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A place where I post my cat. Her name is Kit E. Cat. She was once a stray, but we adopted her and since then she has been both the most lovey and the most bitchy member of our family. Feel free to make memes and fan art of her as well! Yes, I want her to be famous. Only online. Real-life fame for Kit will result in A N G Y and destruction of life as we know it!

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The Mina Kimes Subreddit featuring Lenny. The only subreddit where one of the subjects thinks that Playoff Lenny has always been top dog. That's Lenny, she's Mina Kimes.

2023.03.26 00:22 Feisty-Confusion3792 Burned out

My partner and I have been dating for almost 3 years. She has recently been disagosed with depression. So she's been taking antidepressants but for the last month, she has been sleeping in (meds side effect), quit her job and overall trying to work with the meds. Although, I am happy for her for getting help. I am feeling burned out, I still work, clean/cook, feed/play with the dog. I feel like I have no time for my self. Some days I want to just leave the relationship. I told her I need help around the house she stated she's really trying with the meds although I am trying to be emphatic with her and proud of her for seeking help. I can't help to feel like she can do more. I feel so alone in this relationship & I feel like I am the most for her but who helps me??? But at the same time, I know she's trying to heal I don't know what to do any more . Is it selfish to leave during her healing??
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2023.03.26 00:21 datacadia I need help figuring out why I can't engage in my hobbies.

In order to work on improving anything mentally, I have to understand the 'why' of my thoughts and behavior so that I can argue against them. I've figured out the 'why' of a lot of things and been able to work on them, but not this.
I want to be able to draw, paint, write, read books, sculpt, play video games etc.--all things I found fun as a kid--but I just can't. I do nothing but read articles online, watch youtube, and go for walks outside. I have no real hobbies or creative goals anymore.
I don't understand why. I don't understand what's stopping me. I know the worst thing that can happen if I play a video game is that I don't have fun & I stop playing. Same with art or writing--the worst that can happen is I don't have fun and I stop. So why does it all feel so vaguely high stakes and daunting to the point where trying to do it is equivalent to trying to place my hand on a hot stove?
How can I argue against my irrational mind if I don't even understand what my subconscious worries are?
(I used to see a trauma therapist and she was just as stumped about this as I was.)
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2023.03.26 00:21 Public-nuisence Colon cancer or something else?

Hi everyone, For the past ~1 year I’ve been experiencing worsening GI issues such as the following: - little to no appetite - alternating constipation and diarrhea - pain during bowel movement (feels like glass/ripping) - small amounts of blood after a bowel movement (progressively getting worse) - always gassy - bloating - weight loss and inability to keep weight on - abdominal pain - Very foul smelling stools
I went to the doctor this week and she told me it’s most likely anal fissures and a lack of fiber but over the past couple days, the rectal bleeding has been getting worse. Usually, it’s a very small amount on the toilet paper after I use the bathroom but 2 days ago, it was enough to make the water red (normal feeling stool) and just now, it was so much I thought I had gotten my period (horrible smelling diarrhea this time) , there were also very small clots. I’m making this because it was really unsettling to see all that blood in my stool, especially since it’s getting worse. Could this really be just a fissure or should I go back and ask for a colonoscopy? My mom’s side of the family has a history of colon cancer if that matters. Thanks everyone. Age: 20, female Weight: 90lbs Height: 5’1 Medications: Prozac, lamictal, mirtazipine, junel FE, lunesta
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2023.03.26 00:21 stale-bagel035 Harry Potter is officially transphobic

TW for transphobia and JK Rowling
I don't know how to share videos on the app so I'm going to type what was said and here is the link to the original tiktok https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYCKx5QW/
(Apologies for my grammar I'm tired) ----------‐-----------------------------------------------------------------
So JK Rowling has finally come out and admitted that Harry Potter is transphobic. Here we go. When asked about the books she said in her own words "I would say that some of you have not understood the books" and then likened trans people to the Death Eaters. Now I remember when Scottish independence was on the table, and she was very anti-Scottish independence, and she likened everyone who voted 'yes' for independence to Death Eaters as well. So the literal villains of Harry Potter are people that she doesn't like. But let me let you what she had to say for herself. Here it is straight from her own mouth.
(JK Rowling's voice from a clip of a podcast) "I will say this. Some of you have not understood the books. The Death Eaters claimed 'We have been made to live in secret, and now is our time, and any who stand in our way must be destroyed. If you disagree with us, you must die.' They demonised and dehumanised those who were not like them. I am fighting what I see as a powerful, insidious, misogynistic movement, that has gained a huge purchase in very influential areas of society. I do not see the particular movement as either benign or powerless."
(Back to the person filming the tiktok) Let me put this into perspective for you. She is literally talking about the lives of other human beings, other human beings who happen to be trans. She's calling it a "movement" when it's people just wanting to exist and live their lives. And it's because of people like her that the eradication of trans people has begun. The vilification of trans people continues building hatred towards trans people because she, quite literally, just said that she believes that they are the bad guys. And now it is part of Harry Potter as well. Harry Potter is transphobic. I'm so sorry to tell you guys.
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2023.03.26 00:21 Silent_Blueberry7273 Does taking a break really work? M24 & F22

