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Just had this idea so this is in progress. This is a sub to discuss vaporizer battery technology. Including ecig batteries, herbal/loose leaf tobacco vapes, and essential oil pen vapes. The discussion of any type of battery that could be used in a vape is allowed.

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Ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to Juul again? Maybe not, regardless, this is your home for all things Juul and vape related!

2023.05.30 01:09 Cosmic-Force Setting up a 1.18.2 modded forge server on a M1 mac (NEED HELP)

So I tried installing forge for a 1.18.2 server and it gives me the files "library", "run.bat", "", and "user_jvm_args.txt". This is where I get stuck because I'm used to the installer giving me a forge server and a regular minecraft server where I make my own "start.command" and run it from the forgeserver.jar file. I followed online instructions on how to get the "" file to work and I used "chmod a+x ( file path)" and when I launch it it just says "Error: could not open `user_jvm_args.txt'" and closes. Someone, (anyone) pls help! <3
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2023.05.30 01:08 beezleeboob Conditional limit order canceled due to "disruptive" limit price (Interactive Brokers) [help!]

Hoping someone can help me with this.
I placed a limit order for 0dte SPX call options this past Friday. The limit price I used was twice the previous days ending price because I'm aware of how volatile these types of options can be and how wide the price swings can go. This was a conditional order based on a price target I'd identified for another equity.
When I saw that my condition had been hit, I checked to see what fill price I received only to receive a notice that my order had been cancelled. I reached out to IB's customer support and received a reply that "the order was hardcanceled by the exchange as it considered it a disruptive order". I had this issue with TD not filling my orders and switched to IB some years ago and now it seems like they're doing the same thing TD used to do.
The upshot is that I missed out on a gain of over 100% for the timeframe I planned to hold the option. Does anyone know of a broker that can handle high limit orders? Alternately, does anyone know of the maximum above current price in % that your limit order can be for IB?
I guess if push came to shove, I may have to actually babysit my trades, but I prefer not to do that as it tends to lead me to overtrade.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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2023.05.30 01:07 l1bra23 buyer sourcing for their shop from my depop?

hi! just wanted to share this story and ask for opinions. I have a fairly large depop account with some frequent buyers, one in particular buys from my depop CONSTANTLY. like multiple times a month and has probably spent well over two thousand dollars on my depop at this point. the buyer seems super sweet so sometimes I throw in some extra pieces that I think she will like just to share the love. recently she ordered a custom style bundle from me, and I gave her about 3x the amount I would give a normal buyer just as a thank you for how supportive she is and how much business she's given me. I saw one of my photos today as I was looking for items to buy on depop and thought it was strange because I knew that item had been sold already. then I find out, its this buyer! she's been reselling all the items I gave her in her style bundle and 95% of the items she's bought from my account, some of them so recent that I can't imagine she's even gotten wear out of them. on some of the posts she's stolen my photos, on some she's taken her own photos. I'm just so confused LOL. I understand a repop every once in a while when something doesn't fit you (most of us have done this before), but buying like 100 things from someone and reselling them all? is she using my depop to stock her own depop? she's selling them at around the same prices that I do so she wouldn't be making much profit if any at all. just so strange to me. part of me thinks that once she's purchased them they're her items to do what she wants with (and I'm still making money so it doesn't matter) but the other part feels weird/uncomfortable that she's just gonna keep buying my stuff to sell on her page. do I just let it go because she's given me tons of business? or say something to her the next time she buys an item? not really sure what to do because this has never happened to me in 7 years on the app lolz

TLDR: buyer buys tons of stuff from me and turns around to resell them all at the same price and I don't get it
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2023.05.30 01:07 Fluffy_Ad6541 I(21f) found out my bf(24m) downloaded tinder after a big fight. We have been dating for 4 years.

