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2023.03.26 01:15 mrssammypowers No Evil Foods CEO: Our board told us to shut unionization efforts down "at all costs" -- and so that's what we did.

Hey yall,
So the CEO of No Evil Foods went on a podcast that was published in March and made some pretty outrageous comments about her company's record of union busting and mass layoffs.
For anyone unfamiliar, the tl;dr about this company is that back in February 2020, they busted up a union drive by hiring a really prominent union busting firm. In late March, they rolled out their pandemic response, which included incentivizing 90 days of perfect attendance in order to qualify for hazard pay or quitting with three weeks of severance after signing an NDA. Workers who challenged this policy were systematically targeted and/or fired. Later in the year, the NLRB found merit that NEF violated labor law and they settled out of court for over $40,000. The following year, they fired their entire production team without warning or severance and outsourced production to cut costs.
For more info, this video has a good summary. I'd also recommend this website.
But what's particularly interesting is that CEO Sadrah Schadel has repeatedly made comments about conducting a "free and fair" election, claiming she just wanted to "educate" workers with the seven mandatory anti-union meetings her company conducted. (There's a full recorded video of one of these meetings here -- No Evil desperately tried abusing copyright laws to scrub it from the internet.)
And so this year, on the Wild Feather podcast, No Evil's CEO admitted that she went to her "board" when she learned about the union, and the board said, "Shut it down. Shut it down at all costs."
"And so that's what we did."
Even after blatantly admitting that her board told her to stop the union at all costs, she says in the same interview that she "really thought" she was holding "educational meetings" after she coincidentally hired one of the country's biggest union busting firms.
The contradictions here are totally incredible: either she held the anti-union meetings to be neutral and give "all sides" about unionization or her board told her to shut the union down and that's what she did. How tf can it be both?
If bosses are going to BS workers, the least they could do is be consistent and, um, good at it. These lies and contradictions are just painful to observe.
What do y'all think?
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2023.03.26 01:15 Vyzreport Biden’s Speech to Canadian Parliament, a Summary

U.S. President Joe Biden delivered a historic speech to Canada's Parliament on Friday, March 24, 2023, during his first official visit to Ottawa since taking office in 2021.
Biden praised the strong and enduring friendship between the two countries, saying that the U.S. "chooses to link our future to Canada" and that it can find "no better partner" than its northern neighbor.
Biden touched on a wide range of issues in his 32-minute address, including defense, migration, climate change, trade, electric vehicles, opioids, and human rights. He reaffirmed his commitment to NATO and thanked Canada for its contributions to global peace and security. He also announced a new agreement to modernize the Safe Third Country Agreement, which aims to prevent irregular migration across the shared border.
Biden said he was happy to be in Canada, a country he called "our closest friend and ally". He praised Canada's efforts to fight climate change, promote democracy and human rights, and support peace and security around the world.
More about this topic on - Biden’s Speech to Canadian Parliament, a Summary Vyzreport
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2023.03.26 01:14 Mykhailo_Kobets How do I use M-Audio Firewire 410?

I have M-Audio Firewire 410 and my Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 Gen 3. I wanna combine them together, so that I have more outputs. Is there a way to do it without a firewire connection?
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2023.03.26 01:14 BipolarExpress86 What I wouldn't give for FOB to pull a page from Metallica's playbook

Each listen through SM(F)S makes me wish more and more that we could get a full orchestral tour like Metallica did in the late 90s with S&M. Could you imagine I Am My Own a Muse with an entire freaking live orchestra. I would die so happy.
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2023.03.26 01:14 OpenDoresGaming Game Con Canada Tickets: June 23 - 25 at BMO Center

Hi :) I dont know how many of you have heard about Game Con Canada which is happening at the end of June at the BMO center, but as part of the streaming team I have a bunch of tickets to give to people for it. The only requirement for a set, is to be a part of my community on Twitch. I dont know if I can post links in this subreddit, so if you are interested and want the details for the Twitch and how to get a set of tickets, send me a DM or an Email to [email protected]. If more people are interested than I have tickets, I will set up a draw. Ticket delivery will happen once all ticket recipients are selected!
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2023.03.26 01:14 Frugit 21F- You’re bored, I’m bored… let’s talk about that