Does taking a break really work?
Sorry if I’m not doing this right. I’ve never posted on Reddit before.
Me (M24) and my girlfriend (F22) have been together for a little over two years now and as a lot of the posts on here state: We started off great. It’s been a year of really bad fighting and a lot of bad stuff has happened to us in our lives over the course of our relationship and I want more than anything to be ok again. I’ll do anything to be ok again. Which is why we’re taking a break. I was against it originally but as I said above, I’m willing to do anything. I believe that we’ll be ok and that we’ll be together in the long run. She however doesn’t know if she believes it and that we have the duration of the break (only a month hopefully) to decide on that. I’ve already decided. I want to be with her forever and I’ll do everything I can to make that a reality. I just don’t know if she’s going to be up for it. If anyone’s had experience with “taking a break” in a relationship I’d love to hear your thoughts. Again, sorry if I’ve done this wrong it’s my first post on Reddit.
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2023.03.26 00:21 SincerelySasquatch Cutting out cheating friends after being a victim of infidelity

Hi! Divorced a year ago due to my ex-husband's repeated infidelity. After dealing with that hurt for 8 years I am sensitive about people cheating. I find people who cheat, particularly with no conscience, really abhorrent. I want to surround myself with positive influences, people with good character who care about others and want to better themselves. If they are hurting others I do not want them in my life. This also applies to cheating. A lot of people will say it's not my business, but the character of the people I allow in my life matters to me. Last year I cut out of my life a close friend of 12 years due to his repeated cheating with 0 remorse.
Anyway, my current concern: I just found out a friend I became close with following my divorce slept with my ex-husband shortly after our separation. That doesn't bother me much as I have very much moved on from my divorce, but she had a boyfriend at the time. Since she broke up with that boyfriend I have also seen her sleep around while leading a man on that believed they were in a relationship. She has been very emotionally supportive but I am considering cutting her out of my life. Even though it doesn't bother me really that she slept with my ex, the fact she hid it from me while we grew close shows bad character also imo.
Any thoughts? Anyone go through similar?
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2023.03.26 00:20 egeuludag Starting a life in a different country

