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A collection of songs that feature beautiful female vocals as the primary sound.

2023.03.26 01:32 SolutionIndividual29 24 [F4M]/[F4R] Florida/Anywhere

I come to Reddit for nearly everything else, so why not this? Dating apps aren’t the best and going out and getting into my hobbies to “run into someone” hasn’t really worked either (although it has improved my overall well-being so I can’t complain too much) so, here I am. I’m getting to the point in my life where I want to find “my people” - friends with common interests who I can chat with and relate to. I grew up a major introvert and I live in a small town so it just hasn’t happened yet. I ended a long-term relationship over a year ago and have been coming out of my shell and loving myself more since then. I’d like to find someone I can make a genuine connection with, with the potential of it becoming a serious relationship. I’m looking for friends as well ☺️. While I put chemistry first, my lizard brain still finds attraction important, and I’d like to know who I’m talking to so please include a picture in your PM if you’re comfortable enough.
My interests
I love animals, dogs especially- big dogs especialliest. Music is important to me- I’m a major hip hop head and according to Spotify my top artists are Mac Miller, Vince Staples, Isaiah Rashad, FKJ, JID, Joey Badass and Caleborate. I listen to a little of everything though, I think 80s/90s rock and r&b are my second favorites. I love good movies and I’m the kind of person who likes to deep dive into movies/shows after watching. I recently finished Bojack Horseman and Fleabag and I loved both. I also like watching really terrible movies and reality tv to have a good cackle. I’m passionate about the treatment and rights of vulnerable populations and I’m in the early stages of developing my career in that area so I spend time focusing on that as well.
If anything resonates with you and you feel like chatting, shoot me a pm ☺️
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2023.03.26 01:32 Anorangutan Armor, Damage, and Level Scaling

I don't mean to be too negative, I just feel like ranting. This is all speculative, but is based on previous titles, so I thought it was worth bringing up.
After seeing some of the armor stats in the recent trailer, I'm a bit worried about how the damage mechanics will work in Starfield, as it looks a lot like the FO4 system but with some new resistance types.
For those who don't know, in FO4 the "Damage Resistance" stats combined with the level scaling, was atrocious.
TLDR: The first 3 minutes of [this video](https://youtu.be/zEmqmWUetfc) will sum it up. Skip ahead to 6 minutes to see the pathetic minigun.
Basically, weapons are balanced around their DPS instead of their single shot damage. This meant that weapons that shoot really fast had their damage reduced to prevent them from being too strong, but the armor system also punished low per shot damage more than high damage per shot weapons.
I'm going to use rounded/estimated numbers just for example sake.
The minigun does about 18 damage per shot, but fires really fast, giving it a damage per second of around 400.
The fully upgraded combat rifle (.308) does about 100 damage per shot, but fires way slower, so does about 300 damage per second..
Makes sense, right? ...Nope
A late game armored enemy would reduce the per shot damage of the minigun from 18 down to about 2, while the combat rifle damage would be reduced form 100 down to 35.
Even though the damage of the combat rifle was reduced by 65 points vs only 16 points for the minigun, it's better to view this in percentages: 65% reduction for the combat rifle vs 89% for the minigun. So the damage per second of the minigun is now 44, while the combat rifle is 105.
By late game, many enemies typically have around 1000 health.
That means it will take 500 rounds and 23 seconds to kill a single enemy with the minigun, vs 29 rounds and 9 seconds for the combat rifle.
Desperately hoping Starfield is not like this.
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2023.03.26 01:32 Memorysbroken Gf got mad someone put their name in a raffle don't know how to deal with this.

GF sent our neighbors and a friend out for grocery shopping with our money, the grocery was doing a give away where if you purchase a certain item you get to take part in a raffle but you need a membership card to join.
None of our neighbors had a membership card but our friend did and wrote down his info.
When they arrived back home now Gf got mad because one our neighbors allowed it to happen while the other said that if he wins he would just share, Gf got upset and gave my neighbor and friend a stern talking too. How do I deal with this?
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2023.03.26 01:32 aspen0414 [SPOILER] their about Vadic's nature after seeing the sneak peek to next episode

I think that Vadic is a genetically enhanced Vorta. After seeing Vadic's hand-boss talk condescendingly to her in the sneak peek for next week's episode, and refer to her and group as different and not "special" or something, I'm beginning to think that some Vorta were genetically modified to have shape-shifting abilities, albeit significantly inferior to the actual Founders. This would be in addition to the defecting founders having something wrong with them. So there are the Founders who defected, and then genetically engineered the new type of Vorta to be even more effective minions for them. It just tracks with how mean condescendingly the Female Founder would speak to Weyoun. I also think as a lot have said that Jeffrey Combs is the surprise guest next week.
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2023.03.26 01:32 Unlucky_Hyena1575 Season 4, Episode 4 (possible spoilers.

Y’all. The actual fuck. Is up with Kwame and Micah and their little flirt sesh during the meet. Literally disgusting behavior.
It makes me laugh because, THIS is the kind of behavior that would cause a fight/argument like the one season 3 had between cole/what’s her name/Matt/Colleen. The one from season 3 is LIGHTYEARS away from how this meet up is going between these two.
I dislike Micah already but this just sinks her lower. And I was rooting for Kwame, but now?! Nahhh. NEXT.
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2023.03.26 01:31 demdiabetes My name is Snot Lonstein and this is my dog Dreidel

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2023.03.26 01:31 No-Establishment4313 Someone convince why I should not get this web hosting plan.