Hi, Hello 😁 I’m here to provide you with as much chaos as I can possibly fit into a conversation 😂
Anyways a little about me:
I will not speak to anyone below the age of 21 so random 20yr who is reading this right now… scroll away
I have hobbies and they include….
True crime- I watch a lot of it and end up looking over my shoulder all day. But it’s so interesting I can’t help it. I just can’t watch it at night.
Cars- I love cars but I drive a Kia Forte so I’m cheering y’all on from a distance. Please send me pictures of your cars I love those more than dog pics (but I won’t pass up a dog pic either so send those too) My dream car is an R8 btw
Writing- I used to write competitively like a weirdo but I’m retired 😂 and now do short stories and a tiny bit of poetry
I wanna say gaming but the only game I play is GTA, Yes I am a law abiding citizen on that game, I prefer to do all the speeding and pedestrian hitting in real life
Well I think that’s about it if I keep talking I’ll be here all day and their won’t be any reason to dm me
If you read all of that and you’re still not messaging me then what are you doing????
Still here??? Interesting….
Still reading??? Wow at this point just message me
Please please please don’t message me with a boring “hey” I won’t respond to that Message me with a picture of your car or your dream car. If you see this send a 🚗 in your message. Also I can talk about anything with anyone except antidisestablishmentarianism because I don’t know what that means 😂
If this made you smile or laugh at least once you have to message me, that’s the law. Sorry I don’t make the rules 😎
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2023.03.26 01:14 candytropicalsteel 20% Off Novica Coupon & Promo Code

Use the link for 20% Off Novica Coupon & Promo Code. The website features a wide selection of Novica coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly for you to choose from and make your purchase more affordable.
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2023.03.26 01:14 Deadpoetic6 Special effects are really bland in D4

Spells and skills looked a lot more epic in D3
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2023.03.26 01:14 Mortaldeath1994 Direction of Pop Punk?

So was checking out the new WSTR song and saw the album artwork had a very 90s look to it and the song had that 90s pop punk feel where their was more of a leaning on the punk/hardcore punk scene but with more poppy lyrics and more melodic voices and I was listening to Shoulder to the Wheel by Saves the Day a few days ago and I feel like there might be a trend of bands going back to this kind of 90s less poppy sound (which I felt like Neck Deep have done a little and definitely with No Pressure. Also the We Were Sharks album in 2021 was very old school punk sounding) but these bands are not going towards the metalcore side of heavy like we saw in the late 2000s early 2010s but more of that fast punk sound which I love to hear and wondering what peoples thoughts on this?
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2023.03.26 01:14 DantediAngelo Is hoarding the same as addiction? And what can I do for myself?

I had struggle with hoarding for the past 10 years and I still didn't find a conclusion to this.
Hi, I am 26 years old and manage to trim down most of my hoarding by the past 10 years using common de cluttering methods, even start konMari before it trend. I come from a family of hoarders and used to fight my mom's hoard before I had my own (we still disagree about it). Lots of family problems, a convict brother.... We are in a way better place now.
I was finally diagnosed as bipolar in 2022. After years of doctors disagreeing and pouncing me around I had to go into the psychiatric hospital in a new city.
It seem at first the worst had past and that all my problems would disappear then. Delusional right? Well, I had done a lot by my own but hoarding seems like a gift that keeps on giving.
It started as physical when I was a maniac teen with lots of dreams but now it transitioned to be most digital. Since then I realize the answer could be a fear of forgetting (and being gaslight is a huge trauma to me) but this realization sadly didn't help me to work on my problem. I know this "addiction" is caused by more than just my disorder.
I don't know what I do next. I tried most of the common methods that help to a extent but it seems that there's a underlining problem to be discovered. I used the classic minimalism, and organizational and even try to distance myself from the problem, it helped but as soon as I get on the devices again the habits slowly come back. I am trying to read the very few materials that exist about the disorder.
Is this a perception problem? Maybe I am not seeing or accept something that is very clear to others. Or is this kind of like a addiction?
I hope someone could provide me a insight, I want to be finally able to live my life after all the chaos I was on.
obs: It's possibly a fun mix of ASD and bipolar going on and it's quite surprising I don't have a substance abuse history (that makes me think maybe hoarding is the substitute. But that is my speculation).
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2023.03.26 01:14 throwra_why321 My (m34) wife (f34) is overweight and I am jealous of other people