Hi everyone! To be honest I do not have a direct question. I just wanted to write here some of my thoughts and see if you think I am realistic enough or not about starting a life together with my girlfriend.
I have to start giving some information about myself and the situation. I am a 22 year old male from Turkey. I study translation and interpreting studies in German (in my 3rd year of a 4 year uni) as my major and I study logistics (1/2) as my minor. My GPAs are pretty good but I will mention this later. I am in a super healthy relationship with a 22 year old Italian girl for the last 4 years which had to be long distance but we were lucky enough to spend a lot of time together thanks to COVID etc.. She lives in north Italy near Venice and studies Japanese.
Okay, the thing is that we do not want to be far away anymore. We will finish our universities next summer. Unfortunately as a Turkish citizen I don't have the freedom of movement within Europe. The only way for us to be together is me moving to Europe so we can be together, right? I mean Turkey here is not really a great choice compared to it. And for me to be able to do this, she has to marry me AT THE AGE OF 23. This freaks me out because I am 23 and I would never ever think about getting married. We had a lot of talks about it and we both agreed to see it as just a paper to be together and we will get "married" when we have our financial freedom.
So, okay lets say we got married and I can move now. The obvious country here is Italy because thats where she lives. Her had has a huge house where we can stay at least couple of years or at least until we are sure that we can have our own place. Now, the problem is I don't speak Italian. Throughout the years I got really good at understanding Italian and reading Italian. I can understand what's going on at a crowded table of loud Italians and answer in English easily, thats a skill. But I can not speak.
This makes my chance to find a job in Italy close to 0 with my skills, which is meh German skills (don't ask, COVID student and the education sucked during the period). I mean, I thought about just focusing Italian and learn it properly before I arrive there but I find it really hard to study 2 languages at the same time, which is I need that German practice every day to be able to "learn" it properly.
But here stuff gets even more confusing. Even speaking Italian, it is really hard to get a job in Italy. So we thought about waiting until I get my Italian residence permit (apprx. 3-6 months) and move to Germany, more precisely to Berlin.
Why Berlin? Because I had a student exchange experience there and I saw the opportunity of being able to build a life with my logistics minor and German/English skills. My girlfriend also wants to move because she also feels insecure with her future language diploma. And the best part of Germany is that the education is nearly free. So after we settle properly, we can (or at least she can) study something else while working. Of course, Berlin has its own problems such as finding a flat, the bureaucracy, the language (mostly for my girlfriend) etc.. But it sounds like a best place for a couple like us to start a life with its English/Turkish (for me) job opportunities.
Now, the problems continue. With an Italian residence permit, I can not work in Germany immediately. My girlfriend has to move first, find a job, find a flat and wait for the whole registering process again for me. If I don't have a job in Italy, I will of course come and help her with settling, finding flat and a job.
We have a friend who thinks the same and the friend plans to move before us. If she does that, my girlfriend can just go to her and register herself and stay there until she secures a job. And after that we plan to move all 3 of us to a bigger flat and if we all have jobs, then it will be easier for us to build our life.
This is how the first German plan is. But I just don't want to rely on the friend only and that makes me feel in between. Because if we can't move to Germany like this at the end of 2024 or start of 2025, then we will have to create our own way via my girlfriend applying through internet and travel back and forth until she finds something. And then again the registering process for me if I don't get my Italian citizenship until then, which is 2 years of marriage + Italian exam and processing time. If I do, then stuff will be easier because I feel like I would find a job easier than her at least in Berlin.
So, I know it is a lot of stuff but this is my mind lately. I even thought about maybe lets save couple more years in our own countries but saving is not really an option in Turkey unfortunately. So the best way is to start at least the process.
But I am not sure if I am being realistic enough. I don't know if being young and not knowing life completely blinds me. If you read all of this, I sincerely thank you and I am open to all of your comments.
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2023.03.26 00:20 AlarmingUse3747 I don’t like my mom

I’ve always had a rough relationship with my mom since I was probably 11 years old. Shes never been abusive, she very supportive, she kind, but she grates me. I’m 30 years old, after a really tough year financially my parents offered to let me live with them while I get out of debt and get some money saved up so I can get back on my feet. Which is incredibly kind.
Since I’ve moved in my mom annoys me so much it gives me so much anxiety and distress. She’s a conservative Christian, she consumes and a lot of conservative media. She has a lot of homophobic and racist tendencies. She is a Karen, complains a lot of service workers. She doesn’t pay attention when you speak to her, she is a terrible cook and despite me trying to show her a few tricks to improve her cooking she refuses because she’s “not trying to be a chef”. Her food is often times inedible and it’s frustrating because I’m like why is it so hard to just follow directions. You’re 55 and you still don’t season you meat or sauté veggies first, they’re just rudimentary cooking principles not “being a chef”
She doesn’t work because she has a ministry, empowering other Karen’s to be dumb and tone deaf. She knows I feel this way and it hurts her so much I don’t support her ministry.
She super sensitive which makes her kind of mean. I’m actually kind of scared of her. And I can tell that it hurts her deeply that we don’t have a very good bond and she is always trying to bond with me, and it makes me uncomfortable.
Whenever I get tired or need my space it makes her mad and she takes it personally.
I feel really bad about all of this, because she’s my mom, she raised me, I’m her only child and I know it hurts her. But sometimes I’m like I’m not the one in the wrong. It’s you. You’re behavior pushes me away.
She’s just over all such an insufferable person, and the tension between us is unbearable sometimes.
Just now we were supposed to make dinner together, she was sleeping and I said id start to meal. When I got in the kitchen I was just too tired to start it and just had some leftovers instead, and she came in my room and I could tell she was upset o did that. Because we were supposed to make dinner together.
I think this is a Gen x thing they’re just really unaware and selfish.
Idk I’d love some advice or maybe someone dealing with something similar , I really want to have a better relationship with her.
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2023.03.26 00:20 Milk_Yeah I want to Still like RWBY but...