I'm going to buy a web hosting service from the cheapest hosting provider (which I can't name in the body text for some strange reason)
Anyway it's a $3.99 per month 4 year plan with an additional 10% off coupon which is unmatched in terms of value.
This is my first web hosting plan and I want to start 4 sites in different niches, all of which I'm a bit of an expert on.
Their next plan is $9.99 which is a bit too expensive, and they have no plan in between.
Is this web hosting service (which you should know by now) good for beginners?
Someone tell me why I should not get their WordPress business plan which costs $3.99?
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2023.03.26 01:31 Hour_Respect_252 Kamiya High: The Witch That Perceive Souls - Volume II

Kamiya High: The Witch That Perceive Souls - Volume II
❦Prologue: Kamiya High
On September 30th, 1986, in Kamiya High School's cafeteria, every day at lunch, students go to a specific table of their choosing, eating a good meal that is made and prepared for them by either a mother or father. The interior design of the cafeteria is really neat. The floors are colored blue, and the tables have circular booth seating with a golden-coated council board and four dining chairs at the end. The walls are white like wool, as white as snow. There are some, or maybe more than that, certain students in this school. Who likes to throw either half-eaten food or leftovers on the floor or walls on purpose? This makes the janitor, named Enzo, pretty angry. He's seen wearing a hearing aid on his right ear; it's because of his tinnitus. The physical education teacher, Jeanne, eats her own lunch while drinking V8 juice at a table that she owns, yes, literally. Jeanne's dining area has a black sofa chair with a round bar table and a red cloth on the top. She always likes to consume a bloody steak, and the students think Jeanne is a vampire. But I don't believe that's true; if it is, then her weakness will be the sun. In spite of that, Jeanne can stand outside where there's sunlight, and she doesn't flinch a muscle. Again, I'm not convinced that it's true. Kamiya High's mascot is a mystery to me. The idol is an attractive and beautiful woman. Her hairstyle is fancy braided pigtails. She has on Zenni-Cat Eye glasses and wears a vintage lapel floral embroidery button splice irregular dress with a belt and lolita heels. That is hues with black, gray, and blue. A statue of the woman can be seen outside the school, near the seventy-five steps leading up to the monumental door. One time at lunch, I would ask Mitsuo, "Ever wonder if our mascot is a real person?" He replied, "Not really; I just like looking at those melons. If you catch my drift."
☾hapter I: Baby Blue
Meanwhile in another country...
Wednesday, September 29th, 1986 - 1:24 PM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Blue is the color that symbolizes loyalty, trustworthiness, and responsibility. It also represents intelligence, imagination, and inspiration. There's a little more to this hue; it even has the meanings of wisdom, confidence, and peace.
Like a flowing river in a state park, the sound of water is so soothing to the ears that it brings inner peace. Sitting on a rock and listening to the rapids just makes me feel so relaxed and at ease with nature. The color I've mentioned is, in fact, my favorite out of the hue circle. In astronomy class, I learned about a planet that is colored navy blue. It is called Avalon. Traveling there by spaceship will take 70.16 million miles. I wonder if there are living organisms.
Moreover, water, especially the ocean itself, is filled with many underwater creatures. Sharks, dolphins, whales, and octopuses populate the depths. Today is a trip day at the Pennsylvania Aquarium. I am Carmen Picasso, a 9th grade student in educator Viola's classroom 209 with assistant Cheshire at Redgrave High. My first day of school had started a whole week after Redgrave High reopened their gates on September eighth. I was referred to as the new student in brief. Then, almost a few days later, friendship was created by having similar interests and hobbies.
Vivian McConaughey is an introverted fifteen-year-old boy whose only leisurely interest is drawing. Next is Aracely Aitana, whom I sometimes like to call her Double A as a nickname. She's also an introvert and enjoys reading a lot of books in different forms like comics, novels, and Japanese manga. Aracely is one year younger than Vivian. Those two are my friends.
I too like drawing and reading books as fun hobbies. Lunch was over an hour ago. My friends and I, including the rest of the class, are touring each section of different marine life behind a glass.
We pretty much explored every aquatic animal section in the aquarium. At first, I thought, but then Viola said to the whole class, "Class 209, let's make our way to the last section, and that is the orcas."
Since the killer whales are not kept in captivity behind glass in a different section, we all went outside. They're actually in a larger tank than normal.
All of the students, including me and my friends, walk up to the steel safety railing fence while watching a killer whale trainer, looking into the orca's eyes and rubbing its skin. I took out my Samsung phone, put on the wired earphones, and inserted the USB into the device. Then I started listening to music—a particular song called Baby Blue by Badfinger.
☾hapter II: Blind as a Bat
Wednesday, September 29th, 1986 - 7:31 PM
Daemorral, Indiana
Howdy! This is journalist Luka Redgrave, the marvelous, magnificent, and magnanimous L-U-K-A Luka! I'm heading to a dealership named Cresta: Auto-Shop & Dealership to purchase a Bugatti, specifically for my wife. Today is her birthday, and I want to surprise her with a gift.
After getting off the public bus, I walked through the parking lot that is part of a shopping plaza. Vehicles were parked, but not many. About five or four minutes later, I step inside Cresta. A loud ding sound was heard from somewhere.
I looked up. There's a ceiling speaker; the sound could be coming from there. Then an expressionless feminine voice, coming from an employee standing behind the counter, uttered, "Hello, welcome to Cresta. How may I assist you today?"
Hearing that comment, I glanced swiftly at the employee and away from the ceiling. Her hairstyle is long and layered with light purple ombre hues. The strange thing is that her hair is covering her eyes. I said, using my inner voice, "How is she able to see?"
After a few minutes of silence, the lady said, "Is anyone there?" me, responding while strolling hastily and pulling out my phone from my long, russet trench coat, "Yes, madame, I want to buy a car for a special someone as a birthday gift, and this is the brand."
By the time I got in front of the counter and showed her a picture of the branded vehicle from my phone, she didn't respond for a brief moment and said, "Sir, would you please describe the car you want to buy? I'm blind as a bat."
Putting away my Verizon phone, I said, "Yes, my lady. The car I'm buying today is a Raspberry Bugatti Chiron Beauty."
As the employee activates the computer that is in front of her. A screen reader says out loud, "Power on successfully." Then the visually impaired woman said, "Rin-Rin, go to the website, www.Cresta.com/Bugatti."
The virtual assistant responds, "Command confirmed, Origa."
The screen speaker read out what's on the web page to Origa: "Only one Raspberry Bugatti Chiron Beauty is available with a 20% discount. Buy it now before someone else takes it away. Edited on August 17th, 1986, by Gustavo Schrader, the manager."
"Origa, huh? That's a lovely name. What does it mean?"
Origa: "Charioteer, that is the meaning. Sir, you want to buy this vehicle for a special someone, may you tell me who it is?"
Luka Redgrave: "Ah, of course, that special someone is my darling wife, Cereza Redgrave."
Epilogue: Fourth Wall Break
Back in Japan...
Friday, October 1st, 1986 - 12:37 PM
Kanazawa, Japan
The two suns of this world shine, and the blue sky is where birds fly. Children play around while families adore their kids. Cars are driving into traffic due to rush hour. I'm sitting down on a bench in Shin-maru Hiroba with my boyfriend, Fujio Hachirō. The name of his significant other is me, Sudachi Takemi.
Sudachi Takemi: "Hey readers, are you all enjoying the story so far?"
Fujio Hachirō: "Who are you talking too, babe?"
Sudachi Takemi: "I'm talking to the readers."
Fujio Hachirō: "What readers?"
Sudachi Takemi: "Those who love to read excellent literature."
Fujio Hachirō: "...Alright?"
Sudachi Takemi: "Anyways, back at our house, while you were taking an hour-long bath. Our friend, Ren Kenshin, texted me. He said a fire hazard had occurred at Kamiya High."
Fujio Hachirō: "Is he okay?"
Sudachi Takemi: "Yes, he's perfectly fine. Ren told me through his text messages that he was in the gym, standing in line at the end on the right side with the other students. They all waited for Jeanne, and once she did, the fire drill had begun."
Fujio Hachirō: "Then what happened?"
Sudachi Takemi: "Ren also told me that Principle Rodin sent all of Kamiya High's students and teachers home due to a real fire."
Fujio Hachirō: "I wish my phone hadn't accidentally fallen into the toilet yesterday at my job in Nihon Sharyo Senjoki Co. Now, I want to contact him to find out how he's doing."
Sudachi Takemi: "I'll buy you a brand new phone at NTT Docomo a little later today, as we planned last night."
Fujio Hachirō: "..."
Sudachi Takemi: "..."
Fujio looks into my eyes. He places his hand on top of mine and says, "Sudachi, would you like to get married?"
Sudachi Takemi: "I do, but let's not rush into it and allow the relationship to gradually build."
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2023.03.26 01:31 RoyalH0 Female Fake Taxi Party guy given a sexual treat from a taxi driver with a really hot body