Title is relatively clear, I'm a superficial jerk who recently can't seem to get over the fact that my wife is overweight. This is more of a vent post rather than relationship request. Also please know I'm about to hate everything I type out.
We met, dated, moved in together, married each other, bought a house together, moved again together, got a cat together, shared financials. Close to 8 years now.
And lately I've started to feel jealous of other couples and other relationships, why they are fit and incredibly attractive looking while we are not. I grew up in a household where we were regularly taught we couldn't have the nice things and to settle for second best or nothing at all, when the fuck did I let that be the mentality in my relationships.
Throughout the time I've known her she has been overweight the whole time. To be fair I am currently not fit myself- I have a gut that has grown over the years. 5'10" 190ish lbs. She is 5'6" and close to 300lbs.
She was less overweight when we met but still above 240lbs, I was actually decently fit at the time. I got with her because she is really beautiful and funny and sweet and talented, very personable. I didn't see the weight as a negative because we were both working out and actively trying to get healthier and look better, and for a long time we were successful in the progress we made. In my mind we wouldn't be overweight forever and all why would I let that make a loose a great girl who was still so beautiful. I hate saying this but if she was skinnier she would have totally been out of my league. When we were dating I definitely thought I was lucky that I was the one that got to date her. I also know that she didn't always used to be overweight - she was an athlete in college and I've only seen a few photos but she was smokin.
Cut to now and we are now the most unhealthy we have been in our lives. I've gained 20-30lbs and as mentioned before she gained at least 50-70. Not for any particular reason, life just gets in the way and she is easily swayed by her cravings and I end up getting swayed along the way ie. I kinda want some brownies from the store/ I don't really feel like anything/ ok I'm heading out for brownies/ okay pick me up some ramen then while you're there.
We go through brief phases where we will be strict about losing weight but she often is the first to break and then I lose the will to keep going. I don't like putting that on her but that is the reality of it. We are currently in one of those phases, she's started lightly working out and I've been a bit more regularly about it, going to the gym once a day like I used to even if it's for a simple workout. I do my best to encourage her but I refuse to be repetitive about it in fear of making her self conscious and insecure - more than she already is.
I know this phase will end inevitably, my goal is to keep going to the gym even is she is not making an effort with the idea of "guilting" her into starting up again.
I just HATE that I've recently started viewing this relationship as anything but the best thing that's happened to me. I hate feeling like I settled for her when I actively remember being jealous when she would go out with friends and I was worried she would find someone better and leave me. I hate feeling like I used to as a kid and that "I don't get to have the nice things". I hate feeling embarrassed when we go out with ANY of her friends and they are all pretty fit and I sometimes think "huh I chose wrong", or I meet with my friends and their skinny wives and assume that they think " lesser" of me. I hate that we go clothes shopping I can only help her get what looks least bad as opposed to most hot. And I mostly hate feeling stuck, like this is my situation forever, I'll be stuck having shitty sex with someone I don't really find attractive anymore. I have no desire for divorce or leaving her, especially over this. But I want things to be different. I wish I could just snap my fingers and she would be thinner and nothing else would change. I wish when we cuddle I could actually wrap my arm all the way around her. I wish when we hung or kiss I could just pick her up playfully.
Anyway rant over. If anyone has any advice or just wants to tell me how much of a jerk I am go ahead.
Tldr: I love my wife but I am jealous of other people that are skinny because she is overweight.
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2023.03.26 01:14 69BUTTER69 This deck got more and more toxic with every option 🤣

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2023.03.26 01:14 BlancaCrow Honeyberry help please!!