I have been a massive fan of RWBY for 7 years now. I've watched every episode. Own every book, comic and manga. I've made multiple lifelong friends through the fandom and if I was given the chance to experience it all again I would take it without a second thought.
Unfortunately around a year ago I was hit by the realisation that the show is just not for me anymore. The realisation really hurt me. This is a show I dearly love and hold close to my heart. I remember waiting every summer for the soundtracks to be released so I could understand the show even better than before. I still hold the fond memory of listening to BMBLB for the first time and how it made me feel about myself.
But as I've grown up I started noticing things... I've consumed all sorts of knowledge about the show. Both positive and negative. I've seen things I am not going to discuss here because this post isn't about the scandals of Rooster Teeth and its employees. This is about the show itself and how I personally find it kind of repulsive now.
My journey into this realisation started with Volume 4 release. I watched every episode with joy and a bit of confusion. The plot for me personally made no sense but I was happy anyway because it was RWBY, what more could I want?
Then the confusion only grew with every volume. Still I held on and enjoyed every episode as much as I could. Did I think that Volume 4 and 5 were kind of unnecessary? Yeah. Both of them could have been made into a couple of episodes each and made just as much sense in my opinion.
Then Volumes 6, 7 and 8 happened. The writing in my opinion was better, not perfect but definitely better than before. The Atlas Arc really started delving into the characters motivations and reasoning. It seemed like we were finally going to get some decent character development for Ruby (aka: the main character of the show called RWBY, like come on).
But then 2020 happened and the show stopped for a couple of years. This is the period in which I rewatched the show with a fresh perspective. After not being surrounded by RWBY for 2 years I realised that it is not even close to what I personally saw it as. It wasn't this great massive universe that I could escape into anymore. Instead it was like a buggy game from 2008. Lacklustre and disappointing.
Even still I held out hope that the decent writing will continue in Volume 9 and fix the mess that the rest of the series was in. Unfortunately it did not come to pass.
After I watched the first episode of Volume 9 I knew it isn't going to be working on anything other than fanservice. We were violently ripped away from the universe that the writers built over the span of 8 volumes to be dropped into a completely new and undiscovered "fairytale". The shift was too quick and honestly totally unnecessary.
But because I've invested literally years into this show I wouldn't stop now just because I found the current plot not to my liking. I still enjoyed the possible plot shifts in Remnant even if I found the current setting unappealing.
Yet the more I watch the more I'm finding that it is no longer the show I grew to love. RWBY has changed and I am finding myself mourning the loss of a great universe. The last nail in the coffin for me was the latest episode (v9e6). It not only made no sense with the pacing but the plot threads as well.
To me, this episode was a massive slap in the face. Instead of focusing on Jaune and the traumatic experience he went through we were whisked back and forth from serious plot to a forced Yang and Blake confession (THEY WERE LITERALLY FORCED TO BE TOGETHER).
Everything was happening not because it needed to happen but because they needed the plot to move. That's it.
The mood was all over the place because of that. As a long time Bumblebee shipper I found this "confession" insulting.
Was there no better way of discussing their feelings towards each other? Could we not have had a moment where they weren't forced to do something? Their entire existence seems like a continuous push toward something.
And could we not have had a moment where Jaune acknowledges what happened to him? Yes, he tells the girls about what he did while there but he never actually talks about how hard it was for him. Am I supposed to believe that Jaune, the "I collected cereal boxes and won a hoodie and am never going to take it off ever because this is truly mine and no-one elses" guy, was just fine and dandy? That he wasn't depressed for literal years for basically loosing his life due to his own actions? That he is not even a little bit proud of the place he made for himself even in the worst of circumstances? I don't think so.
And here's the main issue with RWBY for me. The way that it's written is just not realistic. People don't just have one emotion. Worlds don't just have one evil. But RWBY does. And I believe it is going to be it's undoing the further it goes on (if it even does).
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2023.03.26 00:19 flaminhotslimon Naturopath doctor

Has anyone here gone to a naturopath doctor to help support you addisons treatment? I went today and she sent me with a bunch of supplements and some ashwaganda/licorice root concoction to drink. She seemed legit until she said this was curable…. Bc as far as what I know about PAI, that’s not true. She was like, essentially you want to give your adrenals time to heal bc your body is going to attack the steroid not the adrenals…
Idk, def going to continue mainstream docs once I get into endo but figured it was worth a try, even if it leads to nothing but diet help.
Please let me know if you’ve had any experiences
Thank you all for all you are doing. This sub has been the biggest support and I am so grateful for the messages and help.
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2023.03.26 00:19 Feeling_Common3431 A question about Persephone

