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2019.04.05 18:05 zethicus ChaChaRealSmooth

Take it back now y'all One hop this time, right foot let's stomp Left foot let's stomp, cha cha now y'all Now it's time to get funky To the right now, to the left Take it back now y'all One hop this time, one hop this time Right foot two stomps, left foot two stomps Slide to the left, slide to the right Criscross, criscross Cha cha real smooth Let's go to work

2023.03.26 00:24 Material_Signature60 please dont be mean its my first fanart

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2023.03.26 00:24 Virtual_Walrus3149 [REQUEST] [NINTENDO SWITCH] £15 Gift Card

Hello everyone! I'm here asking for a Nintendo gift card which will be used on Undertale. Why do I want this game? Undertale is a game I've only seen, not played, and from what i can tell it looks like a great game, of which people have told me im missing out on which from what i can tell i definitely am. I honestly don't mind not getting it, I just thought it'd be worth a shot to ask. I'm also looking forward to seeing the character's personalities, since from the YouTube play through I watched they all looked to have a unique charm to themselves and would just like to see it more. I've only seen around ~30 minutes of gameplay but it looks great and the art style is definitely unique. I've played through deltarune which is like a sequel to it since it's free and couldn't get enough of it, hence why im making this post.
How come I can't get it?
I'll be frank - I'm broke. I don't currently work atm because i literally just finished school so im looking for a job right now but it's not going great.
Thank you for reading this, it means a lot, thank you for even givin me the opportunity to get this game considering I've been wanting it for a while now, definitely one of the better games I've seen, or what I've seen of it. Thanks for this, guys, you're the best :)
PS: My friend code is SW-2363-3776-7212
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2023.03.26 00:24 Vavanini28 Advice for a disagreement

Hello everyone,
I (F30, Aspie) have been having a disagreement with my partner (M33, presumably NT). I wanted to know what you thought of the situation and if our difference in opinion is due to neurodivergence.
My father-in-law gave me a 200$ check for Christmas. I only got around to cash it three weeks ago (I know, I’m terrible). For context, my FIL is not struggling with money, so for him, giving me 200$ did not cause any sort of issue.
On March 9th, I learned that my bank turned down the check.
I thought it was only because of the current date being too late (the date on the check was December 24th) and so the check expiring. So in my head it was just ‘a technicality’. I told my partner that his father’s check did not work. I thought he would just ask his father to write me a new one with a new, recent date. But my partner refused, even knowing about the date. I said I would just ask my FIL directly then, and then to prevent me from doing that, he e-transferred me 200$ so I could shut up and he got super mad, even going that far as to sleeping in his study room with his door locked and refusing to talk to me. It made me sad and I cried.
Before him refusing to talk to me though, we discussed the situation. - His reasoning was the following: I should just let go of this money, because it wasn’t money that he owed me. It was just a gift. I should just accept that I wouldn’t receive it and move on. - My reasoning was the following: yes my bad for cashing it late, but hey, the intention of my FIL was to give me money, he decided himself to sign that piece of paper, the reason why it got denied is after all a technicality. When someone gives you a physical gift, and you have a gift receipt, and it turns out the object is defective, you don’t just sit around anxiously saying "It’s a gift, I have to suck it up, I’m not morally allowed to go to the store and get a properly-working one"; no, you go to the store and exchange it!! Well in this situation asking for a newer check is the equivalent of showing up to the store with your gift receipt.
I recently learned that the reason why the check was declined was that the account belonged to a deceased person (my MIL) so it had nothing to do with the date. In other words, even if I had cashed it in December, it would’ve been denied anyway. I asked my partner if he would’ve found it acceptable to ask his father about the denied check in December rather than in March (in other words, if the timing had something to do with it). He said no. He said it’s still a gift. It’s still money that he did not owe me. That he did not have any obligation to give me this amount.
I thought we were ok with ‘agree to disagree’ on this topic; however, yesterday I had an unrelated fight with my partner and he told me he can’t shake that up. It’s been eating at him since March 9th (the day I asked him to tell his dad for a new check).
I truly want y’all’s opinion on the matter. Who is wrong and who is right here? Is it because I’m ND and he’s not? Is it because I had a messed up upbringing and he did not? Is it a cultural difference (his family is Italian, mine is basic white North American)? Please help me out.
Thank you and sorry for the length. 💜
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2023.03.26 00:24 dianaofthestars Discord Notice

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2023.03.26 00:24 FlyGuy_2000 Question about crypto, gold, and capital gains/loss.