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2023.03.26 01:31 audioslave1973 Ego dissolution with my 83 year old dad

My brothers and I tripped with our dad tonight. Here’s my take away. It was a rough journey. What I thought would be me “expanding” my fathers mind, turned into my mind being turned into mush.
My brother said he saw it go down hill after dad said he didn’t like it. (Meaning he didn’t like the feeling of being on mushrooms).
I organized this event.
And he’s right. Right then and there my trip went sour. And thus began a 6 hour journey of unraveling all the emotions about how I’m a 50 year old woman still just wanting to please my dad and feel his acceptance.
I began to feel scared. I remember meditating and I kept seeing this figure almost like a dragon coming towards me and it scared me. He was trying to show me something and I wouldn’t just go with it because I was scared that I was getting ready to be shown like a child hood trauma or something and I didn’t feel comfortable having to face that with where I was at the moment.
Which then turns into realizing I can’t be comfortable or completely myself around my own family.
I remember asking my brother if someone horrible had happened to me as a kid and were they are all just not telling me and I’m getting ready to be shown some traumatic thing I’ve buried.
. I remember constantly apologizing and felt totally out of control. I couldn’t stop crying and felt so scared, like a child. And all of it was my fault. I felt so scared. Like I was 5 years old again.
And all I wanted was my mom and she is not there. (She passed 5 years ago)
But everyone else was fine. My 2 brothers, my dad, and my stepmom were fine and laughing and having fun.
I was the only one who was having a hard time dealing with reality and emotions.
I called my daughter to come get me. I remember hugging my step mother and feeling that maternal love from her and I realized that’s what I’ve been needing so badly in my life. Is that unconditional love you get from your mom. We embraced in a lot of hugs and very long ones and I told her how much I loved her and appreciated her. And I felt safe with her there.
I was so scared of feeling what I was feeling. The only way to describe it is “uncomfortable”.
When my daughter got there, I just had her hold me and let me just sob. Ridiculously sob like I’ve never cried before. And that’s when the magic happened. I let it all out.
All the pain of losing mom, all the pain of dad leaving (parents divorced when I was 12) and the desire to please him and my feeling of being abandoned by him and knowing he is 83 and will be leaving me again soon. My adult daughter soon leaving my nest.
It was overwhelming and I felt every single bit of it and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I sat with the pain and felt it all and let it out and it feels unbelievable.
The take away is immense. The growth I’ve gained it worth every last bit of uncomfortable painful feelings I had.
Reflection reminds me of how little we can control. This is why we seek this medicine. To sit in the uncomfortable emotions.
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2023.03.26 01:31 Ruth-Willi The Benefits of Financial Management for Personal Success

The Benefits of Financial Management for Personal Success (beautyaal.com)
Money matters. It can be a source of both stress and joy, depending on your relationship with it. But when you learn to manage it well, money can open doors that were once closed to you. Financial management is an essential skill for personal and professional success in today’s world.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming though; the key lies in understanding a few basic principles and applying them consistently over time. Learning how to budget, save, invest, spend wisely, and protect yourself from financial risks are all important components of financial management that will help you achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to take control of your finances and start building a brighter future for yourself, then this article is for you! We’ll discuss the role of financial management in achieving success—both personally and professionally—and provide actionable tips on how to make good decisions with your money so that you can thrive now and into the future.