Well guys I found out my bf downloaded tinder after we had a huge fight. I made a post about my suspicions a few days ago to this subreddit. I found a draft in his emails that was to tinder. A lot of people in that post said he could’ve been deleting old tinder emails accidentally hit reply to one but didn’t delete the draft. The tinder draft was made on may 10th and 2 days prior on may 8th, we got into huge fight that resulted in us not seeing each other for a few days.
I didn’t want to ask him about the email right away because him and I were having a nice weekend get away and I didn’t want to ruin the mood. I also just felt like I wasn’t mentally ready to hear the truth.
I texted him after I woke up today and said we need to talk about something I discovered a few days ago and it was serious. He texted back and said he already knew what I was talking about because he seen my google searches and Reddit post. He started off by saying he had no idea how that draft got there and was just as shocked and confused as me. But I pressed on with my evidence. I told him that that email doesn’t magically pop into his drafts and it had to have gotten there somehow. I told him the only realistic way it would’ve gotten there is if he got an email from tinder and accidentally hit reply. He denied everything. He denied getting tinder emails. He denied getting tinder. He even denied using his email account. He then started blaming me. He said I must put that email to tinder in his drafts by snooping on his phone and then forgot about it(even though there wasn’t any tinder emails in his email account period). I pointed out the fact that we weren’t with each other that day because we got into a fight and it happened at 2am when I was asleep. I knew at this point he did something serious by the way he was acting. After a bit of back and forth he finally confessed to downloading tinder but, he said he never used it. He said made a new account but never used or matched with anybody. He also said he never got any email notifications or deleted any notifications from tinder and still doesn’t know how that draft got there. I pointed out the fact that he never deleted his old tinder profile so he would’ve been logging into his old tinder, not making a new one. He just said idk.
I’m at a complete loss right now. Honestly I don’t feel much other than frustration and anxiety. He’s acting super weird and things still don’t add up. I know what I have to do but i don’t know if I’m ready to do it yet. He also keeps telling me I made him do it. I made him download tinder and it’s all my fault and I’m not innocent in this. When we got into that fight, I asked him if he downloaded tinder or something because I had a weird gut feeling and he said no. He asked if I downloaded tinder but I didn’t answer him for about 20 minuets because I was crying and talking it out with my mom. So because I didn’t answer him right away, he assumed I did and downloaded tinder and made an account. And now he blames me for his actions. For clarification, This isn’t the first time I found tinder on his phone during our relationship. Last time I found it, he also got into a big fight. I found he had tinder hiding in one of his folders a few weeks after. He said he never used it just made a profile and browsed. I asked to see for proof and he got mad and said I should just trust him. Now I have this feeling that every time we get into fights, he downloads tinder.
Sorry I’m ranting. What do I do? Has this happened to anybody else? I don’t really need advice I guess. Just comfort.
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2023.05.30 01:07 Scared-Marketing-819 [ Unknown > English] Request: Trying to find where a saying went awry

Sorry if this isn’t allowed here, but wanted to find a subreddit which may have a plethora of language knowledge. This may be more of a reverse engineering translation request.
My business gets a lot of spam messages and there is a consistent phrasing used which we’re now morbidly curious where the source of it may come from. The variations we’ve seen are
“No more pricey than pancakes and syrup” “No more pricey than French toast and fruit” “No more pricey than waffles and syrup”
Is there a source of a saying in some language that is the equivalent of “cheap/affordable as breakfast”?? Similar to how English say “easy as pie”.
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2023.05.30 01:07 elssx16 I’m traumatized by my parents