For context, I’m not Hellenistic and my interest in the gods come from an autistic special interest. I want to be respectful and open-minded, so let me know if I say anything inappropriate I might not be aware of.
In terms of mythology, it seems like Persephone’s only ever been indirectly associated with Spring. Demeter is the one controlling the seasons based on her emotional state, and a lot of Persephone’s connection to flowers seem to relate back to other people creating them rather than Persephone herself (Demeter tasking her to paint/pick flowers and Hades/Zeus creating a flower to trick her, for example). We rarely see myths where she plays a part in said creation of spring, but it seems her ancient cults worshipped Kore/Despoina for vegetation. Do you feel she embodies the title as Goddess of Spring? Or has she just been heavily connected through Demeter and represents death more? Based on her name (and the fact they only worshipped her as a vegetation god in epithets) she doesn’t really seem directly related to Spring.
I’m totally open to be educated, what do you think? I personally think she was supposed to be a goddess of decay.
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2023.03.26 00:19 Lady-Nora An appreciation letter to the Brawl Stars dev team

So, I want to start off by saying that if you're part of the Supercell community, you've likely heard of the upcoming update to Clash Royale and the extremely negative community reception to it, and the lack of communication from the Clash Royale dev team.
I wanted to write this to say that I am impressed with the way you guys have always listened to the playerbase and made changes according to player feedback, unlike the Clash Royale dev team. I quit Clash Royale to start playing Brawl Stars at the time of global release, and have seen firsthand how the game has evolved over the years. I played during the time that Gears were considered the worst feature in the game by far, and saw how the dev team communicated with the community and took steps to fix the issue. I've also seen how they gave us much more compensation than we needed in the update where gears were reworked, gotten all the free gifts from Brawlidays and other events, and watched them revamp the RNG-based progression system to a much more fair and arguably more exciting progression system, and most recently I've been very impressed with the Masteries update and have had more fun with that update than I ever had before in the game.
Your transparency and open communication have been truly remarkable, and it is clear that you have put in a lot of effort to ensure that the game is enjoyable for everyone. While the game is by no means perfect, it is truly impressive to see the way you have taken the community's suggestions and implemented them into the game, constantly improving upon its gameplay, progression, and overall user experience.
Once again, thank you u/Frank_Supercell, u/Dani_Supercell, and Paula (I forgot what her Reddit username was lol) for listening to your community and for all the hard work that you have put in to make Brawl Stars such a great game. I look forward to seeing what else the dev team has in mind for the game, and I am excited to continue playing and supporting it!
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2023.03.26 00:19 ChristopherCFuchs The Rale Guardians of Romidna

As you walk through the castle galleries, you see a painting that has The Rale Guardians of Romidna written on the frame. You remember reading about this place in Master Arasemis’s library. Romidna is part of Spardo Aria, a sacred island that the Ovelians believe is owned by one of their gods. Romidna is a holy place where all crimes are forbidden, especially murder and theft. All Ovelians may come and go from Romidna as they wish, and all food is free for short stays. Housing is also free, but one can only live there by petitioning the king.
Like the other islands of Spardo, Romidna competes for the greatest and most opulent shrines and monuments to the various Ovelian deities. But because it is a holy island, Romidna stands apart. Some of its temples took centuries to construct, and some even date back to the first temples built by the Caribani tribe. Among the most peculiar temples is a small, egg-shaped one that honors the god Rale, built in a mossy forest of larch trees. You notice a painting of the Rale temple nearby.
Context: This WIP takes place in the world of Earthpillar, where the Earth has evolved differently with new continents and peoples, but metals and other materials have alternative properties, and some technologies appear earlier. Thorendor Castle is occupied by the secretive Order of the Candlestone. Emperors and kings thought it had been buried long ago, the grim deeds of its assassins forgotten and its dangerous alchemy shunned. But Arasemis, an eccentric warrior-scholar, is determined to revive the Order and return the continent to its primitive origins, if he can control his apprentices. Among the training courses for his students are lessons about history and geography like Romidna. More at Earthpillar
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2023.03.26 00:18 SB_west Dangerously high BP? 32g daily dose?! Help

Hi All, just joined the sub. 50M, always been pretty fit, visited the Dr every few years because 'nothing was wrong'. Fast forward to Dec2022, my daughter just turned two, I visit my GP and and tell him I'd like to be around for my kids as long as possible, pls help me. Full blood panel and ECG test. His receptionist calls me, "he wants you to come in. Not as in today right now, but this week". Apparently the cardiologist who interpreted my ECG noted a 'marked' spike in blood pressure and heart rate, "this guy is exceptional, he never talks like that". At my Dec visit we had talked about going on a statin because of borderline cholesterol concerns, but he is putting that on hold and prescribed what he said was "an entry level dose" of Candesartan. The pharmacist has concerns about the "unusually high" 32g daily dose, asks if I've been taking it a long time to which I reply no, it's new. She calls my Dr to confirm it isn't a typo. It isn't. She reluctantly fills the prescription.
She also recommends getting a blood pressure reader for home and asks if I know how to use one, I don't and ask her to show me (it's Costco and they have a room for testing). Looks at my results, yes your reading is pretty high.
Some readings, just fyi, taken at rest. Just starting down this road, would welcome any input.
My biggest question atm...should I be concerned about a Candesartan 32g/day starting dose? Side effects? I met someone who says he was eventually able to wean himself off high blood pressure meds by not drinking, changing diet esp high fibre intake, exercise, reducing stress. Is this possible?
Thank you all in advance.
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2023.03.26 00:18 RevolutionaryLow18 Possible Melanoma?

