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Takoma Park, Maryland and Takoma, Washington D.C.

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2023.03.26 00:25 ExistentialOcto [Co-op][PS4/PC][46][+4] Abandoned Cave (ROT)

please put your sign next to the grace, thank you!
EDIT: sorry, made a mistake on the title! I'm on PS4
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2023.03.26 00:25 Chips_Deluxe Gaming buddy

Looking for someone to play some pc RPGs with and roleplay in game. We could meet up once a week and play a co op rpg where we each play a character and roleplay as that character via text or whatever. Can be as serious or goofy as you want. Who’s in?
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2023.03.26 00:23 2009miles Found Woody's mechanic

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Templates Examples
1: When someone says they’re the most trust institution but you have doubts 1: He’d be stylin
    Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
    Score: 73     Score: 133
2: President James Dale saying two different things should be together 2: I have doubts
    Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
    Score: 53     Score: 47
3: Some guy admits he would wear Dracula’s Cape 3: I got one myself as well
    Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
    Score: 33     Score: 30
This week
1: Cursed tape is playing with only one not being too worried when the others are 1: KilleSurvivor Negotiations
    Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
    Score: 84     Score: 306
2: Reinfield asks his master if he’s ok 2: Run Chris, Run
    Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
    Score: 81     Score: 217
3: Guy stands up to someone only for it be a slasher villain 3: Come back here and lose with honor!
    Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
    Score: 75     Score: 211
This month
1: Cursed tape is playing with only one not being too worried when the others are 1: Honestly, these jokes are starting to get annoying
    Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181     Author: u/redditboy123451
    Score: 84     Score: 2874
2: Reinfield asks his master if he’s ok 2: Imagine if they simplified her just being a serial killing elitist
    Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
    Score: 81     Score: 811
3: Himeno passed out after drinking too much while Makima continues on 3: I’ll get it right…next time.
    Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
    Score: 80     Score: 596
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1: Johnny Depp walking out with his lawyers 1: Honestly, these jokes are starting to get annoying
    Author: u/chaosgiantmemes     Author: u/redditboy123451
    Score: 239     Score: 2874
2: Frankenstein template 2: She's never going to let you down... or let you go....
    Author: u/amirlopez     Author: u/_The_Entire_Circus_
    Score: 233     Score: 1856
3: "Pretty Flowers" template 3: Facepalm or genius?
    Author: u/amirlopez     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
    Score: 210     Score: 1474
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1: New Sonic movie template 1: Heavily inspired by Hannah Hillam
    Author: u/Spudtastic-Spastic     Author: u/Short_Shots
    Score: 1616     Score: 112930
2: Credit to u/mallow_dip 2: The gif that started it all
    Author: u/Yemris     Author: u/Whymanwhy12
    Score: 1614     Score: 99404
3: An Upgrade 3: I once called Hulk Shrek.
    Author: u/0Markus0     Author: u/Shiteingann
    Score: 1533     Score: 97200
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2023.03.26 00:10 okgreatness08 A nonprofit where anyone can homestead?

Wouldn't that be cool?
Because I kind of did that. But as I'm learning, when you start from scratch with no ingredients (invested board, nest egg, exposure, etc) it's almost impossible to get it off the ground.
I am just interested in people's opinions on it.
I created a 501c3 nonprofit where any impoverished person or family can become a homesteader with no buy-in, and have immediate employment in a commercial-sized earth-integrated indoor greenhouse to grow a variety of crops with aeroculture and/or aquaponics. We'd pay professionals to overlook operations, create a learning environment, and teach everyone to care for the system. They'd get an earth-integrated house on the homestead co-op and have a say in the organization on many topics. They'd work less than a part time job and get paid more than a full time min wage job. Have the freedom of time to pursue whatever it is they want out of life, just from contributing to caring for the food system. We'd sell all of the fish and produce, take donations, apply for grants, seek corporate funding, and other revenues of income. Homesteaders could sell their own products as the law allows to make extra money for their own families. I'm talking about a national scope. Communities of homesteaders that live and work together. It sounds kinda lame in layman's terms when it's not dressed up in my smart talk.
The mission of Thompson Family Homestead Inc. is to promote sustainability by fulfilling the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations while ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being. We will do this by providing job opportunities, promoting self-sufficiency, providing fresh, healthy food, fostering community building, promoting environmental stewardship, offering on-site training and workshops, and creating and sharing online resources.
The objectives of the proposed project are to increase food production, reduce waste, improve food security, promote environmental stewardship, and promote social equity and economic viability. The planned results/outcomes of the project are increased productivity, reduced waste, improved resource efficiency, improved food security, and enhanced environmental stewardship.
Thompson Family Homestead Inc. is committed to addressing the growing needs of sustainable food production, community building, education, and outreach services in the region. TFH Inc. seeks to create innovative and sustainable solutions through the establishment of an earth-integrated aquaponics homestead co-op. Built on environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving practices, TFH INC. aims to create a reliable and sustainable source of healthy, locally-produced food. TFH Inc. also places emphasis on education and community engagement, providing workshops, training programs, and outreach initiatives to equip community members with the knowledge and skills needed for sustainable living.
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2023.03.26 00:07 engineer_e95 Debt situation I’m in. Advice?