I've been having difficulty trying to determine how I go about reporting tax correctly, or if I even need to in this situation. In 2021, I purchased 2 ETH when it was around $3,000 each. In December 2022, I decided to use the ETH to purchase gold via an online precious metals dealer. ETH was only worth around $1,225 at that time, while gold was around $1,730/oz. I purchased 1.3 ozt worth of gold bullion with the 2 ETH. Last week I sold the 1.3 ozt of gold in a private sale for $2,600.
My question is, since my original ETH cost was $6,000, do I now get to report a $3,400 capital loss? Or would the loss be calculated at the time I converted the ETH to gold so $6,000 original cost, and ETH to gold was at $2,250 (loss $3,750), and then a separate capital gain for gold from buy $2,250 to sell $2,600 (gain $350)? Or do I even have to report the gold transaction?
Sorry this is pretty confusing and I'm at wits end with 2022 taxes coming up. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.03.26 00:23 Vermillion_2000 Casual Chat

Hi,hope you all are doing well. Well I have nothing better to do right now, is someone available for a casual chat?
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2023.03.26 00:23 aclink33 Job market for cyber from America

How likely are companies out in Dubai willing to hire well qualified people from the States? Seems pretty hard to get out there right now
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2023.03.26 00:23 Edeng6 F4A Welcome to Aria! (Fantasy, Adventure)

*It was a rainy,gray sunday morning. Lately you've been thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone Yeah,Screw this work-work balance! You're not built for that!
Maybe a career change? maybe you should finally give it a go -chase your dreams? is that too childish? maybe you should go and study something you love? that's never too late Maybe-
So many thoughts lingered through your mind on that fateful day as you 'unfortunately' stepped on an open manhole and slipped right in Everything turned pitch black as the entrance seemed to grow more distant. Enveloped by darkness, you panicked then realized ...that you've been freefalling for a few minutes now in the void. Just how deep was this hole?
Like out of a fantasy novel - you found yourself suddenly out of that dark hole, surrounded by beautiful bright sky, the view was alot to take in You could see colossal mountains in the distance a forest at the east, A city that's built like something you've never seen before, this clearly wasn't anything modern..and you were falling straight towards it ..! and - uh...two suns?! underground? how is this even possible?
An aura enveloped your body and guided your way safely into the middle of an open ,grassy field. It was an unfamiliar,yet warm feeling . You somehow landed unharmed. As the dust slowly cleared you could hear whispers at the far back, Infront of you she stood - Long silvery hair, mesmerizing blue eyes. Nothing you've ever seen before. then you noticed that there were quite a few others behind her, They all had the same uniform like they attended College together. And you couldn't help but notice - they all had silver hair
"A-A human?! with dark hair?"
Almost everyone were awestruck at your presence,and at the never seen before dark hair colour
Whenever you liked it or not - this was the beginning of your new life, If you wanted to step out of your comfort've did an outstanding job of achieving that.
Hey! Thank you so much for reading! I'm F 22 if it matters :) So if this was a bit confusing I'll clear it up a bit-
You've been thrown Into a new world! filled with magic elements,and in the medieval era, and you've been summoned to be my character's Familliar! Now this is a big event for her because:
1)A Familiar is tied to you forever
2)There's never been a recorded case of a human being summoned- let alone one with such strange features.
In terms of how the story goes from there, I have a basic permise but I'd LOVE to worldbuild with you! I'm not planning to GM, I'd like us both to advance the story,add twists,introduce characters and have a great time together
If you liked this premise, and want to be thrown into this magical new world ,shoot me a message! Note: Try to be creative c:.. "Hey,lets RP" Is a tad boring!
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2023.03.26 00:23 Elliot1210 I’m so tired.

I feel like I can never win. As soon as a get a glimpse of happiness, it gets pulled away. I’m so tired of trying - I don’t know what to do. I SH in middle school and had ideation and intent. And now for the first time in 20 years, I’m having ideation again of wanting to die.
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2023.03.26 00:23 Historical_Oven7806 Not sure about my "next steps"?