I’m not very good at talking about my past but I’ve been thinking a lot about the best way and time to go no contact with my parents because of everything that has happened during the last 10-15 years. Just so everyone knows I’m almost 20 years old now.
There are a lot of things that I can think of that have really changed me that my parents did to me. A few things I can kind of understand because I was a very secretive kid, and some stuff I genuinely believe could have been handled so much better.
They fought quite a bit from when I was 6-17 because of the way my dad treated my mom, and called her names and insulted her like crazy whenever he could. My mom genuinely referred to me as her marriage counselor sometimes, and they’d fight for months at a time and use me as their “messenger”. They’d always fight right in front of me and sometimes those fights would be physical and verbally abusive. When they’d have those fights they’d always include me in them to make me take sides. I cannot even begin to remember the amount of times that I genuinely cried and begged them to get counseling but they never did it. After every few months, my mom would always “apologize” and they’d act like they were in love or something.
Every time my mom discovered new social media accounts that I had, she’d gasp like she was going to faint and then make me feel super guilty for having “fake accounts”. Nowadays, she guilt trips me every time I show her a Facebook post off my account and she always goes “if only you’d let me have your password…”. During my time in highschool, I’d have to sneak onto social media when I’d ask her to make food bc I was “hungry” and she’d take off her shoes in the hallway and tiptoe to barge into the room and catch me doing something.
I also think a lot about how she showed my dad the video of me having sex off my Snapchat account. She used to read my diary and read all of my texts between me and my friends and boyfriend . She also liked to watch me touch myself through the crack of the door once again by taking off her shoes and sneaking into the house when I thought she wasn’t home. She also slut shamed me quite heavily, wouldn’t let me buy supportive bras, or “exposing clothes”. My dad slut shamed me once he found out I was sexually active.
Now, they use money against me and call me broke constantly. My dad uses the fact that I did not attend college for 2 years , I work at Walmart for minimum wage, and that I’m very far behind from all my classmates from my private school against me constantly.
Sometimes I feel extremely guilty for not feeling much emotion towards them but then I recall everything that has happened. I have been trying to go little to no contact with them for the last 2-3 years but it is very hard when I’m still dependent on them
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2023.05.30 01:06 Realistic-Tax-6792 is my mom toxic or am I just in the teen phase?

I am confused is to if my mother toxic or not she isn't physical or anything but I don't know if she is
She once broke a pair of glasses then looked at me after I said it was ok and said "No I spent alot of money on these" as if it were my fault. I know her mom was an Acholic and she didn't see her dad much. (She has never hit me or really drunk in front of me)
I sometimes forget to say thank you sometimes and she'll say "Thanks mom" then I say thank you (it really makes me not want to say thank you)
During first puberty she has made comments on my appearance and has make sexual themed jokes that make me uncomfortable I told her to stop but she still has made them. I used to physically hurt myself because of this. I have since distenced myself from her because of anxiety. Once she slapped my @ss and I kicked her. She took away my phone and other electronics. I told her sorry and she never apologize to me.
Its hard sometimes living with her and I have thought about running away I have went to the Counciler and she has not said anything to me since
When she learned about my condition ( Me hurting myself) She said how I had a bad day (even though this was months that I hurt myself)
She acts nice and friendly most the time and she's an ok mom over all that but I still don't know what to do
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2023.05.30 01:06 thelifeofsal Seekin Advice

Hi, I am considering to buy a a used car and came across SEAT Leon 1.4 FR e-HYBRID(2020). Everything sounds really good on paper but unfortunately i don’t have much info on seat as a brand. I’d love to hear some advice or first hand experience regarding: How reliable leon is Is there something specific that i should consider before buying Is there any downside to hybrid considering seat would stop producing Leon hybrids
Help is much appreciated! Thanks
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2023.05.30 01:06 Paul_123789 Rival-S issues

Canik got back to me. The mags were wedging if inserted strongly. Problem went away with aluminum base pad provided I used the mag well. Canik is sending me mag release spring, slide release spring, and new base plates. I think the two primary issues were wrong magazines shipped with this early version and the lube was drying up regardless of how i lubed it. Then I bought a combo spray lube/cleaner and just doused the gun. Working much better at home. Will see how it works at range when new parts show up.
Lingering problem? Holsters. Holsters. Holsters. The slide art is so aggressive the holster that ships with it is unusable. A slightly off axis draw and the gun will wedge. A very forceful tug will show strong scratch marks on inside of holster. Very annoying. The slide is awful by design when it comes to holsters. This same problem showed up with the Ghost Hydra P just to a lesser degree. I think the only fix is a shroud that is funnel shaped so it widens as you draw.
The Black scorpion IDPA does better with one exception. The Rival-s trigger guard is VERY squared in the edges. Not bad but also not useful when the trigger guard is used for retention. The black scorpion has pronounced swells that fit inside the trigger guard. If you over tighten the holster retention, you could easily lift a 5 gallon bucket of water with it. It literally is LOCKED into place. You can loosen the holster and all is well, just be careful on the draw stroke. If you push the trigger guard into a retention swell, the gun will hard wedge in the holster. I realize I could perfect the draw stroke. I have drawn many 1911s in competition and never had these problems. I admit the indian could be better but sometimes the arrow is a PITA.
The Rival shoots very nice. Still, I wonder if I might have been happier with the METE SFT Pro. This is my first Canik. I will also learn how to strip a Rival S which appears to be different than a Rival. I guess I will figure it out.
A lot of people have had better luck than me. I think the magazine and lock back problems are because I bought an early gun that was used for display model. I think newer models don't have these problems. The holster is another story. For a $1000 striker fired gun, I would have tried the METE SFT Pro first if I had it do over again.
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2023.05.30 01:06 Getphuckeddddd21 I hate my girlfriends dad and I think he deserves to be cut off