Possible Melanoma?
Hi everyone, About 6 months ago i had a mark show up on the side of my foot. No injury, not itchy, just there. Since then i’ve developed more. There’s 5 marks in total, spread across both legs/feet. I’ve tried hydrocortisone cream, and it’s been swabbed for yeast and bacteria and come back negative. Blood has been tested and came back with B-12 deficiency. I’ve noticed hair loss in the areas and on my scalp. All marks started non itchy, but the 2 biggest ones have become itchy over the last month and painful (feels like hundreds of tiny needles pricking my skin). Currently waiting on a biopsy, but dermatology where i live has such a long wait list. So i thought i’d throw them up here and see if anyone else can throw some ideas in. From my research I’m worried they may be Amelanotic Melanoma. I’m 19F with a neurological condition (IIH), blonde/ginger hair, super pale skin and blue eyes if that helps at all. Thanks :)
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2023.03.26 00:18 Max7W AITA for threatening to evict my flatmate for gaining too much weight?

I (24M) live in an apartment that I inherited from my grandma. One of my flatmates, let’s call her Anna (30F) has continuously gained a lot of weight since moving in.
A while ago Anna rapidly gained more weight at once. I wouldn’t care since it’s her life and her body. She’s a pleasant person to live with and I have nothing negative to say about her as a person. And while I care for her as a person I didn’t even address it under the pretence of concern cause my diet consists of cigarettes and energy drinks so I don’t think I’m the one to talk here, plus I think she’s aware and it’s not my place to say anything.
Around the same time though I noticed cracks in a tile. At first I thought maybe it was old or badly placed. But then over time I noticed more and more cracked tiles in different rooms
The Tiler I had come over didn’t know what might cause the tiles to crack until Anna came home from work and walked through the door. Apparently tiles have a weight limit and cracked under Anna’s weight. It makes sense cause I’ve never cracked a tile and they never cracked before.
This is very awkward but I approached Anna and told her the issue. She was embarrassed and upset. I told her that if she doesn’t get her weight under control she can’t live here.
She broke down and said she has an eating disorder and can’t just get over it and that this is caused by her feeling overwhelmed and this pressure makes it worse. So I told her in that case I need to evict her. Today I gave her an eviction notice.
We live in a big city with a housing crisis. She panicked and locked herself to cry all day. My friend told me I’m making her homeless because overweight people have less chances to find housing cause of discrimination. I honestly have no idea but my friends told me I am overreacting, that the tiles aren’t as important and that I’m fatphobic. My sister said that I can’t imagine how hard it is to struggle with weight and that what I am expecting the impossible from her.
But since the apartment belonged to my grandparents, the whole place is sentimental to me cause my grandma was my safe place growing up and so the energy of this place is healing to me. My grandma was deported from her tribe and a lot of the features in the apartment are connected to her culture and irreplaceable, including the tiles. I’ve been through a lot and this has always been my haven so I don’t want more tiles to break.
I can see how this may be selfish but I am not over the loss of my grandma and for some reason thinking about her home falling apart cause of Anna makes me deeply sad. To be fair I’ve always been naturally thin and maybe I really don’t understand the struggle or the discrimination you get for being overweight so, if I am the asshole, please let me know. Anna is a good person, if I am being unfair to her, tell me if you think that I’m the asshole here.
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2023.03.26 00:18 alicso Hip dysplasia and mild bilateral tears in CCLs