Greetings! So, I just graduated with an MBA in Healthcare Administration late last year. I worked for an company for 5-6 years before leaving them in early this year for a healthcare management position....I worked for a doctor's private practice for a few weeks and that didnt work out. One....I was hired as an Office Manager, but doing "worker-bee" related stuff, and there was conflict between the two physician owners of the practice....where one told you one thing and one told you another........I put my two weeks in early Feb and they let me go. I needed to put my mental health first.....
Now, my resume has the last job I worked ending Jan 2023....I have been getting interviews but they arent the right fit. Something doesnt sit right with me about the hiring manager, or something said in interviews.....or something I find out on Glassdoor.......I don't have any management experience, but I was a Team Leader for a year in one of my positions in the previous company. I am also a leader in my local Toastmasters chapter as an Area Director.
I am being told in interviews, "we are looking for someone with a bit more management exp"....and I sell myself on my leadership style, experience....and that doesnt always work. Or I apply for entry level jobs like Admin Clinic Specialist or Front Desk Senior Rep in a hospital......and I get told "this would not be a step up for you".....or "we feel you are overqualified".
I am a little confused on what to do. I am getting to the 3 month gap on a resume, and I am a little worried on how if I don't find something soon, itll come back to bite me......should I take the entry level hospital desk jobs and network and work my way up.....or hold off a bit longer???
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2023.03.26 00:23 According_Whole_6758 Ordered smut on my parents card

i just accidentally ordered a really smutty book on amazon and instead of my gift card i think i put it on my parent's credit card. i cancelled the order (its kindle so digital) but I'm still super scared they will find it. does anyone know if they can see it or if i can do anything more?? pls help I'm so scared right now
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2023.03.26 00:23 Ooester My partner could never understand. I feel so alone.

My partner has experienced me cry uncontrollably, at the most random of times. He has listened to me talk about how I feel no sense of direction, and how my life feels sad and I am not happy. I have a lower libido and lately due to other life stressors, have not been interested in initiating sex or reciprocating with his initiation.
He told me the other day that he hates to see me so sad, and that it’s hard for him to understand/ is confusing.
When i’m feeling low, I shut myself out and cannot even verbalize with words, often I just cry. I feel it right now, like how do I help him understand, and why would he put up with this facet of my being. What makes it all worth it? I just don’t get it and lose faith in it and myself.
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2023.03.26 00:23 US-President Only real men have broken a bone

Thats right, I said it, if you havent broken bone can you really call yourself a real man? I got stuck in a ladder when I was 4 and snapped my leg off by somehow getting twisted almost fully around, walked like 15 meters on it with the help of my mom and then the doctor didnt think it was broke at first so he grabbed it and yanked it around a bit. Would dare to say my leg got stronger from it, not like you weak legged sissys who havent even broke a leg yet and had it heal stronger then ever.
Now bring it on, give me your best, I drink a lot of milk so your weak insults wont bother me
(Story is real, rest is satire ofc)
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2023.03.26 00:23 UnDead_Ted Apokaradokia

One of my newest forms of joy has been streaming Elevation Church and listening to Steven Furtick speak. Today, when searching for a message that would continue what God had stirred my heart for today in service I came upon one of Furtick’s messages called “Are You Headed in the Right Direction?”. With a totally a different viewpoint, I clicked the link expecting another message to be heard. But again, God’s sarcastic voice redirected my eyes.
Furtick presented the idea that Paul, in Philippians, was writing to the church of Philippi from prison. Paul is encouraging them, not to give up or stop because he was chained, but that He will continue to rejoice. When Paul was addressing the church he was trying to explain the type of hope that he had for the future. He couldn’t find a word in his vocabulary to explain how eager this was so he made up a new word to capture his meaning. The word in the Greek is Apokaradokia.
![img](3c8ry4pcyypa1 "APO- meaning to turn away from; to intentionally ignore. KARA- literally translating to the word for head. DOKIA- which is best described as stretching forward. Apokaradokia, in literal translation, means: stretching the head forward in the opposite direction. ")
The best way I can describe it is starting with your head to the right and when something takes your gaze off of Jesus, you turn your head completely to the left. You intentionally change your focus, ignoring whatever is stealing it.
The next step is to stretch your head forward. Physically. Reaching out to what is in front of you. Forgetting what happened in your past. I love what Pastor Steven says: “Your head is so far up your past, you won’t ever see your future.”
Friends, as Paul encouraged Philippi, so I encourage you. Strive for what’s ahead. In the right direction. Progress comes with effort and direction. Be intentional in your focus and when you find yourself looking too far to the left, reposition. Finally, reach (like a giraffe, if necessary) to what’s ahead of you.
Apokaradokia. In the good times. In the bad times. Apokaradokia. To your temptations. your jealousies, your desires. Apokaradokia. In everything. So that, like Paul, we may too be enchained but rejoice.


