I know that without my digital media, it would be a much harder job to find information. My digital media storage has become over the years my commonplace book.
So how do you do it? Can an analogue journal beat digital media in terms of storing information that betters ones life.
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2023.03.26 00:30 StealthCatUK Stuck in a rut.

I'll preface this by saying I have finished other souls games, DS1, DS3, Bloodborne and Elden Ring. Sekiro and Demon Souls are on the radar.
I hated DS2 because of the health mechanic, it made it too frustrating to play and to my annoyance the same is in this game, a shame as it looks and sounds fantastic.
Anyway I have finished the first half of Bolataria, I am at the boss run to the Tower Knight. Ran out of grass and HP chunked to 70%. I'm really struggling to find the will to boot this game back up, knowing full well I have to grind grass for HP before I can even attempt the boss (I've fought him several times now, with full HP and some grass I'm sure I could do it).
The other souls games keep you in the fight, not needlessly pull you away for some outdated unfun mechanics, grinding away for basically what would amount to Estus flasks.
Does the game get better or is this it? Grinding grass for HP top ups and redo whatever task/area you were on?
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2023.03.26 00:30 TemporalDiscourse R2 attack and Skills Fail Sporadically

I've tried getting into this game a few times in the past and it never stuck. But, I wanted to give it another try while waiting to get a current gen console and Diablo when it releases this summer.
The game is.. Pretty good... I spend a lot of time looking stuff up but whatever.
I'm having some technical issues and, while looking those up, I've been REALLY surprised that so many of the same problems seem to crop up frequently... Buttons and interface seem to be a consistent issue across the board.
My R2 Heavy Attack just goes out randomly... Everything else works, the button works on other games... It just stops working for ESO... I've ran through all the suggestions I can find but it still happens.
Kind of makes the game unplayable, and I don't love the game enough to just let it go or work around it... It's a basic attack, it should work. This seems to be a really common thing even after the game has been out so long.
Second, as a sorcerer, some of abilities seem to work when they want to. Sometimes they don't fire at all, sometimes it goes through the animation and hits the enemy but doesn't actually do anything.... Mostly looking at Daedric Curse on this one... Can't even damage a mud crab or skeever with that spell.
Also, a few of the skills (all of which I've used extensively just fine, up till last night) on my bar will randomly grey out in combat and/or have had their range reduced so that I have to be right on enemies before they color in and I can use them.
Endless Fury, Crystal Fragments, and Force Shock all do this, all say they are effective to 28m. Destructive Touch has a 14m range but does the same thing.
Before, I was slinging everything from a distance, now I'm a melee wizard. Awesome.
The R2 thing is just an issue with the game, I may try to be patient with that. But the skills not triggering or working..... Am I missing something?
I love ES but this one is really not that fun... They make it so you almost HAVE to have ESO+ just for the inventory space... Unless you're ridiculously patient.... But where is that money going if the game is still so glitchy after all this time??
There are several message boards describing issues like this, complete with people raging that the devs can't seem to address it.
I'm willing to concede that I've only played the game for a few weeks, I could be missing something obvious, but these seem like glaring issues with the game itself.... Anyone else having issues with basic things that make this game for frustrating than fun?
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2023.03.26 00:29 AubieWasHere Let's go ahead and say it: This is the best recruiting we could have ever hoped for, and more.

For avid Auburn fans, it's becoming a dang thing: Wake up, check the news, and YET another 4-star commit.
I won't mention all the 3-stars that Auburn has every potential and facilities to quickly turn them into 4, or 5 stars. We all know.
You almost want to joke that this Coach has won SEC Coach of the Year simply based on turn-around recruiting, before the season has even started. And that's not a joke.
And that's not even the good news, yet:
The portal will open again, and by no means at all does Hugh Freeze or Cadillac Williams seem done with recruiting.
I'd expect a bunch more "stars" in Auburns recruiting going into fall.
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2023.03.26 00:29 Internal-Campaign434 I feel like I (20M) hate my major and I am not sure what to do