My girlfriends mother passed away 2020 after a long history of alcohol abuse and depression, she tried to kill herself many times and my girlfriend had to stop her again and again. Her dad was at work so much he didn’t even notice she drank or that she was even remotely ‘sad’. eventually her liver gave in and she died when my girlfriend was 17.
8 months later her dad comes home with this new woman from Newcastle who has really bad anxiety and came from an abusive household supposedly. She moved in 4 months later with her daughter and gradually made sure that any evidence of my girlfriends mother was shoved into my girlfriends room to collect dust.
She made over the entire house so that it was in her beachy style. She works at Woolies so most of the items were bought with her mans card, my girlfriend felt so uncomfortable in the house that she left in 2021 because her dad had ditched her for this new woman.
Fast forward to now and circumstances have caused that we have to stay in their house for a bit until we can get some money and move out. The father that my girlfriend left in 2021 is not the same man that lives in this house, he only sides with his new woman and speaks to me and my girlfriend like we are children. The conditions of us moving is were that we are only guests in ‘his’ house and we have to clean up after them and feed their pets and leave no mess anywhere. I would be fine with this if it weren’t for his girlfriend being a snitch about everything, she fed the dogs before dinner time and then reported that we didn’t feed the dogs. We didn’t say hello to her because she ignores us so she reported we were disrespectful. She makes no attempt to be kind to us and when we try to have a discussion about anything she has ‘anxiety’ and we feel like were going to be kicked out as soon as she gets upset. Her emotions run this house she has well and truly dug her heels into my girlfriend’s dad, he used to be a kind carefree man and now he is quick to anger and cold to his only child and only family member left that is willing to talk to him.
I don’t want her to feel like I am forcing her to cut him off but this man is more of a prison guard than a father and I can see how everything he does is hurting her. We don’t have enough money to move out but at this point I don’t care I would live in my car to be away from this house
How do I handle this situation so that we aren't homeless?
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2023.05.30 01:06 Deaghaidh How to use a Quickdraw

So I'm playing through the campaign again and I got my first heavy of the run, a Quickdraw. And every mission this thing gets cored out like an apple.
I'm obviously going about using it wrong, but I've tried holding back and sniping, getting up close and personal, jump jetting around, lots of things. I just never seem to be getting anywhere with it. Am I not getting it or is it just a kinda bad heavy mech?
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2023.05.30 01:06 yeahimjustarandomguy When doing a cold shower I used to basically hyperventilate and shiver for 2-3 minutes thats how cold it was but after doing it for some time I can go on the coldest setting for however long I want and not really feel cold at all. Why?

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2023.05.30 01:06 Tedboyfresh Help Needed: Minecraft Sorting System

I built a 2 level auto item sorter exactly as in the video as shown:
See 3:10 of the video for how he stacks them, the bottom is shifted slightly since the correct way he shows is obsolete in 1.19. I fixed this by having the bottom chest modules down an extra block.
I used hoppers to carry items and not the standard water path.
It worked perfectly fine for both levels until I made the hoppers go all the way from the input chest, across the top level of chests, and looped down to the bottom level of chests. As I connected the hoppers to the end or "Garbage" chest is where I ran into my issue.
As of completion, the items go into my input chest and completely skip their designated chests. Every item with a designated chest now goes straight to the garbage chest regardless and idk how to fix this. Is the problem lag from too many hoppers? Does this mean I can never be too ambitious with what I plan to include?
Or do I need to adjust something in the modules?
I can post screrenshots if need
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2023.05.30 01:06 music_1245 High School Choir Student in Desperate need of Help