The Basics of Financial Management
Financial management is like a key that unlocks a door to success. It can provide the building blocks for personal and professional growth, allowing you to achieve your goals with greater ease. To get started on this journey towards financial stability it’s important to understand the basics of money management.

Firstly, budgeting should be one of the primary aspects of any financial strategy. You must develop an understanding of your income and expenditure so as to effectively manage both short-term and long-term planning. This could include tracking cash flow, setting savings targets, or establishing strategies for debt repayment. Secondly, investment decisions should also form part of your overall finance plan in order to maximize returns over time. That means researching investments such as stocks and bonds, property development projects or simply making deposits into a high interest account – whatever works best for you!

Finally, having knowledge about taxes is essential when trying to build wealth; being able to save on tax bills by optimizing deductions is just one example of how effective fiscal discipline can have positive outcomes at every stage. From basic bookkeeping practices all the way up to more complex calculations – someone who takes control of their finances will always benefit from added insight into taxation law. With these fundamentals in place, let’s now turn our attention to exploring the advantages that come with good money management habits for personal accomplishment.

The Benefits of Financial Management for Personal Success
Financial management is the key to unlocking a world of personal success. It’s like having an internal GPS guiding you through life, helping you chart your course and make smart decisions along the way. With financial knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll be able to take control of your own destiny and reach goals faster than ever before.

Like most things in life, however, there are benefits that come with taking the time to understand and manage finances properly. For starters, it can help provide peace of mind knowing that you have a plan for managing expenses and saving money over time. Plus, having a handle on budgeting can reduce stress levels associated with trying to keep up with bills each month or worrying about how much debt has been accumulated.

Furthermore, establishing good financial habits now will set yourself up for long-term stability down the road. If managed correctly, individuals can create enough savings so they don’t need to worry when unexpected expenses arise or if they want to pursue their dreams later in life without sacrificing their security in retirement years. In addition, by investing wisely today people can generate more wealth tomorrow—allowing them to live comfortably even after their career comes to an end.

The power of financial management isn’t limited, just to personal success either; it also plays an important role professionally too…

The Benefits of Financial Management for Professional Success
When it comes to professional success, financial management can be a major factor. Having an understanding of budgeting and how to effectively manage money is important for any career path. It’s essential to track expenses, and make sure that income is appropriately allocated in order to achieve both short-term, and long-term goals. Financial management skills help you become more organized and better able to plan ahead for future projects or purchases. Additionally, having knowledge of the stock market and other investment options can open up many new opportunities professionally.

Being financially savvy also allows individuals to take advantage of tax breaks, grants, and other incentives available through specific companies or organizations. Knowing which investments can provide higher returns while still being secure is key when trying to build wealth over time. Furthermore, it’s possible to generate passive income streams by investing in stocks, bonds, real estate rental properties, business ventures, or even cryptocurrency – all of which require sound financial management strategies in order to succeed.

Financial Literacy The Key to Effective Financial Management

Having good financial habits not only helps one become successful professionally but, will ensure they remain so as well. By properly managing their finances on an ongoing basis, people are able to reduce debt levels quickly while increasing their net worth at the same time. This prevents them from facing unanticipated costs that could potentially derail progress towards achieving their desired outcome. Additionally, having a strong grasp on personal finances provides peace of mind knowing that there’s always enough money set aside for unexpected circumstances, such as medical bills or emergency repairs – allowing professionals to focus solely on tackling their current tasks without worrying about potential financial issues down the line.

It’s clear then why proper financial management plays such an integral role in professional success: with great fiscal responsibility comes greater opportunity for growth and development within any industry!

Financial management is essential for personal and professional success. It can be the difference between going broke or building wealth and having a successful career or struggling to find work. When used properly, it can help you make better decisions about money that will benefit both your present finances and future goals. Investing in financial education now can set you up for success down the line – giving you more freedom and power over where your life goes. I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of learning opportunities when they arise and become financially literate. That way, you’ll have all the tools necessary to reach your potential in life!

The Benefits of Financial Management for Personal Success (beautyaal.com)
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2023.03.26 01:31 Altair-Dragon Ulysses' Bucket List

Hello, I'm here to ask the recommendations of some older people hoping that something cool may come out from it.
I'm here to ask you all to help me get some list items for my "Ulysses' Bucket List".
This is, as the name says, a bucket list made from dares, objectives and recommendations with just two rules each list item is given by strangers met through your life and they can be completed without any time limit besides the natural one of your life.
I started this list as a way to improve myself as I'm getting out of a bad period of my life as a way to push myself.
Unfortunately meeting new people isn't something that easily happens every day so I wanted to ask to people here the internet about some firsts list items to push myself.
Thank you in advance for your kindness and for humoring my strange request.
Here is a link of the Instagram post that gave me the idea to start my own list. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTZubstIoD?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y
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2023.03.26 01:31 Stick_Em_Up_Joe Rate my homebrew campaign setting.