I have had a honeyberry plant for almost 7 years now (the last survivor of an original batch of three). A few years ago, I planted a second one and then this last year I planted four more, so should have plenty with the same flowering time for pollination.
My problem is that the original one and the one I planted a few years ago never looked like bushes. All of the pictures I see, honey berries are big bushy plants and you are supposed to prune out old stems to the ground. Mine have only ever had three or four big stems (almost like trunks at 1- 1.5" diameter) that lots of little branches come off the sides of, almost like a red currant or gooseberry would grow. I read today that it only fruits on one year wood and saw how bushy they're supposed to be like blueberries.
I always assumed that I wasn't getting many berries (less than a dozen tiny sour ones a year) because I didn't have another pollinator, but I have these last few years and no change.
What gives with mine? With the oldest one, I just bit the bullet and pruned out half of the giant stems to the ground, but TBH I have no idea if I should have.
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2023.03.26 01:13 washablellama DPF delete questions ‘14 JSW

Hey guys, I’ve got the good ol p2002 and p0401 and I’m in a non emissions state, so I’m looking to delete. I have a couple of questions.
  1. Looking at malone, but Stage 1 or 2? More power is always nice, but is it going to put too much stress on anything else? I have a manual trans. Reliability is what I’m most concerned with.
  2. Since I have no emissions, I need no cat, right? So resonator and stock muffler is probably the way to go to keep it tame and suitable for small children?
  3. Any suggestions other than rawtek? I don’t mind the price if it is a get what you pay for situation.
I appreciate any advice anyone can offer. And bonus if you know how to get an autophix 7610 to do a manual regen. Mine tells me to press brakes, then says full load, then cancel. Then says the regen has started but nothing seems to happen.
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2023.03.26 01:13 Businessandtomatoes NA ADC G3 LF DUO

Hey everyone,
I'm looking for a duo queue partner. I'm currently a Gold III player, and I'm looking to climb the ranks and improve my gameplay. I play primarily in the ADC role, but I can also play support/mid if needed.
I'm looking for someone who is around the same skill level and has good communication skills. I prefer playing with someone who is chill and doesn't get tilted easily. If you're interested, feel free to message me or leave a comment below.
Here are some more details about me:
Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from some of you soon!
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2023.03.26 01:13 asquared98 I’m almost certain they’re setting up an ADHD storyline for Adams

As someone who only got diagnosed when I was 23, the signs are all there.
His executive dysfunction when trying to balance paying bills, handling his medical cases, and issues in his personal life.
Him staring off into space while in surgery was interpreted by his superiors as a lack of care/focus in the task at hand but is a classic symptom of the inattentive side of ADHD.
It’s clear that he’s generally intelligent and passionate about medicine but lacked the grades/testing scores to back it up and fails to articulate his thoughts in a clear and concise manner when under pressure.
Him being seen as the “dud” of the Shepherd tracks as people with ADHD tend to get told a substantial amount more disparaging remarks from childhood compared to neurotypical people.
He’s a lot more negatively impacted by criticism and corrections and takes it more personally than the other interns which is a telltale sign of rejection sensitivity.
I think them going in a direction of having him get formally diagnosed (or maybe even revealing a diagnosis he received earlier on) would be super cool considering the rise of ADHD awareness in mainstream media. It would be interesting seeing how a neurodivergent adult handles navigating the competitive world of medicine.
What do you guys think?
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2023.03.26 01:13 nexusdivide No Life RP 18+ QBCore RP New Player Friendly Streamer Friendly

No Life RP 18+ QBCore RP New Player Friendly Streamer Friendly
Want to enforce the laws and keep the street safe? Maybe you want to save lives? Maybe you are a thrill seeker? Welcome to No Life!
No Life RP is a content-focused roleplay community with a focus on interaction and immersion. We are a growing community that has something to offer for all walks of life within the city. Our goal is to create an fun and engaging environment for everyone. We have an active staff and dedicated development team brining together years of experience to provide the best experience for our players!
Interested in what No Life has to offer? Join today at https://discord.gg/rpnl
Sneak Peeks into No Life
Starter Cash + Apartment RP Emotes Custom Hair and Clothing Comic Shop, Trading Cards, Plushies, and more! Rotating Car Availability Car Boosting + Racing Advanced Housing and Real Estate System Public Job Center Custom Weapons Fishing Mining

Whitelisted Jobs 《 Actively Hiring 》
Los Santos Police Department San Andreas Fire Rescue Department of Justice Dynasty 8 Real Estate

Player-Owned Businesses 《 Business Applications Open 》
Kit-Kat's Ice Cream Shop Pappadoc's Nina's Pizzeria UwU Cafe Container Coffee Ammunation White Widow 《 Coming Soon》 And More!