So I'm a highschool student in choir, as a Soprano 2, who struggles with what comes naturally to most singers. I have somehow made it into audition/select choirs - but I struggle with two major things: sight singing and holding my own part. I'm planning to spend the summer working on how to sight-sing (I don't play any instruments and have been self-taught to read music) but the second I could use tips for.
When I sing in small groups I find it nearly impossible to not gravitate towards the soprano 1 part - doesn't matter if I know my part like the back of my head. I once learned my entire part on the piano and had every single note memorized in my sleep, and still failed when I sang with the other 2 parts. It was a very simple song. I've tried earplugs, memorization like no other, and breaking down parts by intervals - I still fail. I've been singing in choirs for so long and I've always learned my part by memorizing it and listening to my voice part around me but its no longer cutting it. I know this sound beyond stupid but I genuinely cannot figure out how to be an independent voice part singer. Evidently, its incredibly anxiety-inducing, and I have hardcore imposter syndrome lol. Any tips would be well appreciated.
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2023.05.30 01:05 super-soaker-cup How to get hair to grow quicker

Hi guys, my first post here so idk if this kind of post is allowed. My barber fucked up my haircut (long story, it could be my fault idk) and in order to get it long again (afro like) i need/want it to grow quick. How would i go about doing that? i use 2in1 head and shoulders and occasionally some womens conditioner from my mom.
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2023.05.30 01:05 saverior [Academic] Conspiracy Belief (Everyone)

hey all, grad student working on a dissertation about conspiracy belief. need some help test-running a survey before i translate it into a more formalized study. if you make it to the end, it'll tell you how conspiratorial you are compared to the average american! you're welcome to take it no matter what country you're from though. questions are about demographics, trust, media use, and beliefs, all answers are anonymous, and survey should take less than ten minutes
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2023.05.30 01:05 Eden_Forth Thinking About Trying 75Hard?