We have an 11ish month old shelter pup (GSDxcattle dogxgreat pyrxhusky)—we adopted her in August and are absolutely in love with her. She’s truly the only reason I get out of bed in the morning.
Recently we noticed that after walks, she would get a limp in her hind legs that would go away by the next morning, so we took her into the vet to her checked out. Verdict is as the title says, hip dysplasia on left side only and both CCLs need repair. From the imaging everything looks relatively mild/early stage but I’m not an expert and am waiting to receive the imaging so that I share here. When she hasn’t been walked she is her usual bouncy self with no limping, though we have been strictly making sure she has been as inactive as possible in the meantime.
We are waiting for two consultations from different orthopedic surgeons and I have just been an absolute wreck going down the internet rabbit hole about these conditions.
We’ll get whatever surgeries we need, we are not worried about the cost, though we know it’s going to be a lot of money (5 figures based on googling but haven’t received any official estimates yet).
I guess my question is—what is the best outcome here? For the hip I want to opt for a total replacement if it means a more permanent quality of life improvement. I know nothing about the torn CCL’s and what procedures they use for that. What is the “standard” procedure and outcome for this?
Has anything else been through something similar that’s able to provide a snapshot of what the outcome was like? I’m absolutely devastated (crying nonstop about everything). All I want her to be happy and pain free. She’s so young and has her whole life ahead of her.
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2023.03.26 00:18 Separate_Repair_901 Can’t find anything.

For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the anime or its characters. All I remember is that it is a slice of life where the main female character is shy, has blue hair with a curl on top, and likes the main male character. And that one of the episodes is a sort of fantasy dream where she is a cat that knocks down part of a castle wall just by touching it. Any help would be appreciated.
I have tried every google search i can think of to find a single image of the character to proceed from there but I can’t find anything after over an hour of searching.
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2023.03.26 00:18 drunksouls69 I have banned my stalker for using alt accounts, not because I didn't like him.

Short version of the story.
Me and a dude got into an argument over something that was originally just a meme anyway. It wasn't even a serious debate.
He didn't like the way it went. So he started following me and commenting on my posts with very obvious alt accounts to try to make himself look like people agree with him. He was also manipulating the votes on things and it was so obviously unnatural.
It was originally other users who pointed out to me he was manipulating things with alt accounts.
Yes he was actually using alts. It was painfully obvious. I asked a bunch of other people if I was tripping and everyone agrees he was using alts and he was careless. These were accounts that never had a comment or post in their entire lifespan, only for their first ever interaction to be a comment on below his confirming what he's saying.
Other people have seen the Alts and I do have screenshots.
This is why I banned him. Manipulating arguments by cheating is scummy and cringe. If he does it to me, he will do it to you.
But instead of accepting responsibility, he ran to eldenringpvp . You know, the sub where nobody actually likes PVP and it's full of mostly gankers from eldenring
Yeah, he went there and lied out his ass. Told everybody I banned him because I just didn't like him. Denied any use of alts despite multiple people pointing out and confirming he was using alts.
The people at ERPVP already hate me because I've been an open critic of the sub and it's users for a long time, same as you. It's a cesspit. He knew by going there he could rial up a handful of people against me. I think it's mostly just him downvoting my posts with alts though.
And like, yeah now I'm getting brigaded by his alts and probably people from ERPVP too.
So yeah, that's the crux of this drama. Every time I post my response to this it gets a bunch of upvotes, but Ithen randomly drops to zero abruptly. It's almost like someone is using a mob or alts to manipulate the votes so no one will see the post. Hmm.
I bet someone who has already been caught using alts 3 separate times shamelessly would never do that.
But yeah, that's why I banned the guy.
It wasn't for the reason he said. And he cheated the system to manipulate things and make it look like he was winning anyway so I have no remorse. He deserved it.
You should have seen the modmail. It was unhinged. He raved for 2 hours straight.
I just had to get this out here. He lied about the entire situation in a sub where he knew people already didn't like me. I don't think many people bought into it, atleast not any who matter. I'm still dealing with brigading and having to block alt accounts though.
He wanted to portray me as a tyrannical mod when in reality he tried to game the system and that's why he's gone.
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2023.03.26 00:17 raikachu96 Is projecting from a waking state more "authentic" than projecting from a lucid dream?

I've had nearly 100 projection experiences over the past 2 years. All but one have been through lucid dreaming. My go-to technique is to launch myself into the air like a rocket until I feel myself "separate" and find myself in an identical copy of my home (after the initial blindness wears off)
I've noticed a lot of cognitive noise overlying my experience. I know that some amount is normal, but it's excessive to the point that my experiences feel more like underwhelming lucid dreams to me
In my last projection a couple of days ago, I was walking through my house with the blindness still a factor and tried to trans-locate myself somewhere else before my vision cured. It didn't seem to be working. Instead, I lost the sense of knowing where I was, and when my vision did return I was in a new non-lucid dream. This is what really made me stop and wonder why my experiences are like this
Compare this to the one time I APed from the waking state. It just felt... pure. It actually seemed like I was in the real-time zone described by Robert Bruce, and I was filled with this feeling of deep love and connection to everything. When I returned to my body, I did so without any lapse in consciousness, which has never the case with my LD projections. This was a one-off experience 18 months ago
It's led me to wonder if doing it starting from a waking state causes a better experience?
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2023.03.26 00:17 No-Swordfish-8982 How do I love myself when my family doesn't?