Grithauld a slimy, but wealthy port city built on the ruins of a sprawling, ancient, subterranean dwarven empire. The dwarven empire is technically outside of city limits, but it was patrolled, and researched heavily by the city's military. When an unknown adventuring party slipped into the ruins they found artifacts the world would be delighted to have. Though their ways of getting these artifacts are less than respectable to the long dead dwarves. Not only did they find great wealth, but as well as a seemingly endless pool of a substance that people have deemed "ichor".
Ichor makes you stronger, faster, more alert. but addles your mind and stomach. Ichor pools are outside of city limits so its harvesting can't be cracked down upon, but it is still illegal to distribute or use in the cities walls.
The discovery of ichor and countless other priceless artifacts has cemented graverobbing, ruin raiding, and tomb tapping as a lucrative, and frowned upon business. This leaves our party with a means for unimaginable wealth, but what twisted [email protected] would ravage sacred religous sites on the daily?
The base of operations would be in Grithauld where they would make connections while hiding their nefarious deeds. The city is spread thin trying to stop the spread of ichor, tomb tappers, and people trying to sneak into the subterranean city, because a sleeping city can still stir and when it does not many creatures get out of the bowels unscathed.

TL;DR: Jerks from Yarnham do what most archeology was before the 20th century
What do you think? Questions? Tips on how to expand the world? HIGH PRAISE? I want to make this world the best I possibly can and your word is invaluable
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2023.03.26 01:31 Visible_Present_7598 Assigned Username at setup

I joined Reddit a couple of days ago. I posted to a thread about this issue but I think that wasn't the thing to do. I made the account with my Gmail, went through the setup, got the 'do you want to change your user name or keep it' question, clicked change it, got the box, chose an unused username, clicked save it and... it told me my account wasn't eligible. Searched the FAQ, says I can change it in the first 30 days...but it wasn't an option ever again after that... what happened? Thanks.
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2023.03.26 01:30 FaceHuge9157 I ain’t no homo

I don’t see the point in romantic relationships. I mean you know you’re gonna break up anyway, why even get into it in the first place with the knowledge that the actual chances of a healthy relationship are incredibly low? Ever since I remember, I always argued with my friends about it, and how they’re putting themselves on to get hurt. Since you have little to no direct control of the other person’s mind. (Now that I think about it, this is probably why they left me) What really did it for me is when I see tiktoks of people saying how they are afraid to reject/ scared to say that they got bored (the idea of getting “bored of someone” really scared me in itself), it has got me thinking how many people are stuck in a love affair simply because they’re afraid of hurting the other person. I truly find it strange. Mabye I kept this mindset because of my unpleasant encounters with adult men flirting with me, which didn’t get me a chance to “grow up to it” and instead completely turned me away from even further from the idea 😭. Everyone around me is getting into their first serious romantic relationships, while I am still a 10 year old by mentality. I feel so bad about it but I can’t get myself to care enough? Does it make sense?
I’ve read quite a bit on this topic and came to the term aroace, but it’s community is a bunch of obese/furry/ or just (very) ugly people, who I would hate to be associated with 😭 I feel like people just assume that if I don’t want to date, that means I’m so horrendous looking that I just decided to cope by labeling myself as aromantic.
I’m so sorry for any mistakes, I’m writing this at 2am because it just crossed my mind for the nth time and english is not my first language 😭😭
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2023.03.26 01:30 Trippinbugs The promised "funding" theory

So I just had a thought..... We know X gets a check every month from social security, whether it's for disability or other. Heather has been claiming X's father made a deal with "them" that he would send/give them money "every 2-3 days." I don't remember what the amt she claimed it was.... Somewhere around $150-230, like the duster it could be anything between 3 or 4 curated amounts in her mind.
After seeing bitchface's post yesterday of the man erroneously getting arrested by a non-uniformed officer at one of the posts along the train-line..... (I'm not sure what you would call that. We only have city buses where I live) I got to thinking:
It's only my thoughts putting her bullshit together. Pretty sure X was told he couldn't come home with Heather in tow, or stay as long as he continues to run around the city with her. X's dad most likely manages his finances, as his payee/conservator-like person and dishes out his money to him every few days or so to keep him floating. Maybe dad is trying to make things as hard as possible for X by requiring him to pick up his money from him physically on top of not allowing him to stay to try and break this bad habit he's unfortunately picked up (like a tick). Which means they must travel out to his place every time..... X's dad lives in an upper-class highrise residential building full of condos and attached private garages. It's located right on the public Red-line (city train). Which is right where little miss duster was filming that gentleman getting arrested yesterday.
I bet anything X's dad is doing everything he can to break his son free from Heather, but unfortunately he's limited because X is still a capable adult. Plus, I'm sure his dad is busy working to fund the life he's earned. Obviously this bitch has cemented herself into X's life, which means everything has become "we, they, them, our's, etc." She had a job but probably used her pregnancy excuse to exclude herself from working in Xavier's eyes. Poor guy probably doesn't know any better. Just does as told. Of course this dumb cunt expects more than what they are getting.... And it all comes down to the "deal they made with Xavier's dad to receive funding every couple of days because she solely supported them in the beginning all by herself, and now it's Xavier's turn." I'm sure X's dad/family wish they had the ability to do lots of things, but they could very well be limited by his rights..... Like how much power they're given based upon his competence, which I'm sure has been legally established.
I bet she stays back at the Red line every time they go out to daddy's house for funding. She's pissed it's not enough, pissed she can't get inside now that she's had a taste of the high-life earned by a life of hard work. She's just so desperate for money..... It's the only thing she bitches, complains, talks, or thinks about. The money trump's her children. And it feels like she's putting all the blame on Xavier and his family.
Sorry so long..... I just feel like I'm starting to connect the dots in this recent shit chapter of her novel. And I'm realizing how scary the situation must be from a legal standpoint. They probably are super tied by what Xavier is willing to say. And we know he's now this bitches little puppet. It's actually quite sad. It infuriates me to watch her take advantage of someone who may not have the strength to speak up for himself. It's abuse on so many levels. And that can get her some definite court dates.... If not incarceration for fraud and financial manipulation.
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2023.03.26 01:30 FableCattak Need advice on dressing up generic dialogue.

Recently, a friend sent me a text about writing witty dialogue and I found it particularly illuminating. It made me a realize that my dialogue has a ways to go till it is good.