Fair warning, this post is a massive experience dump essay aimed at people considering the challenge. But I hope to see some current participants comment too!
TLDR: 75Hard tested and improved my sense of commitment to my personal goals and wellbeing, improved my confidence and helped me develop mental fortitude beyond what I thought possible, however I am NEVER doing this again. Do a cost benefit analysis FOR YOURSELF, determine your WHY, and then, if everything checks out, DO IT!
First off, stats: Day 69, down 24lbs from SW of 314, 26 yr old female
Now, I’m NOT posting this to spread negativity, but to let everyone who’s considering this know the reality of this challenge beyond the glitz and glamor and clout that comes with it. Make no mistake, there IS a kind of social approval that you encounter when you eventually tell people you’re doing 75Hard (and inevitably must explain what it is). People are impressed, and the closer you get to day 75, the better the optics. I’m not encouraging anyone to become a braggard, I’m just telling the truth about the sociology of it all. I advise you to use that as an additional accountability measure and turn the attention into a source of positive pressure. There were many test days where just the idea of having the people in my life that are ‘in the know’ see me fail pushed me to finish.
When Andy said 75Hard would start off hard, get easy, and then get hard again, he was truly telling the truth. That’s exactly what it’s like.
****Negativity incoming! If you’re not in the headspace for this, skip this section!***\*
In the beginning it was hard because it was all new and I had to restructure my life to fit in the tasks. I also was going from being a completely sedentary office manager (the most walking I ever did was to my car) to working out twice a day. It was, frankly, fresh hell the first 2 weeks or so. Then, I hit starting to ride the high of progress and achievement and it got easy and even a little bit fun competing with myself daily. Now, I’m almost done and the high has died, the sense of achievement has gotten old, and I feel like the days are dragging on and I’m just completing tasks to say I finished them. Around Day 50 I sort of stopped noticing any significant mental growth and I stopped feeling like the tasks were meaningful. This is important for anyone considering 75Hard to know because the second time it ‘gets hard again’ it may not be because of physical strain or even life circumstances. In the end, it might be because it feels like you’ve gained all you can and now you’ve plateaued, but you’re stuck just mindlessly completing tasks made up by someone you’ve never met and probably never will meet, with whom you have no actual connection. Past the elation of pushing your mental barriers and taking your physicality to the next level, there’s a kind of absurdity that sets in that you only escape by focusing on your pride and desire to reach Day 75 and say “I did it!” In some ways, the latter days’ drudgery may be a problem of the mind that you can ONLY escape via your mind. 75Hard is indeed an ironic challenge!
That’s not to say that there aren’t physical issues too, even in the later days. Drinking a gallon of water hasn’t really gotten easier, although it’s nice to have the assurance from my body that I DON’T need that much water daily (even on hot days where I do 2 cardio workouts outside). That much water also crowds out your ability to drink other fluids oftentimes, which is a pain if you’re sick or menstruating and need to lean heavily on teas. 2-a-days have been a nightmare (although that kind of is the point) not just in terms of laundry, but also on my body. You’re LITERALLY unable to take a rest day during this challenge. The closest you’ll get is 2 sessions of yoga a day, but yoga is still WORK, even when you keep it gentle. And in my case, I have somehow acquired a minor ankle injury in the last two weeks, and since we don’t get rest days, my only choices are to stop the challenge or keep going. (And WHY would I stop at day 60!) Then there’s the added hormonal fluctuations you’ll have to endure during the challenge if you’re a woman, some of which are standard, and some of which will be quite literally brought on by the increase in physical activity. Ladies, be warned.
BUT, it’s not all bad, would-be 75Harders!
****Positivity incoming!***\*
I’m blown away by how much insight I’ve gotten into myself and how my brain works as well as how my physical stamina has increased in such a short amount of time. It’s proved to me how little time is actually needed to make substantial progress toward a goal and it’s given me hope that I can reverse the damage I’ve done to my body. 75Hard has given me joy in the little things: jumping around my living room to a kpop song and pausing in amazement that I’m not wheezing and gasping for air, running on the treadmill or outside without feeling immediately winded, power walking up hills and no longer being intimidated by stairs, passing by junk food in stores and having ZERO cravings for it, recognizing the difference between a mockingbird’s call and a morning dove’s because I’ve been in nature more than ever, tackling an issue faster with an idea I got from reading. I feel so much more in tune with the rhythms of my body and have the courage to recognize mental blocks and temptations, call them out, and put in the work to move past them. All of that and more is because of 75Hard. And while I have still have a ways to go in unlearning maladaptive habits (can we get a 75Hard for finances please???), for the first time EVER, I feel certain that I’ll crush that goal, just like I’ve crushed 75Hard so far.
If you’re like me and struggle with an ED, you can also leverage 75Hard to tackle that. In my case, I was very strategic in setting my diet as something sustainable that required mindfulness but wasn’t overly restrictive. Because I have serious issues with food, I NEEDED to be careful about the diet I chose and other 75Hard participants with EDs will certainly say the same thing. In my case, I couldn’t eat anything ultra-processed, store-bought food must be as clean as possible (nearly or totally preservative free) and could contain no more than 5g of added sugar, no desserts unless I made them myself, and I could eat out but NEVER at a fast-food restaurant. I also restricted fried chicken specifically, because it’s a problem food for me! Choose whatever you want, but PLEASE make sure it’s sustainable, and if possible, craft your diet with the help of a therapist that already knows about your ED.
Lastly (props if you made it this far), I want to say to everyone considering this challenge that it’s something you should do for you and you alone. If someone were to ask you in the midst of the challenge ‘What’s your why?’ the crux of the answer should be YOU. YOU are your greatest reason to improve your life and strive for better for yourself. YOU are worth any and every investment in service of that cause. If 75Hard is the right course of action, then by all means start today. But give it serious thought and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. That’s the only way you’ll avoid failure.
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2023.05.30 01:05 rhysdx1995 Another tutorial on how to add basic detail, depth and use 3d printed broken Mythic Legion pieces

We have another rookie painting tutorial for rookies, Huge thanks to Dusk Till Dawn Studio for sending me some broken pieces to make this video a reality. This time I show my really easy way to add basic detail, depth and how to use some broken pieces if the worse happens! I hope you enjoy!
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2023.05.30 01:04 Impressive-Frame-508 You the player, are tarnished.