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2023.03.26 00:22 teslamotorsarchive ARCHIVE - Tesla vision park assist accuracy - pretty inaccurate for time being in garage. Still gonna rely on wall marking for now. (And of course, i got the semi in garage as most of other users)

Tesla vision park assist accuracy - pretty inaccurate for time being in garage. Still gonna rely on wall marking for now. (And of course, i got the semi in garage as most of other users)
Submitted March 25, 2023 at 06:29PM by parth017
via /teslamotors ---- Content:
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2023.03.26 00:22 _liminal_ Questions about contact dermatitis due to unknown allergies

I’ll start by saying I have an appt with an allergist in 2 weeks to do some testing, but while I’m waiting:
2 weeks ago, I broke out in a rash that has been diagnosed as contact dermatitis. The doctor said it’s likely I came into contact with an allergen at a hotel I visited that weekend. It’s been incredibly painful and itchy and honestly a nightmare, but things are settling down now. My question:
Is it normal for this type of reaction to spread to new body areas, even after I’m no longer in contact with the allergen?
The rash started on my forearms, spread to my stomach and jaw, and the last few days is affecting both cheeks. It’s mostly healed except for my cheeks at this point.
Does a continued spreading of the reaction mean I’m still in contact with the offending allergen, or is this somewhat typical? This is the first time this has happened to me, so it’s all very perplexing!
I’ve done all the recommended things- washed everything I had with me that weekend, taking Claritin + Pepcid in the day, Benadryl at night. Using hydrocortisone ointment + Aquaphor + cool showers only + cold compresses.
Thanks!! :-)
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2023.03.26 00:22 Historical-Soil2163 What do I do about the "Tablet Driver Not Found" error?

I have done the command prompt scan, as well as reinstalled my Wacom Intuous' (CTL-6100WL) driver countless times.
The error tends to pop up every now and then after I reboot my computer.
I have a Windows system.
Please also note that I do not unplug my tablet unless I am going to play VRChat lol. It stays plugged in basically every day, nearly all the time.
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2023.03.26 00:22 BGMom-22 Big awarenesses while listening to AW podcasts

Ok, I have no one to talk to about this who Gets it...First , I've been doing the c j and HMDS daily and have removed most No foods and brought in the healing ones . Bad brain fog from 'long haul ' after bad virus is leaving . I see driving again in my near future ! Thanks be to God .
I've been avoiding the Liver podcasts but I'm ready , even the Emotional Liver one ....phew ...some of this is hard to face , looking back, right?
I'm facing it square on . In a nutshell ,50 years ago I was given terrible drugs and electroshock treatments for 3 years ( as RX for childhood trauma for God's sake) in hospitals ...they brought on a very sick and emotional liver and brain damage as I understand now , and a lifetime of 'autoimmune' doctors etc etc. Extra blamed as a head case , now the current narrative - I'm not manifesting properly - he even addresses that one!
I love that AW says over and over 'it's not your fault. ' What a ride ....But truly my life had to go deep into spiritual growth , a blessing in many ways . And now here with the Medical Medium and you all , it's amazing and Thankyou !
If anyone wants to share how this MM journey is waking up truth about your lives , how you're handling that please do . ❤️🙏
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2023.03.26 00:22 glancesurreal 'Don't compare Suryakumar Yadav with Sanju Samson…': Kapil Dev shuts critics, backs captain Rohit, coach Dravid

'Don't compare Suryakumar Yadav with Sanju Samson…': Kapil Dev shuts critics, backs captain Rohit, coach Dravid
"A cricketer who has played so well will always get more chances. Don't compare Surya with Sanju Samson, it doesn't seem right. If Sanju goes through a bad phase then you will talk about somebody else. This should not happen. If the team management has decided to back Suryakumar Yadav then he should be given more chances. Yes, people will talk, give their opinion but ultimately it's the management's call"
"It's very easy to talk after the match is finished. Maybe the idea behind sending Suryakumar at No.7 was to give him an opportunity as a finisher. This (shuffling of the batting order) is nothing new in ODIs. This has happened many times before. Yes, at times it can happen that a batter's confidence is dented if he has been dragged down the order. But the onus rests on the player to tell his captain that 'I can handle myself in the top order.' The coach and captain must have taken the decision with particular thinking"
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2023.03.26 00:22 bringnothingtothetbl Ghost Rec Question For Recruiters

I was flipping through YouTube and there is a recruiter who's channel I follow. He was talking about ghost recs, how to spot them, and reasons why.
I'm not looking nor complaining, I'm just curious. How many companies are posting ghost recs right now in your experience? Does your company knowingly post them? Why?
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2023.03.26 00:22 Almelostcontrol Progesterone??

¿when is the right time to start progesterone?
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2023.03.26 00:22 runewarlock Its certainly been a weekend of practicing patient with Reddit and now this.. but for Jessica Lily my patience is pretty much endless I think. Got to give them time to get used to yet another new update 🤗

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