"Well, I wouldn't call [your dialogue] weak so much as pragmatic, as direct. It gets the job done in setting up tension, character etc., but sometimes the characters talk in an anachronistic manner that...breaks immersion, at least for me.
In addition to that, I think that...sometimes the dialogue is too direct or leans too heavily on formulaic exchanges. When I was surprised or captivated, it was exclusively when plot, tension etc. was the focus, but I would have also loved to delight myself with interesting/novel ways dialogue can develop
I rummaged through my collection of unused sentences and came up with a few examples:

I'm still struggling on the following sentences. If you think any of them are alright as is, or have ideas on how to dress any of them up, I'd appreciate it! I put everything I had doubts on here, although I definitely don't expect help on all of these--just some personal bookkeeping.
  1. "Well lookie here. The little foxie has run out of fox holes to hide behind. Give back that shiny law you pocketed, and maybe the King will only exile you for your kitsune blood." <- This guy is not supposed to be that smart, so maybe this one is fine. The kitsune blood bit is a bit direct though. (Generic guard)
  2. "Wait. That one seems strangely out of breath, doesn’t he?" (Generic guard)
  3. "You have the eyes of an eagle boss. Good catch!" (Generic guard)
  4. "Idiots. They lack the brains to make a simple fox trap, yet claim I am the helpless one." (snarky old man; think bbc sherlock, but old)
  5. "Honestly, this castle is truly filled with imbeciles." (asshole teenager)
  6. "You heard what? I thought I was safe within these castle walls! Can’t you guards just double your numbers to keep me from becoming a martyr at the tender age of 15?" (asshole teenager)
  7. "Three guards will come along and inspect the guide to make sure I really am safe, because Marshall is a paranoid old geezer. There, it’s all settled." (asshole teenager)
  8. "The guide is another old man? Geez, the geriatric problem in this country is getting out of control." (asshole teenager)
  9. " I needed the help of a peasant to disguise me as I run my investigation, and you’re as much as a dice roll as any of the peasants I already know--maybe even less so. All the ones I know hate me because they’re jealous of my glory." (asshole teenager)
  10. "You have such a commoner stench that I think you’ll be able to disguise me nicely. You better not disappoint, and maybe I’ll consider tossing something shiny your way." (asshole teenager)
  11. " Oh? You’re feisty. What, think you’re owed respect because you spent 60 or so years twiddling your thumbs on this Earth? Think again old man, you should be proud to stand next to my shining visage—I’ll accomplish more in this year than you ever have in your life." (asshole teenager)
  12. "I assume you’ll keep my absence from the castle quiet while I’m gone? I don’t want to come back to see that seven hurricanes and a plague happened without me. Try to keep a lid on it." (asshole teenager)
  13. "Yeah, yeah. The name is Isaac. I would demand [you refer to me with respect], but I don’t have to—people just naturally respect me. You’ll see, within a few days, you’ll be treating me like a god." (asshole teenager)
Crossposted to writing
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2023.03.26 01:30 Hitch42 Audio-Drama.com links from March 19 to March 25, 2023