I (F) am turning 30 this year and I still have a lot of trauma that was caused by my family that still affects me to this day and I don't know what to do about it at this point. Although, I'm still figuring things out, I may be part of a narcissistic family but I'm not fully certain. I've been confused about it for years now and I still go back and forth sometimes. I'll try to summarize as best as I can.
I used to be really close with my older brothers (now 37 and 40) when I was a child. I was the youngest sibling until I was 14 when my mother became pregnant with my sister. Prior to my sister being born, we hung out together all the time and they were emotionally supportive as well. They genuinely felt like my big brothers and I spent a lot of time playing video games, watching cartoons, and doing normal sibling stuff that kids did back in the 90s.
Eventually, they joined the military for their own reasons, one of which being to get away from my strict parents. They enlisted at different times and went into different branches of the military. Even at the time, I was around 11 years old and I understood and supported their reasons. My parents' marriage was rocky and it was tough to deal with their dysfunctional relationship. My mother being toxic was also a huge contributing factor.
My mother took out an Amazon credit card in my name when I was 19, maxed it out, made it go 90 days past due. It almost went into collections but my father and I discovered the bill in the mail one day. My father was pissed at my mother but he ended up paying the whole thing in full. Me, being 19, I was afraid of not being able to make it on my own. I was afraid of what the potential consequences of standing up to my mother would bring. I felt like if I stood up to her, she would kick me out and because I had no friends, I would be homeless with no where to go and I would have to drop out of college. Because of that fear, I didn't take legal action against her. Something I still regret not doing.
I found out she did the same thing to my Marine brother and he did not talk to her for almost a year. My mother played the victim at the time and called his girlfriend asking why my brother wasn't speaking to her.
As for my other brother, the Airmen: He met a girl when he was stationed in Utah. We were all raised Catholic but she wasn't and my mother had a problem with that. She intervened so many times to try and get them to have a "normal Catholic marriage" or get the marriage blessed by a priest. My now sister-in-law doesn't speak to any of us, isolates her children from us, and I haven't seen my oldest brother since my Marine brother's wedding. (5 years ago) I text him happy birthday and happy veterans day but two years in a row, he hasn't wish me a happy birthday.
Basically, my mother's actions have caused a rift in our family and I can't move on. I can't accept it. I feel so much anger towards my mother. I feel anger towards my brothers for abandoning me. It's actually poisoning me and turning me into a bitter person. I've tried dealing with it through medication, therapy, self-help books, meditation, yoga, endless research on psychological concepts like the narcissistic family and how to deal with them (Doctor Ramani, Jordan Peterson, etc.), how to love and trust people again, how to be independent and not care what others think, etc. I've spent so much time and money on trying to fix myself. The haunting thoughts of my family not caring about me or not making me a priority in their life at all holds me back from a lot of happiness because it just breaks my heart so much to the point where it distracts me from daily activities and makes me scared to take risks. I'm afraid to trust other people, open up to people, etc.
In terms of my father, we have a pretty decent relationship. He worked overtime to send me to a college prep high school. He was a hydraulics mechanic working out in the cold sometimes during the recession of '08. He showed up to my high school graduation when my mother didn't. He helped me move when no one else did. He's very smart with cars and he still helps me out with mine. He's always been a great Dad and has always been there for me. However, seeing him means seeing my mother.
Idk, I guess I'm just looking for comfort or words of wisdom or maybe someone has been through something similar so I just don't feel so damn alone and unloved anymore.

TLDR: My family trauma still haunts me after all these years and despite seeking professional help, I still feel like I'm on a hamster wheel, mentally.
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2023.03.26 00:17 tarotito Being quick with my parents after a long day?

Hello everyone Today has been a long day for me today. I've been with my parents all day and after evening mass i got home and started unloading groceries. My parents asked if I was mad and i told them no just tired,and while putting up some detergent my mom comes behind me with a box,i ask her quickly if it need to be put up too,since I'm having a hard time moving some stuff already. She says yeah and i begrudgingly take it and put it up.
Have i violated the commandment to honor and my parents? And if I did is it a mortal sin? (I've read that when it comes to this subject it could be either mortal or venial)
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