Unique and Progressive Heists
Warehouse Heist Yacht Heist 《 Recently Updated》 Custom Bank Heists Tiered Bank Truck Robberies Bobcat Security 《 Recently Updated》

Interactive Drug System
Weed Coke Meth Heroin LSD Moonshine

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2023.03.26 01:13 advaith1 20% of Community servers now have access to username/nickname AutoMod filtering (bio filtering in development)

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2023.03.26 01:13 technet96 Conflicting dependencies error while trying to setup Tensorflow

I want to get into Tensorflow but the installation is extremely tough for me. I'm following this guide https://youtu.be/rRwflsS67ow and right around 11:55 I get an error that I don't know how to solve. This is it:
 Downloading tf_models_official-2.5.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl (1.6 MB) ---------------------------------------- 1.6/1.6 MB 816.4 kB/s eta 0:00:00 INFO: pip is looking at multiple versions of sacrebleu to determine which version is compatible with other requirements. This could take a while. Collecting sacrebleu<=2.2.0 Downloading sacrebleu-2.1.0-py3-none-any.whl (92 kB) ---------------------------------------- 92.0/92.0 kB 174.4 kB/s eta 0:00:00 INFO: pip is looking at multiple versions of pyparsing to determine which version is compatible with other requirements. This could take a while. INFO: pip is looking at multiple versions of  to determine which version is compatible with other requirements. This could take a while. INFO: pip is looking at multiple versions of object-detection to determine which version is compatible with other requirements. This could take a while. ERROR: Cannot install object-detection and object-detection==0.1 because these package versions have conflicting dependencies. The conflict is caused by: tf-models-official 2.11.5 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.11.4 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.11.3 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.11.2 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.11.0 depends on opencv-python-headless== object-detection 0.1 depends on sacrebleu<=2.2.0 tf-models-official 2.10.1 depends on sacrebleu==2.2.0 tf-models-official 2.10.0 depends on opencv-python-headless== tf-models-official 2.9.2 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.9.1 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.9.0 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.8.0 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.7.2 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.7.1 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.7.0 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.6.1 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.6.0 depends on tensorflow-addons tf-models-official 2.5.1 depends on tensorflow-addons To fix this you could try to: 1. loosen the range of package versions you've specified 2. remove package versions to allow pip attempt to solve the dependency conflict ERROR: ResolutionImpossible: for help visit https://pip.pypa.io/en/latest/topics/dependency-resolution/#dealing-with-dependency-conflicts 
What should I do now? I checked out the link that the ERROR message gave me but I don't really understand what's it talking about, so that's why I'm here. Also note: This my 1st time using anaconda, tensorflow and anything machine-learning related (I'm also not very familiar with the CLI, only on a basic level).
If you know how to fix this please do let me know.
Also yeah, I have to fix it. I tried to just move on but then when trying to test everything out with python object_detection/builders/model_builder_tf2_test.py I get this error:
(tfa2) C:\Users\PATH-THING\TF 2nd attempt\models\research>python object_detection/builders/model_builder_tf2_test.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\PATH-THING\TF 2nd attempt\models\research\object_detection\builders\model_builder_tf2_test.py", line 20, in  from absl.testing import parameterized ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'absl' 
Alternatively... If you guys know a simpler and "more correct" version of installing and setting up all of that Tensorflow stuff then that'd be very much appreciated as well. If it's a video guide then that's even better.
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2023.03.26 01:13 pochama- Groups whose b-sides shine more than the title tracks?