Audio-Drama.com links from March 19 to March 25, 2023
Audio-Drama.com is an online directory of audio drama and spoken word websites, with at least one new link added to it every day, and 100 or more new entries created each month. As of this post, there are 9,115 published articles. Here are the newest articles from the past week:
  1. Black Box (The Haunt Collaboration) (Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Series) The Homing Box of the U.N.S.E.A. exploratory vessel Bly has returned to Earth after twenty-four years of silence. An investigation has been launched into uncovering what happened to the ship and her missing crew.
  2. Sonic Leader Audio Dramas (Full Cast Multigenre Anthology) Sonic Leader in Los Angeles, California, produces original, full-cast, high-quality audio drama. Exciting stories, compelling performances, original scores and immersive soundscapes promise a uniquely worthwhile experience!
  3. Scriptic (Full Cast Multigenre Anthology) Every two weeks feast your ears on this season of Scriptic. Each episode is a new story. Performed by a group of fantastic actors that span a multitude of genres.
  4. Hats Off to Mrs. Tipsy! (Full Cast Comedy Anthology) surreal fictional scripted entertainment. weird words shoved together and spoken in funny voices.
  5. MEOW: A Literary Podcast for Cats (Narrated Comedy Anthology) Highbrow literature for cats.
  6. Storyteller S.J. Heller; and my Paranormal Tales (Narrated Urban Fantasy Series) A Reaper of Death, Callie lives with the living and the dead. Her soul and her city at the mercy of a soul witch, she's forced to look into her past where a lost love, Michael the archangel, laid forgotten until he shows up in Chicago.
  7. Desert Crypto Hunters (Full Cast Horror Comedy Series) Turn the lights down and lock your doors. The elite cryptid hunting team from the P.O.O.P.S team take you on an audio journey of some of their most terrifying monster hunts.
  8. A Mustang in the Corral (Narrated Mystery Thriller Series) An investigator calling himself the Maverick looks into the disappearance of Ellen Ballí, a resident of Beatrice, Texas. As he is fed inside inside information from his cousin—who believes Beatrice ISD superintendent Felix Castro has murdered Ellen—the Maverick finds himself drawn into the most sordid corners of that border town, risking his life ... and his very soul ... to learn the truth.
  9. Firefly - All Better Worlds (Role-Playing Science Fiction Series) A little real-play RPG in the Firefly 'Verse. Set after the Miranda Revelation/The Signal, this is a story about a crew trying to make their way in the 'Verse, and figuring out just how deep the rabbit hole went. Come and explore the 'Verse through the eyes of an entirely new crew, in a post-Signal/Miranda Revelation world... This is a real-play RPG podcast in the Firefly world, using Margaret Weiss' Cortex Plus System, following the events of the Serenity Movie.
  10. Cinnamon & Dice (Role-Playing Science Fiction Fantasy Series) Welcome to the Cinnamon and Dice Podcast! A family run and independently owned D&D actual play podcast. Here we enjoy a fun and creative past time of collaborative storytelling through our favorite tabletop role-playing games. This season, immerse yourself in our fantasies as we start on a nautical space themed adventure based off of the Wizards of the Coast's Spelljammer setting and adventure, Light of Xaryxis. So grab a cup of your favorite drink and let's tell a story.
  11. Friend & Foe Adventure Co. (Role-Playing Science Fiction Fantasy Series) Join us in Elaspas for mayhem, adventure, comedy, and more mayhem. Vault Hunters do odd jobs in search of glory, gold, and gore. Meet our 4 Vault Hunters; a Mechromancer that has lost it all, a Siren and her little bird, a Gunner trying to make enough to keep his mech running, and a Psycho looking for magic.
  12. Resting Glitch Face (Role-Playing Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series) Shadowrun actual play podcast of an all women runner team taking on the mean shadows of St. Louis!
  13. The Jimmy Pierce Detective Agency (Narrated Mystery Thriller Series) A young man named Jimmy Pierce, who is obsessed with detective novels of the 30s and 40s, suddenly finds himself in the middle of a mystery of his own.
  14. Once Upon a Meadow (Narrated Children's Series) ONCE UPON A MEADOW brings you gentle, uplifting tales about a community of plants and animals who live in a meadow and work together to flourish, despite their differences.
  15. The Bootsy Boys' Blackbird (Full Cast Comedy Thriller Series) The Bootsy Boys got tired of waiting for Michael Flatley to release his modern day masterpiece, action spy thriller, 'Blackbird', so they wrote their own version.
  16. Michelle Rojas Is Not Okay (Full Cast Comedy Series) Michelle Rojas is not okay. In fact, she's burnt out. With a PsyD from Yale and a job at a renowned Connecticut therapy practice, Dominican psychologist Michelle Rojas is a Washington Heights success story. When she gets fired for lashing out at co-workers and giving patients questionable advice, Michelle returns home. Ashamed yet bullish, she lies to her family and friends: Michelle—voiced by Dascha Polanco (Orange is the New Black, Samaritan) —opens a therapy practice in a local bodega under the false pretense of expanding the therapy practice from Connecticut to New York. But where she's from, people just don't go to therapy. It's a struggle to pierce the tough resistance from the community, even with support from her free-spirited cousin Dora (Darlene Demorizi) and her quick-witted childhood friend Niño (The Kid Mero). Michelle Rojas is Not Okay follows Michelle as she struggles to grapple with both her professional and personal identities. Throughout her journey, she faces setback after setback before it slowly becomes clear that she's there not only to offer help to her community, but also to receive it. Michelle Rojas is not okay, but will she be?
  17. Night Light Zone (Full Cast Horror Comedy Anthology) Turn your night light on for these thrilling and chilling (but not too scary) tales of intrigue and hilarity designed to entertain kids at bedtime or anytime. Where goosebumps meets funnybone! Perfect nightlight listening!
  18. Sci-Fi Weeklies with P.E.Rowe (Narrated Science Fiction Anthology) Original science fiction short stories written and read by author P.E. Rowe. Subscribe and stop by weekly for a new story, or browse the catalog for a sci-fi story from a broad range of themes and styles.
  19. And Worms Do Not Destroy (Full Cast Fantasy Series) Somewhere and somewhen on the perilous island of Naosaleyn, a mythic odyssey challenges a pair of barbarian brothers as they set off on an arduous pilgrimage to beseech The Blessed Immortal King. A six-part mini-series.​​​​​​​
  20. Table Read (Manifest Media) (Full Cast Multigenre Anthology) A one-of-a-kind podcast experience that brings the excitement of a live theater performance to your ears. Each episode features a selection of exceptional, award-winning scripts performed live by a talented cast of 20 working actors in a world-class studio. [...] But that's not all - each episode is finished with a full Hollywood music and surround sound mix, giving you the full cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home.
  21. Dear Percival (Narrated Comedy Series) Danny Savarino's parents are missing. Dear Percival is his diary documenting his search for them and his adventures along the way.
  22. The Shadow Phoenix Saga (Narrated Fantasy Series) Step aboard the Buttercup with Maeve Lambourne, a windjammer who will do whatever it takes to survive in a world threatened by the Daskensians. With her ship low on supplies and lacking the necessary armaments to protect her crew, she's desperate for a new patron. When a mysterious stranger offers her a seemingly simple job for a massive payout, Maeve jumps at the opportunity. But as she delves deeper into the mission, she discovers that the job is far from easy, and the dangers could cost her and her crew everything. Join Maeve on a thrilling adventure filled with danger, intrigue, and unexpected twists and turns. Will she be able to complete the job and secure the resources she needs to survive, or will this be the mission that finally brings her down? Tune in to find out.
  23. Sithrah (Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series) Nirvana Page wants to be brave. But when a plane crash separates young "VONNA" from her father, she quickly discovers that finding her dad again is going to take every last scrap of courage she has.
  24. Go It Alone (Narrated Multigenre Anthology) An anthology of short stories, all generated through the actual play of solo tabletop games.
  25. Varied Lives of Charles McCabe (Narrated Multigenre Anthology) Each episode of Varied Lives of Charles McCabe contains a short story read by author, Charles McCabe, followed by a brief insight into what inspired each story. The stories are from a wide range of genres.
  26. The Hilarious Youth Podcast (Full Cast Children's Comedy Anthology) Welcome to The Hilarious Youth Podcast! We feature original works of fiction performed by kids, for kids. The stories on this show are the products of our voice acting and performing arts media classes at Hilarious Youth. Each was written to reflect the ideas and comedic sensibilities of the students (ages 9-12) and adults who participated in their creation. The target audience for this show includes kids between ages 8 and 13 along with parents, family members, and educators.
  27. Briarstone (Full Cast Science Fiction Series) B.O.A Reopen request: case-BA.IHA.72, Threat class-Ω Case File:█████ █████ ██ ███ ████ ████ ████ █████ ████████ ███ █████ ███ ██ ███ ██████ ██ ███ ████ █████ █████ █████ ██████ █████ █████ ██ ████ ████ ████ ███████ Gsv Yirzihglmv rh xzoormt ███ ████ ████ ████ █████ ████ ███████ ███ ██ ███ ██████ ███ ██████ ██ ███ ████ █████ █████ █████ ██████ █████ █████ ██ ████ ████ ████ ██████████ ██████ ███ ████ ████ ████ █████ ████ ████ ███ ███ Droo blf zmhdvi? ███ ██████ ██ ███ ███ █████ ██ ███ █████ ███████████ █████ ██ ████ ████ ████ Case Status: Pending
  28. Cubical Glitch (Narrated Science Fiction Anthology) Strange and Unexplained Stories, read and recorded by a skeptical employee of an evil and mysterious corporation called: Backrooms Inc. Where the host finds Glitch in the Matrix-type stories online and reads and records them for the company's archive. However, after a while, the employee starts to experience strange events in the backrooms office space, and the paranormal stories he tells start to have a connection with him on a personal level. Slowly going from skeptic to believer. Join the host as his world starts to glitch around him.
Feel free to discuss any of these shows or comment about Audio-Drama.com. Note that the website is currently in the process of being redesigned, so some functionality is limited and pages may look different from one another. I always welcome any questions or feedback.
Compiling these link takes a lot of time and is something that I work on many hours every day. If you appreciate this effort and would like to help support it, please consider visiting the Audio-Drama.com Patreon page. Audio-Drama.com will always remain free for everyone.
Previous weekly Audio-Drama.com links
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2023.03.26 01:30 DragJonFruit 24M Looking to spend the day talking to friends :)