I’ve fallen madly in love with this game, my first FROMSOFT title, nothing else comes close except for great games I played in my youth. After clearing the game a first time with all the help possible (blasphemous blade, over leveled as fuck, summons always) and then a second and third time with much more skill demanding builds and no summoning, I got to make my non-gamer GF try it.
And something’s hit me right in the face when watching her play. We the players are tarnished, and not just because that’s who we play. Rogier when she first met him in stormveil asked her “You can see it then, I take it? The guidance of grace. Well, enjoy it while you can. I'm Tarnished, like you. But unlike you, I've seen neither hide nor hair of this guidance for the longest time. Still, I won't forget how it felt when I first came here, to the Lands Between.”
The people who’ve played this game, on this sub and elsewhere. We’re tarnished, like Rogier. Seeing new people come to this grand world and appreciating their awe, in face of the unending discovery and challenge, while we, however sad and nostalgic it makes us, cannot enjoy it as we used to the first time.
This is a god damn brilliant Mise en abyme if I’ve ever seen any.
And once again I’m simply admirative of how much this game keeps on giving and how it respects its players. I don’t know if they intended for this, regardless that’s really hit me.
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2023.05.30 01:04 TheMagnate01 TIFU by interceding for my employee against a hostile customer

So to begin, I’m a multi-millionaire who owns and operates a variety of companies in different sectors, one of my businesses which is a coffee shop is where the incident took place, so my employee was serving a customer but got his order wrong, the customer seemed aggressive from the moment he walked in, and decides to start using profanity and insulting my staff by calling them trampy little coffee shop workers, so I intervened on their behalf as they seemed quite intimidated and didn’t respond to his aggression, so I tell him politely to leave the shop or il remove him myself, I told him I’m giving him 5 seconds to decide before I take matters into my own hands, as soon as I finished my sentence his threw his boiling hot coffee into my employees face, I then leaped in to attack him and he gets hit by 2 of my punches, he gets abit stunned by how hard I hit him and tries to run out, I run towards him to try stop him from leaving as I wanted to deal with him properly, but he manages to escape, after this whole altercation my employee is scarred from burns but not severely
I feel responsible and I’m consumed by guilt as I feel if I had just stayed quiet this would never had happened, I don’t know how to process this guilt, this particular employee suffers from depression and other mental health issues, so I feel even more guilty about this particular incident
TLDR: my employee got attacked by a hostile customer and burnt with hot coffee due to me interceding and responding on my employees behalf as he is quite timid
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2023.05.30 01:04 Reddit_Lurker1234 Good performance laptop with good build quality


$2000 USD


Performance, battery life, build quality are all REALLY important, but form factor doesn't matter

Preferably not too thick or heavy, but I am fine with a heavier and thicker laptop if it comes down to performance, battery life, and longevity.

14 inches and above

Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Photoshop and Premiere mostly). Also might hop on Minecraft with the boys once every couple months, so a good GPU is important.

Minecraft with like 400fps at low quality settings and 12 chunks

Good keyboard is a must, preferably a couple USB-C ports, and preferably a displayport port.

Good build quality and more than 16GB of RAM is a must.
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2023.05.30 01:04 hctiks One Codebase, Two Domains. Does it fit the cross domain tracking?

I have a personal website and 2 domains with my name. One is a national TLD, the other uses part of my name as a TLD.
I have one of them on my CV, but the other one which was pointing to Alderaan. I changed that recently, and now I have both domains configured to serve the same website, but with no cross links to the other domain.
The thing is that I have GA4 configured with domain A, and I would like to know how to have information which domain the user are visiting, with the same tag if possible, so access to my website would count as visits to domain A + visits to domain B.
Does this use case fits the cross domain scenario?
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