BSME. Experienced in HVAC, mechanic, electrical, solidworks, autocad, business ownership
70k a year income currently as a travel engineer
I work 8:30-5:30pm M-F while in town I have to report to the office - Travel 80% for work - In town for 1-2 weeks per month so would need something flexible
Things I considered:
Main debt: Credit card debt consolidation loan: I got denied for $17000 loan I applied for today. - My credit score is good 733 , but they said my debt to income ratio was too high.
I hate having to pay back the credit card on such a high interest. And already I’m paying $4000 a month on bills and rent and student loan. So I only have about $1000 in my name after bills paid per month.
Its either get a debt consolidation loan (anyone willing to co sign?) OR get a second job? and have no life for a year
or search for a engineering position that pays a little more. I feel like I can land 90k job.
Any advice? If I didnt have these credit cards my life would be so much easier right now. I had to use them as emergency due to a life event earlier. Hence why its so high of a balance.
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2023.03.26 00:04 game-o Anyone up for co-op PC?

Around to grind for Ferry this weekend.
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2023.03.26 00:01 driedwaffle please stop defaulting the bot difficulty to easy

its unbelievably annoying to have to change the setting from easy every time i try to play a bot game. co-op to solo too but that one was there before, this defaulting to easy thing didnt use to be that way.
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2023.03.25 23:53 -en- @AP: Pope Francis has accepted a resignation request from a German bishop who asked to step down because of his mistakes in handling sexual abuse cases.

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2023.03.25 23:47 BenOnScreen Just beat Orphan of Kos and decided to read about it. Whoever wrote the strategy guide on Fandom’s Bloodborne Wiki clearly had a rough time.

Just beat Orphan of Kos and decided to read about it. Whoever wrote the strategy guide on Fandom’s Bloodborne Wiki clearly had a rough time. submitted by BenOnScreen to bloodborne [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 23:45 parchedpenguins 24M looking to co-op on the switch

Never done a co-op before so looking to finally try it out with someone! I’m really relaxed and down to share money and go at our own pace. I also have discord :)
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2023.03.25 23:43 parchedpenguins 24M grad student from the USA. Looking for someone to chat with on a boring Saturday [chat]

Just popped an edible so I’m down to talk about absolutely whatever! If we get along maybe we can play a game or watch a movie together. I’ve always wanted to start a co-op stardew valley farm so hmu if you have a switch :)
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2023.03.25 23:43 parchedpenguins 24M grad student from the USA. Looking for someone to chat with on a boring Saturday

I’m down to talk about absolutely whatever! If we get along maybe we can play a game or watch a movie together. I’ve always wanted to start a co-op stardew valley farm so hmu if you have a switch :)
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2023.03.25 23:42 RoyalTodger 20F, friendly reminder that daylight savings is tonight for a lot of people

Insert obligatory comment on how it's kind of dumb and how we allegedly only do it because of one dude and his love for bug hunting
Anyway, if you pick me as your friend, there are lots of other friendly reminders in store. A sample: Did you drink enough water today? Have you remembered to eat? No, energy drinks don't count. Did you remember to clean your dryer's lint screen? Seriously, I don't want you to burn to death, that would be very bad for our blossoming friendship sigh
I'm a fun-loving gal with a kind disposition, who enjoys long walks on the beach and is a non-smoker... oh wait, this isn't one of those personal ads the Piña Colada guy sings about? Honestly, that's a relief cause I was not ready to seek an extramarital affair only to realise my wife has enjoyed Piña Coladas just as much as I do all this time lmao
On a serious note though, I suppose I should tell you a little bit about myself. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanna do with my life, don't have a clue though but we'll pass that bridge when we get to it lol. I play video games but I don't really enjoy shooters or competitive things, more than happy to play co-op or something though! I also am in dire need of some good music recommendations, so please be sure to send them my way. My humour is absolutely terrible due to the fact that I'm very easily entertained. I often find myself going on unexpected tangents about things I didn't realise I was that passionate about. I absolutely adore romcoms cause they're like silly but also so cute, like come on, you cannot tell me that a movie that makes you laugh and go "aww" is not a good time. Known to be very talkative and kind of intense at times lmao I'm sorry haha.
I'm in a European time zone, but I don't really mind if you're looking for short-term or long-term or what time zone you are. Friends of any duration can be found in all kinds of people
Anyway, if you read this far you might as well message me, you wouldn't want the time you spent reading my post to be for nothing right? Promise I'm nice <3
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2023.03.25 23:30 Briggs1244 (IL 60404) FT/FS Many games for sale or trade. Marvel Champions, Familar Tales, Batman the dark knight returns Deluxe and much more.(W)$$$ Solo/ Co-op games.