Anyone welcome! Just Send me a intro about you :)
Hey im Jonathan! I would love to meet new people from wherever to game, make jokes? Text, anything! Let me tell you more about me!
Please be able to hold a conversation instead of saying “cool” “ok” “yeah”
About me: I’m from Texas
I am LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 Friendly
Lover of memes
I love to watch sci fi/ fantasy movies the most. Favorite would be LOTR : The Two Towers. sci fi would be tron legacy.
I enjoy gaming a lot and would love to play with people. I play a lot of multiplayer games. I love stardew and halo the most, but i play zelda, mario, doom and a whole lot of other games so just ask me what else i play.
On my free time i like to write about fantasy short stories and Or about my days.
I like to go on walks of hikes depending on the weather.
I like to explore more of nature by heading into a nearby forest.
Music: i like daft punk and metallica.
Reading: i like to read young adult fantasy and non fiction books. Percy Jackson and The Mortal Instruments especially. And ACOTAR Too
I enjoy Studio Ghibli, Anime, and Marvel and Dc Movies
I have a couple of dogs if you want to see them, just ask me :)
Currently plan to work on my masters this fall!
Thats mostly everything from me but if you’re interested to learn more just ask!l
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2023.03.26 01:30 yeahthatwayyy A friend of mine has an excuse every time I want to spend time with them. Am I wrong for not wanting to celebrate their birthday?

Someone I (27f) consider to be one of my best friends (28f) says no to everything if it’s not on their time…I can respect someone being busy or rescheduling but that never happens because they can’t stick to a plan. They are also somewhat of a pathological liar…Every time I ask them to hang out they say “I can’t I have to work” (they work from home and can work as much and as little as they want), and every time she always adds “I haven’t worked for the past 5 days so I REALLY have to work today”.
It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Early in the morning, stopping by for an hour, going to a free event for an hour, i can find the perfect situations to accommodate her and I’m still faced with an excuse. It hurts most because sometimes she’s lying… I’ll wait days or sometimes weeks before asking her to do something again, with her working in mind and it’s still the same excuse that she ‘hasn’t worked in days and needs to work.’
She’ll say she doesn’t have money so I’ll find a free event. She says she has to work so I only ask for an hour of time. We even signed up for a yoga class together once that I paid for and she didn’t come because it was too early (10:30AM..)and she was drinking the night before (I’m sober).
I lost my job two months ago.. I have little to nothing to my name and still bought a ticket to the concert she wants to go to for her birthday to see an artist I literally don’t even like.
All she does is play video games and talks on the phone. She even sent me a screenshot of all hours she’s played and it’s insane. With all this being said, her birthday is next week. Would it be rude or harsh of me to not participate in her drunken birthday activities since she can’t keep her word when it comes to anything?
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2023.03.26 01:30 AutoModerator [Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint

[Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/derek-de-mike-the-smma-blueprint/
[Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint

What You Get:

All of our Legal Agreements, Sales Scripts, Client Meetings Guide, and Much More!
We have spent over $20,000 + a lot of time learning things the hard way. We are going to give you everything that we have when it comes to scripts, documents.. you name it!

  • Bulletproof Ad Template: Our crazy simple strategy that kills it for our client campaigns!
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  • Our Proposal Template: Literally follow along and use our exact, proven, proposal methodology that clients can’t say no to!
  • ​All of our Legal Agreements: Literally everything that you need to start and run your business!
  • ​Much, Much More!
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2023.03.26 01:30 cosmic_jackass If you're on the fence about black water... do it.

If you're on the fence about black water... do it.
This is my 29g blackwater tank with some rasboras and a female betta. I achieved the rich color mostly with rooibos tea (make sure it's organic and 100% rooibos) and a handful of alder cones and cattapa leaves.
The fish act completely differently, algae is growing way slower, and the tank is so eye catching!
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