I keep thinking about other scenarios in kpop, today I was kinda of playing this game in my mind where I needed to delete forever some title tracks. This got me thinking about the groups whose bsides are generally better than their title tracks. Here are my conclusions (well, there are no conclusions because this is up to personal preference, but anyways):
This first case is more straight-forward, I'd say Kep1er's b-sides are better because they're actually good, which is not the case with their title tracks. Now, don't get me wrong, I watched Girls Planet 999 and I love the group, I was really attached to them, especially right after their debut, that's the main reason why I enjoyed Wa Da Da so much. But after the hype kinda of died down, I realized it's an objectively bad song, it's still fun though. I didn't enjoy MVSK as much, but I wholeheartedly agree when people say it's better and superior to Wa Da Da. And this is the case with every release from them:
Up! is better than Wa Da Da, I have to admit it's really cute, and I enjoyed it a lot too. But LE VOYA9E and especially Attention (two of the four b-sides in the same mini album) caught my attention so much more, of course this is just my opinion but I think they're easily better.
Now, for their Japanese debut we had essentialy two original songs. The title track Wing Wing is once again a very fun and enjoyable song, but God damn, have ya'll ever heard the b-side Daisy? I can't express how much I love that track, it's simply perfect. Once again, better than the title track in my opinion.
Out of all their Korean title tracks, I think the one I enjoyed the least was We Fresh, it's just too messy, the isntrumental is ugly imo lol. But at the same time, it was released in their best mini album so far, TROUBLESHOOTER, Lion Tamer and Downtown are great, the songs showcase the group's concept maturing in an incredible way, but I gotta say, Dreams definitely takes the crown. Maybe it's just my style, but I think it's so pretty, calming and ethereal (sorry if I'm not using this word right, non-native speaker here).
And this is a pattern I can see in their latest release, their 2nd Japanese single. While I Do! Do You? is better than Wing Wing imo, the b-side tOgether fOrever is freaking phenomenal and incredible. It's probably their best song yet, I don't know if they'll manage to outdo themselves.
The other cases I'd like to mention are when the title tracks are great, but the groups have a big amount of incredible b-sides. The groups that come to mind are Billlie, Le Sserafim and tripleS, but I already wrote a lot lol. If anyone wants me to explain why these groups exactly, I can write.
But what about you guys? What are the groups whose b-sides are better than their title tracks?
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2023.03.26 01:13 kyomagluestick115 In need of some more friends to chat with and play games with! (21M)

As we all know, finding a friend on here is near to impossible, that’s why I’m here to offer an amazing product for you all, a new friend! He’s your average run of the mill university student but he will actually put it the time to make a friendship work out.
If you’re not sold, then if….
-You like anime and don’t have many irl friends to talk about it with.
-You find yourself playing many multiplayer games by yourself
-You’ve found a bunch of kick ass music but don’t have any to share it with
-You’re quite sheltered because your mom did most things for you and now you’re quite in a pickle as an adult
-You watch horror movies and are excited about the scares
-You have a pet you’d die for
-You daydream daily about stories in your head and have a long running story up there
-You list to game and anime OSTs a lot, and when people ask what you’re listening to you have to find some normal music
-You exist
-You can’t eat lactose
-You’re in a weird phase where you have to learn to adult
-You have existential crisis from time to time
-Love the zombie genre
-You haven’t gone out in a while and it’s affected your social skills
-Have no idea how to really adult in life so you’re currently winging it
-Never learned to whistle and are to afraid to ask how
….then you’ll get along splendidly.
If you related to any of those and are around my age please hmu with a bit about yourself!
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2023.03.26 01:13 popanda913 [WTS] This Is What Professionals Do: NYMBLE EDC BUNDLE SALE

The common rule applies, YOLO is King!
The bundle comes with two knives, perfer to sell together $299.99 for both
Also have other budget knives for sale, For each additional knife you buy I'm cutting $10 off as discount
All prices are fixed and payments must be made through PayPal using the Friends and Family option. If the buyer prefers Goods and Services, then an additional 3.5% fee should be added. There are no exceptions and no trades are accepted. Everything is available until it has been marked as sold.
Let's Roll!
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