Prefer northern Illinois area to meet but will ship
Kinda flexible on pricing
Shipping not included
Bulk discounts
Bardsung 150
Marvel Champions 25
Familiar Tales 60
Batman the dark Knight Returns deluxe 80
Marvel United 20
Hadrians wall (Less than 10 plays) 30
Imperium Legends 45
Blood borne the board game 80
Tidal blades part 1 50
Feast for odin 65
Ledgendary Encounters ???
Sword and Socery Ancient Chronicles (Messed up box and kind of messy but components in good shape) 80
HExplore it Valley of the dead king 60
Tiny epic quest 15
Throw ins for
Flip city wilderness
Draft a Sauros
Maidens quest
Bottom of the 9th throw in
Imperial settlers roll and write 5$
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2023.03.25 23:22 Kylesmomabigfatbtch It’s no Silksong, but it’ll have to do.

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2023.03.25 23:18 D0rkFork Should I consider a PS5?

Context: I've been a PC gamer for like 8 years. PS3 is the last console I owned. I was considering getting a Console for convenience of couch co op and use in the living room. I also built a pc last year, it has a 2060 super and i5 10400. I'm also considering the chance if I bring non gamer friends over to play something, console games are generally more palatable and multiplayer friendly.
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2023.03.25 23:08 Far-Counter5566 What're some good couch co-op games for Xbox?

It's Saturday and I'm looking for some good couch co-op games. Any game type is appreciated.
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2023.03.25 23:07 Major-Dark-5902 I need to decide between two PhD programs, but my deadline is quickly approaching and I haven't made any progress over the past few weeks. Can someone provide advice and perspective?

I have two offers for a PhD in Electrical Engineering - Option 1 is in the US and Option 2 is in Germany. Option 1 is ranked #11 in the US, while Option 2 is ranked #5 in Europe. Option 1 offers co-supervision with Professor 1 (~22k citations) and Professor 2 (~1k citations), who will provide more direct guidance initially. Option 2 offers supervision with a professor (~6k citations) who has good connections in Europe, but will likely be hands-off. I have spoken with current and previous students of both options, and both seem to be good choices.
Option 1 offers a salary of $38k per year (including insurance, tuition, and fees) without taxes, which would be around $2700 per month after taxes in California. My graduate housing would cost around $1.2k-1.3k. Option 2 offers a salary of 2600 euros per month after taxes in Bavaria, with housing costing around 800-1200 euros.
In Option 1 students have weekly meetings and are more connected with their supervisors, but do not supervise undergraduate students and only publish with their supervisors. Option 2 requires teaching each semester and mandatory project work (20 hours per week) that may not be connected to my research interests. However, I would have the opportunity to supervise undergraduate students and work with them on research papers.
When it comes to research interests, I think that my current and future research interests align slightly more with Option 1.
My ultimate goal is to stay in academia. Can someone provide advice and perspective on which option would be better for me?
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2023.03.25 23:04 Flat_Bodybuilder6858 Add me moop#6189 i need some friends for co-op breeding and gifting.

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2023.03.25 22:52 ppGoogly Co-ops over the summer?

I'm an incoming freshman and am planning out my first few years at Northeastern. I've got kind of a packed schedule and was wondering if its possible to do a 4 month co-op over summer 1 and 2? Thanks!
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2023.03.25 22:50 chencholin Greetings Slayers

Greetings Slayers
I'm struggling to find a proper armour set for my build so far.
I managed to get 4/5 Vicious tiger (3*) Can you please advise on were to farm/get?
Please can you explain to me the special moves associated with a weapon:
Paying Accolades seals for an item grants that item for it's corresponding Star rating,but the gamble is to get "THE" item with it's OP set of moves?
So far I have managed to solo my way (noMP co-op)
Looking at my stats, please tell me if I'm lacking something.
Please advise on Armour set.
submitted by chencholin to wolongfallendynasty [link] [comments]