I am a third year undergrad B.S Biochemistry Major on the premed track and as of the last one and a half weeks I am starting to feel like I hate my major and I don't want to go to medical school. I thought these thoughts were just a symptom of going through a rough patch and that it will go away when things get better. Only problem is I have been through more rough patches than I can count and this is the first time I said "do I really even like this?"
I stuck out the weed-out courses and persevered thinking once I got out of those it would be smoother and things would get easier. Well after my second year that was a fucking lie.
To be honest I really love Biochemistry but I just cannot deal with how the classes are handled and my ADHD makes things worse. I feel like such a weak bitch for saying this when there are probably others going through far worse. My GPA is not doing the best (3.24) and it got even worse after last semester where I got a C and C+ respectively in Biochemistry 2 and Physics. Biochemistry 1 and 2 had really hard tests and I studied so fucking hard each test and never got above a 70. I am in Biochemistry 3 right now and my professor is super nit-picky about everything and tries to make every assignment as hard as possible. Quizzes we cannot go back to questions we have already answered, tests have confusing wording/she nitpicks reasons to take points off, and homework she is also nit-picky/has super specific answer expectations. Another thing I hate is that she basically spends all lecture talking at us and basically has nearly no details on her slides so I have to basically write down her words which is quite difficult. I have been putting EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING into studying and I have not breached over a 70 on any midterm and never over an 85 on a quiz.
I hate putting in my 110% for it to never feel like its enough. I hate being told "just do your best" only for it to feel like its all for nothing.
Same thing with physics. Who fucking knows why I have to take these awful awful courses. My professors are terrible and my TAs are mid at best. I have to rely on the internet and tutors and shell out more money. I am garbage at Calculus and I find Physics itself incredibly boring. They give incredibly difficult homework and then annoying quizzes with confusing midterms. Then the final comes and I would rather bleed to death than go through that.
All I feel this major does is beat me down, make me feel stupid and worthless. I keep thinking I should persevere because I love science and want to help people, but i don't know anymore. I accomplish things in life and I am proud of myself for it, but I remember it does not pay my bills. I became more social, I learned new skills, I am a healthy weight now, my porn addiction recovery is going well, I am more empathetic, etc yet none of that pays my bills. The people I talk to and they say I am a good person say that they value me for my character yet again those higher ups don't care. When I meet new people and I mention my major they feel sorry for me. I don't know how to react to it. I met my High school friends over break. One told me he switched his major to PoliSci to keep his GPA high, the other makes hundreds per commission drawing furry porn and is getting married later this year, and idk about the third one i think he does CS so he is set after college. They are all like to me "I can't imagine being a stem major".
What makes it worse is my dad when I first applied said out of my choices Biochem would be the best since "it has the most opportunities, just a Biology degree is useless". He said the same thing about B.S vs B.A. I was leaning BA as course load seemed a little easier down the line but again urged me B.S. My dad is also paying way more for me to be at my out of state uni than most others.
I have the MCAT coming in a little over four months and that adds more pressure. My dad already shelled out money for books and a course so telling him I don't want to do med may set him off the rails. I am beyond terrified to have this conversation with him, that I think I should pursue something else. Last semester I did not do well and basically despite him saying opportunities were good for Biochem, he is now saying theres not much out there that has a comfortable salary if i don't do med school. He is saying at worst go to Caribbean school. I don't mind what school, I want to do something I feel happy with. If I am feeling overwhelmed here there is no way I will survive Med school.
Early in life due to my Autism and ADHD+late diagnoses for both I was a bottom tier student. All I did was cause trouble and my grades were abysmal. My parents friends always bragged about their kids and how smart they were so it made my parents more disappointed in me. I didn't start getting my act together till high school when I realized my grades actually mattered now. I still wasn't a star student but I gave it my all. They always did so much for me despite being a rude brat when I was young so I feel so much guilt over it basically every day and I want to give back, yet with the way things are going I feel like I am a burden. They say they are proud of me for my growth but I don't find it easy to believe. I can't shake the feeling I ask for too much and I won't be able to provide them comfort and make it easy for them to sleep at night.
I am not asking this to be easy, I just don't like having my soul being stepped on and kicked around like a soccer-ball. I loved helping others and I loved science thats why I picked this path originally. I still want to do that but I feel hopeless in my choices. All I really want is a job that pays enough for me to live comfortably, not like 500k or whatever but more like I can afford my necessities and still have some disposable income for fun stuff.
I feel like I would actually have depression right now if it were not for the stuff i do outside my studies as well as having a therapist. Luckily i have broadened my interests and at least I still get some free time to enjoy myself.
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